部屋でYシャツで首輪で猫(あなた) // Heya de, Y-Shirt de, Kubiwa de, Neko (Anata)

This is the track that accompanies Hanada Hyou (RD’s Album Artist)’s doujinshi “君違 -kimitagae-” published under the circle name: 砂蒸しパンキャビン “Sand Steamed Bread Cabin”. This is part one of two. I mistakenly received Kimitagae two days before its publication date, but part two 夢叶 “Yumekanae” is still in the mail. Enjoy.

A demo of the song is on RD’s soundcloud: [link]


Ironic and possibly “done on purpose” point: when cats (rather than dogs) wag their tails it’s usually because they feel uncomfortable (or so I hear).

Merami enacts a voice change for the duet part of the song, which starts at the first stanza wrapped in quotes. This more deeply voiced character understands what is going on and provokes the primary narrator into remembering what she did. I believe you can either interpret it as Sanae mocking Merry’s state of mind, or a more aware state of Merry’s mind (Yukari) – probably the latter. Merry breaks from her quotes on the right side of the duet (either quoting Sanae or Renko) to join in on the “SOMEONE STOP ME!!!”.

I know what the lalala’s mean this time because I read the story.

 Heya de, Y-Shirt de, Kubiwa de, Neko (Anata)
 In My Room, In a Button-Up Shirt, With a Collar, a Cat (You)
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ
Arrange+Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Circle: 凋叶棕
Album: 君違
Event: 科学世紀のカフェテラス 2014

歯車のように 私も

mawaru mawaru hakoniwa de
haguruma no you ni watashi mo

In this rotating miniature garden
Like clockwork, I myself (turn as well)

部屋に 愛する猫がいる
私の 帰りを待っている

heya ni ai suru neko ga iru
watashi no kaeri wo matteiru

In my room I have a cat I adore
Waiting for my return

媚びて 庇護の手なくしては
生きて いけぬその姿

kobite higo no te nakushite wa
ikite ikenu sono sugata

She’s so attached to me, without my care
She cannot bear to live

だから 猫は待っている

dakara anata wa matteiru
watashi ni
shippo wo furu tame

As I said, -you- are waiting
For me, your master
So you may wag your tail

なんて 愛しくもか弱い
今日も その声を聞かせて

nan’te itoshiku mo kayowai
kyou mo sono koe wo kikasete

How lovely and fragile you are!
Let me hear your voice again today

貝のように 私も

michiru michiru noise no umi
kai no you ni watashi mo

In a sea filled to the brim with noise
Like a seashell, I myself (am filled as well)

部屋に 愛する猫がいる
私の 帰りを待っている

heya ni ai suru neko ga iru
watashi no kaeri wo matteiru

In my room I have a cat I adore
Waiting for my return

私が 認めるものだけ
他に 何も許さない

watashi ga mitomeru mono dake
hoka ni nani mo yurusanai

I’ll have only what I wish
I won’t forgive anything else

きっと 永遠を求めて
幻想を 摸造しただけで

kitto eien’ wo motomete
gen’sou wo mozou shita dake de

Surely seeking an eternity
I only created a fantasy

強く 少し触れただけで
呆気なく 壊れてしまいそうで

tsuyoku sukoshi fureta dake de
akke naku kowareteshimaisou de

Strongly, but with only the slightest touch
I feel as if everything will come tumbling down

箱庭の中で 今を連ねていく
何も憂ずに 永遠を宣告げながら

hakoniwa no naka de ima wo tsuraneteiku
nani mo ureezu ni eien’ wo tsugenagara

In this minature garden I cull together the present
Not embracing grief of any kind, but proclaiming an eternity


-sono mi wa nagusamimono.

-You exist to console me.


yugan’da me to me,
zutto ibitsu na kyori wo tamochi,
suna no umi no naka e to.
shizun’deiku. fukaku, fukaku. aa.

When our twisted eyes meet
We go back and forth, a distorted
Distance kept between us,
So into a sea of sand
We sink, deeper, deeper, ah…


tsunaida te to te,
soshite sono kao no mukougawa,
mugen’ no kan’jou ni.

Our hands held together,
From here to behind your face,
We go back and forth
In infinite emotions.


watashi wa, soko ni.
ittai nani wo miteita no darou.

There, within it all,
What exactly did I see?

出来損ないの 私も

yugamiyodomu anata no kage
dekisokonai no watashi mo

In your twisting and stagnated shadow
My failure of a self as well (was there)

部屋に 愛する猫がいて
帰りを ただ待っているだけ

heya ni ai suru neko ga ite
kaeri wo tada matteiru dake

“In my room I have a cat I adore
“Waiting for my return”

貴女が 求めていたのは
そんな ささやかな幻想郷

anata ga motometeita no wa
son’na sasayaka na shiawase

All you wished for was a
Meagre sort of happiness

温度の 無い両生類の目が
    「貴女は いつもそうやって
    都合よく 目をそらしてばかり」
私を 小莫迦にしながら

on’do no nai kaeru no me ga
 ”anata wa itsumo sou yatte
 ”tsugouyoku me wo sorashite bakari”
watashi wo kobaka ni shinagara

With those cold frog’s eyes of yours
 ”You are always like that! Turning your
 ”Eyes away from what you don’t want to see!”
You’re always making a fool out of me…

加速 していく負の想い
    「そんな だから貴女はねえ
    幸せに なれないんですよ」
ああ お願い誰か私を止めて

kasoku shiteiku fu no omoi
 ”son’na dakara anata wa nee
 ”shiawase ni narenain’desu yo”
aa onegai dareka watashi wo tomete

My negative emotions accelerating,
 ”It’s because you’re that way
 ”That you’ll never find happiness you know?”
Please, someone stop me…

箱庭の中で 明日を踏み躙っていく
その目を止めて でないと貴女にきっと

hakoniwa no naka de asu wo fuminijitteiku
sono me wo yamete denai to anata ni kitto

In this miniature garden, you stomp all over my tomorrow
Don’t look at me like that! If you don’t stop I’m sure I’ll…


-torikaeshi no tsukanai koto wo.

-Do something I’ll regret.


fuhai suru keshiki,
amaku oroka de yasashii,
phantasmagoria no
kuroku nigotta nanika e to.
toketeiku. fukaku. fukaku. aa.

A scene of decay transforms
Into something stupid sweet and kind,
A phantasmagoria
Stained in unclean black,
Melting deeper, deeper, ah…


anata wa dare de,
ano ko ni nani wo shita no to,
shukyaku ga kuitagatta,
toi wo warawarete.

“Who are you?
“What did you do to her!?’
Completely missing the point,
My questions are laughed away…


watashi wa, anata wo.
watashi wa, anata ni.

I… with you?
I… to you?


ittai, nani wo shiteshimatta no darou.

Just… what did I do…?


meguru, hakoniwa.
  futari no, sekai.
 watashi no, te ni wa.

In this rotating minature garden
  A world meant for us both
 In my hands is…


anata no la la la

Your cor-

    • Myst
    • November 5th, 2014

    Wow, how did you get this? I don’t even know this even exist before I look at this. The sample sounds so nice. I wish I know how to get my hand on this.

    • I learned about 君違/夢叶 through Hanada Hyou/RD on Twitter, and that they were going to be releasing them at a “Hifuu Club Only” event I had originally planned to go to, but couldn’t, so I ordered both off of melonbooks.

      There’s directions in both books on how to go about listening to the songs from a secret site, which also has the lyrics.

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