Timeless Romance

These lyrics might be deeper than they seem.

It is possible for there to be three actors instead of two in this tale. In other words, “You are” in the third stanza refers to two people. The Japanese writes a very clear “2”, but you can take that as a “we” hopping into a pseudo third-person. The fact that it is “2” rather than “二” seems almost to be arguing against that “we” switch though. However, it’s arguable, and writing “You two” would have been too solid. I assumed “we” on the first pass, but feel more that it is “you two” now.

Timeless Romance
Vocals: 綾倉盟
Arrange: Masayoshi Minoshima
Lyrics: Haruka
Circle: Alstroemeria Records
Album: Cloud 9
Event: 例大祭11


sunao ni narenai mama
toki wa sugiteyuku kedo
negai wa kanawazu tomo
omoi wa asenu mama ni

Unable to be honest with myself
Time just passes me by, though
Even if my wish will not come true
My emotions remain without fading


ienai mama no kotoba
hikari ni kaete utsusu
kimi sae ireba ii to
sunao ni ienai mama

The words I cannot speak
Become light, and project
Though still I cannot say
That all I need is you


kotoba ni mo tegami ni mo
dekinai mama iru kedo
futari wa itsumo soba ni
tookutemo sugu soba ni

Even though I still cannot tell you
Whether it be in words or on paper,
You are always near by – while
Distant, you are still right here


ookiku naru hikari de
yume wa egakareru kana
ookiku naru omoi wa
kotoba wo todokaseru kana

With the light that grows brighter
I wonder if my dreams will be painted
As my emotions grow greater I wonder
If they will convey these words

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