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Speaking of the undead. There’s been a saying going along that of which the gist of is this: “If we mourn for Syrufit as if they’re dead, maybe just maybe they’ll jump right back out at us with angry faces and a, ‘We’re not dead yet!’ resuming the manufacturing of music we all love and miss.” – to which I say “Great, let’s be nostalgic and listen to some Syrufit!”

What was the first song I came across those attempting to resurrect Syrufit?

我亲爱傀儡 / Wǒ Qīn’ài Guīlěi / Wa ga Shin’ai naru Kairai

…but of course, that’s Shibayan, not Syrufit.

If Syrufit’s in the grave I think they just pulled the blanket over their heads again.

…now I love 我亲爱傀儡 even though I can’t properly pronounce it, using the kan’bun’ reading (last one) instead of the Chinese. What would be best would be to investigate how it would be said in 霍青娥娘々/Seiga Nyan-Nyan’s time, but right now that’s not so important. Kwairai (我亲爱傀儡) is a guest track on a Syrufit album, just like アモリタチテカミトミユ is.

Syrufit / Studio “Syrup Comfiture” is: – “Syrufit”: Arrange, Guitar, Mixing, Mastering, Lyrics, Project
TAK-sk – “Poplica*”: Arrange, Synthesizer Manipulation
(SHIKI – Vocal, Lyrics, Chorus)

Only the early works name – collectively called “Syrufit” for an album or two, but after C77 they were renamed Syrufit( and Poplica*(=TAK-sk). SHIKI was last recorded as part of Syrufit/Studio “Syrup Comfiture” as of C79.

Let’s not forget, also, that Syrufit was around before they started publishing their own albums, as Syrufit/Anipix.

If you want to hear singing, look no further than Sensitive Moment, 墨染亡我郷.

Anyway, let us put it up for one of the world’s worst DJ’s (referencing a DJ session with REDALiCE and Masayoshi Minoshima), and a group we hope comes back to the Doujin Touhou Arranged Music scene.

Here are a few tracks that I recommend if you haven’t listened to yet.

Unrelated, I promise to be not-dead for RTS.

Title (Romaji) [Album] / Arranged Track (Game) / Info

Stigma [Sensitive Moment] [LYRICS]
 妖々跋扈 (東方妖々夢)
 Arrange: Syrufit, Vocal+Lyrics: 市松椿, Piano: (。・x・)ゝ<b!

「I」 [Sensitive Moment] [LYRICS]
 人形裁判~人の形遊びし少女 (東方妖々夢)
 Arrange: Syrufit, Vocal: RYO, Lyrics: 綾倉盟

Dress [palette ~人々が愛した幻想郷~] [LYRICS]
 二色蓮花蝶~Ancients (蓬莱人形)
 Arrange:, Vocal: fi-fy, Lyrics: SHIKI

liberate me [show me your love] [LYRICS]
 プラスチックマインド (東方怪綺談)
 Arrange: TAK-sk, Vocal+Lyrics: 市松椿

hitokata. [show me your love] [LYRICS]
 彼岸帰航~Riverside View (東方花映塚)
 Arrange: Syrufit, Vocal+Lyrics: SHIKI

The world of noise [show me your love] [LYRICS]
 Strawberry Crisis!! (東方夢時空)
 Arrange:, Vocal+Lyrics: 綾倉盟

Dream bottom [Where is Love] [LYRICS]
 世界の果て~World’s End (東方怪綺談)
 Arrange: Syrufit, Vocal+Lyrics: 綾倉盟

 Selene’s Light (東方幻想郷)
 Arrange: Syrufit, Vocal+Lyrics: 綾倉盟

Myosotis Alpestris [Love Hearts?] [LYRICS]
 Romantic Children (東方怪綺談)
 Arrange: Syrufit, Vocal: 3L, Lyrics: SHIKI

Jump! [Love=ALL] [LYRICS]
 ヴォヤージュ1969 (東方永夜抄)
 Arrange: Syrufit / Poplica*, Vocal: 市松椿, 綾倉盟, Lyric: eerie

root_C/=ALL [Love=ALL] [LYRICS]
 信仰は儚き人間の為に (東方風神録)
 Arrange: Syrufit / Poplica*, Vocal+Lyrics: 桃華なゆた

love. [love]
 ハルトマンの妖怪少女 (東方地霊殿)
 Arrange: Poplica*

maplelove. [love] [LYRICS]
 メイプルワイズ (東方幻想郷)
 Arrange: Poplica*, Vocal+Lyrics: eerie

Nowhere Residents. [love]
 幻想の住人 (東方幻想郷)
 Arrange: Syrufit

good-bye days. [love] [LYRICS]
 霊人の休日 (東方夢時空)
 Arrange: Syrufit, Vocal+Lyrics: 綾倉盟

over. [over]
 少女さとり~3rd eye (東方地霊殿)
 Arrange: Syrufit

月影少女 [over] [LYRICS]
 少女綺想曲~Dream Battle (東方永夜抄)
 Arrange: Syrufit, Vocal+Lyrics: 綾倉盟

it’s your world in scarlet [over] [LYRICS]
 亡き王女の為のセプテット (東方紅魔郷)
 Arrange: Syrufit, Vocal: 綾倉盟, Lyrics: 隣人

Stray child’s Alice [over] [LYRICS]
 不思議の国のアリス (東方怪綺談)
 Arrange: Poplica*, Vocal+Lyrics: 綾倉盟

Threat of Rain [over] [LYRICS]
 Mystic Dream (東方怪綺談)
 Arrange: Syrufit/Poplica*, Vocal: 綾倉盟, Lyrics: eerie

シンパシー [君の歌と僕の小さな恋] [LYRICS]
 真紅の少女~Crimson Dead (東方怪綺談)
 Arranged: Syrufit/Poplica*, Vocal+Lyrics: 市松椿

焦堕 [君の歌と僕の小さな恋] [LYRICS]
 プレインエイジア (東方永夜抄)
 Arranged: Syrufit/Poplica*, Vocal+Lyrics: 綾倉盟

monochrome [Blossom] [LYRICS]
 悲しき人形 (東方怪綺談)
 Arranged: Syrufit, Vocal+Lyrics: 綾倉盟

Coward [Blossom] [LYRICS]
 いざ、倒れ逝くその時まで (東方靈異伝)
 Arranged: Syrufit, Vocal+Lyrics: 綾倉盟

lost thing [Blossom] [LYRICS]
 霊人の休日 (東方夢時空)
 Arranged: Syrufit, Vocal+Lyrics: 綾倉盟

emo. [White Clear] [LYRICS]
 東方妖恋談 (東方夢時空)
 Arranged: Syrufit, Vocal+Lyrics: 市松椿

Back Door [White Clear] [LYRICS]
 魔法使いの憂鬱 (Grimoire of Marisa)
 Arranged: Syrufit, Vocal+Lyrics(?): 坂上なち

your smile, your face, your lies, your love [HAUNTED DANCEHALL] [LYRICS]
 幽夢~Inanimate Dream (東方幻想郷)
 Arranged: Syrufit, Vocal: 綾倉盟, Lyrics: 隣人

Real Intension [Double Counterpoint] [LYRICS]
 裏切りの少女 (東方怪綺談)
 Arranged: Syrufit, Vocal+Lyrics: 綾倉盟

Times [Plastik World] [LYRICS]
 時の風 (東方夢時空)
 Arranged: Syrufit, Vocal: 三澤秋, Lyrics: Haruka

Second Hand [The Brilliant Flowers] [LYRICS]
 不思議の国のアリス (東方怪綺談)
 Arranged: Syrufit, Vocal+Lyrics: 綾倉盟

lure me to [Fragment Reactions] [LYRICS]
 夜雀の歌声~Night Bird (東方永夜抄)
 Arranged: Syrufit, Vocal: 綾倉盟, Lyrics: 市松椿

    • Aka
    • May 12th, 2014

    Yes… I love you, Kafka-sensei! Not only all these great translations & notes on classical Japanese, but now an appeal for my favourite group to come back… I appreciate so much of what you do here. Thank you.

    • Wayne
    • May 29th, 2014

    I wonder what stars do after retirement

    • xtoybox
    • August 11th, 2016

    How do you feel about Syrufit being back?

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