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I hate to be that guy, but it’s amazing how much easier and refreshing it feels to translate lyrics after knowing what it’s like to have trudge through a novel.

Speaking of which, my first translated light novel is coming out this month, and it’s the second volume of “The Isolator”. Look it up. I don’t get royalties or anything, but hey, you might like it. Berate me if you’d like.

I’m currently working hard on another novel series, and it’s going to have an anime, and that should be fun too, and maybe all of it will be able to be enough for you all to forgive my long absences.

To be honest, I should be working on that and not this but what use is my ability if I’m not translating RD? Really.

On to the song.

“in between the gap of one dream and another” – the second dream is pronounced “utsutsu” which means reality, so the full meaning of that line is: “in between the gap of a dream and reality, though reality is just another dream” – Thanks to heartfeltsigh08 for catching this, I can’t believe I missed it!


The lyrics are written on the back of the blood stained scraps of a club enrollment form for the Secret Sealing Club.

Whited out, are the comments of at least one girl, making fun of the patheticness of such a club.

On the line for reasons for joining, is the link to the final track of the CD, whose lyrics concern the disgusting feelings that Merry and Renko actually feel for each other.

There are lines that would general require teacher signatures for approval – one of these is crossed out. “Advisor” is replaced by “Club President: Usami Sumireko”

Alone, Sumireko sits on a pile of concrete rubble of a collapsed classroom, with with bloody bodies of her classmates in pieces below her.

Anyway, Hello – Miss Carrie.


Ms. lonely hedgehog
vocal: nayuta
arrangement+lyrics: RD-Sounds
circle: 凋叶棕
album: 密 -hisoka-
event: C89

ああ、辺り一面 コンクリートとガレキの山
どこかで見た センスの悪い映画のセットのように無秩序極まって

aa, atari ichimen’ concrete to gareki no yama
dokoka de mita sense no warui eiga no set no you ni muchitsujo kiwamatte

Ah… All about me is a mountain of concrete and rubble
The utter chaos of it like the set of a movie made in bad taste

ああ、辺り一面 散らばっている《名前も知らないクラスメート》の破片

aa, atari ichimen’ chirabatteiru dareka no hahen’
mou nidoto okiagaru koto mo nasasou de hon’ no sukoshi urayamashii ki mo suru

Ah… All about me are the pieces of others, classmates whose names I do not know
They look as if they will never get up ever again, and I feel… at least a little bit jealous

聞こえる壊れかけのラジオからは ナンセンスな謳い文句の数々

kikoeru kowarekake no radio kara wa nonsense na utai mon’ku no kazu kazu

From a half broken radio I hear the nonsense lines of some promotion or another

もう聞こえはしない 苛立ちも無い それらを気にすることさえも無い
でもそれこそ本当は 唯一つ真理だったのかもとも 揺せぶられては

mou kikoe wa shinai iradachi mo nai sorera wo ki ni suru koto sae mo nai
demo sore koso hon’tou wa tada hitotsu shin’ri datta no kamo to mo yuseburarete wa

Yet no longer do I hear,
   no longer am I irritated by,
      no longer do I have to pay any mind to… them
But the the truth of that is in fact… Shaken by what may have been the one real truth,

ただ呆然と考えている 夢と夢の狭間に、身を置いて。

tada bouzen’ to kan’gaeteiru yume to utsutsu no hazama ni, mi wo oite.

I sat thinking, my mind blank, my body set in between the gap of one dream and another.

ああ、夢を見ている これはなんて悪趣味な夢

aa, yume wo miteiru kore wa nan’te akushumi na yume
dokoka de watashi wo azawarau nanimono ka no koe ga kikoeteki sae suru

Ah… I am dreaming, what a terrible, terrible dream this is
From somewhere I felt as if I heard the voice of someone or thing… laughing at me

ああ、夢ならいいのに そんな思いが脳裏を掠めては
そんな俯瞰的な思いを 抱くその端から徹底的に叩きのめされて

aa, yume nara ii no ni son’na omoi ga nouri wo kasumete wa
son’na meta na omoi wo idaku sono hashi kara metameta ni tatakinomesarete

Ah… If only this was truly a dream! Such a thought crossed my mind.
As I embraced such meta thoughts as if I wasn’t involved, I myself was beat black and blue

私は笑うよりほかになかった 幾多の思いに翻弄されて

watashi wa warau yori hoka ni nakatta ikuta no omoi ni hon’rou sarete

I could do nothing but laugh, overcome by a thousand emotions.

もう悩みもしない 堕落もしない それらに怯える必要もない
その恐れのあるもの 引き起こすだろうもの 全てはこうして 消えたのだから

mou nayami mo shinai daraku mo shinai sorera ni obieru hitsuyou mo nai
sono osore no aru mono hikiokosu darou mono subete wa kou shite kieta no dakara

No longer will I worry. No longer will I fall. I have no longer any need to fear.
Not from those I fear, not from those who would cause what I fear. All of that now has gone.

心のどこか 考えている これらの持ちえた その価値について。

kokoro no dokoka kan’gaeteiru korera no mochieta sono kachi ni tsuite.

Somewhere in my heart I consider, all of the worth that I might have been able to grasp.

もう誰もかも傷つけない。 そこには一人ぼっちのハリネズミ。

mou daremo kamo kizutsukenai. soko ni wa hitoribocchi no harinezumi.

But no longer can anyone be hurt. All who remains is this Ms. Lonely Hedgehog.

もう何も要らない 何も求めない 夢を歩くよりほかには無い
でも私はどうして価値のあるものを この世界でこそ 得られなかったのか

mou nani mo iranai nani mo motomenai yume wo aruku yori hoka ni wa nai
demo watashi wa doushite kachi no aru mono wo kono sekai de koso erarenakatta no ka

No longer do I need anything. No longer will I seek anything.
   I have nothing left but to walk through dreams.
But why, why was I unable to obtain in this world anything of worth?


gareki no yama de kan’gaeteita.

This I thought, on a mountain of rubble.


watashi ga shin’ ni hosshiteita mono wa, keredo

What I truly desired was… but


“sorera” no ue de hakidashitatte.

Even if I were to say that now, on top of “them”…


-mou kono omoi wa tsutawaru koto wa nai.

-There is no way that they would ever know.

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  1. Thank for your hard work :)

    It might be bother to you, but I’d like to ask you to translate this song if you please =)

    I’m thankful to you even you didn’t TL it :)

    • Tohya
    • January 23rd, 2016

    It’s always good to see some nayuta. Anyway, thank you for your translations.

  2. Huh, what LN are you translating?

  3. hey, just a quick little note: in the line ただ呆然と考えている 夢と夢の狭間に、身を置いて。, the second 夢 is sung as “utsutsu”. not sure if that has any implications on the meaning of the line?

    Your lyrics translations are always wonderful, so I’m looking forward to reading a whole novel you’ve translated!

  4. Instead of “orokana” she sings “meta”. I think that might change the translation.

    • ? Are you sure? I listened to it again and I heard “oroka” – “metameta” is further on in the line.

      • well I dunno, i hear meta in both tbh

      • Yeah, now I’m pretty sure I hear “meta”; and as “meta” not “めた”

    • If she was saying “meta na” it would fit though, right? Also, other sources, like Diao ye zong wiki ( seem to agree with me

      • You’re right. I just have really bad ears. m(_ _)m

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