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燕石博物誌 ~ Dr. Latency’s Freak Report // Enseki Hakubutsushi // Journal of Fool’s Curiosities

So we have another Hifuu CD on our hands. It’s been four years since the last time I got to translate one of these. As usual with these stories, there are a lot of translation notes, but I’ve strove to make this translation an accessible and enjoyable one, so you can ignore the notes if you want to. I doubt that this is your first time reading one of these if you are here, but in the impossible case that that is true, please read all of the Hifuu stories, starting with Dolls in Psuedo Paradise (which isn’t really Hifuu, but should always be included as such). [link]



燕石 “Enseki” (literally “Sparrow Stones) is a really rare word, but is a perfect fit for this CD. The word refers to the false jewels that can be found at 燕山 “Mt. Sparrow”. They look like precious stones but they are worthless, sort of like fool’s gold. So the word refers both to the fakes, and also the act of treasuring something as if it were rare, when it is really commonplace and worthless. In addition to this there was a series of rare books/journals written in the Edo period named 燕石十種 or “Ten Types of Enseki”, filled with strange tales and curiosities and customs. There were six series with ten parts each. I would say there’s a direct connection.

博物誌 “Hakubutsushi” is literally translated as “Document(/Magazine) of Broad Knowledge” (what it means is clearer if you understand that 博物館 Hakubutsukan is “museum”, and not limited to a museum that deals with history) but it is also the Japanese translated title of Pliny the Elder’s “Naturalis Historiæ” (Natural History), which was the first sort of encyclopedia ever compiled. A good modern corollary is a scientific journal, and I have translated it as such, but this is why the subtitle is called “Our Supernatural History”. Incidentally this “Natural History” included descriptions of things that were pretty much Western Youkai.

(I think) 他愛も無い “Tawai mo Nai” is a phrase that is best understood as “of no concern to others”. Like you can get all excited about this silly thing, but those who aren’t involved could care less. So there’s a little more meaning than just “silly” in the title of the first track.

Maribel Hearn (マエリベリー・ハーン) is an approximation, where Merry’s first name has been posited as being closer in pronunciation to “my reverie” or a corruption of “mulberry”. Either way, it’s a play on words off of Yukari Yakumo. (紫八雲)

While most cases of “seeing the other world” are done only by Merry, Renko has shared in this experience on occasion, which is why in the translation of track 2 we have phrases like “they had seen”.

“Itako” are (usually blind) fortune tellers native to Tohoku (North Eastern Japan). There’s one in my town. “Necromancer” and “shaman” have been used as translations, but I thought it best to leave it.

In track 4, the “world where common sense does not apply” is reality on the quantum scale, where physics begins to unravel, the behavior of gravity becomes unclear, and interactions have to be explained with a different set of rules. Renko’s university major is (super) unified physics, which concerns the reconciliation of physics across the boundary where quantum effects overrule physics on a larger scale. So when Merry is poking fun at physicists, she’s also poking fun at Renko. Incidentally, Merry’s field of study is relative psychiatry.

As for “An Instant Transcends a Planck”, the word for “instant” used carries the meaning of 10^-15, equivalent to a “femto” in SI Metric Units. The word used is also associated with time, and so if we take one “instant” to be 10^-15 seconds, or a femto second, it is longer, or in otherwords transcends the Planck unit, a Planck second, which is 5.3 * 10^-44 seconds.

“Youkai” in track 5 remains untranslated because there is no all encompassing word in English that properly expresses it.

“Unstained See”[sic] is not a typo, even if it is probably supposed to be “Unstained Sea”.

永遠の三日天下 “King for a Day, Forever” can also be easily translated as “Eternal Short-Lived Reign”, literally, it is “Eternal Reign of Three Days”


I see track 1 as a reference to WWII, where both Germany and Japan produced better quality weaponry, (esp. in the beginning) but were both ultimately crushed by the powers that outstripped them in volume and speed of production.

I’m glad to see that e-books don’t make it into the future.

In the afterword, ZUN is criticizing the loud minority. In the past if people rose up with a voice of opposition, it meant there had to be a lot of people behind it. Now, because it’s so easy to be loud, people mistake a loud voice today as having the same amount of people behind it when that may not be true. In Merry and Renko’s world, things have progressed to the point where that has all balanced out, and “quality” is important above all else.

燕石博物誌 ~ Dr. Latency’s Freak Report
 Enseki Hakubutsushi
 Journal of Fool’s Curiosities

 1.他愛も無い二人の博物誌 (The Two’s Silly Journal of the (Super)Natural)
    [Tawai mo Nai Futari no Hakubutsushi]
    Our Supernatural History


“Alright! The journal is really coming along isn’t it?”

“All that’s left are the essays and narrative sections… Come to think of it, the only parts that aren’t making any progress are the parts that you’re in charge of, Merry.”

“So you found me out, huh?”

“Don’t look at me, you’re the one who brought it up.”


In the same way that prices fall when supply of a product outpaces demand, when all of humanity is prosperous, the upper class ceases to exist.


Ever since it became common for information to be recorded electronically, it has become possible to access enormous amounts of information instantly. At the same time, the value of both speed and volume, properties which had from the beginning of time had been symbols of absolute authority, fell drastically.


What instead obtained an enormous increase in value, was the property of quality.

Especially affected by this change was unique information available only to particular individuals. It was this sort of information that was the subject of intense enthusiasm among the world’s connoisseurs of quality.

 2.凍り付いた永遠の都 (The Frozen Eternal Capital)
    [Kooritsuita Eien no Miyako]
    Unstained Dystopia


“Merry, aren’t you the one who said you wanted to publish a book together?”

“You’re right. But you know, writing is just really tiring.”

“There’s nothing fun about work that doesn’t require any effort, Merry. I can’t think of a dystopia more boring than a convenient world where everything goes your way.”


In this world, where the digitization of information has reached its peak, e-books do not exist. After all, the e-book was a product that was developed on the basis of, and at its core depends on its paper counterpart. Therefore, the book they are referring to is in fact a paper book.


At Maribel Hearn (Merry)’s suggestion, the two had decided to compile a record of the strange worlds they had seen into a book. This was because they both had realized that the worlds they had been witnessing were more than the product of dreams.

 3.Dr.レイテンシーの眠れなくなる瞳 (Dr. Latency’s Sleepless Eyes)
    [Dr. Latency no Nemurenakunaru Me]
    Dr. Latency’s Freak Report


Shrine maidens, itako, mediums, espers, economists….


Since times long past, there have been those who claim to be gifted with eyes that see what normally should be impossible to see. All of them have eventually come to be treated as frauds. The visions that Merry has seen have been even diagnosed as a delirium brought on by a viral infection.


However, after taking a moment to drink some alcohol and calm down, it makes you think.

If you were to deny the existence of things unseen, then what of the physics that deal with unobservable phenomenon? What of the astronomy that concerns objects out of our reach? Would not those too enter into the realm of delusion?

If you accept that those things listed above do in fact have an enormous influence on the workings of this world, then could you not suppose that what Merry sees is a truth that transcends fact?


In Usami Renko’s eyes, Merry was a steward of truth who would wake up the physicists who had resigned themselves to making wild and unfounded conclusions.


“If you can’t be bothered to write it yourself, why don’t you just dictate it to me? I’ll write everything down for you later.”

“You really are talented, aren’t you Renko?. That would be such a big help. Let’s get started then. So, the other day…”

 4.9月のパンプキン (September Pumpkin)
    [Kugatsu no Pumpkin]
    Parallel Communication


Is it possible for two people in the same place and time to have completely different observations?


Lately, Merry says she has been able to see several different worlds concurrently. According to her, everyone observes a slightly different world. and what is most interesting about this is that despite everyone observing a different world, communication between seperate people is still possible.


Merry began a strange tale.

It was about a strange world that was only observed by a select few.


It was about the strange happenings of a world of the infintesimally small, where the common sense of this world did not hold water. It was a strange world where particles flew across both space and spacetime.


“…When you say ‘a select few’, are you talking about physicists?”

“Correct! That’s the answer! I knew you could figure it out. However, I bet you didn’t know that within that world where common sense does not apply, there are strange life forms lurking about.”

 5.須臾はプランクを越えて (An Instant Transcends a Planck)
    [Syuyu wa Planck wo Koete]
    Very Very Short Time


According to Merry, if you define “this world” that we humans see as one that is delivered by and subject to the actions of photons, then there exists a countless amount of “other worlds”, which are in the same way controlled by the actions of other particles. Apparently, there are lifeforms that live in those “other worlds” as well.


“So these lifeforms, which cannot be seen but otherwise exist close by, which due to certain ‘disturbances’ can sometimes appear, well I think that they are youkai.”

“Youkai…. Well when you put it that way, this whole story starts to sound a bit funny.”

“Well, you could call them angels or demons or ghosts or unidentified mysterious animals or anything else really, but I think the word ‘youkai’ which describes things that cannot be seen, things that also have certainly existing phenomena associated with them, is the best fit for this sort of thing.”


It is a fact that the existence of youkai has been acknowledged by various sources since times long past.

However, as this world has come under the reign of science and philosophy which demand any theory posited leave open the possibility that it may be disproven, the subject of youkai eventually faded away.

 6.シュレディンガーの化猫 (Schrödinger’s Phantom Cat)
    [Schrödinger no Bakeneko]
    Schrödinger’s Black Cat


“Just when I was thinking to myself, ‘I wonder where all the youkai have disappeared to…’ I saw it, the world where youkai still reside.”

“Is what you’re referring to possibly a parallel brane-world…?”

“What the heck is that?”

“It’s one of the worlds that only physicists can see.”


There are several places in the world that whether for geographical reasons, geological reasons or pure coincidence – I don’t really know, but for whatever reason there are places that since times long past have been called holy sites, where it is supposedly easier to see other worlds. For example, shrines and the like certainly fall under that category of holy site.


Merry said she saw a cat at a shrine.

However, apparently this cat went unnoticed by all others present, and it seemed to move freely through any barrier that stood in its way.

Merry immediately realized that this was not a normal cat but a phantom cat, one that lurked in the gaps between quantum particles.


“That’s interesting. A cat that is impossible to observe through the actions of quantum particles…. Until it is observed you could say that it is both living and dead, just like Schrödinger’s cat.”

“Well you could say that, but I observed it, confirming that it was alive.”

 7.空中に沈む輝針城 (The Shining Needle Castle Sinking in Midair)
    [Kuuchuu ni Shizumu Kishinjou]
    Gravitino World


The “other world” that Merry referred to, was a strange world that not only contained lifeforms but also contained things that overthrew the preconceptions of this world.


“I also saw a castle floating in midair, and to top it all off, it was upside down.”

“If the structure of gravitons are different then their properties should be different as well. It is possible that what you saw lay on a parallel brane.”

“I got this strange sense of nostalgia when I saw it, you know? There’s just something wonderful about wooden castle keeps.”

“What? You mean that kind of castle? I imagined something more along the lines of Cinderella’s castle.”

“If I had to compare it to something, it was much more like the castle at Matsumoto.”


Merry seemed to be enjoying herself as she described what she had seen in this strange other world, but suddenly she shivered as if she had just remembered something.

Apparently, it wasn’t a very pleasant memory.

 8.禁忌の膜壁 (The Taboo Membrane)
    [Kinki no Makuheki]
    Another Membrane


According to the physicists that capable of seeing the unseen, this world is apparently constructed of and upon a thin membrane. There has also been talk that there are multiple such “branes” that exist alongside ours.


Is what Merry is seeing one of those other brane-worlds?


According to her, there is something that forms a boundary with very strongly rejects passage between this world and others. However, once you get the hang of it, it apparently really isn’t that difficult to pass through if you know what you’re doing.


“Is this thing that rejects passage as you say, the Sanzu River?”

“That’s probably what people who saw it in the past named it.”


I wonder if a brane is like a dyed cloth floating in the flow of a river.


Perhaps a pattern from one cloth could cross through the flow of the river and move to another cloth. If you were to put it simply, maybe that’s basically what Merry has been doing. Of course, it’s not as if what she is doing is really all that simple.


But what happens when the pattern from one piece of cloth transfers to another? Usually when that happens, it is not thought of as a pattern, but a stain.

 「え? どうしたのメリー。

“…if a foreign substance adulterates our world, we must exterminate it…”

“Huh? What’s wrong, Merry? You seem to be a bit out of it.”

“Oh, umm… What was I talking about again?”

“You were talking about what you saw in ‘that world’. The theme that we’re running with is that this journal is a compilation of all of the things that you’ve seen.”

 9.故郷の星が映る海 (The Sea in Which Our Home Planet is Reflected)
    [Kokyou no Hoshi ga Utsuru Umi]
    Unstained See


I saw a forest rich in diversity.

I saw a spiritual mountain standing proud and tall, which kept away those living things that like to lurk in lower grounds.

I saw a deep lake immersed in an occult mist.


There was a nature that was more than just beautiful.

All of these lay in unseen world, which hid within the gaps between quanta.


As for what happens when one goes to another brane-world, dominated by these particles with different properties, well…


…as Merry remembered, her face contorted in fear.

10.ピュアヒューリーズ ~ 心の在り処 (Pure Furies ~ Where the Heart is)
    [Pure Furies ~ Kokoro no Arika]
    Pure Furies


“So when they found me, the youkai that lived in that other world attacked me.”

“What, really? …Well actually I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. You do have a knack for getting attacked by creatures of all kinds.”

“I’m already used to it. I suppose they really can tell right away that I don’t belong. From my perspective the youkai appear unclear and wavering, so perhaps from their perspective I look something like a ghost.”


In the same way that shapeless quantum particles endlessly race to and fro across the vacuum of space, the youkai in that world flew through the sky and swarmed to attack her, Merry said.

  河童? 天狗?」

“What kind of youkai were there? Kappa? Tengu?”

“They were human shaped. But you know? In ‘that world’ form really has no meaning.”


Before Merry even had the time to wish that she and the youkai might be able to come to some sort of understanding, she woke from her dream.

11.永遠の三日天下 (King for a Day, Forever)
    [Eien no Mikkatenka]
    Everyday Affairs


“We don’t get this opportunity very often, so why don’t we turn the end of the story into an exciting battle or something?”

“Wasn’t this supposed to be more along the lines of a scientific journal?”

“I think a journal that reads like an adventure epic would be pretty well received. I mean, all of the literature we get out of the age of exploration is really just a bunch of adventure tales, right?”


“Well you’re the one writing it, so you can do what you want.”

“Alright, well with that direction in mind, let’s continue our little interview shall we, Merry? Or should I say, ‘Dr. Latency’?”

“Are you really going to stick with that pen name? It’s kind of embarrassing…”


“You’re an expert who sees worlds that lurk within the gaps of quantum particles. It’s a perfect fit! The name doesn’t suggest male or female, and it has both a western and eastern sort of ring to it.”


As the subject matter was what it was, they decided to keep the details of their authorship undisclosed. From any reader’s perspective the journal was sure to be perceived as having very strange content, but perhaps it would find a following among maniacs obsessed with outrageous books.


However, this story is one that really happened.



Hello, there. It’s ZUN. This is my first music CD in 4 years.


Lately advancements in artificial intelligence have been quite remarkable, don’t you think?

You have an AI that has won against a champion in the game of go, AI that have made art you would not have thought possible to have been made by anything other than human hands, and AI that have swept up awards in literature.


These are phenomena that have come to be as the value of technical knowledge and information has been on an ever continuing decline.


Not long ago, if I remember correctly, courses on how to paint or draw, how to write music or how to create a game were very popular, but now the skills which can be had by teaching these techniques to humans can just as easily be learned by artificial intelligence.


Lately, (and I don’t honestly believe this, just to say), I find myself talking about how this world has gotten ever more anxiety inducing.


One of those reasons for me bringing that up is that we live in a world where artists, actors and even ordinary people are just not allowed to make mistakes anymore. You look at the news or turn on the television and again and again you see businesses and corporations apologizing far more than is necessary.


How did it come to this point?

I think first part of the reason for this is that now absolutely anyone can stand up and disseminate information.


The second part of the reason is that while we live in a world overloaded with information, we still ascribe to all information an inordinate amount of value.


Once you take the plunge and throw away your faith in information, it may be possible for you to enjoy the doujinshi (?) that Renko and Merry have written together.

      上海アリス幻樂団 ZUN(楽しい事はGoogleで見つからない)
       Shanghai Alice Illusionary Orchestra ZUN
          (You cannot find truly enjoyable things with Google)


I did this because it’s short. Yeah.

I changed “Uhh” to “Ooh”, because that’s what it is.

Vocal: ななひら
Arrange+Lyrics: Camellia

世界は今 輝きを増して 橙に染まっていく
パーティはもう終わってしまった でもきっとまた会えるから

sekai wa ima kagayaki wo mashite daidai ni somatteiku
party wa mou owatteshimatta demo kitto mata aeru kara

The world is now shining brighter and brighter, as it is painted orange
The party is already over, but since I know for sure we’ll meet again…

Stand up, feel the beat
Ooh stand up, feel the beat
歓声 この声かき消されないように
Stand up, feel the beat
Ooh stand up, feel the beat
閃光 見据えて立ち上がれ

kan’sei kono koe kakikesarenaiyou ni
sen’kou misuete tachiagare

Cheer, so that your voice won’t be erased
Flash, keep your eyes on the light and stand up!

Ooh stand up, feel the beat

叶った夢 今日だけはそっと 抱き上げてあげたい
明日はまた違う夢目指し 歩いて行かなきゃいけないから

kanatta yume kyou dake wa sotto dakiageteagetai
ashita wa mata chigau yume mezashi aruiteikanakyaikenai kara

A dream come true, I want to embrace at least today and raise it higher
Tomorrow I’ll aim for another dream, for you’ve got to keep walking after all

Stand up, feel the beat
Ooh stand up, feel the beat
歓声 この声かき消されないように
Stand up, feel the beat
Ooh stand up, feel the beat
閃光 見据えて立ち上がれ

kan’sei kono koe kakikesarenaiyou ni
sen’kou misuete tachiagare

Cheer, so that your voice won’t be erased
Flash, keep your eyes on the light and stand up!

Ooh stand up, feel the beat

Marisa Eversion

I may have spent too long on this song.

[Merriam Webster]

noun ever·sion \i-ˈvər-zhən, -shən\
1: the act of turning inside out: the state of being turned inside out
2: the condition (as of the foot) of being turned or rotated outward
-eversible \-ˈvər-sə-bəl\ adjective
antonyms : inversion

(transitive) verb e·vert \i-ˈvərt\
1: to overthrow, upset
2: to subject to eversion
antonyms : invert


This is my favorite stanza right here:


“Shadow” is used as a synecdoche (metaphor) for Marisa, or the “strange new girl in town”, and as there’s a lot of folk stuff about your shadow being part of you, this makes perfect sense. This also sets up another great metaphor in the beginning, when the second narrator, and first bystander remarks that no one knows her name or where she lives, but everyone is eyeing her cautiously and sizing her up. The funny thing is that in Japanese you use the word “step” for that. So you pair it together with shadow, and you get “stepping on her shadow”. You might have heard about the game where children try to step on each others shadows, but there’s folklore associated with that as well. When you’re shadow is stepped on, you’re an oni, you’re it, and quite possibly, you’re also dead. There’s a folk story about a girl getting her shadow stepped on and dying (and then haunting people).

In other words.
Wait for it.


They’re making a witch out of her.
And this is before anything funny happens.

Some lyrics are on the “DAY” side of the page.
Some lyrics are on the “NIGHT” side of the page.

All of the lyrics on the night side are Marisa.
All of the lyrics on the day side are bystanders.


A very possible way to read this song is that “Marisa” is nothing but the culmination of the projections of her onlookers. I don’t necessarily take it that far, (even if they are projecting) but the structure of the song does suggest that possibility. The eversion the onlookers feel is the feeling of having their projections bounce right back at them as they sympathize with their projections when they see “Marisa”‘s face.

To finally clarify: “These feelings of eversion” means, “these feelings that are causing me to feel turned inside out”.

Eversion’s a fun and very unique word choice for this, because it’s emphasis is on the “out” of the inside out. They’re feeling turned inside out because they’ve pushed their inside (subconscious feelings) out as they observe “Marisa”, and are shocked at and deny these insides as an “other”.

The reason all of the women, specifically the first two are so sure in their beliefs about “Marisa” is explained by the third woman. “We are all born knowing these things, but them being hidden inside of us.”

As for the three women, you can think of them as the same person over time, or three separate people. Either works I think, but I lean towards different people.


RD’s subtweeted comments in response to noticing this translation:


The fantasy known by the name of Kirisame Marisa is very different in nature to the fantasy known by the name of Hakurei Reimu. Due to the fact that she embodies in a forcible way, hidden within herself, our own potential that we have standing by our sides (for that was the way she was born) she is very close to us. In other words, with our senses that we have we can sympathize with her, share her feelings. So, in that way, does not she grab our hearts and drag us down into the swamp?


But I suppose I should clarify. Those that see her are sinking into the swamp on their own, she isn’t doing anything. It is just that by her being there, by her being present that she may or may not be a positive or negative force.


The fantasy that goes by the name of Hakurei Reimu is different from this, in a word, she is far. She is like a certain kind of goddess, and her being exists at its genesis as an understood separation between the “us” and “them”, and in that way she can in a sense make blasphemy appetizing. But as a pretense, she must start and begin as a distant existence. At least that’s the way I think, and it is in this way that Kirisame Marisa is different.


In other words Reimu really is a goddess, and Marisa is human.

Kirisame Eversion
魔法使いの憂鬱|Grimoire of Marisa
Witch of Love Potion|蓬莱人形(トルテ ル マジック ~ Tort le Magic)
Vocals: めらみぽっぷ
Arrange+Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Circle: 凋叶棕
Album: 密 -hisoka-
Event: C89


yatto kiketa kotoba
“watashi shika mienai” nara
mou hoka ni nani mo
iranai hazu

Finally, I’ve heard those words.
“I cannot see anyone but you.” If so,
Then you don’t need
Anything else, do you?

人の目を引く 気になるあの子
ここの辺りで 見慣れぬ背格好で
時折ここを 歩いているけど
名前も知らなきゃ 住む場所も知らない

hito no me wo hiku ki ni naru ano ko
koko no atari de minarenu sekakkou de
tokiori koko wo aruiteiru kedo
namae mo shiranakya sumu basho mo shiranai

That girl who draws everyone’s attention, she’s been on my mind
She’s doesn’t look like anyone else around these parts, and
Though you’ll see her out, walking around from time to time,
No one knows her name, nor where she lives


tada sono chiisa na kage wo fumu you ni

But everyone stares upon her small shadow, as if trying to assess her

ある日見かけた 気になるあの子
今度は彼女 二人で連れ立って
傍から見れば ただの友人か
けれどどこか 歪な影

aru hi mikaketa ki ni naru ano ko
kon’do wa kanojo futari de tsuredatte
hata kara mireba tada no shiriai ka
keredo doko ka ibitsu na kage

That girl I saw one day, the one that’s been on my mind
This time, she’s out together with someone
The way it looks, it could just be a friend,
But there’s something about her shadow that seems… twisted

それはまるでそれを 油断ならぬ敵と看做しているようで
こんなにも近しくも けして目を離さぬ 凶星

sore wa maru de sore wo yudan’ naranu teki to minashiteiru you de
kon’na ni mo chikashiku mo keshite me wo hanasanu manatsuboshi

The way they looked upon her was as if she was an enemy that demanded vigilance
No matter how close and friendly she seemed, they could not take their eyes off this ominous summer star


aa kon’na chiisa na kage ga
hitori tatazumu sono sugata ni
shuubi wo omou no wa
son’na kao mo nozokaseru kara ka

Ah, how could it be that when I see
Her small shadow standing alone
I feel such an unease?
Is it because I see her show such a face?

強く 強く 少女として

han’ten’ saseru omoi
onore wa nanimono ka shiru no ka
tada jun’sui na hodo ni
tsuyoku tsuyoku shoujo to shite

These feelings of eversion
How could I know just what you are?
But truly, simply I feel
Strongly, strongly, as the girl I am…


aa, ten’ kara ochiru.
nani ka ga ochiteyuku.
sorera zen’bu wa watashi no mono nano ni.

Ah, falling from the sky.
Something is falling.
But all of those, they all are mine!


ataerareru igai ni.
hoshii mono wo hoshigatte.
sore no doko ga ikenai no ka.

To want for what you wish for
Out of the things you haven’t been already given
Just what about that is so wrong?


aa, ikite ikite ikite. ikiteiru uchi wa.
sono subete wa watashi no mono dakara.

Ah, I’ll live, I’ll live, I’ll live, and as long as I’m alive…
Everything is mine.

――拠所のない 確信を抱え

-yoridokoro no nai kakushin’ wo kakae
shoujo wa doko made mo yureteiru no ka

…I carry, a foundationless but certain belief
About just how unstable that girl is.

やっぱりそれでも 気になるあの子
ここの辺りで 見慣れぬ背格好で
時折ここを 歩いているけど
けして独りでは 生きちゃいられない

yappari soredemo ki ni naru ano ko
koko no atari de minarenu sekakkou de
tokiori koko wo aruiteiru kedo
keshite hitori de wa ikichairarenai

But still that girl, she’s been on my mind
She’s doesn’t look like anyone else around these parts, and
Though you’ll see her out, walking around from time to time,
She is one who could never bear to live by herself


sono chiisa na kage wo irokoku otoshite

As she casts her shadow, deep and saturated…

ある日見かけた 気になるあの子
ところが彼女 男と連れ立って
それは傍目にも 仲睦まじく
けれどどこか 歪な影

aru hi mikaketa ki ni naru ano ko
tokoro ga kanojo otoko to tsuredatte
sore wa hatame ni mo nakamutsumajiku
keredo doko ka ibitsu na kage

That girl I saw one day, the one that’s been on my mind
This time, she’s out together with a man
You can tell just by looking, that they’re very close
But there’s something about her shadow that seems… twisted

それはまるで誰かに 己の持ち物を見せ付けるようで
こんなにも厭らしくも けして目を離せぬ 凶星

sore wa maru de dareka ni onore no mochimono wo misetsukeru you de
kon’na ni mo iyarashiku mo keshite me wo hanasenu manatsuboshi

It was like she was walking around with something that was hers, showing off to someone
No matter how indecent she acted, no one could take their eyes off of this ominous summer star


aa kon’na chiisa na kage ga
yorisou sugata ni doushite ka
bitai wo omou no wa
son’na kao wo misetekureru kara

Ah, how could it be that when I see
Her small shadow drawing close to that other
I feel such a sense of flirtatiousness?
It’s because I see her show such a face

強く 強く 乙女として

han’ten’ saseta omoi
onore wa nanimono ka shiru no ka
tada jun’ketsu na made ni
tsuyoku tsuyoku otome to shite

These feelings of eversion
How could I know just what you are?
It’s just, purely and chastely
Strongly, strongly, as the maiden I am…


aa, ten’ kara ochiru.
nani ka ga ochiteyuku.
sorera zen’bu wa watashi no mono nano ni.

Ah, falling from the sky.
Something is falling.
But all of those, they all are mine!


ubawareru mae ni.
zen’bu ga motteitteyaru.

Before they’re taken from me,
I’ll take them all first!
I’ll steal them all away!


aa, omae ga waruin’da. watashi ga tadashiin’da.
keshite kocchi wo mitekurenakatta kara.

Ah, you’re the one at fault! I’m the one who’s right!
It’s all because you wouldn’t look my way!

――拠所のない 確信を抱え

-yoridokoro no nai kakushin’ wo kakae
shoujo wa doko made mo tsuyoku aru no ka

…I carry, a foundationless but certain belief
About just how strong that girl is.


koi wo shitte
ai wo shitte
sore ga nani ka wo kaeru no ka

Having learned of love
Having learned of passion
Just what is there that has changed?


hajime kara
sorera subete wo
uchi ni himete umareta darou ni

Weren’t we all born
With these emotions
Hidden inside of us?


aa kon’na chiisa na kage ga
doushite kon’na chiisa na kage ni
ma wo hisomaseru you na
son’na kao wo shiteshimaeru no ka

Ah, how could it be that this girl
How can it be that she makes such a face
That betrays that there is magic lurking
In that ever small shadow of hers?

強く 強く 女として

han’ten’ saseta omoi
onore wa nanimono ka shiritsutsu
tada don’yoku na made ni
tsuyoku tsuyoku on’na to shite

These feelings of eversion
While starting to know just what you are
I, with a covetousness and greed
Strongly, strongly, as the woman I am…


aa, ten’ kara ochiru.
nani ka ga ochiteyuku.
sorera zen’bu wa watashi no mono nan’da.

Ah, falling from the sky.
Something is falling.
But all of those, they all are mine!


shitagau koto naku.
tomesase nado shinai.
nani mo watashi wo shibare wa shinai.

I won’t follow anyone.
I won’t let anyone stop me.
Nothing will tie me down.


aa, mou hanasu mon’ka. kore ga noroi nara.
zutto issho ni norowareteyaru kara.

Ah, do you think I’d ever let you go? If this truly is a curse,
Then I’ll be cursed with you forever and ever.

――拠所のない 確信を抱え

-yoridokoro no nai kakushin’ wo kakae
shoujo wa doko made mo yugan’deiru no ka

…I carry, a foundationless but certain belief
About just how twisted that girl is.

禁符「フォービドゥン・ゲーム」 // Kinpu “Forbidden Game”

RD makes songs we all thought we were tired of interesting.

Childish selfishness, insanity, murderous intent, control, doubt, screams, love and unreasonable expectations.

nayuta is the Flandre.

Also my heart when she’s “explaining” things.

 Kinpu “Forbidden Game”
 Prohibited Sign “Forbidden Game”
Vocal: nayuta
Arrange+Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Circle: 凋叶棕
Album: 掲 -kakage-
Event: Reitaisai 13

さあ はじめましょう

saa hajimemashou
nani mo ka mo wo utagai
demo hitotsu dake
tashika na koto ga aru nara
anata ga shitagau beki rule wa hitotsu dake

So let’s begin
Everything will be suspect
But if there is one thing
That is certain, it is that
You have only one rule you should follow

ね あなたは何が出来るの

ne anata wa nani ga dekiru no
watashi no aite wo shitekureru no

Tell me, what can you do?
Will you be my playmate?

ね どこまで耐えてくれるの

ne doko made taetekureru no
watashi no asobidougu to shite

So, how much will you be able to take?
As my plaything? I wonder…



Don’t you?

ね していいかいけないかも

ne shite ii ka ikenai ka mo
watashi wa zen’bu kimatteiru no

You know? What’s okay and what’s not
There are very clear rules I must follow

You know? What’s okay and what’s not
The rules I have to follow are very clear

ね あなたも従うべきなの

ne anata mo shitagau beki nano
koko de wa kimari ga subete dakara

Now, you’ve got to play by the same rules
Because here, the rules are everything



Don’t you see?

“だから”壊すことが 何よりも楽しくて

shibaraneba naranai
mamoraneba naranai no
“dakara” kowasu koto ga nani yori mo tanoshikute

You must be bound by them
You must protect them
But that’s why breaking the rules is so much fun than anyhing else


nee, kirei deshou
hakai sareteyuku rule ga
chirijiri ni midareyuku kono koukei wa

It’s so beautiful, don’t you think?
The way these broken rules
Shatter into millions of disordered pieces…


saa, miteite ne
kimari wo yaburu ikenai ko
asobiaite no mae de nani wo shiteshimau no ka

So watch me, okay?
Watch just what this bad girl
Who breaks the rules will do in front of her playmate…

ただ ただ あそんでくれれば

hen’ ni yasashiku shinaide!
son’na ni kibishiku mo shinaide!
watashi no koi wo yokenaide!!
tada tada ason’dekurereba
sore de ii tte ne…… wakaru deshou…..?

Why don’t you listen!?
Don’t be inexplicably kind to me!
Don’t be that strict on me either!
Don’t dodge my love!!
If you would only, if you would only just play with me…
That’s all you have to do…… You understand, don’t you……?

これは ダメ 禁じられているの
これも ダメ ルールを破るから
けど「遊び」なら もしかして

kore wa dame kin’jirareteiru no
kore mo dame rule wo yaburu kara
kedo “asobi” nara moshikashite
yurusarerun’ ja nai kashira nee?

I can’t do this, it’s forbidden…
I can’t do this either, I’d be breaking the rules…
But, since this is only a “game”…
It might just be overlooked, don’t you think?

ね 私のこの右手に

ne watashi no kono migi te ni
chotto chikara wo ireru dake de

You know, if I just put a little
Strength into this right hand of mine…

ね あなたは跡形も無く

ne anata wa atokata mo naku
kowareteitte shimau no dakedo

You would break, you see?
There would be nothing left of you.



Now wouldn’t that be awful?

ね でも安心してほしいの

ne demo an’shin’ shitehoshii no
watashi wa totemo ii ko dakara

Oh, but don’t worry, okay?
I’m a very good girl, you know

ね でも泣かないでほしいの

ne demo nakanaidehoshii no
watashi wa totemo warui ko dakara

But you should really stop crying
Because I’m a really bad girl, okay?



You understand, right?

“けれど”私だけが いつまでも変わらずに

yurikago no naka de hitori
“keredo” watashi dake ga itsumademo kawarazu ni

I’m all alone in this cage
That shakes with the slightest touch
But, only I am forever unchanging


nee, suteki deshou
kakageru kono te no naka ni wa
futatsu no “rule” ga nigirareteiru no

Don’t you think it’s wonderful?
In my raised hands right now
I have two fatal rules in my grasp


motto abaretara
itsuka shikarareteshimau ka mo
keredo asobi no kagiri continue nado nai

If I stuggle a bit more
Someone might come to scold me at some point
But as long as this remains a game, there will be no continues


watashi wo hitori ni shinai de!
soko kara deteshimawanaide!
ima ni hikimodosanaide!!
watashi no shiki wo kuzusanaide!!!

Why don’t you listen!?
Don’t leave me all alone!
Don’t leave through that exit!
Don’t pull me back right now!!
Don’t disrupt my spell!!!

ただ ただ あそんでくれれば
それでいいってね わかってよね!!

saigo made soba ni inaide!
watashi no koi wo yokenaide!!
tada tada ason’dekurereba
sore de ii tte ne wakatte yo ne!!

Don’t end it all!
Don’t stay by my side ’til the end!
Don’t dodge my love!!
If you would only, if you would only just play with me…
That’s all you have to do… Why don’t you understand!!


The lyrics are a lie.

The booklet lyrics are nothing like what is sung in the song, and so this post has both what is written in the lyrics booklet and a transcription of what is sung. This transcription was made possible with the help of Amen and OP2C, though their final versions will probably be different from mine.

The first point of view is the unsung “mother”. (Copied from the Lyrics Booklet)
The second point of view is the sung “daughter”. (Erroneous Transcription)
The first stanzas are in 3rd person but fade into 1st person which continues for the rest of the song.

Slight background for an unknown character.
This is Yumeko’s stage theme. Yumeko also means “Dream Child”.

the last judgement|東方怪綺談
Vocal: mican*
Arrangement: Syrufit
Lyrics: OCR
Circle: Alstroemeria Records (ALADDIN)
Event: C89

埃まみれの 閉ざされた部屋
虚ろな瞳 何を映す
永い?月 眠り覚めても
幼いままで 止まって止まって

In a dust covered locked room
What do her empty eyes see?
An eternal moon? Whether asleep or waking
Let her be, let her be forever young

[捕虜]に浮かぶ 上弦の月
注ぐ光で 歪む大地
自分が誰か 此処は何処か
確かめたくて 触って触って

[prisoner] ni ukabu jougen’ no tsuki
sosogu hikari de yugamu daichi
jibun’ ga dare ka koko wa izuko ka
tashikametakute sawatte sawatte

In her eyes she sees a crescent moon
The earth warping in its poured forth light
Who am I? Where am I? Seeking answers
She reaches out to touch, to touch

飽きた玩具に くだすピリオド
横たわる影 音もたてず
流れた水は 蜜と混ざって
私も赤に 染まって染まって

A period given to a plaything grown tired of
Shadows laying on their sides, without a sound
The water that streams forth is mixed with a nectar
And so I am stained, stained red

鏡の放つ 満天の星
暗闇映す 静寂と海
手招くような 誘うような
微かな声が 誘って誘って

kagami no hanatsu manten no hoshi
kurayami utsusu shijima to umi
temaneku you na izanau you na
kasuka na koe ga sasotte sasotte

The mirror projects a star filled sky
The darkness reflects silence and the sea
I hear a voice leading me, calling me
I hear a voice telling me to come, to come

まぶた 閉じて セピア色した
浮かぶ 日々は 夢か現か
刻む たびに 白く潰れて
朝に なれば 全部消えて

Closing my eyes I see days colored
In sepia, Is it a dream or reality?
With each of their passing, they are whited out
By morning all of them have been erased

ゆらりゆらり 心は揺れる
ふわり… 夢か現か
瞼閉じて 心のままに
全部忘れて 朝になって

yurari yurari kokoro wa yureru
fuwari… yume ka utsutsu ka
mabuta tojite kokoro no mama ni
zenbu wasurete asa ni natte

Back and forth my heart sways
Floating… is this a dream, or reality?
Closing my eyes I go as my heart wishes
Forgetting everything as morning comes

伸ばす 右手 宙を彷徨う
握り 還す 幻思う
空いた 隣 見つめ続けて
誰の 居場所 思い出せずに

Reaching out my right hand, I wander in the sky
Gripping, breaking, I think of delusions
I keep looking to the empty space beside me
Unable to remember who is supposed to be there

ぐらりぐらり 視界は霞む
まわりまわり 行きては帰る
道は下へ 時間は先へ
摂理さえも 予言を捨てる

gurari gurari shikai wa kasumu
mawari mawari yukite wa kaeru
michi wa shita e jikan wa saki e
setsuri sae mo prophecy wo suteru

My vision is dizzied and clouded
As I go back and forth, this way and that
The way is downward, time is ahead
I’ll throw away the natural course, the prophecy

寒い日差しを 避けて隠れた
何もかも 手放して逃げて
右手にあった 温もりだけは
離さずに 強く握って

Hiding from the cold rays of the sun I hid
Running away, letting go of everything
The only thing I could not bear to part with
Was the warmth in my right hand, which I grasped

世界を閉ざす 凍てつく森で
ただいるだけで 罪を重ねて
救いなど 知らないままで

sekai wo tozasu itetsuku mori de
nozomanai eien’ wo ikite
tada iru dake de tsumi wo kasanete
sukui nado shiranai mama de

In this frozen forest, which closes away the world
I live an eternity I do not wish
Just by being I live accumulating sin
Not knowing of any salvation that might come for me

忘れるたびに 思い出させた
何度でも 繰り返す声で
確かにあった あの日のことは
いつの日か 遠い夢に変わってた

Every time I forget, I am reminded
Again and again by a voice calling me
What happened that day was certainly real
But as time passed, it has become a distant dream

ただ一人 死ぬのは怖くて
孤独に生きる 罰をサボって
こうしては 止まれて祈り続けた

sekai wo tozasu itetsuku mori de
tada hitori shinu no wa kowakute
kodoku ni ikiru batsu wo sabotte
koushite wa tomarete inoritsudzuketa

In this frozen forest, which closes away the world
I am constantly afraid of dying alone
I live in loneliness, avoiding my punishment
And in this way, I can stop to keep praying

昼にまどろみ 夜に歩いて
真っ赤な月は 何を照らす
記憶に消えた 記憶を辿り
邪魔するものは 壊して壊して

Resting during the day, walking at night
What does the bright red moon shine upon?
Tracing memories that had disappeared from my mind
I’ll destroy, I’ll destroy anything in my way

世界を埋める 白銀の雪
流れる血潮 染まる大地
隔離 思い出 人に巣くって
溢れる度に 啜って啜って

sekai wo umeru hakugin no yuki
nagareru chishio somaru daichi
kakuri omoide hito ni sukutte
afureru tabi ni susutte susutte

Silver snow covers the world
Flowing blood stains the earth
In isolation, memories nest within
When they overflow, I drink them, drink them back up

裂けた大地は 体を灼いて
身を切り裂いた 風は止まず
痛みはやがて 心を浸し
狂ったように 笑って 笑って

My body burns in the split earth
Incessant winds cut open my body
At length the pain assaults my heart
And I laugh, I laugh as if I’ve lost my mind

千切って集まる 幾千の雲
真下に 落ちる 陰陽の影
逆らうことは すでに諦め
宿を潤し 奪って奪って

chigitte atsumaru ikusen’ no kumo
mashita ni ochiru on’myou no kage
sakarau koto wa sude ni akirame
yado wo uruoshi ubatte ubatte

Thousands of clouds tear and reassemble
Casing directly below, shadows of light and darkness
I’ve long given up resisting so
I profit my master, and take, take what I can

誰も 見ない ただ気づかない
声も 出せず ただ叫ぶだけで
通り すぎる 孤独の群れで
この手 引いた あなた だあれ

No one sees, they just don’t notice
Unable to speak, I just keep screaming
As lonely groups pass me by,
Who is it that pulled on my hand?

はらりはらり 無数に散らし
ごろりごろり ただ堕ちてゆく
穢れきった 私の両手
包み込んだ あなたはだあれ

harari harari musuu ni chirashi
gorori gorori tada ochiteyuku
kegarekitta watashi no ryoute
tsutsumikon’da anata dare?

Fluttering, fluttering scattered into countless pieces
Slumping, slumping they only fall
Who is it that my filth covered hands
Wrapped themselves around?

姿 見せて 目と目合わせた
声を 聞いて 言葉をくれた
離れないと 忘れないよと
忘れ果てた 誓い見つけた

You showed yourself, our eyes met
You listened to me, and gave me your words
That I wouldn’t let go, that I wouldn’t forget you
I had found now, the oath I had forgotten completely

めぐりめぐり 無数に出会い
めぐりめぐり 無数に別れ
産んだことを 紛れる紛れ
あなただけは 奪わなかった

meguri meguri musuu ni deai
meguri meguri musuu ni wakare
un’da koto wo magireru magure
anata dake wa ubawakatta

Comings and goings, countless meetings
Comings and goings, countless partings
The circumstances of your giving birth, lost in uncertainty
But only you I did not take

何か知らない 無くしたものが
見つかれと 祈り続けてた
どこで離れて どれだけ経って
何もかも わからないまま

I do not know what I have lost has become
I had kept praying that she be found but
I do not know where we parted, nor how long has passed
I do not know, anything at all

これよ 生きる意味を見つけた
これ以上 何も言わない

sekai wo tozasu itetsuku mori de
yuuitsu no nukumori wo shitta
kore yo ikiru imi wo mitsuketa
kore ijou nani mo iwanai

In this frozen forest, which closes away the world
I learned of one single warmth
This is it, this is my reason to live
I won’t say anymore

すりきれきった 心のままに
ただ足を 止めないようにと
辿った先で 見つけたものは
忘れても 忘れない大切なもの

My heart had worn down to nothing
But I made myself keep walking
As for what I found at the end of my journey
It is something so precious I cannot completely forget

ただいるだけは 確かな望み
刹那でも 光並び歩いていく

sekai wo tozasu itetsuku mori de
nozomanai eien’ wo ikita
tada iru dake wa tashika na nozomi
setsuna demo hikari narabi aruiteiku

In this frozen forest, which closes away the world
I lived an eternity I did not wish
But just by being I fulfill a certain wish
Even if the lights only last a moment, I line them up and keep walking