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Saigetsu Lyrics

^I love Suika, she’s one of my favorite Touhou characters. (That’s why she gets 2x pics)

From Alstroemeria’s C77 Album Plastik World.

砕月 (Saigetsu) is Shattered Moon, but Saigetsu can also be 歳月 which is time/years etc. I add this to the repertoire of Suika themes, but more specifically it’s the conversation/waiting theme for Suika in Immaterial and Missing Power.

EastNewSound’s Album Sacred Factor is now out, and I have listened to it, and it is AMAZING. I love Lucid Dream and booklet choir especially; also dark wing complex, song for bird, and 緋色月下、狂咲ノ絶 -1st Anniversary Remix-, but all the tracks are fabulous.

I have to dance delicately around the phrase 桜咲いた because I don’t want “cherry blossoms blossomed”

[Added Romaji @ 2011/7/25 – yes, “sabishii” and “samishii” are different because mican* and Ayakura Mei pronounce them differently.]

編曲:Masayoshi Minoshima
Lyric: Haruka

月の光は 今宵も綺麗で
彩りながら 夜も更けてゆく
逢いたい気持ち 今は届かなく
咲いた桜が 私を包んでた
足早に去る 短い季節は
私の気持ち 置いたままだから
消え去らないで 月夜の光も
安らぐ場所は このまま続いてて

tsuki no hikari wa koyoi mo kirei de
irodorinagara yoru mo fuketeyuku
aitai kimochi ima wa todokanaku
saita sakura ga watashi wo tsutsundeta
asabaya ni saru mijikai kisetsu wa
watashi no kimochi oita mama dakara
kiesaranaide tsukiyo no hikari mo
yasuragu basho wa kono mama tsudzuitete

The moonlight this evening again is beautiful;
Night deepens, colored in its radiance.
With feelings I have of wanting to see you yet unfulfilled,
The falling cherry blossoms embraced me.
This short season quickly passes on,
Because my feelings are left unfulfilled.
Don’t disappear! This moonlight, this
Peaceful place, continue on as you always have.

賑わう時を 取り戻せるなら
自分の中の 春は短かいから
月夜に咲いた 桜は綺麗で
寂しい気持ち 忘れさせてくれる
手を伸ばしても 儚く消えてく
流れた月日 もう戻らないけど
この気持ちなら まだここにあるわ
この桜咲いた この地で

nigiwau toki wo torimodoseru nara
jibun no naka no haru wa mijikai kara
tsukiyo ni saita sakura wa kirei de
samishii kimochi wasuresasetekureru
te wo nobashitemo hakanaku kieteku
nagareta tsukihi mou modoranai kedo
kono kimochi nara mada koko ni aru wa
kono sakura saita kono chi de

If it were possible to take back the lively times, I would
Because the spring inside myself is so short;
The cherry blossoms on this moonlit night, beautiful
Would make me forget these feelings of loneliness.
Even if I reach out my hands, they disappear instantly;
I can’t return to the days already gone by, but
If if it is these emotions, they are still here
In this place where the cherry trees blossomed.

長きに 渡りて 照らしてた月は
闇夜に 彩り 砕けてゆくなら
逢いたい 気持ちは ゆらり揺れている
届かぬ 想いは また夢の中に
こんなに 綺麗な 桜咲く夜は
切ない 気持ちも 忘れられるけど
逢いたい 逢いたい 月夜の 桜は
綺麗で 儚く 散っていった

nagaki watarite terashiteta tsuki wa
yamiyo ni irodori kudaketeyuku nara
aitai kimochi wa yurari yureteiru
taodokanu omoi wa mata yume no naka ni
konna ni kirei na sakura saku yoru wa
setsunai kimochi mo wasurerareru kedo
aitai aitai tsukiyo no sakura wa
kirei de hakanaku chitteitta

If the slowly travelling, shining moon
Colors the darkness, shattering it,
These feelings I have wanting to see you, will sway;
Again these emotions will, into dreams once again.
In such a night of cherry trees blossoming so beautifully,
I can forget even these precious feelings, but
I want to meet you, I want to meet you! – This night the
Cherry blossoms, so beautiful, scattered in an instant.

桜の花は 過ぎ行く季節を
舞い散りながら 語りかけていた
儚い時を 優しく伝えて
寂しいときも 私を包んでた
過ぎ去る季節 止められないけど
少しでもいい 長くいれるなら
この月の夜 砕けたとしても
安らぐ場所に いつまでも居たくて

sakura no hana wa sugiyuku kisetsu wo
maichirinagara katarikaketeita
hakanai toki wo yasashiku tsutaete
sabishii toki mo watashi wo tsutsundeta
sugisaru kisetsu tomerarenai kedo
sukoshi demo ii nagaku ireru nara
kono tsuki no yoru kudaketa to shite mo
yasuragu basho ni itsu made mo itakute

The cherry blossoms danced away the
Passing season, telling a story.
They talked affectionately of transient time, and
Embraced me in my times of loneliness.
Although I can’t stop the passing seasons,
If only a little bit, I could extend them,
Even if this moonlit night were shattered,
I would wish to stay in this peaceful place forever.

華やぐ時間 私は求めた
短い時と 今はわかっていた
月夜に散った 花びらを見つめ
切ない想い ただ隠したかった
手を伸ばしては 時を止めたくて
流れた月日 もう戻らないけど
今も想って 取り戻せるなら
この桜咲いた この地を

hanayagu jikan watashi wa motometa
mijikai toki to ima wa wakatteita
tsukiyo ni chitta hanabira wo mitsume
setsunai omoi tada kakushitakatta
te wo nobashite wa toki wo tometakute
nagareta tsukihi mou modoranai kedo
ima mo omotte torimodoseru nara
kono sakura saita kono chi wo

I wished for a brilliant time, and
Now I understand what transience is.
Staring at the petals scattered in the moonlit night
I only wished to hide these precious emotions;
Raising my arms, I wished to stop time.
I can’t return to the days already gone by, but
If even now I could recall and take them back,
I would, this place where the cherry trees blossomed.

過ぎ行く 季節は 心独りきり
闇夜に 隠れて ただ流れてゆく
伸ばした 手の先 花びら舞い降り
賑わう 季節を 名残惜しんでた
こんなに 綺麗に 桜は咲くのに
あなたに 出会える 時は短くて
桜は…… 桜は…… 今夜も 綺麗で
私の 気持ちを 包み込んだ

sugiyuku kisetsu wa kokoro hitorikiri
yamiyo ni kakurete tada nagareteyuku
nobashita te no saki hanabira maiori
nigiwau kisetsu wo nagori oshindeta
konna ni kirei ni sakura wa saku no ni
anata ni deaeru toki wa mijikakute
sakura wa… sakura wa… konya mo kirei de
watashi no kimochi wo tsutsumikonda

Alone in this passing season,
Hidden in the darkness I simply flowed on;
My hands outstretched to the dancing petals,
I regretted the parting of the lively season.
Even though the cherry trees blossom so beautifully,
The time I can meet with you is so short.
The cherry blossoms, the cherry blossoms, tonight so beautiful
Embraced my emotions.

Times Lyrics

From Alstroemeria Record’s C77 Album Plastic World.

This is actually based on a theme in Touhou Phantasmagoria of a Dim(ensional) Dream that was never put to use, called 時の風 or “Winds of Time” – but as Kitashirakawa Chiyuri and Okazaki Yumemi are the primary characters of Phantasmagoria of a Dim. Dream, I figure it would do well to think of them.

Path is like planned path/road/route for the future. Path v. Dreams. (University Students you know what I’m talking about.)
The song starts with disagreeing that following dreams and going on whim are the same thing, and is basically a proclamation to break up if she’s expected to follow a sort of plan for the future.
Chiyuri’s a “sailor of time”, and Yumemi’s name literally means to beautiful dream. Also, Yumemi’s a professor, and well – don’t you get a sort of “lecture-vibe” from this?

Lyric: Haruka
Vocal: 三澤秋

きまぐれそんな事 ひねくれわかってる
貴方が見つけるの 私が見つけるの ほら

I can understand doing things on whim, but disagree:
That which I hold precious is always right here
What you see, What I see; You know,



貴方は離れるの 私も離れてゆくわ きっと

What is it that connects two people? Something that won’t ever change?
If you’re thinking of a path, I don’t need one, it’ll just confuse me.
You’ll separate from me; I’ll separate from you; it’s certain.

消えたままのほうが楽だよ ねぇ

If now it’s disappearing,
Then letting it go would be easier wouldn’t it?
If you lose sight of that dream,
Then you probably won’t ever see another.

流れ行く時 見えてる道なんかは いらない
歪んでもいい 自分感じていられるなら
嵐のように 過ぎ去る気持ちさえも 私は
道があるなら 貴方を感じられないかも

Through ever flowing time, I don’t need a path I can see.
It’s alright to wander if I feel like it.
Even my emotions pass by swiftly like a storm.
If there is a path, I probably won’t notice you.

二人を繋ぐもの 見えないわかってる
貴方は離れるの 私が離れるの今

I know that what connects two people can’t be seen
The future is just like the wind passing through, as
You separate from me, and I separate from you now.


It’s certain.

私が懐かしてた そんなのわからない
私はいらないよ 大事な不安なんかは

I don’t know what I yearned for
It’s fine just to let things pass on the way they are.
I don’t need it, these “precious” anxieties.


Yes, of course.

季節の中に 私はいるのかしら 流れる
時間は今も 止まらず速く過ぎ去るから
流れ行く時 見えてる道なんかは いらない
道がないなら 貴方を感じいられるね

I wonder if I’m here in midst of the seasons, Flowing –
Time itself and the present, never stops as it quickly passes,
Through ever flowing time, I don’t need a path I can see.
If there is no path, I should be able to notice you.

Plain Asia

^I was going to put up a different picture. But really, this is the best one.

From Plastik World C77 Released Album by Alstroemeria Records.

Yes, Plain Asia is first because it requires minimal effort. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
On to business. I’m translating the Engrish into real English.
Keine’s a Narcissist. She loves herself ( ´・‿-) ~ ♥ [] (←mirror). (//╹◡╹ ≡ ╹◡╹//)
Or rather she’s in love with the hakutaku version of herself, “and all the Keine x Ex-Keine fangirls run wild!!”
Also, is it me or do Japanese people have fun using the phrase “god knows…” ?
Btw, the “english” is Keine loving Ex-Keine and the Japanese is Ex-Keine loving Keine.
^This might be and is very likely me warping the song in my mind so that it fits this, it’s also very possible to imagine Keine as Keine and Ex-Keine loving someone and showing him/her (my vote = Fujiwara no Mokou) her other form. The main ambiguity comes in first two and last two Engrish lines of the chorus XD. Judge me if you will!

“I can hide these things, but for your sake I create.” Keine destroys/hides history | Ex-Keine creates history.

Plain Asia
編曲:Masayoshi Minoshima
Lyric: Haruka

*You and moonlight it all …in me
For me, your heart it all …for you?
I now this love song send to you
I think feeling to send to you
I that have from now on for you
When it is me, it is god know
It is near you more me …for me
It is near me more you so forever

*You and the moonlight, it’s all inside me
So am I, with your heart, also you?
I now send this love song to you;
I embrace these feelings I wish to convey,
That I have for you now and forever.
As I am, god knows whether
I am more of you or more of me, but I
Would rather have more of you, forever.

God know will you to love from true 半分の時間は
God know will you to love from true 重ねあう気持ちは
God know will you to love from true 真実はここに
God know will you to love from true 今も

God knows whether you will truly love me – This halved time,
God knows whether you will truly love me – These overlapped feelings,
God knows whether you will truly love me – The truth is in the here
God knows whether you will truly love me – and now.

月夜に変わる我が身を盾にし 貴方を守り続けてたい
募る思いを映して 満月の夜の恋歌を
なにもいらない変わりに 貴方の愛だけがほしいの
隠すこともできるけど 作るのは貴方のためだけ

In the moonlit night my body becomes a shield, because I want to keep protecting you.
To project these thoughts welling up inside me, I sing this love song of full moon’s night.
I would say I don’t need anything, but your love is what I need; it’s all I want.
I can hide these things, but for your sake I create.


God know will you to love from true 半分の体
God know will you to love from true 真実の愛に
God know will you to love from true 存在してるわ
God know will you to love from true 今も

God knows whether you will truly love me – This halved body,
God knows whether you will truly love me – True love,
God knows whether you will truly love me – Exists
God knows whether you will truly love me – even now.

月夜に流れ響く恋歌を 貴方に届け続けたい
守りきるのであるなら 満月の夜の変貌も
変わる我が身を盾にし 貴方の愛だけがほしいの
変わるのは貴方のため 慕うのも貴方のためだけ

This love song flows, resounding in the moonlit night; I want it to continue to reach you.
If I can protect you, then in this transfiguration of full moon’s night,
My body becomes a shield; Your love is what I need; it’s all I want.
You are the reason I change, and it is for you that I yearn.

Occultic Witch (Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru OP [PC]) + Real Magic (Umineko Disscussion/Review)

You may not know this, but I’m a bit of a sucker for “magic that’s stretched to reality”. In other words, supernatural events that are presented as supernatural, but in the end they can be explained without the use of anything but what is strictly realistic. One reason I like this is because the magic involved can’t get out of hand – the failings of most series, novels, comics, etc. I think is when they start resurrecting people and destroying planets and… well you get the idea. If it has to be stretched to at least a seeming reality then it has to have severe limits. Still, the stories that are able to pull of the ridiculous and still stay in those bounds have my full respect. This is also the sort of “genre” I like to write in. (I’m not published and most of my larger works are unfinished and unshared, >.>).

There are a few series that take full advantage of this and sort of take it in essence: Mouryou no Hako, which grounds everything down, even when it starts to get a little ridiculous, and better yet it deals with spirits and demons and folklore tying even that to reality; The Illusionist (no, I’m not talking about the Prestige – though that was good too); a lot of elements in Nisiosin’s works follow this same sort of pattern (it’s hard for me to explain so I won’t), even if they go supernatural; but the pinnacle of this is found in Ryukishi07’s works Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, and Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

Even if Rika does, and she definitely does, have supernatural powers in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, each individual arc can be explained, by the end of it all, realistically. It’s especially amazing to watch the first arc, Onikakushi, (that I regard as the best arc, maybe tied with Meakashi…) after knowing what is going on, and seeing the truth beyond the narrators growing insanity. It’s the perfect unreliable narrative story. But you might say, “there’s no magic in Higurashi, so why is this an example?” Well it focuses around unexplained events and a “curse” – with most things “easily” explained only by supernatural events. Now I have a few things I don’t really like too much about Higurashi, especially the more fan/fanservice-focused aspects, but it has way too many good things going for it for me to dislike it ^_^.

What Higurashi doesn’t have, Umineko does. Umineko no Naku Koro ni is about witches, and it’s a closed island murder mystery to top it all off! At this point, not having delved into the Answer chapters (5+) yet, I’m not sure if there’s actually going to be magic, or if it’s just going to be limited magic, or if there’s going to be no magic at all. So far at least, Umineko seems to rely on the faith system for magic (see the original Final Fantasy Tactics ^_^) which I like: magic is only as effective as those involved having faith that it is and will work: Battler is able to get out of a variety of situations (barely), by denial; Maria’s creations can only stay as long as they are not rejected from existence, the Seven Sisters of Purgatory will only appear if they are believed in, and Beatrice’s spell fails continuously without Battler’s recognition. Yokuwakaru Gendaimahou actually dealt with this pretty well, with a character that completely didn’t believe in magic and was completely unaffected by it. There’s also the impermanence of magic’s effect on the real world. A perfect example of this is with young Beatrice and Virgilia (Beatrice then?). Beatrice breaks a vase, and Virgilia can restore it, but only if it is broken again right after; the only thing she’s able to do is move the blame from Beatrice to the cat. So far, Battler has been at least dubiously able to reject all the supernatural occurrences by the skin of his teeth, even when he’s performing them himself. It’s also very interesting to look at the individual powers of the witches. (Frederika) Bernkastel’s power deals with putting a “miracle” into action as long as it is possible. Lamdadelta’s power is simply the power to kill with certainty, Maria’s power is to create something out of nothing (think of it as an incredibly powerful imagination). I won’t spoil anything else ^_^;. A final interesting piece to this is the fact that that the entire scenario is compared to Schrödinger’s cat, with the continuous possibility of both reality and super-reality existing on the same plane. This is why I love it.

I love it so much I’m going to finally start playing the games – which will be a bit of a task, because it’s not exactly supposed to be easy reading, but I’ll get there – I’ve gotten to the state where I refuse to go off of fan-translations if I can help it.

As if this “article” wasn’t long enough; the translation post was delayed due to Christmas festivities, and I ended finishing the “Umineko no Naku Koro ni” anime in the meantime. So here’s a (short, plot-less/summary-less) review of the series. You can skip down to the song below if you’d like.

It’s been a sort of given thing with Expansion07 so far that if you’re going to watch/read it, expect bad animation/art – it’s low budget, and the selling point is the story and sound, not the visual aspects. The Higurashi anime was certainly like that, the animation was abysmal throughout the first season, and even simple things were off, eyes and faces and body proportions and… well, it was pretty bad. The second season (Higurashi Kai) was much improved, but still bad – and it was especially painful when they flashed back to scenes in the first season, where you were reminded that it was even worse back then. Now, for Umineko. The animation studio (Studio Deen) is the same, but the animation is much improved from Kai (meaning it’s much much better than Higurashi’s first season). It’s not really on par with the excellence that you see from other animation studios with large budgets etc, but it’s by no means painful. Maybe they had a higher budget, maybe the Studio Deen is just doing better in general (they’ve made quite a few things in between), but the animation no longer really hurts the series. There are moments when the animation goes weird, but those are usually during certain moments when it’s supposed to, perhaps at moments when you’re supposed to feel sick or deranged or something. That’s ok, it doesn’t happen often or out of place.

I love the story and concept (as mentioned above), and it’s skillful at steering you in the wrong direction, distracting you from important things; fooling you altogether. Points of the series are a bit confusing, and I figure it would make more sense in the visual novel, and there are also a few gaps that might or might not have been handled better, but it’s an anime from a visual novel that has a lot of plot. (For example, looking at the novelization, the first two arcs are 1160 JIS B6 pages of text and make 11 episodes. Similarly Bakemonogatari is 864 JIS B6 pages of text and makes 15 episodes. I picked Bakemonogatari to compare because Bakemonogatari is similarly complex and on the same size paper ^_^). So it has a bit of a plot follow issue for being condensed at parts, but it’s manageable – take notes!

Battler is great along with his Phoenix Wright pose, and the series has the “epic” moments that every mystery needs so you don’t end up bored. Even so, the anime doesn’t really wrap anything much up at the end, but it’s not supposed to, because it’s only the halfway point. I heard rumors that Umineko Chiru might not get picked up (at least not by Deen) because the DVD sales haven’t been that great – I hope that’s not the case – I want more, and I don’t like it much when animation studios switch in between series, look what it did to Minami-ke!

Overall, I love it, but it’s not something I’d recommend to everyone. I’d recommend you watch a bit, read a bit about it maybe (whilst avoiding spoilers) and then give it a try – if you don’t like it then it’s just not your thing. I think if you liked Higurashi there’s a better chance you’ll like Umineko, but it really is quite a bit different, so I can see some people liking Higurashi and not Umineko, and others liking Umineko but not Higurashi.

I’ve written enough – way too much actually. So I’m done.

Anyway, I got Umineko no Koro Ni ep. 4 and 5, 4 containing 1234, and 5 containing the first arc of the second half “Chiru” series. This song is the opening for episode 5, and it’s great. After hearing the first few notes in the original video, I was like O.O it’s Yuyuko’s theme!!! – It’s not. I suggest watching the opening video, maybe you’ll get hooked like me. Here’s a YouTube link for you: [link] – My eyes were like O.O the entire time.

“Illūmināte” is latin (masculine/vocative ie meireikei) for Illuminate, if you didn’t guess that already :) pretty much spelled the same, but pronounced differently.
“This omniscient power overthrows, isolates, and descends” rather than isolate, it’s more like tearing away from reality (in an intransitive sense).
“Occult” in English is an adjective, but 神秘 that roughly translates into occult stuff is a noun. I’ll be using “occultic/s” which is not a word, as a noun form of occult, due to its use in the title.
“それ”/”That” refers back to illumination: Illumination is that which causes you to see through everything, so cackle in that way → back in times when illumination and occultics were worshipped etc. etc.
福音(ふくいん) Fukuin is more commonly “gospel/evangelic” but it’s literally a “sound” of good fortune, with Christian overtones – as witches are often associated in Christianity as their antithesis, etc. etc, I figure that’s why the word was used, but I think it should remain as good fortune.

オカルティクスの魔女 (Occultic Witch)
PCゲーム「うみねこのなく頃に散 Episode 5」主題歌
(PC Game “Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru Episode 5″ Main Theme Song)
作詞/作曲:志倉千代丸 編曲:上野浩司 歌:Ayumu
(Lyrics, Composition: Shikura Chiyomaru / Arrangement: Ueno Koushi / Vocals: Ayumu)

この世界に散らばる オーブ 視覚に届かぬ者
実体の無い 観測者 全知を満たす
繰り返すペンデュラム 僅か少しの不純動機
生命の樹の果実は 土に落ちた

Scattered throughout this world are “orbs”: imperceptible beings,
Observers with no true form, bringing with them omniscience.
The pendulum repeats with an impure motive, however slight,
The fruit from the tree of life fallen to the ground.

魔法のように 不自然で 狂気じみたこの儀式が
陣を描く筆先で 叶えるのなら 世界ごと否定する

If like magic, this unnatural ritual stained in insanity, comes to completion
Under the tip of this brush drawing a magic square, the world itself will be rejected.

イルミナート “それ”はまるで全てを 見透かす様に
不埒な力で 嘲笑い 至福に満たされ行く
イルミナート 錯乱する描写で “誇示”するほど
全知の力は 覆り剥がれ堕ちゆく

“Illūmināte!” Cackle in insolence, as if you’ve seen
Through everything, and head toward ecstasy!
“Illūmināte!” through deranged depictions put on ostentatious display,
This omniscient power overthrows, isolates, and descends
Towards “planned miracles”~!

閉ざされた神秘主義 そこに生まれた通過儀礼
憧れの魔女 合理的 幻術のタブー
蒼ざめた馬達が駆ける 偽典を許し給え
流麗な風 上位なる 喋々の舞

Sealed occult doctrine and the ritual etiquette birthed from it,
The beloved witch and the taboo of her rational enchantments.
As the faded horses gallop, yield to her fabricated rite!
In the beautiful flowing wind, spectacular butterflies dance.

魔法のように 目も眩む 悪夢に似た非日常が
杖の先の一振りで 操るのなら 未来ごと否定する

If like magic, this unnatural, dazzlingly nightmarish existence can be controlled
With a single swing from the tip of this staff, then the future itself will be rejected

イルミナート “それ”をかつて神秘と 崇めた頃
大いなる愛で包み込み 福音をもたらした
イルミナート 目に見えない“奇跡”が 不都合なら
いつかの鍵が 僕達を導いてゆく

“Illūmināte!” In the time “that” and former occultics were worshipped,
With great love embraced, and good fortune was brought about.
“Illūmināte!” these invisible miracles! If you have trouble
With them, then we will guide the key,
Towards “the theory of all things”~!

イルミナート “それ”はまるで全てを 見透かす様に
不埒な力で 嘲笑い 至福に満たされ行く
イルミナート 錯乱する描写で “誇示”するほど
全知の力は 覆り剥がれ堕ちゆく

“Illūmināte!” Cackle in insolence, as if you’ve seen
Through everything, and head toward ecstasy!
“Illūmināte!” through deranged depictions put on ostentatious display,
This omniscient power overthrows, isolates, and descends
Towards “planned miracles”~!


Towards “the zero miracle”~!

For Lovers not Fighters Lyrics

Finally getting to that “I’m going to translate the songs I haven’t yet for my 100 song playlist.” Anyway, I love Suika, and this is an arrangement of one of her themes.

I imagine Suika’s talking to herself – or to Reimu because I think Suika has an affinity for Reimu… or her liquor stash…

This song is from Trois Noir, by Alstroemeria Records, Released Comiket 75

自分 is a “pronoun-like word” that can refer to I, you, one, myself, yourself, oneself. I put it into second person because it fits best that way, and it sort of covers all three if you keep open the possibility that she may be talking to herself.
自分に勝てるものは 想いのある自分だけよ
“The only one that can win against yourself is yourself that has emotion.”
Defeating yourself/Winning against yourself generally means defeating the weakness inside of you.

For Lovers not Fighters
Compose: Masayoshi Minoshima
Lyrics: Haruka

壊れそうな想いも 足元見えなくても
立ちすくんでいたって 想いがほら時を作る
弱さは誰にもある 自分ひとりじゃないの
自分に勝てるものは 想いのある自分だけよ

You say your emotions are about to break; you can’t
Find your footing; you’re frozen stiffーbut your emotions will create time.
Everyone has weaknesses, you’re not alone.
The only way you can win against yourself is by having emotion.

ああ離れてゆく 想い数あるのだから
ああそこに居れた 自分感じて

Ah… We’re separating! Because of all this emotion,
Ah… You were able to make it there, so feel it!

It’s Magic.It’s Feeling. Walking for my life.

その気持ちを消せないなら 歩み続ければいい
なくすことを恐れないで 君らしくそのままで
その想いを消すのならば 少し休めばいいよ
また新たな時を作り 歩み始める日まで

If you can’t get rid of those feelings, just keep walking.
Don’t be afraid of loss, just stay the way you are!
If you erase those emotions, you should rest a while,
Until you make a new time, and start walking again!

戦いその日々でも 重なる想いがある
いつかは認めあえる そんな時を信じ続け
苦しくてつらい日も 一人きりじゃないから
自分に勝つのならば 想い強く持つ事だけ

Even through those days of strife, there are overlapping emotions;
Keep believing that sometime they will be acknowledged!
Even through days of pain and suffering, you aren’t alone, so
If you win against yourself, it means you’re holding onto strong emotion!

ああ崩れてゆく 夢も数あるのならば
ああ歩めるのは 自分の想い

Ah… It’s crumbling! If you have all these dreams,
Ah… What keeps you walking are your strong emotions!

It’s Magic.It’s Feeling. Walking for my life.

その気持ちを消せないなら 歩み続ければいい
なくすことを恐れないで 君らしくそのままで
その想いが大事ならば ずっと胸に残せばいいよ
また新たな時を作り 歩み始める日まで

If you can’t get rid of those feelings, just keep walking.
Don’t be afraid of loss, just stay the way you are.
If those emotions are precious, you should leave them in your heart,
Until you make a new time, and start walking again.

It’s Magic.It’s Feeling. Walking for my life.

fuzz (Stereopony) Lyrics

^I know the pic is unrelated, but oh well ^_^;

Somehow I get the feeling that if AKFG were all women they would sound like this…

This song confuses me a little – I have to think up theories. It could be two people, the first stanza’s one – the second stanza minus the last line is another… and person #1 could be despairing the fate connected to her town, or to another lover, or to person #2… while there’s this connection to person #2 and he/she’s like well I’m used to worry I’ll deal with it, I still want to be with you – person #1 just wants to run into the sunset :p. OR it could just be one person flipping the coin between wanting to run away and be free or stay and deal with her attachments, precious and annoying, but still precious all the same.

Either way, cool song, nice and short and rock-y.

Unbound and unrestrained can refer to how far she’s able to go or the extent to which the horizon is blurred or both.

Lyrics & Music: AIMI
Arrangement: ステレオポニー & BOND×mw


Unbound, unrestrained
Everything at the edge of the horizon is blurred!
Can I get past it?!
I’ve got to free myself
from this tangled thread!
What you see is just my will to run counter to things
and what I do to keep up appearances!
If only there wasn’t such a thing as fate!!

一瞬にして迷い 悩み
絶望にもなれる この街で

Lost in an instant and filled with worry,
I’m used to despair in this town!
Even if it looks like you’re losing it
There’s an unseen connection!
But if you look at it this way
From up above you’ll know it’s there!
If only there wasn’t such a thing as fate!!

橙色 Daidai-iro/Orange (Stereopony) Lyrics

^More Suou Pavlichenko ^_^

Usually B-sides of Anime singles tend to be a very hit and miss thing; sometimes I’ll like the B-side (~25% of the time) as much as the OP (~5-8% of the time) or better than the OP (~1-2% of the time), but this single is all well rounded goodness, I like every track, about equally, which is saying a lot because I really like Tsukiakari no Michishirube ^w^ so I hope to hear more good from Stereopony.

I haven’t really listened to any Stereopony songs other than on the Darker than Black II OP, but I’m thinking of ordering their album, “When a Hydraganea Blooms”. Oh Amazon shipping, you’re so expensive ;-; I might search around and see if I can find a place somewhere else where I can get it for a little less – not sure if I want to sacrifice’s reliability though…

Anywhere here’s the song, if you’re one of those people get get homesick when they go to college for the first time I’m sure this’ll resonate with you – I’m not one of those, but I still like it ^_^

橙色 (Orange)
Lyrics: SHIHO
Music: AIMI
Arrangement: ステレオポニー & BOND×mw

いつもより 寒いみたいで
なんだか 少しせつなくなるよ

I start walking through town
and it’s as cold as ever, but somehow
I feel this town’s become precious to me.


A cold wind dances down the street
and tightens my chest.
For some reason I can’t calm down,
but it’s not a bad feeling.

ほほをつたわる 夕方の香り 運んでくれる
愛しい風ぼくを 追い越していく
何も言わず ぼくはひとり…

The sky has started to blur,
and evening fragrances brush across my cheek,
the loving wind carrying them, rushing past me.
Where are you going?
I think without speaking, all alone…

ぼくの秋空 思い出と青春に
少しばかりの不安を 混ぜたらできたんだ

My autumn sky is made of memories and the spring
of our youth, mixed together with just a little anxiety.


Why am I filled with feelings of love,
Why do I suddenly want to see you?
I wonder if I’m just not used to it yet,
Living in this town…

袖口をくすぐる 風の冷たさ
甘えてたんだねと 今でも思う
思いで灯せば きっと心は凍えない

The chill of the wind tickles my sleeves,
and makes me appreciate your warmth.
I guess I was spoiled wasn’t I? But,
If I rekindle my memories, I’m sure my heart won’t freeze.

こうやって坂を 下る足音
また少しずつ 冬になってる
なんだか風も 冷たくなってきたね

Doing this I walk down the hill, listening to my footsteps.
Soon it will be winter, and I think I feel
The winds getting colder.

日が落ちる夕空 かさなる雲と
遠くの恋人や 家族 友達

The sun sets from the evening sky, clouds overlaping
and in my tiny room I think of
Far away loves, family and friends.
Separated like this I understand
What’s really important to me.


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