last lie

1.5L of beer went into the making of this translation.

Requested by: Integral

last lie
Vocal+Lyrics: SHIKI
Arrange: Syrufit
Circle: Syrup Comfiture
Album: Where is Love
Event: C78


kono mama toki tomete wa
mada anata ga tarinai
itami wa mou nareta no ni
hoshigaru amanojaku
shin’jitsu mikiwametemo
kotae wa wakaranai no
kokoro wo kakushita mama de
shiranai furi

If I stopped time now
I still wouldn’t have enough of you
Though I’ve grown used to pain
I can’t stop this longing
No matter how I stare down the truth
I still don’t know the answer
My heart has hidden it away
Pretending not to know


nee, kotoba de tsutawaru omoi naraba
mou nigashi wa shinai kara neraisadame

If it’s the feelings I can convey in words
I won’t let you go any longer, taking aim

廻り廻れ 想いよ
廻り廻れ あなたへ
廻り廻れ 言葉よ
廻り廻れ 心を

megurimegure omoi yo
megurimegure anata e
ima wa tooku hanareteitemo ton’deyukeru
megurimegure kotoba yo
megurimegure kokoro wo
futari tsunagu hikari wo sagasu
mawaru sekai no naka

Round and round, my feelings
Round and round, headed to you
Even though we are far apart now they’ll fly to you
My words going round and round
Round and round my heart
I search for what might tie us together
In this world spinning ’round


ichibyou kodou kan’jite
anata no koe motomete
todokanu ude nobashitemo
munashisa dake nokoru
uso ayatsuru anata no
yasashii saigo no uso
kidzukezu tada waratteta
“mata aeru yo”

Feeling a second, a pulse
I seek your voice
Reaching out for what I cannot reach
All that I’m left with is emptiness
I didn’t realize, but smiled
As you wove for me your
Last kind lie,
“Let’s meet again”


nee, ima nara wakaru yo ano hi no imi
mou hanarerarenai you ni shihai suru no

I know now, the meaning that day held
I’ll make sure you’ll never leave me again

奪い奪え あなたを
奪い奪え 孤独を
廻り廻れ 想いよ
廻り廻れ 明日へ

ubai ubae anata wo
ubai ubae kodoku wo
kirari hikaru mirai wo kitto miseteageru
megurimegure omoi yo
megurimegure ashita e
futari kienu kizuna tsumugu
mawaru sekai no naka

I’ll take and take all of you
Take and take from my loneliness
I’m sure I’ll show you a bright and shining future
Round and round, my feelings
Round and round, headed for tomorrow
I’ll tie a bond between us that will not fade
In this world spinning ’round

    • Integral
    • May 25th, 2014

    Thanks for the quick translation! Especially during Reitaisai translation season!

    • Psych
    • May 26th, 2014

    Hey! It’s been a while. Are you still taking requests? I’m not sure how busy you are or how many requests you have queued up, but I would really appreciate having a song translated.

    • The best way to think of it is that I’m not really taking requests anymore, but if you request something I might do it. Depending on whether I have time and / or I like the song. Occasionally I’ll look back through songs people have requested, but I don’t keep a list or queue anymore.

      If you really want something translated you can commission the song via PayPal, and I’ll find a way to get it done.

      ^That’s the way the system works right now ^^;

        • Psych
        • May 27th, 2014

        I was hoping you would be able to translate 一期一会 by kairo. Someone actually translated it, but I don’t think their Japanese is up to par as yours. So I wanted to see how you interpreted the song. I generally like your translations compared to other translators because you are more poetic.Thanks again!

    • Sam
    • June 1st, 2014

    excuse me? could you translate 私のお姉ちゃんがAVに? it’s weird and all but I want to understand it…

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