タイド・コラプション // Tied Corruption

Sorry for the wait.

I wanted to read all of Forbidden Scrollery (which is great) before I translated this song.


If you haven’t heard of the word “Kagome” yet: [wikipedia]

“an investigator turned corrupt” – this is the saying that “hunters of the undead are fated to become undead themselves” I wanted to use the “Corruption” in the title and I happened to remember several accounts of drug enforcement officers becoming full fledged drug dealers.

“Deeper, as you fall” – “fall” in this case is the same fall as “fall into depravity” – “fall off of the plane of what is acceptable to society”. It is this word for “fall” that was probably translated into the “Corruption” of the title.

The final line repeats (as an adverb and then verb) three times the action of nocking an arrow to the string of a bow. As the image for the lyrics depicts Kosuzu and Akyuu with disheveled kimonos and their tongues hanging out, with Akyuu actually licking a pole, you are free to think lewd thoughts.

Tied Corruption
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ
Arrange+Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Circle: 凋叶棕
Album: 喩 -tatoe-
Event: C88


nani mo moyasanai hiasobi ni niteiru
ichido nareta nara
shidai shidai ni motto fukaku e

It is like playing with fire, but without burning anything
Once you feel used to it
With every step you only venture deeper


daraku shiteyuku

Deeper, as you fall


miirareta sono kin’ki no kagayaki
te wo kazasu sono tabi toritsukareru you ni

Every time you shield your eyes from the shine
Of the very taboo that drew you in, it only possesses you more


kagome, kagome, kago no naka no tori ga
kidzukanu uchi ni kaerimichi mo kakushite

Kagome, kagome, before the bird in its cage
Realizes, let us hide from it the way back


nani mo moyasazu tomo hiasobi no sugitara
shintou suru hinichijou
keshite torikaeshi no tsukanai

Even if nothing is burned, if you keep playing with fire
A realm disconnected from daily life creeps in
Until there is nothing that can be done about it


sono suzu no oto ga ayashiku yureru tabi
anata ga sukoshizutsu tooku natteiku you de

Every time that bell of yours rings ominously, I feel
As if you are drifting further and further away from me


nani wo miteiru no
nani wo kiiteiru no
watashi ni furerarenai sekai ni mukete

What is it that you see?
What is it that you hear?
As you far a world out of my reach?


yume wo miru you na
sono hitomi wa mou
tooi dokoka wo utsushiteiru you de

It is as if you are dreaming
The way your eyes no longer
Seem to be looking here, but someplace far away


-nee, kitto, sukuttemiseru kara ne.

-But do not worry, okay? For I am certain I will save you.


mae mae yo ashi wo fumu mama
are are yo to kago no tori
tori ou mono mo tsukamaete ya
kagome kagome morotomo ni

Dance, now dance with every step!
Come now! Come now! O bird in your cage!
Let us capture too the one who chases after you!
Kagome, kagome, both of you together!

そうしてまた とりがとりをよびよせて

kagome, kagome, kago no naka no tori wo
soushite mata tori ga tori wo yobiyosete

Kagome, kagome, one bird in its cage
Will then call hither others as well


keshite sakerarenai miira tori ni niteiru
anata wo sukuu ni wa
ori ni ashi wo fumiireru shika

It is like the unavoidable fate of an investigator turned corrupt
In order to save you
I have no choice but to step into your cage


mou muda nan’da to kidzuiteshimatte mo
anata wo suteru koto nado keshite dekinai

Even if I realize that it is already too late
I just cannot bring myself to abandon you


kase de tsunagarete
ori ni kakowarete
soredemo anata wa shiawase da to iu no

Tied together in chains
Surrounded by a cage
Even so you say that you are happy


nani ga tanoshikute
nani ga chigau no ka
anata no me ni toikaketemitemo

What is it you find such enjoyment in?
What about this is so different to you?
Even if I ask you, looking into your eyes


nani mo kotaetekurenai
nani mo kotaetekurenai

They give me no answer
They give me no response

あらたなとりを けしててばなすことなかれ

kagome, kagome, kago no naka no tori yo
arata na tori wo keshite tebanasu koto nakare

Kagome, kagome, O bird in your cage
May you never release your grip on the new bird


anata no karada wo
anata no kokoro wo
sore ga anata no nozomu koto nano nara to

Your body,
Your heart,
If that is what what you truly wish…


tomo ni daraku suru
sono omoi wo nejifusete
watashi wa mada kujikete wa inai

“Then, I will fall together with you”
Pushing away those thoughts
I still have not been broken


-nee, kitto, sukuttemiseru kara ne…

-Do not worry, okay? I am certain I will save you…


kagome, kagome, kago no naka no tori wa
arata na tori to tsugae tsugae tsugaete

Kagome, kagome, the bird in its cage
Is locked, nocked and bound with the new bird as one

    • Eiki
    • September 13th, 2015

    Hello there!
    Would you mind translating this song? http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Lyrics:_%E6%98%8A%E9%A3%9B%E3%81%B6%E9%83%B5%E4%BE%BF%E5%B1%8B%E3%81%95%E3%82%93
    I’m sorry, but I can’t really commission anything to you.

    • That one has sat in the proverbial lyrics queue hell for over a year I think. I’ll try to get to it haha ^^; – I’ve already got the romaji and everything typed up already.

    • wyldstrykr
    • September 15th, 2015

    do you plan to translate “everlasting longing” (forgot the japanese)
    2nd song from the same album


    • Meriole
    • September 18th, 2015

    Thanks kafka ! Like always your translations are so good ! I have checked all the CD with the kanji and there are two story that I don’t understand in this one :

    I want to know if you have an idea of what is about this song (タイド・コラプション). You think it’s about Akyu and Kosozu who are falling in lewd things (because of the picture in the booklet) ? I think it’s strange with the Kagome reference…

    The other song that I don’t understand is also はじまりのワイゲルト (with Zun in the middle of the scans and he dance of Alice) but I will wait a translation for this one maybe I will understand better the story, and it’s seems also connected at the other song that I don’t understand.

    Thanks for you’re answer !

    • Thanks!

      As for Tied Corruption – the Kagome-Kagome song’s about trapping a bird in its cage, with all sorts of theories about its symbolism, ranging from horror stories to pregnant women. It’s sometimes associated with going past a point of no return. There’s a lot of canon between Futatsuiwa Mamizou, Motoori Kosuzu and Hieda no Akyuu, but Kosuzu’s caught in a spiral of gaining abilities and becoming ever less human due to her continued association with “phantom books”, or books written by and/or for youkai. Mamizou eggs Kosuzu on, for not so clear reasons, but there are many theories. Akyuu cautions Kosuzu, but is powerless to stop her. A doujin novel I just read has Mamizou licking Kosuzu all over before she’s murdered by Reimu, but that’s another story. Lewd goes hand in hand with taboo, so there’s that. RD referred to the imagery in this song as if Kosuzu were jumping off a bridge with a rope tied to her foot, and the other end tied to Akyuu.

      The other song is extremely vague, and it’ll take a translation to get clearer…

      Anyway, we’ll see.

        • Meriole
        • September 25th, 2015

        Thanks I take a look at your explication and the one with Alice (thanks at the comment Japenese). Like always your explication of Japenese are really deep. And yes, I forgot all these anthologies books based in RD-sounds. So surely another song based in different novels and other things.

  1. Hello, Kafka. I’ve been wondering what the sound at the very beginning of the song and at the end is, and tried to put the song’s context to figuring it out, but I can’t exactly. Would you maybe know what it is?

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s either something dragged across piano strings, or (samples from) one of those specialty instruments used in horror films like “The Apprehension Machine”. But I don’t know for certain. There are definitely taut strings involved.

    I’m not sure it’s meant to represent anything specific in the context of the song, as opposed to adding a horror-like effect.

    • Hmm, I see. I’ve listened to what the Apprehension Engine sounds like, and it does sound like it could also be strings. I’m not good at defining the sounds of musical instruments, so before, I thought it could be the sound of a curtain rope being pulled or a cage being unleashed.

      Strange question, I know, but thank you for your help. This what-if scenario involving Akyuu and Kosuzu is pretty horrifying.

  1. June 23rd, 2018

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