ハロー // Hello

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While the lyrics themselves are kind of… well pretty odd, I’d say – I think the message and overall theme comes out pretty clear.

Think of a young boy hopping over to a young girl sitting alone in the shade and staring at her feet depressed and left alone, where the boy pulls her up and gets the timid girl to follow him for a while “looking for treasure”, of course recess is almost up, and they’ll part – but this is all just a dream-like metaphor for people lost in a world of immense and overwhelming uncertainty. We were told that everything was going to be alright, idealistic, wonderful – but the world doesn’t even begin to come close to that. But the worst thing you can do is stop and lock yourself away. Cry enough and you’ll find yourself smiling or laughing eventually.



“Hello”, the seventh track on the album.


“Namida no Ochiru Sokudo” (The Speed of Falling Tears)’s lead track, and the song at its core.


I wrote it a year ago in January.


Carrying the voice that I had just gotten back, that I still didn’t feel used to,


What are we going to do from here?
Is this voice I’ve gotten back really going to be mine?
Will a day come when I can smile and know that all my efforts were worth something?
Is this really the place where I belong?
Why am I singing in the first place?
What am I to you?
What are you to me?
Is there something that I can actually do?


As I was wandering amidst those feelings
I set words to the melody that Sasaki Jun brought me.
I have a feeling that as I was writing the lyrics my head was empty.
I just wrote down directly whatever words were coming out of me.


After I read over the lyrics I had written I thought,
This might be the one answer that I needed for myself.


I wanted to be needed.
I wanted someone to tell me I was precious to them.
I wanted to be told I could be here,
And that this song I was writing for everyone else,
was simply what I wanted someone to say to me.


I sing the songs I sing for my own sake.
I have up until now, and I will continue to do so.

涙の落ちる速度 (2014.1.8)

ハロー たからもの探しならぼくも少し手伝おうか
ハロー 残された時間の中あとどれくらい笑えるだろう ねえ?

hello, takaramonosagashi nara boku mo sukoshi tetsudaou ka
hello, nokosareta jikan’ no naka ato dorekurai waraeru darou nee?

Hello! If you’re searching for treasure, why don’t I help out a bit?
Hello! I wonder how much longer we’ll be able to laugh before the time we have left is up?


massugu ni nobita michi no ue tachitomaru
massugu mieteta hazu nano ni doushite? kimi wa kubi wo kashigeta

Stopping on a road that stretches out straight into the distance
It looked so straight so why? You tilt your head puzzled


ainiku kimi wa ran’shi nado wa mochiawasetinai hazu darou
moshimo kore ga yume ja nai no nara? son’na kao shinaide yo

Unfortunately it’s not as if you have astigmatism or anything right?
Then if this isn’t a dream? Don’t make that face at me

ハロー 足元ばかりを見て見逃したものもあるだろう

hello, ashimoto bakari wo mite minogashita mono mo aru darou
sono naka ni ittai dorekurai taisetsu na mono ga atta darou

Hello! If you only look down at your feet, you’re going to miss something
I wonder just how many precious things so far you have already missed


massugu tte iu no wa shizen’ de wa arienai tte sa
doko ka no atama no ii hito ga iu kara kitto machigainain’ darou

After all, “perfectly straight” isn’t something that’s possible in nature
At least according to some really smart person somewhere, so it’s probably true


sore naraba kimi no michi ga ima yugan’de mieru no mo tokubetsu ja nai
kitto zutto kore made mo sou dakara sono ue de

So when the road in front of you looks twisted, it’s not like you’re alone
I’m sure it’s always been this way, so it’s nothing new

ハロー たからもの探しなら僕も少し手伝うから
その瞳が映すものを涙にして見せておくれ ねえ?

hello, takaramonosagashi nara boku mo sukoshi tetsudau kara
sono me ga utsusu mono wo namida ni shite miseteokure nee?

Hello! If you’re searching for treasure, I’ll help out a bit
Let what you see out in tears so I can see it too, ok?

ぼくはぼくだ きみはきみだ 紛れもなく 揺るぎもなく
つまりぼくはきみではないから きみはぼくが見えるでしょう?

boku wa boku da kimi wa kimi da magire mo naku yurugi mo naku
tsumari boku wa kimi de wa nai kara kimi wa boku ga mieru deshou?

I am myself and you are yourself, and there’s no denying that
After all, you’re able to see me, because I am not you, am I right?

会いたくなったらココへおいで 泣けなくなったらココへおいで
道に迷ったらそこにいてよ 風を頼りに会いにゆくよ

aitaku nattara koko e oide nakenakunattara koko e oide
michi ni mayottara soko ni ite yo kaze wo tayori ni ai ni yuku yo

If you want to see me, just come here – If you find you can’t cry anymore, just come here
If you find that yourself lost, stay right there, I’ll use the wind to come find you

ハロー たからもの探しならもう終わりが見えてくるさ

hello, takaramonosgashi nara mou owari ga mietekuru sa
namida no oku wo nozoitara chiisaku warau kimi ga mieta

Hello! I can already see the end of our treasure hunt in sight
As I looked into the depths of your tears I could see you smiling a little

ねえ? ハロー

nee? hello
ato dorekurai nakeru no darou

You see? Hello!
I wonder how much longer we’ll be able to cry?

会いたくなったらココにいるよ 泣きたくなったらココにいるよ

aitaku nattara koko ni iru yo nakitaku nattara koko ni iru yo

If you want to see me, I’ll be right here – If you want to cry, I’ll be right here.

  1. Haha Thanks!

    Yeah her voice is kind of opposite to the song… lol

    I found this thing, and I think it’s like the meaning behind the song/her reason for writing it. Can’t read it except the last January part, and google translate only does so much :/


    • burbels
    • January 19th, 2014

    Good to see it here :) I first heard nano.ripe with Hachimitsu to Clover, I think she does well with bittersweet things)

  2. Commenting here because I couldn’t find a place to do so on the Bungo page, but hi! I graduated with a B.A. in Linguistics at the University of Tennessee and recently took the N2. I’m really glad to find your blog. What did you focus your linguistics studies on? I know a lot of great research in the field comes out of UT Austin.

    Anyway. I’m a new follower of your blog, and this is me saying hello!

    • Awesome! Both on graduating with a linguistics degree and with passing (?) or at least taking the N2. I had a bit of trouble with the general linguistics curriculum because I really only liked a few parts of it myself, which is why my minor ended up being mathematics rather than linguistics as originally planned ^^; I focused my studies on translation and creative adaptation. The main reason I have my bungo page (which still needs a lot of work) is because the professor that taught classical Japanese had his green card revoked and was effectively deported, so I wasn’t able to take a class but had to self-study. Because most of my study sources either had massive holes or contradicted themselves I wanted to collect my thoughts; knowing the basics of classical Japanese is fundamental to studying for the N1 as well.

      I’m happy to have another follower! I find it hard to keep up with my blog now with my job now, but translating and studying Japanese is still one of my favorite things to do ^^. I hope I’m of some help, or at least entertaining! Haha.

      • Thanks! I haven’t found out yet whether I passed N2, but even if I failed, I’m glad I took it. Good experience. Did you actually encounter Bungo on the N1? I asked a friend who took it recently and he didn’t remember there being any (yet he passed), but admitted that maybe he just didn’t recognize it as Bungo. But I’ve also heard it’s important to N1 prep.

        The majority of my Bungo lessons, too, were self-taught. While my teacher was present, he had a … uniquely hands-off teaching style. Your page was very helpful, and I hope I can find time to look at the rest of your blog.

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