And Cloud 9 is finished!

If you want a second viewpoint I hear Amen’s doing Cloud 9 as well.

I got my RTS11 package so other songs should come soon.

The BAD END theme.

Vocal: ayame
Arrange: Masayoshi Minoshima
Lyrics: Haruka
Circle: Alstroemeria Records
Album: Cloud 9
Event: 例大祭11

夢を見ていたい なにも見れなかった
君が問いかけた なにか不満だった

yume wo miteitai nani mo mirenakatta
kimi ga toikaketa nanika fuman’datta

I wished I was dreaming, but I couldn’t even once
So when you came to me, I was a little upset

終わることだけを 考えていた日
君がいてくれてた あの夜に
始まりを知った まだ出来ることを

owaru koto dake wo kan’gaeteita hi
kimi ga itekureteta ano yoru ni
hajimari wo shitta mada dekiru koto wo
susumanu toki no mama

Those days I only thought of how things end
But that night when you were there for me
I learned of beginnings, of things I could still do
While time stood still

眠れ 温もり感じたまま眠れ
やがて 薄れる傷さえ愛しさに
眠れ 涙は朝には消えている
そんな 私の最初の日

nemure nukumori kan’jita mama nemure
yagate usureru kizu sae itoshisa ni
nemure namida wa asa ni wa kieteiru
son’na watashi no saisho no hi

Sleep, sleep feeling the warmth of another
So even those wounds fading become precious
Sleep, for by morning your tears will be gone
That was my first day

夢が見れなくて もっと見てたかった
君が消えかけた これが不安だった

yume ga mirenakute motto mitetakatta
kimi ga kiekaketa kore ga fuan’ datta

Unable to dream, I had wanted to dream more
As you began to disappear, I was beside myself

終わりがあるから 始まりもあると
君が言ってくれた はずなのに
なにもないじゃない もういないじゃない

owari ga aru kara hajimari mo aru to
kimi ga ittekureta hazu nano ni
nani mo nai janai mou inai janai
susumanu toki no mama

You had taught me that while things
Come to an end, there are still beginnings
But there’s nothing! Because you are gone!
Only time stands still

眠れ 涙を流したまま眠れ
やがて 忘れる愛しい人さえも
眠れ 涙は朝には消えている
そんな 貴方の最後の日

nemure namida wo nagashita mama nemure
yagate wasureru itoshii hito sae mo
nemure namida wa asa ni wa kieteiru
son’na anata no saigo no hi

Sleep, sleep with your tears crying out
Eventually you will forget even whom you loved
Sleep, for by morning your tears will be gone
That was your last day

    • Integral
    • May 16th, 2014


    If you’re still doing Syrufit, could I request “Last Lie” off of Where is Love?

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