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Memoir Lyrics / Translation

^Stolen from 53RG10’s website, because he always finds the best Aya pictures.

Requested by: vaespus/aesprika/aghart101

Memoir, from アニマカルド (Anima Caldo), by セブンスヘブンMAXION x Reliance:Tone (Seventh-Heaven Maxion x Reliance:Tone) @ Reitaisai 7

YouTubeListenLink: [link]

I wish YouTube had a “infinite loop” button like niconico has.
I like good male Touhou vocalist tracks.

Parts of this were a bit structurally ambiguous; if you have questions feel free to ask. The narrator could be Aya or more generally a traveller. If you want to get imaginative, it could be a traveller that gets homesick and attempts to go home, finds Gensoukyou and lives his life and dies there (or is dying there), becomes a tengu (or will become one or is at the very least turning youkai-ish) and is frightened that his new home might ever lose its light to humans. I prefer this myself; over-reading text is fun! ^_^

I tried to keep the, “well it could be this or that” thing, but that may have sacrificed a little clarity, but that clarity’s not really present in the original so, gah.

Regret has a different meaning in Japanese, more like “left over emotion/anxiety/feelings”
The word used here for homesickness is literally a “gloom or depression” but this same emotion is used for patriotism and nationalism in respect to land or country, so I thought homesickness worked best here.

原曲:妖怪の山~Mysterious Mountain

マージナルの大地 遥か彼方
指先ぬらし 感じる愁い
匂いを色を 故京に寄せて

From the marginal continent, so far away,
Flowing upon fate comes a wind of love.
It paints my fingertips, filling me with a sorrowful homesickness,
Calling scents and colors to the old capital.

風に名前刻んで また流れて 辿り着く先に
誰も見たことのない この地 脈づく命よ

With its name engraved on the wind as it flows again, I arrive at
A land no one has yet seen, a land that pulses with life.

風よ あいの風よ もう一度この手に戻れ
雄雄しく立つ大地 踏みしめられるのならば
その右手に 握る 儚き 命を 揺らせよ

O wind, o wind of love once again return to my hand!
O gallant continent, if you are tread upon,
I would say people are to this world the light of its end;
I grasp your right hand and set free to wave this transient life.

残想に高く はためく意志
いつもの麓 足元隠し
叶うことのない 祈り乗せて
流れ続ける ただひとすじに

Filled with regretful emotions and will waving like a banner,
At the foot of this mountain as always which hides my footsteps,
I call upon an unanswerable prayer, and
Keep flowing, along in the same vein.

砂に舞う透明の 尊き魂の群れ乗せて
人は後悔の中 ひとつだけ希望満たす

I call upon a group of transparent precious souls dancing in the sand;
To people filled with regret, this fulfills their single hope.

果ては懐かしきに 誰の場所 馳せてゆく想い
鳥が心 連れてゆくなら 羽に託そう
人はいつか気づくだろうか 命の光に

In the end, in reminiscence, thoughts will race to each’s own place
If this bird’s heart is brought along with it, I’ll entrust it to my wings.
In even this strange and dangerous world, fate has one layer of truth.
I wonder when people will awaken to this light of life?

風よ あいの風よ 人々に優しく降れと
東の空 描く 願いに 今も 塞き上ぐ
風は戦ぎ往き 見慣れた風景見下ろしては
その右手に眠る 目映き 命を 照らせよ

O wind, o wind of love, rain down gently upon the people
O eastern wind, draw and raise the floodgates upon their wishes even now,
The wind rustles and goes on its way, looking down upon the town I’ve always known.
In your right hand I sleep, and let shine dazzling life.

Power of Wind Lyrics / Translation

^Rika’s an engineer, and I can respect that :D

Stage 1 Theme of Fuumaroku… – Let’s see if I can’t find a picture of Reimu and Rika… – I couldn’t.
I still haven’t properly unlocked Extra Stage where you meet Rika again :<

"Power of Wind" from Syrufit's C77 "show me your love"

I love this Syrufit album, not to downplay the newer one all that much, but this one is so much better in my opinion :) – I listened to this song a lot on the way back home :D

Well I'd rather the top picture be Rika, because we hardly ever see her ever, and there's like way too much Reimu floating around.
I really wish I could find a vocal arrangement of "She's In a Temper" which is Rika's actual theme.. It's cool…

徒花 【あだばな】(n) (1) non-fruit-bearing flower, (2) something that is flashy with no content
^Literally a "vain flower". Thought that word was interesting.

Power of Wind
Arranged – Syrufit
Vocal/Lyric – SHIKI

博麗 ~ Eastern Wind
[東方封魔録 ~ the Story of Eastern Wonderland.]

雫 頬に伝う
もう願い 不透明で
信じられぬ 今

Dew alights on my cheek;
Even if that is truth..
My wish is opaque;
I can’t believe it anymore…


My powerless fingers;
Kill me,
So frail
Without hesitation
This dream unravels..
A brilliant, fruitless flower.

迷い 心嘆く
さぁ祈れ 鈴を鳴らし
叶えられる 夢

Lost, my heart sighs
Can I save your everything?
So I pray and let ring the bells.
This is a dream that can be granted.


My powerless ego;
Believe in me,
So cowardly
Without hesitation
Scatter sin..
A brilliant fruitless flower.

Worlds End Lyrics / Translation

Worlds End from 東方輪衝歌~Moment of Impulse~ released at C75 by Yellow Zebra.

Requested by: Vincent

Woo~! \o/ This was pretty confusing for me at first but I figured it out. :x

“May I devote your body to those fakes, who advocate
That invisible-like thing born from disputing views?” ← religion (thing) by gods (fakes)

“The truth that when experienced is like looking at the end of the world” is a longer explanation of the “truth” at the very end.

Worlds End
原曲:死体旅行 ~ Be of good cheer!

幼き日に 聞いた物語は 私の始まり
「幸せな結末」が 小さな胸を 締めつけた

When I was young I heard a tale – it was my beginning;
Its “Happy Ending” pressed on my little heart.

その先に 続いて行くはずの 未来を
知りたくて 今でも

Ever since I’ve wanted to know what future I should
Continue on towards; I want to know even now..

この瞳が その想いが
そっと 閉じる日が来ることを
誰もが皆 わかってる今日は
しっかりと 焼き付けていよう

Absolutely everyone knows today
When that day will come, where
My eyes and their thoughts will close.
I’ll burn you through and through.

遠い街で 風の噂
また 誰かが 生涯を終えた
私は 涙も出ないまま
そして 今日が 過ぎて行った

Down this distant street the wind’s gossip speaks,
Again, someone’s life has ended,
And as always, without shedding a tear,
I passed the day away.

年を重ねて 知ってしまった
役に立たない 理屈を

As the years piled up on one another,
I learned of reason, and it’s uselessness.

ありのままな 人の性は
いつの時代も 持て囃されて
ありのままを 受け入れたときは
いつも 頭抱えて 眠る

As it is, human nature
Is highly praised in every age,
But when the truth sinks in for them,
I always hold their heads and rock them to sleep.

情報(ちがいいけん)が産み落とした 目に見えない様なものを
突き付ける偽者に その身を 委ねてもいいの?

May I devote your body to those fakes, who advocate
That invisible-like thing born from disputing views?

私が 今 果てたのなら
続いて行く この世界は
私の目に 閉じた様に見えて
でも そのまま 進み続ける

If I now were to meet my end,
This world would keep on going, but
It would look as if it were closing in front of my eyes.
Yet still, I’ll keep going.

火炎の中 灰になり 燃えていく身体から
この世界の果てを見るような 真実を

Inside this blaze your burning body will become ash.
From it, will I be able to find the truth,
Like looking at the world’s end?

Tag Lyrics / Translation

“Tag” from Trois Rouge – Released @ C75 as part of a trio with Alstroemeria and Sound Online (Tsukasa)

Requested by: Vincent

Sorry, I took a while on this one >.>; I had to travel for birthday celebration stuff.
I’ve always liked this song, and I for some reason thought I translated it already. The whole album’s good – I recommend it. I’m not much a fan of Tsukasa myself, but Trois Noir (Alstroemeria) and Trois Rouge (Alice’s Emotion) are both spectacular, and Trois Bleu (Sound Online) is good too, one of the few Tsukasa tracks I really like is on it, plus there’s a good few songs from REDALiCE and Masayoshi Minoshima too.

Hopefully I’ll release a lot of stuff today so I can just like Mahjong party tonight 丶 (≧∇≦)ノ

YouTubeListenLink: [link]

“I’m going to start cutting you up now, ok?” ← she literally says “going to start cutting membranes”, which has the same pronunciation as “curtain” – so it’s kind of like, opening the curtain on a show. Intentional? maybe not, but I thought it was interesting.
“All those dull fragments,”… ← I’m assuming that these are the pieces of the victim’s heart that Satori figuratively scalpels.
サトラレ ← I translated as pierce (as in pierce the mind); it refers directly to the Satori youkai that reads people’s minds etc.
“bursting shells” ← fireworks. (I thought it sounded more appropriate as “bursting shells”; maybe that’s just me.

Tag / 美里
Compose: REDALiCE
Lyrics: Ayumi Nomiya

此方へ近づけて 遊びましょう
その震えた小箱の中 私が綺麗にしてあげる

Come now, bring your heart
Just a little closer and we’ll play~
I’ll make the inside of your shaking little box all nice and clean~
All your winding words, your consciousness
Will be my happiness.
Please let me play with the insides of your insides~
I’m going to start cutting you up now, ok?


All those dull fragments,
So red and inflamed looking,
Are too afraid to come near.
You should just taste insanity~


Shaking, pierced by my opened eye,
You should entrust everything to me.
Even if you run away from me in fear,
I’ll just make you play into my hand and corner you~


So, Let’s open the curtain on this stage, and descend
Into that darkness that everyone looks down upon.
Don’t you have memories of this landscape?
This storm of recollection and bursting shells.


It’s not anyone’s fault
It’s just something that’s been decided.
If I had to say anything,
It would just be that you were unlucky.


Burning, read by my opened eye;
I’m taking all of you.
I touch your frightened back,
And we’ll descend into that dream with no end in sight.


Shaking, pierced by my opened eye,
You should entrust everything to me.
Even if you run away from me in fear,
I’ll just make you play into my hand and corner you~

light prayer lyrics / translation (“The King of Eden” Ending Theme)

No I haven’t seen it yet, so don’t spoil anything. I think I’m going to watch it with my family.

I love this song… it makes me wanna start a revolution. Sing for change everyone!

I really like school food punishment’s sound, and this one’s just about as good as futuristic imagination, which is my favorite of theirs.

Well I’m having birthday celebrations early with everyone else in my family that has April birthdays this weekend, but I can’t help getting a few things out ^_^

I kind of feel like doing a silly updates post, but that’ll probably wait for a few days, maybe after drunk mahjong on my real birthday. XD

I can’t wait for 四畳半神話大系 (Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei) by the way, the animation looks like AKFG’s album art, the premise is college-life and it’s a noitaminA slot anime with music by AKFG. Comes out the 22nd I think – PV here: [link]

MusicVideo: [link]

light prayer
作詞 内村友美
作曲 school food punishment、江口 亮
編曲 江口 亮

蠢いている 闇を割って その中の澱みを打て

Wriggling, I split the darkness and strike the stagnation within it.

計算と保守 自分勝手なルール 歪んでいる事実 期待を消去して

I’ve cleared away all my expectations of calculation and conservatism, those selfish rules and warped truths.

向かうべき未来の芽 摘んでいる正体 探し出して
その手を掴んで 光の差す明日へ 影も連れてく
きっと 冷たくて暗い雨だって 誰か救っているから
平行線を繋げば輪になる 光に変えて

The buds of the future that we should be facing, I’ll search out and grasp their true form.
Taking your hand, I’ll bring the shadows along with me towards the light shining for tomorrow.
I’m sure that even if there’s a cold dark rain there, I’ll be saving someone.
If the horizon line connects, it will form a ring and transform into light.

音を立てて ずれて行く世界 SOSの群れ 僕を消耗して

Noise rising, the world becomes disjointed, and all those calling out for help consume me.

近すぎてぼやけた 現実と未来 まだ手を伸ばせる 答えを探して

I got too close and it dazzled me – truth and the future, but I can still reach out further, searching for the answer!

向かうべき未来の芽 その中 耳を澄ましてみれば
まだ見ぬ世界に 光を祈って待っている 不安もそっと抱いて
きっといつか疲れて全てを消してしまいたくなっても 君の声が 僕を呼び戻す

The buds of the future that we should be facing, within it all, if you just listen…
Praying for light for this world we’ve yet unseen I gently embrace my anxieties;
I’m sure that if even if someday I get tired and want to erase everything, your voice will call me back.

ほら よく見てみて 風向き少し変われば 晴れる
矢印の方へ それが示す明日へ ふらついたって行ける
きっと 歪な世界のその先 小さな光がある
全てがかなう楽園じゃなくても 君がここにいる
風はそっと 僕の背中を押している(ああ昨日までの自分が背中を押している)
そう平行線の先を繋いだなら 光の輪になる

See? If you just try looking… If the wind’s direction changes just a little the day will clear.
See the direction of that arrow? it’s pointing to tomorrow; even if we’re staggering we can move forward.
I’m sure that in the future of this warped world, there’a a little light.
Even if it’s not some paradise where everything will come true, you’re here.
I’m sure the wind is pushing at my back (Ah, it’s pushing on everything I was ’til yesterday)
Yes, if the ends of the horizon line meet, it will form a ring of light.

Baka Go Home!! (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu ED)

So I heard there’s going to be another season! I hope that’s not just an April Fool’s joke or something.
We’ll ignore ED2 because it’s not nearly as good as this one – it got like. retcon’d anyway ;p.

Yeah there’s no April fool’s from me, I’m too stupid to do one, I just get caught by them D:
Dance Baka Dance!! 丶 (≧∇≦)ノ

I don’t really get the first bit all too well, other than personifying the moment after class as an angel, or the narrator’s mixing up “heaven” and “angel”.
“Monthly Spot” – a parking space that you rent on a monthly basis.
男伊達 – “chivalrous man” sounded way too dusty of a term.
“If idiots can make it too, it’s because we’re awesome!” – can also be interpreted if we can make it too, we’ll be awesome. I like the former better.
I was very tempted to mix up words and misspell stuff on purpose…

バカ・ゴー・ホーム Baka Go Home!!


After classes end there’s that moment of supreme happiness,


“She’s an angel!”


But a simple notice board wrecked my peace!
Notice for supplementary exams!!


“This is hell!”


I laughed to my friend,
“Is there really any one that stupid?”


But in my heart,
I was screaming,
“I’m really that stupid!!”


In the parking lot, when I saw “Monthly Spot”
I thought it was the name of the company…
The whole time…


If idiots can make it too, it’s because we’re awesome!
Our common sense is a lack there of ?!


We live in a world where rules are useless!
Yakiniku special! We’ll overthrow the masses!


The sun that rose from the west is setting!
Run! It’s time to eat!
Go Home!
Go Home!


“You don’t know even that!?
You have no common sense! Are you really that stupid!?”


But when I heard the right answer
I was wrong.
“I’m really that stupid!”


That thing under buildings, “Cornerstone”
I thought it was the name of a company…
The whole time…


If idiots make a ruckus there’ll be a storm of flowers
Our reality is extraordinary ?!


The shining moon in the night sky is laughing
Run! It’s time to sleep!
Go Home!
Go Home!


When you see another idiot dancing
If you’re just as dumb, dance!!


Idiots waving their arms and hips dancing,
Whether you’re old or young, a guy or gal, show some spirit!


If idiots can make it too, it’s because we’re awesome!
Our common sense is a lack there of ?!


We live in a world where rules are useless!
Yakiniku special! We’ll overthrow the masses!


The sun that rose from the west is setting!
Run! It’s time to eat!
Go Home!
Go Home!

滅星プロミネンス Messei Prominence Lyrics / Translation

^ I decided that sketches would go best :D

This is 滅星プロミネンス Messei Prominence (“Collapsing Star Prominence”) from Heartcore Forte by Halozy released Reitaisai 7. It’s an arrangement of Alice Maestra the 4th stage theme to Touhou Gensoukyou ~ Lotus Land Story. It’s always been a Reimu theme to me because I always play Lotus Land Story with Marisa. Why? Because the music’s better that way. Reimu’s more fun to play against, the Marisa’s first stage theme and the Reimu’s boss theme are both better than Reimu’s first stage theme and Marisa’s Lotus land Story theme :x In my opinion.

The relation to stars in the lyrics makes me think of Marisa, but that would make Marisa the star, right? or it could be Marisa because she is so attuned to stars is making the analogy of Reimu being like the star. If you think of Reimu as a red giant (ok now I’m taking the allusion too far) maybe she’s the one who dies. Because of the very last line, I think of Marisa as the narrator. :) (But that’s my bias as well.)

I love Izumin’s lyrics.

Requested by Belisaria

YouTubeListenLink: [link]

滅星プロミネンス Collapsing Star Prominence
アレンジ:Irus ボーカル:リツカ 作詞:いずみん
原曲:東方幻想郷 アリスマエステラ

空を仰いだら 見える星は
きっとサヨウナラの灯 光

When I look up towards the sky I see a star,
It’s surely shining goodbye with its light.

死に行く微か光 瞬いたプロミネンス
冥い夜に咲いた 最期の輝きはキラキラと
遠くの星に示す 「私はここに居た」と

This light is faintly dying in a twinkling prominence,
A final death’s shining, blossoming in the dark night.
It points to the stars far away and says, “I was here.”
However, this light will only reach them far into the future.


“What should I do?”
Taking you crumbling into my arms, instead of words I press a kiss against your lips.
“What can you see?”
“You,” you cried.
“I want to stay here.”
In this crumbling world…

消え行く遥か光   崩れ去る記憶景色
雲の向こうに咲いた 最期の輝きはキラキラと
遠くの星を照らし  「あなたは其処に居る」と

This far away light is disappearing in a crumbling landscape of memories,
A final death’s shining, blossoming beyond the clouds.
It shines to the far away stars and says, “You are there.”
However, this light will only reach a collapsed future.


“What should I do?”
Taking you shivering into my arms, instead of words I press my ear against your heart.
“What can you hear?”
“Nothing”, you cried.
“Do you want to stay here?”
In this dying world…

空を仰いだら 見える星は
きっとサヨウナラの灯 光

When I look up towards the sky I see a star,
It’s surely shining goodbye with its light.

遡る記憶 見える君は
きっとサヨウナラの灯 光

Retracing my memories, I see you.
You’re surely shining goodbye with your light.


“What should I do?”
Taking you shivering into my arms, instead of words I plunge my blade into your heart.
“What can you hear?”
“Nothing,” you cried.
This isn’t a place you can stay.
This world is dead…

崩れ去る空に咲く 黒い黒い月

“The color of that big star on the final page is nice.”
Blossoming in the crumbling sky, a black, black moon.


――――Collapsing Star Prominence