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ガーネット // Garnet

This sounds like an early 10s anime OP and I love it.

Edytha Rossmann is a flight instructor, and this song talks about how she watches her students take flight, how she faught as a witch and had to mostly retire, how she has been traumatized and feels responsibility for the deaths of the witches she has taught, and how she has come to terms with how her life has ended up.

Honestly, given that this is just a character album I’m pleasantly surprised by this song, especially because I love Rossmann.

Trivia: Edytha Rossmann and Anzu share the same voice actress.

Vocal: エディータ・ロスマン(五十嵐裕美)
 Edytha Rossmann (Igarashi Hiromi)
Composition/Arrangement: 馬渕直純
Lyrics: eNu
Album: ブレイブウィッチーズ 秘め歌コレクション Vol.4
 Brave Witches Hidden Song Collection Vol.4


musuu ni nobiteku un’meisen’
egaita saki ikutsu mo hirogaru sekai

Countless lines of fate spread out before me
Each drawing its own expanding world

ふと眼を瞑って仰いだ空 ぽつりと肌打つ冷たい雨
重なる刹那を 暗闇が映して

futo me wo tsumutte aoida sora potsuri to hada utsu tsumetai ame
kasanaru setsuna wo kurayami ga utsushite
nomikon’da iki wa mune wo kogasu

I close my eyes and raise my head towards the sky
 feeling the cold rain upon my face
As the darkness projects moments, one upon the other
My held breath burns in my chest


modokashii to kan’jite agaiteita hibi mo
kakeru toki wo ikinuku tame no chikara ni shite

Those days I struggled, feeling impatient and powerless
I use now as a strength to make it through as time rushes on

だから一途に 伝え続けよう

mou nigai kajitsu naraba akiru hodo ajiwatta
onaji ayamachi kurikaesu koto wa shitakunai
tsukitsukerareta un’mei ya kaerarenai kako datte
dore mo ima ni tsunagaru akashi da to shin’jitai, motto
dakara ichizu ni tsutaetsudzukeyou

I’ve certainly had my share of painful experiences and
I don’t want to make the same mistakes again
The fate that has been forced upon me, and the past I cannot change
I want to believe more that both are proof of what ties me to the present
So I’ll keep passing what I know on to others

錆び付く歯車 軋む音が 未来の気配を消したあの日

sabitsuku haguruma kishimu oto ga mirai no kehai wo keshita ano hi
chiisa na negai wa kage to tonariawase
shimeshita kotae ni seikai wa nai

That day, when the creaking of my rusted gears
 erased whatever premonitions I had
Alongside a faint wish, there was shadow
As for the response I gave, there was no right answer

失って気付いた かけがえないものたち
たどり着いた この場所からあふれる想い

ushinatte kidzuita kakegaenai monotachi
tadoritsuita kono basho kara afureru omoi

There are so many whom I realized were irreplaceable only once I’d lost them
This destination I’ve now reached, is overflowing with emotions

振り向けば笑顔がある 守るべき声が響く
だから一途に 応え続けよう

saa kokoro no okufukaku yadoshita netsu wo idaite
kore kara deau atarashii keshiki wo tomo ni miyou
furimukeba egao ga aru mamorubeki koe ga hibiku
takusan’ no monogatari no neiro wo kiiteitai, zutto
dakara ichizu ni kotaetsudzukeyou

Now, embracing this fever held deep within my chest
Together, let us witness the new skyscape that awaits
Looking back, I see the smiles and hear the voices of those I must protect
I want to keep listening to the chorus of countless stories forever
So that’s why I’ll keep answering the call

諦めること 受け入れること
旅立つ姿 見送るたびに

akimeru koto ukeireru koto
dochira mo niteiru you de chigau kara
tabidatsu sugata miokurutabi ni
tsuyoku are to inoru

Giving up is similar to, but different from
Coming to terms with something
So every time I watch another take off on their journey
I pray they will be strong

傷跡に残る痛み 懐かしさ覚えるとき
現在よりきっと強くなれるから この場所で

kizuato ni nokoru itami natsukashisa oboeru toki
ima yori kitto tsuyoku nareru kara kono basho de

When from the pain lingering in my wounds I feel a since of nostalgia
I tell myself that I can always grow stronger than I was, here in this place


saa kokoro no okufukaku yadoshita netsu wo idaite
korekara deau atarashii keshiki wo tomo ni miyou
tsukitsukerareta un’mei ya kaerarenai kako datte
subete dakishime mamotteikeru yo, tooi mirai e
nakama to tomo ni susun’deyukou

Now, embracing this fever held deep within my chest
Together, let us witness the new skyscape that awaits
The fate that has been forced upon me, and the past I cannot change
I will embrace them both, and keep protecting, into the distant future
So I’ll keep moving forward, together with my comrades