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幻想望郷歌 Gensou Boukyouka Lyrics / Translation

幻想望郷歌 Gensou Boukyouka or “Illusionary/Fantasy Homesickness Song” an arrangement of Waki Miko’s Phantasmagoria of Flower View theme 春色小径~Colorful Path.

Whether she’s homesick for outside Gensoukyou or in Gensoukyou … well, that’s where she was born anyway :) I figure Gensoukyou’s afraid she’ll leave but of course it’s where she wants to be.

Another track from 流麗祭彩2 but also from 東方六⑨録 by group Milktub. o.o; weird name, but looks like a cool guy ^_^ – Reitaisai 7 of course.

Looking back, I probably used to many “In the midst of” phrases… change if you’d like ^_^;;

幻想望郷歌 “Illusionary Homesickness Song”
東方花映塚より「春色小径~Colorful Path」


In the midst of cherry blossom petals dancing,
A sighing young shrine maiden faces the sky.


“This is so boring I could die.”
She lies with a smile.


A crimson mist that even light cannot reach through,
An unending winter snow, a night to where dawn will not come…


Wrapped in an unchanging atmosphere,
In the midst of an illusion, she lives in the gap.


That world gazes upon her flight,
The flowers of Ayakashi flutter to the ground,
The invited season, the beautiful phantasm!
Where are you going far beyond the sky, to the ends of my gaze?


In the midst of time continuing in emptiness
If you wish half-heartedly for someone’s voice..

幻想の中 その身投じる

You’ll feel the scents carried on the wind;
In the midst of illusion, throw yourself forward.


That world gazes upon her flight,
The flowers of Ayakashi flutter to the ground,
The invited season, the beautiful phantasm!
Where are you going far beyond the sky, to the ends of my gaze?


Towards the world I wish for…

妖狐仙楽踏 YouKoSenRakuTou Lyrics / Translation

^I wish I could be that cool ;)

妖狐仙楽踏 YouKoSenRakuTou from 流麗祭彩2 by group CLOSED/UNDERGROUND (Katakiri Rekka) who did the vocals for EastNewSound’s Fractal Cage and participated in Anime House Project :)

Necromancy, NECROMANCY!!
“The Youkai Kitsune’s Necromantic-Fantastic Dance” That’s what I’m translating the title to. I’m assuming you know kitsune is “fox” and what a youkai is. I have Mouryou no Hako to thank for knowing about 羽化登仙 and the like. Necro-Fantasy!!… anyway – this is Ran’s theme not Yukari’s. Subtle difference.

So, from the mistress that brought you Fractal Cage!! Doesn’t she sound like a mistress? – that’s a complement by the way – to Katakiri Rekka. Enjoy.

This song features lyrics for Ran and for Yukari, but Yukari is asleep, so she doesn’t sing them. o.o;
This song also features a lot of “alternate pronunciations” so I went ahead and put romaji.

^This was really hard to translate to English properly without it sounding really really awkward, so here’s a more in depth explanation:
In certain days when Ran had done something to upset Yukari, (which Ran excuses by saying times change and with Yukari having very many different “roads” or paths to which she follows, Ran screws up from time to time – ie. the blame is on Ran not Yukari) she’s thrown out (she uses the verb for when a couple breaks up) and she describes these days as depressing in a way, being “between the crest of two waves” – now in that time if even Ran can even catch a glimpse of Yukari’s fingertips – (Ran uses an idiom of a man peering through the gaps in a fence to see a beautiful woman) she is happy and so swears that she will always be with Yukari.

Now I want some RanxYukari or YukarixRan? Doujinshi… I forget whether seme or uke comes first…

YouTubeListenLink: [link]

“The Youkai Kitsune’s Necromantic-Fantastic Dance”

微睡む主よ 貴女が視るのは
吉夢か悪夢か 果たして如何に
何時しか気づいた 貴女の御心
不束ながらも お供致しましょう

O dozing master, what do you see?
Is it a pleasant dream? A nightmare?
In the end somehow I realized: though your heart
Is an unbound mess, I shall always be your companion.

空へ舞え 月星の御霊 降り注ぐ光球従えて
燃え上がる九つの運命 今此処にて解き放つ

Dance towards the sky O souls of the stars and the moon!
Sending spheres of light raining down, Nine fates ablaze, now here I release you!

美しい主よ 貴女に委ねた
狐の身が疼いて 昂ぶる理由も
知らぬままでいい 貴女の隣で
酌み交わす言葉 唇に乗せて

O beautiful master, this body I’ve devoted to you
Aches – I am fine not knowing the reasons
Behind your ascension, so together, let only
Casual drinking words ride upon our lips.

色めいた 木々の葉を揺らす 仙楽の疾風を従えて
この思い何時かは届くと 信じ踊り酔い痴れる

Rocking the colored leaves of trees, I send down a gale of Necro-Fantasy;
When these thoughts connect, I believe, dance, and become intoxicated!


In those days when I had dissatisfied you
Because of the changing times and your multiple whims,
When I was separated from you, I caught a glimpse of your
Fingertips and swore strongly, that I should never let you go–

空へ舞え 月星の御霊 降り注ぐ光球従えて
燃え上がる九つの運命 今此処にて解き放つ

Dance towards the sky O souls of the stars and the moon!
Sending spheres of light raining down, Nine fates ablaze, now here I release you!

色めいた 木々の葉を揺らす 仙楽の疾風を従えて
この思い何時かは届くと 信じ踊り酔い痴れる

Rocking the colored leaves of trees, I send down a gale of Necro-Fantasy;
When these thoughts connect, I believe, dance, and become intoxicated!

— Yukari’s Lines/Dream —

宵の光が 私を照らす
静寂の星 静寂の雲
冷たい雨は 私を包む
溶けては消える 霞のように

The lights of midnight illuminate me;
I have no need for words.
The silent stars, the silent clouds,
This quelling rhythm..
The cold rain encases me..
We will never be separated.
It melts away and disappears, like mist,
This inviting rhythm..

輝くのなら 輝けるなら
いつか 行きたいけど
どこにあるのか 分からないから
月の光が 私を照らす
もしこの印 振りほどけたら

If it shines, if it can shine..
Someday I want to go there, but
Where? I don’t really know, so
It fades to black..
The light of the moon illuminates me
I am all alone, but
If this seal can be unleashed,
We’ll meet again.

おやすみなさい 今はただ・・・

Goodnight.. Now.. Only..

HaLe inthe 270゜Lyrics / Translation

I’ve always been a bit of a t+pazolite fan :) He does great hardcore mixes, though I really only know his stuff through Alice’s Emotion/Hardcore Tano*c :x

Anyway “HaLe inthe 270゜” is an arrangement of Mountain of Faith’s Extra Stage Theme, working up to Suwako from Alstroemeria Records’ Double Counterpoint released Reitaisai 7

I can see Suwako as a party girl.

YouTube Listen Link: [link]

Bit of play on words: 政 (matsurigoto) the government (the thing which is to be praised/respected.. sorta), 祭(matsuri) a festival (roots in ->), 祀る(matsuru) to deify, praise worship.
数奇 often carries “misfortune” as a connotation, but I don’t think that’s the case in this song.
八百万 is literally 8 million, but also means innumerable and is the “number of gods in Japan”

HaLe inthe 270゜

Vocal:リズナ/ Lyric:t+pazolite
Original Score:明日ハレの日、ケの昨日
Circle: Alstroemeria Records
Album: Double Counterpoint
Event: Reitaisai 7

R U ready to see the world?
I am ready to see ur show.
Do you have anything to play with?
I may have everything you have.
Can you make me enjoy right now?
But no one could do it really.
How do you move my XTC?
More and more, please Make me crazy!

お遊戯の相手は もうこない?
お決まりのやりとり もういらない

Have my playmates stopped coming already?
I don’t need these formalities anymore.

久々の政も つまらない
お祭りをしてても 祀らない

This long instated government is boring,
Even when there’s a festival, there’s no praise going on.

風切る 朝にも 赤く染まる 暮れにも
数奇な 出会いに 乱れ騒げ 舞おうか

In the wind cutting morning and the red dyed evening too,
Shall we dance? Wildly, loudly, in our strange and checkered meetings.

そう 人には理解できぬ神々の宴を
異端の者にだけ赦された 狂宴
幾千、八百万の 楽しみを味わい
(さあ)揉め事忘れ去り始めよう 秘め事

Yes, this festival of gods is something humans cannot comprehend;
It’s a crazed banquet which only the heretics could allow
Let’s taste thousands, no eight million pleasures!
Now forget all your quarrels and lets start this secret!

お遊戯の相手は もうこない?
お決まりのやりとり もういらない

Have my playmates stopped coming already?
I don’t need these formal exchanges anymore.

変わらない政も つまらない
お祀りをしてても つまらない

This unchanging government is boring,
Even when there’s a festival it’s boring.

陽が射す 昼にも 月が綺麗な 宵にも
辺鄙な 出会いに 乱れ騒げ 参ろう

In the sun piercing noon and in the beautiful moon’s midnight
So come now, Wildly, loudly, in our remote meetings.

せーの 偏に可笑しく美しい 激情さえも
食みつつ嚥下しつつ愉しむ 劇場
もし今この身が果て いたづらになろうとも
(げに)悔いなし だがしかし続けよう 秘め事

One-Two! Deviously amusing and beautiful, bordering on ecstacy
Though bursting, still swallowing and enjoying our theatre play,
If now this body would end, it’d be a joke!
(Now really,) Have no worries!! Even yes, but so, Let’s Continue!! This secret.

お遊戯の相手は もうきたし
お決まりのやりとり もういらない
変わらない政も 悪くない
お祭りをするのも 悪くない

My playmate’s already arrived, so
I don’t need these formalities anymore.
The unchanging government isn’t a bad thing.
Having a festival – isn’t a bad thing.

R U ready to see the world?
I am ready to see ur show.
Do you have anything to play with?
I may have everything you have.
Can you make me enjoy right now?
But no one could do it really.
How do you move my XTC?
More and more, please Make me crazy!

Face to Faith Lyrics / Translation

So, although I can’t get a hold of the booklet for Tailwinds, this song’s a new version of a song REDALiCE and Nomiya Ayumi did on their first Touhou Album; well second if you count the partnership with Cis-Trance for Fanatic Hardcore Red Label. :) – Therefore I have the lyrics!! \o/

Think of the power Aya’s received from the Mountain of Faith when considering the lyrics :)

Face to Face / Face to Faith (pronounced the same in Japanese)

“A glimpse of the gap” could be well, literal – (Yukari) – or a chance or opportunity.
The “you” is female. Might as well assign it to Momiji for humour, but it could be anyone :)

YouTube Listen Link: [link]

Face to Faith / Face to Faith (2010 ver.)
Circle: Alice’s Emotion
Album: Scarlet Eyes / Tailwinds
Event: C74 / Reitaisai 7


Without leaving behind the sound of the wind I’ve been embraced in,
Out of reach from the voices of the trees I’m shooting past,
I’ll dance! Far out of the reach of anyone!
‘Til I’m far from even the reach of my shouldered fate!


Now, I’ve got a strong faith that can’t be pinned down!
Not even by the pain of having everything ripped to shreds!

私が求めるのは リアルなそこにいる

Into my jet black wings I’ve pressed my feelings,
I have no interest but in the truth, the beauty reflected in my eyes.
How about we accelerate more?
What I’m searching for is the reality there;


Only you.


Gathering interrupted fragments of will,
Connecting the severed ends of thread,
As if I’m falling through the transparent sky,
No one can stop me!

生まれ羽ばたくOne evil mind!

So, Cast off your closed shell!
Give birth, give flight to your one evil mind!

絶対!逃さない 覗かせた隙を全部戴く
広がる世界へ 行くために

My soul engraved in this sepia vision
Burns passionately, feverishly within me, so..
Yes! I won’t let this get away! Given a glimpse of the gap, I’ll take everything!
For the sake of travelling to the expanding world!

私が求めるのは リアルなそこにいる

Until the end I want to reach the hearts of those who believe!
This beautiful time won’t continue on for eternity, so
How about we accelerate more?
What I’m searching for is the reality there;


Only you.

-Ultired- Lyrics / Translation

“-Ultired-” From 流麗祭彩2 (Reitaisai 7 Collaboration Album) I figure it’s like Ulti(mate) Red or Ultra-red like, ultraviolet type infra-red. :d sounds like: “Alutireyu-d” lol. :) I love Izumin’s lyrics.

Anyway this 2-disc album as a whole is amazing and is pointing me to some new artists. I recommend it.

So yeah, while EastNewSound only came to Reitaisai 7 with an instrumental version of Sacred Factor + a Greatest Hits, the group participated in a lot of other albums so I’m going to hunt those down! ;D

YouTube Listen Link: [link]

Unfortunately the color “red” is not so illustriously defined in English as it is in Japanese.

Romaji requested and added (2011/1/24) ^_^

東方永夜抄より「懐かしき東方の血~Old World」


Shinku no monogatari kasanearu sekai azayaka
Tsuchi ni shimita sabi no kaori wo
Fumidzuke hito wa susunda

This world is so brilliant, existing upon layer upon layer of deep crimson tales
And yet upon the ground stained with the fragrance of rust,
People march forward, trampling upon it.

ねぇ その頁<Parts>切り落とし

Nee sono “parts” kiriotoshi
Kimi no “roots” wo misete

Hey, this part, this page was torn out.
Show me your history, your roots.

錆びて軈て 誰も視認不可能
黒色に溶けて混ざる 血の色
寄せて眺め食らう甘き 其ノ史実<Ultired>

Hakushoku wo irodzuketeku akairo
Sabite yagate dare mo shinin’fukanou
Kokushoku ni tokete mazaru chi no iro
Yosete nagame kurau amaki “ultired”

Dye red over white
As it rusts, eventually no one can determine it’s past;
The color of blood melts and mixes into the black
Gather the pages and feast your eyes on the sweet true history: Ultired.


Shikkoku no monogatari kakushiaru sekai adeyaka
Kaze ni toketa sono iro wo
Ikiyuku hito wa mushishita

This world is so alluring, hiding tales of the darkest black
And yet of this color melting into the wind
People live and die, completely ignorant.

嗚呼 其の頁<Parts>抉り取って

Aa sono “parts” eguri totte
Watashi no “roots” kizamu

Ah, I’ll gouge out this part, this page and
Engrave my roots, my history into it.


Shikisai wo nuri kaeteku shikisai
Tsugare nagare taete katachinaku kizamu

Paint over color with color
Formlessly engrave succession, flow, extinction.

緋く緋く 誰も理解不可能
赤色に混ざり嗤う 血の色
赤く赤く赤く赤き 其ノ史実<Ultired>

Sekishoku wo nurikaeteku akairo
Akaku akaku dare mo rikaifukanou
Sekishoku ni mazari warau chi no iro
Akaku akaku akaku akaki “ultired”

Paint over red with red
Brilliant scarlet, scarlet – No one can understand.
Mix laughing the color of blood into the red
Red, Red, Red, Red, this true history: Ultired!

Space Gate Lyrics / Translation

Why do I love Renko so much? Maybe I just think her name’s cool. Her hat’s cool too.

I think this particular song works more as a Renko song.. just because.

“Space Gate” from Alstroemeria Records’s Reitaisai 7 CD featuring Syrufit “Double Counterpoint”; I highly recommend it. :)

Anyway this is an arrangement of track 2 from Ghostly Field Club – The Touhou CD that first features Maribel Han and Usami Renko – They’re interesting characters that exist outside of Gensoukyou, Merry having a striking resemblance to Yukari.

2.Girls’ Sealing Club
“Mary, shall we go and see the entrance at the ghostly field?”
It was two days ago that she proposed so.
The Sealing Club, whose members are only the two of us, is an ordinary club for necromancers.
Yes, it’s a club for necromancers, but we are not into ghost summoning or exorcising as the others do.
They just believe we are an incompetent group that doesn’t do any proper activities of necromancy, but the truth is…
(hijacked from :

幻想 “fantasy/illusion” – the term used in Gensoukyou, the setting of Touhou. “Wonderland” etc.
真実 “reality/true truth” – a term for reality more closely connected with “true” and “truth”. Perhaps a reality that can transcend actual reality if the truth is more “true” than the reality is.
現実 “reality/actual truth” – a more technical term for reality, used for terms like “realist” etc. Actuality, what actually appears etc. Though it’s tempting to call it “apparent reality/truth” given its components it’s closer to “real” than that which carries a “perceived” connotation.
幻  “phantom/vision/illusion” – more like hallucination than 幻想.

YouTube Listen Link: [link]

Space Gate

Vocal:美里 / Lyric:Haruka
Original Score:少女秘封倶楽部

秘密なの この想い
このままで ずっと胸に
いつまでも 忘れないでね

himitsu nano kono omoi
kono mama de zutto mune ni
itsu made mo wasurenai de ne
otome no himitsu

It’s a secret – I’ll keep
These thoughts in my heart
Forever and ever – Don’t forget!
This maiden’s secret.

幻想は 言葉なの?
真実が 幻想なの?
嘘ついた 叶わないから?

gensou wa kotoba nano?
shinjitsu ga gensou nano?
usotsuita kanawanai kara?
sonna genjou

Is fantasy words?
Is true reality really fantasy?
I lied, because I knew my wish would never come true?
With these preexisting conditions..

真実 幻
時の中で揺れてる この気持ち
大人が作った 幻想よね

shinjitsu maboroshi
toki no naka de yureteru kono kimochi
otona ga tsukutta gensou yo ne
ima no toki wa

True reality wavers
With illusions in time, but these feelings
Are just fantasies made by adults aren’t they?
This time…

どれだけ夢を見て 何度も伝えても
私の気持ちは消され 過ぎ行く
どれだけ夢をみても どうせ伝わらないわ

dore dake yume wo mite nandomo tsutaetemo
watashi no kimochi wa kesare sugiyuku
dore dake yume wo mitemo douse tsutawaranai wa
sonna otona nano wa iya da
naraba shoujo deitai yo

How much of this is a dream? No matter how many times I try to tell them
My feelings are erased and pass away into nothing..
“No matter how much of this is a dream, my feelings will never be accepted”:
I hate adults like that!!
If they’re all like that I want to stay a girl.

新しい 時代なら
邪魔してる 古い奴等
それならば 隠さないまま

atarashii jidai nara
jama shiteru furui yatsura
sore naraba kakusanai mama
kakumei okose

If this is a new age,
If those old interfering bastards
Are going to be like that, I won’t hide!
Let’s start a revolution!!

語った言葉は 揉み消されて
この手も 伸ばせない
真実 現実どこにあるの?

katatta kotoba wa momikesarete
kono te mo nobasenai
shinjitsu genjitsu doko ni aru no?
soko ni mieru?

My spoken words are rubbed away,
I can’t extend my arms..
Just where in actual reality is this true reality?
Can I see it?

どれだけ夢を見て 私を伝えても
掻き消す言葉なんかは いらない
私の心封じる 汚れた大人ならば

dore dake yume wo mite watashi wo tsutaetemo
kakikesu kotoba nanka wa iranai
watashi no kokoro fuujiru yogoreta otona naraba
sonna mono ni naru no naraba
zutto shoujo no mama de ii

How much of this is a dream? Even if you try to tell me,
I don’t need your censoring words;
I’ll seal my heart. If I’m going to become
A disgusting adult like one of them too,
I want to stay as I am forever.

Real Intension / Real Intention Lyrics / Translation

^ Mai~ There really aren’t many pictures of you floating around are there… – and yeah, she doesn’t have wings, she wears them :) – least that’s what I think.

例大祭7 – Reitaisai 7!!
Real Intension is from Double Counterpoint Alstroemeria Records “double counterpoint” album with Syrufit/Syrup Comfiture, Released Reitaisai 7 (a few days ago)

Intension is you know, well a word – but I figure it really is supposed to be Intention.

Anyway, I love this song ^o^

This is Mai’s Theme “裏切りの少女~Judas Kiss” – the relatively silent backstabbing ice witch from Mystic Square: a meanie, as opposed to the lovable Yuki, (ironically) the fire witch who thinks Mai’s her friend. Well after this song I can forgive her a little bit :)

見透かされそで 逸らしてしまう ← is an incredibly interesting construction. I’ll just say that :)

YouTube Listen Link: [link]

Real Intension

Vocal & Lyric: 綾倉盟
Arranged: Syrufit
Original Score: 裏切りの少女

真っ直ぐな瞳で 見つめないでよ
見透かされそで 逸らしてしまう
染まった黒を 隠した私
白を纏った 天の邪鬼
変わらないその 優しささえも
失う事に ただ逃げていた
傷つけ続け 自分勝手な 私を消して

massugu na me de mitsumenaide yo
misukasareso de sorashiteshimau
somatta kuro wo kakushita watashi
shiro wo matotta amanojaku
kawaranai sono yasashisa sae mo
ushinau koto ni tada nigeteita
kizutsuketsudzuke jibun katte na atashi wo keshite

Don’t stare at me with those straightforward eyes,
I can’t be seen though! I end up averting mine.
I’ve hidden my stains of black,
A devil dressed in white.
It will never change! I just kept running away
Until I lost even my kindness.
As I kept inflicting pain, I erased my selfish self.

素直になれない 鎖が絡まる
言葉を知らない 伝える当ても無い
全て勘違いで 何も見えないだけ

sunao ni narenai kusari ga karamaru
kotoba wo shiranai tsutaeru ate mo nai
subete kanchigai de nani mo mienai dake
tsukihanashiteita no wa jibun na no ni

I can never be honest! I’m wrapped up in chains..
I know nothing of words! I have no one to tell them to..
Everything’s a misunderstanding; You just can’t see anything!
Even though the one I’ve forsaken is me.

隠していた 裏と表 鍵かけた心
隠していた 裏と表 許したらきっと
隠していた 裏と表 離れて行くから
忘れないで 忘れないで 本当は寂しいの

kakushiteita ura to omote kagikageta kokoro
kakushiteita ura to omote yurushitara kitto
kakushiteita ura to omote hanareteiku kara
wasurenaide wasurenaide hontou wa sabishii no

The face I’ve hidden and the face I show – If I forgive
The face I’ve hidden and the face I show – My locked heart, then surely
The face I’ve hidden and the face I show – We’ll be separated, so
Don’t forget, Don’t forget, Really… I’m lonely..

考えるほど 見失ってく
正しい答え 判らないまま
声にならない 募る気持ちが かくれんぼした

kangaeru hodo miushinatteku
tadashii kotae wakaranai mama
koe ni naranai tsunoru kimochi ga kakurenbo shita

The more I think about it, the more I lose sight of it..
I still don’t know the right answer,
I can’t raise my voice; Asking for help is a game of hide and seek.

無くしてしまった 心の鍵すら
壊せないのなら そのままさようなら
全て無くなってく その先気付いても

nakushiteshimatta kokoro no kagi sura
kowasenai no nara sono mama sayounara
subete nakunatteku sono saki kidzuitemo
kowareta mono wa moto ni modoranai no

I’ve lost it.. If I can’t even break
The lock on my heart, this is goodbye.
Everything is falling; Even if you realize,
Broken things don’t return to the way they were!

隠していた 裏と表 気付いて欲しくて
隠していた 裏と表 だけど言えなくて
隠していた 裏と表 内に秘めたまま
忘れないで 忘れないで 本当は愛してた

kakushiteita ura to omote kidzuite hoshikute
kakushiteita ura to omote dakedo ienakute
kakushiteita ura to omote uchi ni himeta mama
wasurenaide wasurenaide hontou wa aishiteta

The face I’ve hidden and the face I show – I want you to notice
The face I’ve hidden and the face I show – But I can’t say anything
The face I’ve hidden and the face I show – So though kept a secret inside,
Don’t forget, Don’t forget, Really… I loved you..

^The cover art is too pretty to pass up. Utsuho is pretty, despite being “character not appearing in this album” this time around.


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