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その正しき言葉のもとに // Sono Tadashiki Kotoba no Moto ni

Shikieiki Yamaxanadu (urabe michiru)

Requested indirectly by: Open To See (0P2C)

This song is paired with [Unprivileged Access].

I cut out a few spaces in the first line to make it fit the format of my site.
“Before” in the title is as in “I was brought before the judge”.
Again, almost every line had to be broken in two.

The lyrics are characterized by old language and the phrases are arranged in such a way strengthen the effect of officiality, formality, and statements of facts before actions or opinions. Imagine Shikieiki reading off lines from a paper at a podium adjusting her glasses every now and then before rising in emotion for her hope for the redemption of those indebted with sin so that they may eventually pay back their debts and rise into greater beings.

The basic gist of the song is that “trying to be pure and without sin” is futile. One should not focus on one’s own righteousness but on helping others and doing good deeds so as to make up for the inevitable errors and sins that will creep up and overcome them. Rather than only avoiding and or denying your negatives, acknowledge your negatives, but make your positives overwhelm your negatives.

A point to address in the (一) section is that rather than it is a sin to pretend to be more righteous than one is, it is more that one having to lie to themselves about their own righteousness is an indicator of their sin. Rather than trying to make up for problems, denying that those problems even exist is a much bigger problem.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that this is an awful translation. Otherwise I wouldn’t feel the need to say anything. Take a couple of years to learn Japanese and then classical Japanese and you’ll understand.

 Sono Tadashiki Kotoba no Moto ni
 Before Those Words of Truth
六十年目の東方裁判~Fate of Sixty Years|東方花映塚
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ
Arrange+Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Circle: 凋叶棕
Album: 望み
Event: Reitaisai 11

凡そ生あるもの皆その死を以てここへと至る その命が尽きるまで重ねた幾多の罪をこの身が断ず

oyoso shou aru mono min’na sono shi wo motte koko e to itaru
 sono inochi ga tsukiru made kasaneta ikuta no tsumi wo kono mi ga dan’zu

All that are of the living arrive here upon their deaths, where dutifully
 I, upon the numerous sins accumulated over the course of their lives, cast judgment

その罪は 裁かれること無くしては けして赦されはせず 斯くしてこれをいま裁かん

sono tsumi wa sabakareru koto naku shite wa keshite
 yurusare wa sezu kakushite kore wo ima sabakan’

For those sins to go without judgment, would be unforgivable
 in the utmost degree, therefore I will judge them now

終ぞ清く生きれど その身に受けた偽りの災禍に 暴かれしそれが 汝が罪

tsui zo kiyoku ikiredo sono mi ni uketa itsuwari no saika ni
 abakareshi sore ga nan’ji ga tsumi

While you may have lived your life purely to its very end, revealed
 in the web of calamitous lies you took upon yourself is your sin

生き 然れども 死に 然れども

iki shikaredomo shini shikaredomo

While you have lived, and while you have died

終わること無く 新たにまた 罪を重ねて生きるものとなれ

owaru koto naku arata ni mata tsumi wo kasanete ikiru mono to nare

I command this not to be the end, but for you
 to live yet again, accumulating ever more sin in your life



sono kokoro no naka sae hitoshiku sabakareru koto
 keshite manukareenu to shireba subete wa yasukarezu
ono ga ikita akashi wo motte gou to kaisu ni
 ono ga ikiru raise wo motte zen’kou to kai se yo

When you realize that even from your very heart you cannot
 escape the same judgment, in nothing will you find reprieve
While you may only remember this past life for your karmic debts
 May your subsequent lives instead be represented by righteous acts



kedashi sore wa

What you shall face is


mujin’ no kouya wo hitori ayumu ga gotoki mono

As if you were walking alone in an endless wasteland


michinaki kouya wo hitori sagasu ga gotoki mono

As if you were searching alone in a pathless wasteland


mugen’ no kouya wo hitori ikiru ga gotoki mono

As if you were living alone in an infinite wasteland


kedashi sore wo tsumi to yobu

For that is what we call sin


ikiru kagiri kasaneru sore wa keshite sakerarenu koto nareba
 oyoso hito no mi ni tsumi naki mono wa orazu
omou ni saredo hito wa tsumi no arika wo tada tou koto nomi ni
 obienagara ikurubeki mono ni arazu

As for as long as one lives the accumulation of sin is unavoidable
 there is no one who is without sin
Therefore, I find fault in that while this is true, humanity would live
 in fear of simply having their sins addressed


de areba, sono michi wo miushinawazu, mugen’ ni madoi sezu,
 mujin’ ni ashi wo fume, tada yoku iki yo

Instead, I would have you not lose sight of your way, not hestiate ad infinitum
 but take step after step without end, and live righteously



tamerawazu mayou koto naku sono michi wo ayumisusume yo
 yokoshima naru mono ni wa hizamazuku koto naku
onore no sukui taru wa onore ni yoru hoka narazu to
 shitte wa ikiru raise no michishirube to se yo

Without hesitation nor giving into temptation may you walk your path
 and may you not kneel before any of all things that are evil
When you realize that your salvation depends on you and you alone
 may you set up these commandments as guideposts in your subsequent lives


tatoi tsumi wo kasaneru sadame mo ikiru yori raise ni hoka wa nashi
 yue ni sono inochi no kagiri wo tsukushi zen’ to se yo

While your subsequent lives may hold no more in store than a fate to accumulate more sin
 All the more must you strive to use your life to do as much good as possible


kedashi kore wo sabaki to yobu

For this is what we call judgment

Shikieiki Yamaxanadu (urabe michiru)


Requested by: Ka’fion

So, while on my concoction of mostly energy drinks I stumbled across a request made in March for a Syrufit song and I was feeling like Syrufit, so here we have this translation.

A reminder that normal requests don’t really often make it to the surface anymore ^^;


Sometimes it is worth remembering your dreams when you are an adult, when you are actually able of fulfilling them.

Break the Sabbath|東方幻想郷
Vocal = 綾倉盟
Arrange = Syrufit
Lyrics = eerie
Circle = Diverse System
Album = tHE2
Event = Reitaisai 8


tobikata wo shirazu utsumuku
ano sora no takasa shiritakute
me wo fusete nigeta mainichi ga
kanawanai yume mise
maiochite kieta maboroshi
tenohira ni nokoru nukumori ga
toketeyuku tabi ni omoidasu
akogare wa mada tooku

Not knowing how to fly I stared at the ground
Wanting to know the heights of the sky
But every day lowering my eyes and running away
I am shown a dream that will not come true
Illusions vanishing as they flutter down from above
Only reminding me whenever their warmth
Melts out of my open hands that
What I long for is still far out of my reach


itsu no hi ka kanau no?
kono karada sutete jiyuu ni naritai

When will my dream come true?
I want to rid myself of this body and be free


kumo no ito taguriyose
te wo nobashi tsukan’de wa
omoku karamitsuku gen’jitsu ga
ten’ wa utsuriyuku yume
nozomu hodo toozakaru
ano basho de machitsudzukete

Reeling in spider’s silk
I reach out to grasp a heavy
Reality that clings tight to me
The heavens are an ever shifting dream
The more I gaze the more it is out of reach
Still waiting for me, far away


fusagikomu you ni nemutta
yaburenai mayu wo tsumuide wa
taikutsu na kodoku naresugite
wasureteta yume mise
sukoshizutsu kioku atsumete
me wo samasu kokoro yuraideta
terasareta hikari omoidasu
akogareteita sora e

I slept as if to seal it all away
Weaving about me an unbreakable cocoon
Then growing too used to my idle loneliness
I was shown a dream I had forgotten
Bit by bit I gathered my memories and
My waking heart was shaken
Remembering the light that shined on me
I looked to the sky I so longed for


itsu no hi ka negatta
kono tsubasa hiroge jiyuu ni habataku

Somehow my wish had been granted to me
For I spread my wings and flew out unto my freedom


kumo wa ima nagareyuku
sora no iro nomikon’de wa
hikaru hoshizora ni dakareteta
ten’ wa utsuriyuku yume
nozomu hodo hateshinai
kono basho de machitsudzukete

The clouds flow on and on and
As I drink in the color of the sky
I was embraced by the light of the stars
The heavens are an ever shifting dream
The more I gaze the more fleeting it seems
Waiting for me still, in this place

Kurumi (culter)

Cinnamon, Cinnamon

I present to you the best Tenshi arrangement ever made.

This is the demo of a failed album that never came to be. You can download it/listen to it [here].

Cinnamon, Cinnamon
有頂天変~Wonderful Heaven|東方緋想天
Vocals: 蒼 -aoi-
Arrange: 飴野ヲルカ (Mano, 平茸)
Lyrics: 飴野はるつみ
Circle: 全自動少女 “Automata Girl”

独りだけ自棄に分厚ひ面の 彼女の呼名は“シナモンガアル”

dancehall ni wa, teido na hibiki, alcoholic ni musekaeru naka de
hitori dake yake ni buatsui tsura no kanojo no yobina wa “cinnamon girl”

In a dancehall, buzzing with poor music and choked with alcoholics
There’s a solitary girl with an recklessly undaunted face, they call “Cinnamon Girl”

眸だけ自棄に幼さ宿す 彼女の咄はさう、何時だとて――

neonlight ni wa youen na iro, foundation to azayaka na beni de
hitomi dake yake ni osanasa yadosu kanojo no hanashi wa sou, itsu datte-

In the neon lights, her foundation and brilliant lipstick give off a bewitching sensuality
But with her eyes housing a striking childishness, as she goes about her talk as always…

ねゑ、鳥渡傍に寄つて 聞かれて仕舞ふわ!
刹那の夢に然様なら グッドナイ、スヰトハアト

nee, chotto soba ni yotte kikareteshimau wa!
sukoshi dake amakute kiken’ na yuuwaku wo
tokashite, yakarete, hitareba ii wa
setsuna no yume ni sayonara goodnight, sweetheart

Hey, why don’t you sidle up right next to me and give me a listen?
To this a bit sweet, but dangerous temptation I have to offer you
Melt and dissolve it, be burnt in it, and soak in the ecstasy of
A momentary dream, ’til farewell, goodnight, my sweetheart!


“kansou shikitta otoko to on’na ga, nigotta hitomi de, kareta nodo de watashi wo warau.
gesubanashi na jazz ni irimajiri. fukai, fukai, fukai.”

“A desiccated man and woman with addled eyes and dried throats laugh at me.
Their vulgar talk mixing in with the jazz, oh how I hate, hate, hate it.”

独りだけ切に何彼を希ふ 彼女の呼名は“シナモンガアル”

dancehall ni wa, teizoku na koe, sexaholic ni mushikaeru naka de
hitori dake setsu ni nanika wo negau kanojo no yobina wa “cinnamon girl”

In the dancehall, filled with vulgar voices and dripping with sexaholics
There’s a solitary girl hoping desperately for something, they call “Cinnamon Girl”

眸だけ切に冀望を語る 彼女の咄はさう、何時だとて――

neonlight ni wa, itsuwari no ai, jealousy wo utau fuzaketa kao de
hitomi dake setsu ni kibou wo kataru kanojo no hanashi wa sou, itsu datte-

In the neon lights, her face is painted with false love and singing of jealousy
But her eyes are tell desperately of hope, as she goes about her talk as always…

ねゑ、一層好きに遣つて 獣みたひに!
刹那の夢に然様なら グッドナイ、スヰトハアト

nee, issou suki ni yatte kemono mitai ni!
sukoshi dake amakute nigai atoaji wo
fukashite, yowasete, odoreba ii wa
setsuna no yume ni sayonara, goodnight, sweetheart

Hey, why don’t you do me any way you’d like, like an animal!
Let’s have a taste of that sweetness, with its bitter aftertaste
Make me yours, get me drunk and let’s dance the night away
A momentary dream, ’til farewell, goodnight, my sweetheart!

何も彼もを連掠つて 妾共乗せて走出したら
街は、荒びれた朝でも厭きれた夜でも無く 嗚呼
黄昏の境界線 伸びる地平線の向ふ側へ、屹度

nani mo ka mo wo tsuresaratte, watashigoto nosete hashiridashitara
machi wa, sabireta asa demo akireta yoru demo naku aa
tasogare no kyoukaisen’ nobiru chiheisen’ no mukougawa e, kitto
ano kisha ni tobikometara sou, dareka min’na, shiranai basho e

If you’d just take everything away and me along with you, run away
Ah, the streets wouldn’t be of desolate mornings or disgusting nights
Surely, along the boundaries of twilight the other end of the horizon line
If we’d just jump onto a running drain and go somewhere nobody knows…

ねゑ、一層好きに遣つて 獣みたひに!
刹那の夢に然様なら グッドナイ、スヰトハアト

nee, issou suki ni yatte kemono mitai ni!
sukoshi dake amakute nigai atoaji wo
fukashite, yowasete, odoreba ii wa
setsuna no yume ni sayonara, goodnight, sweetheart

Hey, why don’t you do me any way you’d like, like an animal!
Let’s have a taste of that sweetness, with its bitter aftertaste
Make me yours, get me drunk and let’s dance the night away
A momentary dream, ’til farewell, goodnight, my sweetheart!

ねゑ、勝手吼へなゐで 偉くも無ひのに!
然様なら グッドナイ、スヰトハアト

nee, katte hoenaide eraku mo nai no ni!
sukoshi dake amakute kawaita omoi ga
fuuka shite, karetatte, kaoreba ii wa
dakara kon’ya mo torokeru you na last performance
sayonara goodbye, sweetheart

Hey, why don’t you just shut up? It’s not like you’re anything anyway!
These slightly sweet and longing emotions of mine,
Even as they dry up and wither away, they still are fragrant
So tonight let’s have an enchanting last performance, ’til
Farewell, goodbye, my sweetheart!

Unprivileged Access

I went ahead and broke almost every line in two.

Unprivileged Access
少女さとり~3rd Eye|東方地霊殿
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ
Arrange+Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Circle: 凋叶棕
Album: 望 -nozomi-
Event: Reitaisai 11

ー人を出し抜きたいと思ったことが、おありですか。 至極、有り触れた野望でしょう。

-hito wo dashinukitai to omotta koto ga, oari desu ka.
 shigoku, arifureta yabou deshou.

-So, you thought that you wanted to steal ahead of someone else before?
 Well, that’s a very common aspiration, wouldn’t you agree?

ー人の所有物を奪おうと思ったことも、おありですね。 それも、良くある欲望でしょう。

-hito no shoyuubutsu wo ubaou to omotta koto mo, oari desu ne.
 sore mo, yoku aru yokubou deshou.

-It appears that you thought you wanted to take someone else’s property as well.
 Well, that too is quite a common desire, wouldn’t you agree?

ーか弱き婦女子を犯そうと思ったことが、おありですか。 別に、不思議ではありませんね。

-kayowaki fujoshi wo okasou to omotta koto ga, oari desu ka.
 betsu ni fushigi de wa arimasen’ ne.

-So, you thought you wanted to rape a young and helpless girl before?
 Well, I wouldn’t say that’s all that surprising.

ー憎き者を殺そうと思ったことも、おありですね。 誰しも、一度は思うでしょう。

-nikuki mono wo korosou to omotta koto mo, oari desu ne.
 dare shimo, ichido wa omou deshou.

-It appears that you thought you wanted to kill someone you hated as well.
 Everyone thinks that at least once, wouldn’t you agree?


ika ni kiyoku ikita tote,
sono joudou wa fukahi no mono.

No matter how pure you may have lived your life
Those kinds of impulsive thoughts are unavoidable.


aragaiyou no nai “qualia” ni hizamazuke.

Kneel before the “qualia” you have no way to resist.


saa, sono kokoro no naka. araisarai wo motte wa,
 wagakawaki wo iyasan’ kate to narihate yo-!

Come, by dredging up the darkness in your heart,
 let it be the drink to quench my thirst!!


…watashi dake ga shiriuru, sono himetaru subete ga,
 arata naru trauma wo umidasu naedoko to nare.

…Let all of those secrets that only I know become
 the breeding grounds of even more trauma.

ーほら、貴方のことは、全部、理解って差し上げますから。 如何に、醜い思いでも。

-hora, anata no koto wa, zen’bu, wakattesashiagemasu kara.
 ika ni, minikui omoi demo.

-You see? I will be understanding of everything that you are,
 No matter how digusting your thoughts are.

ーほら、貴方のことを、誰も、共感ってくれはしないのですから。 如何に、それを求めても。

-hora, anata no koto wo dare mo, sukuttekure wa shinai no desu kara.
 ika ni, sore wo motometemo.

-You see? For there is no one willing to lend you any sympathy,
 No matter how desperately you seek it.

ーほら、私の前では、誰も、判明ってしまうのですから。 如何に、隠し遂せても。

-hora, watashi no mae de wa, dare mo, wakatteshimau no desu kara.
 ika ni, kakushitoosetemo.

-You see? Before me, there is no one that is not seen through,
 No matter how thoroughly they hide their true selves.

ーほら、私が全て、それを、赦免って差し上げますから。 如何に、醜い思いでも。

-hora, watashi ga subete, sore wo, sukuttesashiagemasu kara,
 ika ni, minikui omoi demo.

-You see? I will give you a full pardon for everything,
 No matter how digusting your thoughts are.


hageshiku, kuroku san’tan’ tare,
kakushitoosenu hon’shou ga soko ni.

Let it be violently dark and wretched,
That true nature of yours.


aragaiyou no nai “qualia” ni hizamazuke.

Kneel before the “qualia” you have no way to resist.


itsuwari wo kakaete wa, nemuru koto wa yurusanai.
 aru ga mama no sugata wo, onore to mitomeyo.
saa, sono kokoro no naka. subete ni zetsubou shite wa,
 wagakawaki wo mitasan’, kate to narihate yo-!

If you cling to lies, you can never be laid to rest.
 Admit what all I say is only you, yourself.
Come, by despairing at all that is in your heart,
 Let it be the drink to quench my thirst!!


…kakumo minikuki mono ga, idaku gen’sou no hate.
 kudaite wa sono oku ni, matsugo no kagayaki wo miru.

…What a disgusting creature, embracing nothing but fantasies.
 Only by shattering it, will its core have a shining in its death.


-hanamuke ni hanataba wo. bara wo soete okurou.
 sono kokoro ga saigo ni sakaseta hana no iro wo shite.

-Let us have flowers as a parting gift, I’ll send you off with a rose.
 A rose the color of the flower your heart made blossom in its last moments.

Komeiji Satori (jq)


According to the song’s art, Kogasa scared a kid, Sanae beat her up and is holding a hand out to the scared child.

Vocal: めらみぽっぷ
Arrange+Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Circle: 凋叶棕
Album: 望 -nozomi-
Event: Reitaisai 11


sashidasareta sono te wo, sotto nigitte
daijoubu da to waraikakeru.

When I took that hand outstretched to me, softly
I smiled saying, “I’m alright.”


soushitara doushite ka, dokoka itazura mitai ni
waraikaeshitekureru no.

When I did, for some reason, like we were fellow conspirators
She smiled back at me.

そんな、仕草とか 笑顔とか

son’na shigusa toka egao toka
watashi yori kodomo mitai de.

Whether it be her actions, or her smile,
She seemed even more like a child than me.


dakeredo, kamisama mitai ni kagayaiteita!

But the way she shined, she was just like a goddess!


nani mo osorenaide
me mo sorasanaide

Without being afraid of anything
Without ever averting her eyes


aruiteiku koto ga dekiru no wa, sono tsuyosa no okage?

Is the reason she can walk like that because of her strength?


sou naretara ii na,,, tte.
kitto nareru kara! tte.

“I wish I could be like that…”
“Oh, I’m sure you can!”


sono kotoba ga, fushigi na kurai, kono kokoro ni toketeiku.

Those words, strangely somehow, melted right into my heart.


-watashi ni, yuuki wo, kureta hito.

-She was the one, who gave me courage.


tatoeba, omoi wo tsutaetai hito ga ita to shite,
nani mo dekizu ni iru toki toka.

Times when there’s someone I want to confess to,
But can’t do anything about it…


jibun’ no yowasa wo jibun’ de wa dou ni mo dekinakute,
jibun’ wo semetaku naru toki toka

Times when I can’t do anything about my own weakness,
And just want to blame myself…

そんな、強さとか 勇気とか

son’na, tsuyosa toka yuuki toka
sukoshi dake areba ii no ni.

Whether it be strength, or courage
I wish I had even just a little bit of that.


sore demo, kamisama mitai na hito mo iru nara.

But if there really are people out there, like goddesses…


nani mo osorenaide
me mo sorasanaide

Without being afraid of anything
Without ever averting my eyes


aruiteiku koto ga dekiru you, kitto watashi datte.

Being able to one day walk like that, I’m sure even I…


“hito ga yowaku aredomo, omoi wo tsuyoku moteba”

“People may be weak, but if you just hold on tightly to your emotions…”


sono kotoba wo, kiseki ni shite, sotto dakishimeteiru.

Those words, like some sort of miracle, embrace me softly,


ashita ga mata kuru.
ippo, mae ni susumu.

Tomorrow will still come,
Then, I’ll take another step forward.


subete ga umaku iku wake ja nai ne.

It’s not like everything will go the way I want.


sore demo, watashi ni.
ashita ga, aru you ni.

But so that there will always be
A tomorrow waiting for me,


itsuka wa anata no you ni.

One day, if I could be like you,


nani mo osorenaide
me mo sorasanaide

Without being afraid of anything
Without ever averting my eyes


aruiteiku anata no senaka wo, oikaketeikitai.

I want to chase after you as you keep walking forward.


yuruganai kotoba wo
kawaranai omoi wo

Those unwavering words,
Those unchanging emotions,


tatoe ima wa mada chiisakutemo, kitto tsuyoku nareru to.

That even though now I am small, I can surely become strong,


-watashi ni, yuuki wo, kureta “hito”.

She was the goddess, who gave me courage.

Kochiya Sanae "Miracle" (pxid-1006311)