シン・汎用合成クラスメイト:宇佐見227号 // Shin-Han’you Gousei Classmate : Usami 227-Gou

 A natural-looking Usami Sumireko sits in a classroom filled with androids, twirling her hair and staring off into space as a front-seat android glances back disapprovingly.

Merami: Android (Natural Born (Machine))
nayuta: Usami (Synthetic)

This song is a remake of 汎用合成クラスメイト:宇佐見05号 – “All-Purpose Synthetic Classmate: Usami Model No. 5” is a track from 萃星霜 (A Touhou Compilation Album). It starts out mostly the same, but nayuta’s portion is completely new, and the context is flipped. (The flip is hinted in the original.)

As with other tracks on this album, this song is multi-faceted: There is a little more than a soft implication that our hero Usami is going to bring about the end of the world, ending a relative peace—but that begs the question—has not the world already ended? Invert the setting according to the imagery and hints of machinery and…have we fallen so far that even machines are having a decline in “birth” rates? Both literal and metaphorical readings work well. While I am all for ending the world, I’ve grown old enough to learn to beg for reprieves… You can argue Usami is staring happiness in the mouth and spitting, as Ms. Android infers.

シン・汎用合成クラスメイト:宇佐見227号 (U7731-0859484-708940566)
 Shin – Han’you Gousei Classmate: Usami 227-Gou
 New! All-Purpose Synthetic Classmate: Usami Model No. 227
Vo: めらみぽっぷ/nayuta
Arr+Lyr: RD-Sounds
Circle: 凋叶棕
Album: △ -tetra-
Event: C99

それもそのはず だって彼女

itsu kara kanojo wa sou darou
doko ka min’na kara uiteiru
sore mo sono hazu datte kanojo
gousei no classmate na no sa

When did it all begin? I cannot say
She always seemed a bit out of place
But that’s no wonder, to be fair
She’s a synthetic classmate, after all


dare ni mo kakusou to shinai
ibitsu na kagaku no moushigo yo
hikumaru birth rate no naka
tsui ni tatakareta ka sono tobira

She does not even try to hide it
What a twisted product of science she is
But given the falling birth rates
I suppose it was only a matter of time

それもそのはず だって彼女

dore hodo futsuu de iyou to
boku ni wa zenbu o-mitooshi
sore mo sono hazu datte kanojo
keshite kakushikirenu sono shigusa

No matter how normal she tries to be
Everything is crystal clear to me
But that’s no wonder, to be fair—
No façade can hide her quirks

その表情ひとつとっても 何もかもを突き放して
世界の端から端までの そのどこにもいられないー!

sono hyoujou hitotsu tottemo nani mo ka mo wo tsukihanashite
sekai no hashi kara hashi made no sono doko ni mo irarenai-!

Take any one of her expressions: they are so off-putting!
Search far and wide, but you’ll find nowhere she belongs!


nani mo ka mo kawaranu nichijou ni
subete aimai na nin’shiki ni
kimi to iu sono sonzai dake ga ishitsu na tsukurimono de

Against the backdrop of our unchanging day-to-day
Where every instance bleeds into the next
You, and you alone stick out like an artificial sore thumb!


natural born no bokutachi ni
dorehodo ittemo najimenai
bokura to onaji ni wa narenai
kimi dake ga hitoribocchi

Among us natural-born beings
You will never fit in, no matter your advancements
You can never be the same as us—never
You will always be alone

それもそうよね だって私

itsu kara watashi wa kou darou
kitto min’na kara uiteiru
sore mo sou yo ne datte watashi
gousei no classmate dakara

When did it all begin? I cannot say
I’m sure I’ve always seemed out of place
But that’s no wonder, to be fair
I’m a synthetic classmate, after all


keredomo nani mo mon’dai nai
sore ga dou demo kan’kei nai
watashi ga watashi de aru koto
sore ga nani yori taisetsu dakara

But that’s never been a problem
It has nothing to do with anything
I am who I am—that’s all there is to it
And there’s nothing more important than that!

それだというに だって彼ら

sa no aru koto wa akutoku to
son’na oshitsuke wa o-kotowari
sore da to iu ni datte karera
kagami wo nozokou tomo shinai no?

Why does everyone equate deviation with sin?
There’s no way I’ll let that stand in front of me!
They may be willing to let such ideologies slide, but…
Really? Have none of them ever looked in the mirror?!

そうだ!私のいるこの意味 世界に探そうとすること

sou da! watashi no iru kono imi sekai ni sagasou to suru koto
nani mo ka mo ga ataerareteiru ijou ni ooi ni imi ga aru-!

You know what? I bet there’s a reason I’m here — I just have to search for it!
Everything out there has meaning, meaning far beyond what it has been assigned

だからこそありったけの全部 疑ってかき乱す

subete heion’ na nichijou ni
utagau koto nado nani mo nai
dakara koso arittake no zen’bu utagatte kakimidasu

With everything so peaceful, day after day
There is nowhere room left for doubt
So I hereby make it my mission to stir things up, and doubt everything!


natural born no karera yori
watashi wa osore mo kan’jinai
karera to nani mo ka mo chigau nara
watashi dake ga hitoribocchi

Compared to those natural-born beings
I have nothing at all to fear
If it means being different from them in every way
Sure, I’ll take being alone!


kimi wa omou-

That which you wonder—


kimi wa tou-

That which you inquire—

何もかもを疑わず 生きていくこともできない

sore wa gousei no kokoro no sei de
nani mo ka mo wo utagawazu ikiteyuku koto mo dekinai

—is all due to a synthetic heart,
unable to live resolved not to doubt

どこまでも どこまでも
それで どうなってしまうのだろう?
辿り着くその明日は 幸せだとさえ限らないのにー

doko made mo doko made mo
sore de dou natteshimau no darou?
tadoritsuku sono ashita wa shiawase da to sae kagiranai no ni-

Ever onward, ever onward…
How far will your initiative take you?
There is no guarantee your path will lead to a better future…

それもそのはず だって彼女

itsumade kanojo wa kou darou?
kitto nani ka no techigai sa
sore mo sono hazu datte kanojo
shiawase no imi sae shiranu nara

How long will she keep this up?
This must be some sort of mistake
But that’s no wonder, to be fair—for one
Who does not know the meaning of happiness

世界の何処か まっててよね

kitto hontou no nakama wa
kazoeru hodo shika nokottenai
sekai no doko ka mattete yo ne
kitto sagashiatetemiseru kara

Of those I could call true allies
I am sure only a handful remain
If you’re out there somewhere
Sit tight—I will find you


nan’demo nai yo na nichijou wo
bokura wa nani mo kaetakunai
kimi to iu sono son’zai dake ga subete no error to naru

Blessed with an unchanging day-to-day
We do not want to change anything—
Everything you are and will be marks the origin of an error


natural born ni sayonara wo
osanaki hi no owari wa soko ni
watashi no sekai wo mitsukeru made
ima wa zutto hitoribocchi?! aa!

Farewell to you all, natural born!
As the end of my childhood draws close
I wonder, until I discover my own world
Will I be forever alone?! Ah!


-tooi dare ka ni warau kimi.
-doko mo mitsumezu ni warau kimi.

—You, who smile off toward someone in the distance…
—You, who smile at nothing in particular…


keshite majiwaranu yukusue

Never again will our paths cross—

本物の笑顔は さあ どちら?

hon’mono no egao wa saa dochira?
kitto kiku made mo nai koto darou-

So which smile is more genuine?
Do you really need to ask?!

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