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curse upon me!

Kirisame Marisa (nokishita) (px-img-id-5610500)

Suggested by: Univpark

Looking back over the PC-98 scripts for this reminded me what I liked about Marisa.

To understand this song, I think it’s important to keep the image of a game in mind, but to generalize that image.

Powerful “Kirisame Marisa” (Kanji for Marisa)
Accursed “Kirisame Marisa” (All Hiragana)

“That other” probably refers to another “self” but could refer to Reimu.

“To everyone deciding the nature of their plans”… The meaning of this stanza changes depending on what you take this to mean.
1) People deciding who they are going to be. (in a broad sense)
2) People deciding how they are going to “play” Marisa.
^Second line effect:
1) Worrying too much over both your own nature and the nature of your plans will result in wasted time/opportunities.
2) There are too many things to check on, bullet patterns and what not, so you can’t waste my game lives.
^Following stanza effect:
1) You can’t say any “truth” is immovable/certain without trial and error
2) You cannot say for certain a certain pattern will not change/move without some sacrifice.

^You can extend this to the setting and setup/planning of a game.

“beloved” – is written as “necessary condition”, and therefore is being treated as a power source, if you will.

The artwork shows one Marisa taking off the witch hat of a disintegrating other Marisa (?) which is not much more than an abnormal spine.

curse upon me!
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ
Arrangement+Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Circle: 凋叶棕
Album: 音 -omoi-
Event: C92


omoikaeseba kon’na jin’sei
nani mo omoinokosu koto wa nai
dakara, watashi wa, watashi wo sutete, watashi wo hajimeru tte kimetan’da

When I look back over my life I think
If I were to end it now, I would regret nothing
Therefore, I have decided, to throw myself away, and begin myself anew.

それの多寡 嘆いてるよりも
新たな自分 始めるほうがいい筈だ

un’ mo fuun’ mo kozotte “soitsu” ga mochieta mono de
sore no taka nageiteru yori mo
arata na jibun’ hajimeru hou ga ii hazu da

Both fortune and misfortune were possible for “that other” as well
So rather than bemoaning my level of misfortune
I’m sure it would be better for me to start a new me!


nani mo ka mo ga yotei saretenai
sono seishitsu wo kimeru mono tachi
tashikameru beki koto no oosa ni, inochi wo mudadzukai wa dekinai

Nothing at all is planned for me
To those deciding the nature of their plans
There are too many things to confirm, you can’t waste your lives away

動かないのが 確かだとしようにもそれも

jisshou ken’shou sore de kakushou
ugokanai no ga tashika da to shiyou ni mo sore mo
nanika wo sasageta mono dake ni shika mirarenai

Proof, verification and confirmation
In trying to assert that something will not move
Certainty is something only those who have sacrificed can see


kono sekai ni hitori koushite umareta no ni
sono hajime kara norowareteru – sou nadzukerareta!

Thus I was born alone into this world, yet
From the very beginning I was cursed – so I was named!

からっぽの存在だけ あとは何も無い

karappo no son’zai dake ato wa nani mo nai
aa – utomashiki “kirisame marisa”
amaneku sekai ni zetsubou shi

An empty existence, I have nothing else
Ah – Accursed “Kirisame Marisa”
She despaired of everything in the world


-dakara, noroe yo, noroe, zen’bu norotteyare!
dare no noroi yori mo tsuyoku.
hitori no shoujo no sekai wo kaeru.

-So curse me! Curse me! Lay all your curses upon me!
Stronger than any of your curses,
This single girl will change the world.


sore ga, hajime no mahou.

That is the magic to begin.


omoikaseba kore made keshite
shiawase ni ikita wake ja nai ga
dakedo, dareka ga, dareka wo suteru – son’na karuhazumi na mono ja nai

When I look back over my life I think
I have not lived very happily, and yet
For someone to throw away another’s life – That’s not to be taken lightly.


“daze” tte sumashite “ufu” tte kan’ji ni warattemitemo
sore dake ja nani mo kaerarenu
somo somo subete sono hajime kara kaeru koto

Whether I act tough about it or laugh it off
That’s not going to change anything
I’ve got to change everything all from the beginning


fushigi na koto ni sekai wa hiroku
shikaru ni kono te kakumo chiisaku
dakara sono sa wo umeru chikara wa nani yori mo kyouryoku na energy

The world is wider than you might think
Yet this hands of mine are so small
So what I need to make up the difference more than anything else is powerful energy!

必要あれば なんであって実現てみせる

juuyou nano wa kouritsuhen’kan’
hitsuyou areba nan’deatte kanaetemiseru
tsukaeru no nara kono karada mo tsukaubeki de

What is important is energy efficiency
I want something that can make anything I need come true
I’ll use anything, even my own body if I need to

恋という力 それに恋せよ私

koi to iu chikara sore ni koi seyo watashi
nara “futsuu” no watashi wo miteyo – saa “itoshiki hito”

Fall in love with the power of love, Marisa!
Just you watch this “ordinary” me – Right? My “beloved”!

からっぽの存在だけ 何かで包んで
幸運の星 不幸の星

karappo no son’zai dake nanika de tsutsun’de
kouun’ no hoshi fukou no hoshi
sekai wa omae wo kiratteiru

Take an empty existence and wrap it in something else
Lucky stars and stars of misfortune
The world hates you


keredo, waraeyo, warae, zen’bu waratteyare!
dare no koe mo waraitobase.
onore no subete wo wasureta saki ni.

But still, laugh, laugh, laugh all you want!
Laugh everyone else’s voices away.
Once you’ve forgotten everything you are,


sore ga, tsudzuki no mahou.

That is the magic to continue.


heya no katasumi de nanika ni obieteita ano hibi
aragaenu rifujin’ ni namida wo nagashita ano hibi
sono norowareta namae goto wasurerun’da – keshisarun’da!

Those days when I cowered afraid in the corner of my room
Those days I cried, unable to take how unfair everything was
I’ll forget, I’ll erase everything, including that accursed name!

からっぽの存在だけ はじまりはいつも

karappo no son’zai dake hajimari wa itsumo
aa – chikaradzuyoki “kirisame marisa”
kyou kono basho ni umareta watashi wa

An empty existence, the beginning is always this way
Ah – Powerful “Kirisame Marisa”
So this is where I was born today


-noroe yo, noroe, zen’bu norotteyare!
dare no noroi yori mo tsuyoku
hitori no shoujo no sekai wo kaeru.

-So curse me! Curse me! Lay all your curses upon me!
Stronger than any of your curses,
This single girl will change the world.


sore ga, hajime no mahou!

That is the magic to begin.