黒紫のオーンブレ // Kokushi no Ombre

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[Part I]
[Part II]
[Part III]

Merkmal is German for “characteristic” (according the Google Machine).

天巡 is the “turning of the heavens” – which you can read as the sky turning from day to night and back again, and the paths of fate laid out by God in the heavens.

So I suppose you can interpret the title of the album as “Characteristic of Heaven’s Fate” or “Mark of Fate” – the characteristic in question in this particular case is, “being a twin”. Lydia and Rifle are marked, or cursed by the fact they are twins, which leads to the “inevitable suffering” which in turn sets one character on the “inevitable” path of becoming a witch.

Anyway, this is part 1 of 3.

I read the third and fourth stanzas as a demonic figure mocking heaven at the sight of the birth of the witch. Those stanzas are not in the lyrics booklet but their veracity has been confirmed by an official karaoke release.


ombré is a French word that means ‘color gradient’. [wiki-en]

I have romanized リフル as “Rifle” because “Rifle” is katakana-ized that way, and it fits with the combined romanization of her and Lydia given in the lyrics booklet “riflydia”.

リフル – Rifle (‘rhee’ not ‘rye’ – sounds like ‘lethal’ (cruel irony)) [ri-fu-ru]
リディア – Lydia
Riflydia = リフル+リディア

I. 黒紫のオーンブレ
 Kokushi no Ombré
 A Gradient of Black and Violet
Vocal: Mitsuki
Voices: 佐倉綾音、茅野愛衣
Composition, Arrangement and Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Circle: 少女病
Album: 天巡メルクマール (2016)


—-souretsu. narabu mono no inai, gekiseki no kuukan. san’retsusha wa, tatta hitori.
kodoku na shoujo wa kaisou suru. tomo ni sugoshita utsukushii omoide no, sono subete wo.
kanojo wa warainagara norou. imawashii sekai ni muketa, soko nashi no akui.
……shoujo no matou, kokushi no kage ga zawamekidashita—-

—It was a funeral march — of one.
 In the still and quiet space, none but she was present to mourn.
There she reminisced,
 calling up all the beautiful memories of the time they had spent together.
With a smile she cursed,
 brimming with a bottomless hatred of the despicable world in which they lived
……the blackish violet shadows surrounding her, writhing restlessly—


futago dakara norowareteru da nan’te son’na no okashii yo
kamisama wa iru no desu
daremo tasukete nan’te kurenai
kekkyoku yakutatazu ja nai!!
itsu made mo… zutto issho yo

“Why should we be cursed, just for being twins!?”
“God is with us.”
“No one will save us.”
“Useless!! You’re useless!!”
“We’ll be together… forever.”


moyasu wa sono igyou no tamashii
sono mi nomi ga tada uruwashiki
tataki tsukeru wa mezame no kotoba
-yakero sekai, to.

What burns within is your twisted soul
O but how beautiful art thou!
Strike the masses awake with your words
—”To the world I say, burn!”

咆哮 彷徨よい来たれ
横行 許せはせぬ邪悪よ
暁光 空より光挿すよう
さあ 天よ巡れ巡れよ!

houkou samayoi kitare
oukou yuruse wa senu jaaku yo
shoukou sora yori hikari sasu you
saa ten’ yo megure megure yo!

Howl! Wander forth upon the world!
Your rampage will never be forgiven, O evil one!
May the light of morning shine from the sky upon you!
Come now, Heaven! Bring your divine fate if you will!


hibiki wataru
sore wa kikyo no koe
fukisarasu kaze ni nose
nao mo todoki wa shinai

Her wails and sobs
Blasted by the winds
Carry across the land
But never reach a savior


mi ni matou
musuu no “koe” ga
kokushi no shouzoku to natte
shin’jirubeki mono wo tsugeteiru

What gather about her
Instead are countless “voices:
Shackles of black and violet
Conveying where her faith should lie



nani wo aishi
nani wo norou
nani wo yurushi
nani wo nikumu
subete sono uchi ni

What she should love
 What she should curse
What she should forgive
 What she should hate
All of which, in time…


shizumu kage no naka ni ikue ni
uzumakaseru noroi to ai dake
keshite mitasarenu sono sugata
imada fukan’zen’ na riflydia

In the midst of sinking shadows spinning
Layer upon layer of love and curses
Is a form that will never find fulfilment
A yet incomplete witch: Riflydia

無貌無尽– “己” は誰かいつか喪う定めでも

sono koe wa kuukyo na hodo ni
ibitsu ni shite kedakaki kakugo wo
muboumujin’– “onore” wa dare ka itsuka ushinau sadame demo

Her voice hollow, she resigns herself
To a final answer, nobly twisted
Even if it means she will one day lose herself to have her way


sono musuu no inochi mote
sono mugen’ no inochi mote
ten’ no meguru made

With these countless lives she will
With these infinite lives she will
Until heaven decides her fate

この影の中で けして解放たれること無く

yurushi wo koitsudzukeru koe
kono kage no naka de keshite tokihanatareru koto naku

Voices beg for forgiveness
“Caught in my shadows, never will you be released.”

この影の中で 永久にその罪 贖い続けよ

okashita tsumi wo nageku koe
kono kage no naka de towa ni sono tsumi aganaitsudzuke yo

Voices lament of their sins
“Caught in my shadows, may you repent for all eternity.”

この影の中で その涙を祈りとするがいい

sono sadame ni namida suru koe
kono kage no naka de sono namida wo inori to suru ga ii

Voices cry of their fate
“Caught in my shadows, consider your tears naught but prayer.”

この影の中で 私の一部となって生きよと

owaranu inochi norou koe
kono kage no naka de watashi no ichibu to natte ikiyo to

Voices curse their eternal living hell
“Caught in my shadows, may you become part of me and live on.”

共に産まれ されど倦まれ

tomo ni umare saredo umare
tawamure ni erabareta no wa
kudaranu kami no itazura de owarasenai

Born together, forsaken together
May the heavens curse their mistake
That they chose our souls for this fate


sou, chikau–.

It will not end here–.


  そう 全て愛しき片割の為にと 嗚呼。

sono inochi mo
sono inochi mo
sono inochi mo
sono inochi mo
sou subete itoshiki rifle no tame ni to aa.

Those who sinned against us
 Those who made crimes against us
Those who called misfortune to us
 Those who brought calamity upon us
Yes, all their lives are for you Rifle, my beloved other half!


guchoku na made ni tada isshin’ ni
aifukaki ga yue ni don’yoku ni
keshite mitasarenu sono keshiki
imada ni mikan’zen’ na utopia

Bullheaded, in one mind and one heart
In her deep love, she was ravenous
The world she saw ever lacked fulfilment
A utopia yet to be complete

無暁無屈– “己” は誰かいつか喪う覚悟でも

nara keshite horobinu you ni to
sono inochi wo kono mi ni tabanete
mushoumukutsu– “onore” wa dareka itsuka ushinau kakugo demo

But it only hardened her determination
She would bind these sinners’ lives to her body
Even if it meant she would one day lose herself to have her way


sono musuu no inochi mote
sono mugen’ no inochi mote
ten’ no meguru made

With these countless lives she will
With these infinite lives she will
Until heaven decides her fate


shikaru ni wakatareta inochi
sono omoi ni namida shite
hoetakeru —- aa!

However, burdened with the emotions
Of the lives she brought unto her own
Tears flowing, she howls — ah!


shoujo wa hiza wo tsuku. keredo, sono kokoro wa kesshite orenai.
sore wa, motto mo ai fukaki ga yue ni, mottomo don’yoku. nochi ni sou tsutaerareru, dai yon’ no majo “lydia’ no sugata—-

She then fell to her knees, but her heart was far from broken.
Yes, for she, Lydia, was later to be known as the fourth witch, infamous for the raging desire born of her fathomless love.


itsuka, kanojo wa kaettekuru —- kesshite tsuieru koto naki sono gen’sou wo mune ni.
shoujo wa ikiru. ikite, ikitsudzukeru.
—- itsu made mo. sekai wa shuuen’ suru sono toki made

So she lived — lived and kept living undeterred, forever carrying in her chest
—the delusion that one day her sister would return to her.
So she should remain — until world saw its end.

  1. The title of this track is really curious. Do you think there’s any difference between オーンブレ and オンブレ? That’s what threw me off when I had a look at this track – I didn’t realise オーンブレ and ‘ombre’ were linked, so I ended up going with ‘hombre’. >_>

    Either way, this translation is a pleasure to read! The poetry of the lyrics is perfectly conveyed. (^_^)

    • Yeah, I think I just searched a bunch of variations of of オーンブレ until I stumbled across ombré, which made perfect sense. Kana variations for foreign words is common enough to where I don’t think there’s a difference between オンブレ and オーンブレ. They also may have backtracked from ombré to オーンブレ rather than knowing there was already a “standard” kana-ization: オンブレ.

      And thanks! I’m working on the other tracks on the single, but this was my favorite.

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