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Anticipating C87

I have lost many brain cells I think, with all of the holiday alcohol.

I’ve been spending a fair amount of time lately prepping my camera system for C87, so I hope all the blizzards up here don’t keep me from actually going. … Let’s not think too much about that.

This time I’m mainly just going to list what I’m going to be getting, rather than try to be comprehensive. Feel free to add recommendations in the comments.

I may add more album art later, but it’s 4 am right now.

// Music // (In Fuzzy Priority Order)

死際サテライト (Shinigiwa Satellite) / THE CONJURING EP [*]

New Shinigiwa always goes near the top of my list, this is no exception. Both tracks sound extraordinary. Nothin’ else to say. Loop forever.

凋叶棕 (RD-Sounds) / 奉 -Sasage- [*]

“My theme this time is ‘Touhou as a Game’.”

Powerful. I mean they’ve already got me at “Insert Coin(s)” and then smash it out of the park at “Un-demystified Fantasy”, you relax and soak in the upper stratosphere as you flow through “全て桜の下に”, forget that you should probably be breathing through “Imperishable Challengers”, gaze at the stars as you drift out of the exosphere in “タマシイノハナ”, catch ahold of a space ship as your heart leaps to “ブレイブ・ガール”. dive through another planet’s sky as you race through “幻想郷縁起 封ジラレシ妖怪達之頁”, spread your hands out to fly over the sea in “ウルワシのベントラー”, lie on the ground staring at the sky and wondering why you’re not dead yet through “死せる哲学の袂”, feel your soul spin out of you and spiral back through time through “セイギノミカタ”, and then you’re suddenly in a huge auditorium as the finale “テーマ・オブ・カーテンファイアーシューターズ” erupts. If you don’t understand how this spiralled into this weird thing I just wrote, listen to the crossfade. You’ll get it.

Shibayan Records / Adrastea [*]

More Nu-Disco Magic. We can never have enough. MyonMyonMyonMyonMyonMyonMyonMyon! Anyway, モノクロ・イン・ザ・ナイト “Monochrome in the Night” sounds like it’ll be my favorite track, but then again I’m obsessed with 死靈の夜桜. The Patchouli track, 賢者の極北, sounds like a lot of fun as well. Should I be even picking favorites though? The whole XFD sounds great.

Alstroemeria Records / POP || CULTURE (POP CULTURE 2) [*]

Another strong Alstroemeria album. Tracks 4,5,7,9,2,3,6,8,10,1 are my favorites (see what I did there?), and I really am especially psyched for mican*+Strawberry Crisis!! and ayame+死靈の夜桜. I predict heavily listening.

Cajiva’s Gadget Shop / RED RED RED CURTAIN [*]

I don’t always listen to 128bpm Tribal House, but when I do – *erhm* Cajiva’s stuff is pretty cool yo. Even if you aren’t usually into this kind of thing you should definitely give the xfd a listen. I’m definitely picking this one up.

Pizuya’s Cell (ぴずやの独房) / 秘封連続体 -Merry Acceleration- “Hifū Renzokutai” [*]

This one sounds even more addictive than the last one and I’ll work to get both translated ASAP! (yeah I totally dropped the ball on that one ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;) Anyway, Electro Dance Rock. It felt a little strange at first, but then you just want to consume more and more and more and plus. Godwood got his piano tracks on this album too, and Godwood is well, kind of God when it comes to piano.

Pizuya’s Cell (ぴずやの独房) / 露地奥の仙界神子 “Rojioku no Senkaimiko” [*]

Which brings us to Godwood’s piano+α album for 東方神霊廟. I still think that nothing still can really yet compare to Bibamus.moriendum.est, but I’m a 東方紅魔郷 nut, so that’s that. Sometimes I wish it was piano, instead of piano+α, but then some of the instruments blow you away at times. Look up 瑞雲’s 運命のダークサイド and you’ll have a very VERY clear idea of what I mean. This may sound weird, but these albums are great for reading music. Anyway, if you don’t absolutely hate piano for some absurd reason, give this a listen and then go buy your godwood game-album of choice, PLUS Bibamus.moriendum.est, or hoard them all like a weird collector like me.

魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN) / With Ø [*]

My favorite track is 狂宴結義, and I think I’d get the album just for that song, but the rest is great. Coro’s instrumentals are really lovely for some of these tracks (like On the Way Home), Asculture and and Journey to the Rainbow also sound amazing. I don’t always jump on 魂音泉’s releases, but just like Elysion, this one’s a definite must.

発熱巫女~ず (Hatsunetsu Mikos) / Origin of Love [*]

Disco Dance! The instrumental tracks mesh well with the vocal tracks, make you wanna dance. “Dance with Wolves” was phenomenal, so I’m really really thrilled they’re taking this and rolling with it. With this and Nu-Disco, is “disco” making a comeback or something? If it results in more stuff like this on one hand and the stuff Shibayan’s doing on the other, well I have no problem with that.

東京アクティブNEETs / 東方爆音ジャズ7 “Touhou Bakuon Jazz 7” [*]

More explosive Jazz from those who are best at it.

Halozy / Viva Evolution [*]

My favorite track is actually track 10, 猫に哲学, which is like a completely different genre from the rest of the album, but I dunno, I need more genki and Eurobeat and DDR Fire something or another in my life too. My second favorite’s gotta be “物凄いデコトラでパチュリーが物凄いうた”, and there’s this absolutely beautiful nayuta/crouka track on here too (another genre outlier). Man, seeing いずみん’s name in the credits because of his lyrics for a remix of a track from Heartcore Forte makes me way too sad. This fan will shed a tear.

EastNewSound / Proof Presence [*]

I’m liking EastNewSound again, and I’m happy to. “You’re the love of my life…” did a number on my heart and brought me back to the group after skipping a lot of those numbers (Proof Presence is ENS-00034!? even if half are instrumental CDs…) Anyway, I’m loving this one. THERE’S EVEN A CHATA WHISPER TRACK. While I feel the first half of the album is the strong half, this and Perpetual Devotion have been enough to end my long, long rants that mostly just deify Felsic Mirage.

Yonder Voice / 霊桜に眠る “Yozakura ni Nemuru” [*]

I was pretty bummed I didn’t pick up the Maple Wind demo at Reitaisai, but now I can have it. Maple Wind is what I’m mostly looking foward to, but I like 愛しさの未来形 (妖々跋扈 doesn’t have enough arranges really), 神遊び and “You were here” as well.

狐夢想屋×ゼッケン屋 / 電子弦奏II -The Ghost’s Note- [*]

I have an unhealthy amount of love for the 秀三. (His presence begs for an article). While Electro-Zekkenya can be a little weird at times, it brought us such amazing classics as the incestual この暗く閉じた世界から、君へ and addictive 図書館で会った人だぜ, so I keep an open mind. Track 3 ムーンモンガーは狂わない so far is probably my favorite (he GROWLS!), but Misty Lake Rock is smooth, and I suspect サンシャイン地底 is gonna end up sort of like 図書館で会った人だぜ. 天空の花の都 is one of my favorite Touhou originals, so my favorite might end up being 7/8 in the end.

FELT / Cold Snap [*]

I may, or may not get this one.

FELT’s one of those groups that I know makes beautiful music, but I don’t really end up listening to them all that much, kind of falls near the edge of my tastes radar or something. I always hit myself with a stick for not keeping up with them whenever Flower Flag of Endless Pain shuffle their way into whatever I’m listening to though. I dunno, when I listen to FELT, a lot of times I just flop back over Hatsunetsu Mikos. I like them more? Right after listening to a bit of Flower Flag while writing this I stopped and started listening to RAiNY STARS from Re:Starlights, which I like more.

とらのあな / 東方幻奏響uroboros弐 “Touhou Gensoukyou Uroboros 2” [*]

It would take me over an hour to listen to all the track xfds so I am not going to, but:

Shinigiwa, Riverside, and Mistery Circle alone are enough for me to buy this collection, but then there’s サリー and RD-Sounds too and a fucking rad ytr track from 魂音泉, a rerecording of the greatest ZYTOKINE track ever (GOLD) and if something on this doesn’t excite you, well, you may not be into Touhou music after all.

Masterpieces for Our Struggle / Masterpieces for Our Struggle 2 [*]

Totally forgot about this. Whoops. I’m getting it for Shinigiwa and Further Ahead of Warp.

C.H.S / Disposition 2 [*]

Man I need way more t+pazolite in my life. This isn’t a new release for C87, but I’ll be picking it up there.

I’m probably going to pick up a lot of other stuff at his table too if they’re there. Like 絢爛喧騒オリエント [*]

You’re the love of my life…

This is the best song EastNewSound has put out in a while, go listen to it now if you haven’t yet. I’m personally a big fan of the 花咲あんな vocal version.

You’re the love of my life…
輝く針の小人族~Little Princess|東方輝針城
Vocal: 紫咲ほたる
Arrange: きりん
Lyrics: 海兎
Circle: EastNewSound
Album: Perpetual Devotion
Event: C86

君の中に 私の心があるならば
共に行こう 難しいコトなんてないのさ
広く遠い 空を泳ぐ真っ白な雲

kimi no naka ni watashi no kokoro ga aru naraba
tomo ni yukou mutsukashii koto nan’te nai no sa
hiroku tooi sora wo oyogu masshiro na kumo
zutto kimi no tokubetsu ni naritai yo

If my heart really does lie within you,
Let’s go, for nothing will stand in our way
As white clouds swim across the broad clear sky
I hope to be forever special to you

小さな手のひら それが愛しくて
守りたい 初めてそう思えたよ
何気ない会話 何気ない癖も

chiisa na te no hira sore ga itoshikute
mamoritai hajimete sou omoeta yo
nanigenai kaiwa nanigenai kuse mo
nani yori mo taisetsu de kakegaenai ai no tame ni

Your small hands are lovely to me; for the first time
I felt suddenly I wanted to protect someone
I think of the words we share, and your mannerisms, but
Most of all, it’s for the sake of this precious, irreplaceable love….

You’re the love of my life

旅の途中 沢山の出逢いと別れに
どんなことで傷付いて 逃げ出したいのか
君と私 そんなに強くなくて

tabi no tochuu takusan’ no deai to wakare ni
chigau michi wo ayun’demitai toki mo aru no sa
don’na koto de kizutsuite nigedashitai no ka
kimi to watashi son’na ni tsuyokunakute

Throughout our journey, with its many meetings and farewells
I wonder what it would be like to walk down a different road
What would it take, for me to be hurt and want to run away?
You and I, aren’t very strong after all

好きなモノは何? 好きなコトは何?

ookina senaka ni akogareteita yo
itsudatte kokoro no man’naka ni aru
suki na mono wa nani? suki na koto wa nani?
me no mae ni hirogatta man’ten’ no hoshizora nagame

I admired you, as I watched you from behind
You are always in the very center of my heart
What is it I like, what is it that I want? I wonder
Staring at the perfect starry sky laid out before my eyes

You’re the love of my life
You’re the love of my life
You’re the love of my life
You’re the love of my life

小さな手のひら それが愛しくて
守りたい 初めてそう思えたよ
何気ない会話 何気ない癖も

chiisa na te no hira sore ga itoshikute
mamoritai hajimete sou omoeta yo
nanigenai kaiwa nanigenai kuse mo
nani yori mo taisetsu de kakegaenai ai no tame ni

Your small hands are lovely to me; for the first time
I felt suddenly I wanted to protect someone
I think of the words we share, and your mannerisms, but
Most of all, it’s for the sake of this precious, irreplaceable love….