Stay Alive // Re:Zero 2nd Ending Theme

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that Re:Zero is good.

I need to catch up on the light novels.

Oh and by the way, I translated [v.1 of the light novels] into English, if you didn’t know already.

Also, I’m back and college and studying a ton, so that’s my excuse for not posting in August.

(Translated liberally as per usual with anime OP/EDs)

Stay Alive
Re:ゼロから始める異世界の生活 ED2
Vo: エミリア (CV:高橋李衣)

どうしてだろう? 何かが足りない

mikan’sei no puzzle
doushite darou? nanika ga tarinai

It’s like an incomplete puzzle.
I don’t know why, but I feel that something’s missing.

離れてゆくことも 知りながら

ikichigai no un’mei
hanareteyuku koto mo shirinagara
mada aruku

It’s as if it’s our fate to keep missing each other.
Even though I know with each step we grow further apart,
I keep walking.

I Stay Alive
今は一人 闇をさまようだけ
想定外の切なさが 胸の中 消えぬままで

I Stay Alive
ima wa hitori yami wo samayou dake
souteigai no setsunasa ga mune no naka kienu mama de

I stay alive.
Right now, I just wander through the darkness alone,
All the while, holding a pain in my heart far greater than I expected.

離れすぎて 片方見えない

fuan’tei na see saw
hanaresugite katahou mienai

It’s like I’m on an unstable see saw,
Though I’m too far to see the other side.


mejirushi sae nai kara
futto me wo tojite wa
mata inoru

Since there is nothing to guide me,
Whenever I close my eyes, I find
Myself praying again.

Oh, Stay Alive
泣いていないけど 一人はやっぱり 寂しくってさ

Oh, Stay Alive
ima wa don’na koto wo omotteru no deshou?
naiteinai kedo hitori wa yappari sabishikutte sa
zutto inotta

Oh, stay alive.
I wonder, what are you thinking of right now?
I may not be crying, but being alone like this really is painful.
So I keep praying.


mikan’sei no puzzle
umaku ikanakute
oto mo nai sun’da kaze ni
kokoro yurasu

It’s like an incomplete puzzle.
Nothing seems to go right, and
In this soundless clear breeze
I feel my heart shaken

I Stay Alive
想定外の切なさが 胸の中 消えぬままで

I Stay Alive
ima wa doko de nani wo shiteru no?
souteigai no setsunasa ga mune no naka kienu mama de

I stay alive
Where are you now? What are you doing?
This pain in my heart remains, far greater than I expected.

Stay Alive

Stay Alive

  1. Since you’re not taking any requests, I’ll just leave a suggestion here if you’re ever interested. :P

    I’m also looking forward to your translation of ZUN’s new album.

    • NTxC
    • September 12th, 2016

    I know you are NOT taking requests, but could you listen to these mere 11 seconds of the second ending to Mirai Nikki (filament) and tell me if you can understand what Yui sings there? I made an acapella version here for easier listening:

    I have no idea if this is in English or Japanese, or anything. But I am obsessed with discovering the lyrics to this part!

    These 4 lines of lyrics are nowhere to be found on the Internet (accurately). You could be my savior!

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