Shrine Maiden Forever

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I would like to make a short reference to Mouryou no Hako, where there is a tale about angels, who immortal do not die, but begin to decay, losing their smiles, sight, and wings.

Shrine Maiden Forever
Vocal: Yaoshanbailing (瑶山百霊)
Arrangement: Paul Wang
Lyrics: djhmojt
Circle: Yonder Voice
Album: Shrine Maiden
Event: Reitaisai 8

ずっと一人ぼっち 空を見上げ

zutto hitoribocchi sora wo miage
yami ga ori
iroazayaka na momiji demo
sugata naku
naze kon’na ni kizutsuita no darou ka ne
gen’sou no yumemonogatari

Forever alone I look up at the sky
Darkness falls
Even the colorful autumn leaves
I cannot see
Why am I so hurt by this?
This illusionary fantasy…

もしもこの瞳 光失くしても
幸せの影 君がまだ見えるなら
この笑顔 伝えてあげるよ

moshimo kono hitomi hikari nakushitemo
shiawase no kage kimi ga mada mieru nara
kono egao tsutaeteageru yo
koi asagiri wo tsuranuite

Even if my eyes were to lose their light
If I could still see you in joyful shadows
I would show you my smile
Through the thick morning mist

きっと一人じゃない 星を廻り

kitto hitori ja nai hoshi wo meguri
toki ga sugi
kusarikaketeru rin’go demo
ima don’na ni saken’demo kimi ga mou inai
seijaku no akiyozora

I’m sure I’m not alone, as I fly among the stars
As time passes me by
Even an apple that has begun to rot
Still smells sweet
No matter how hard I scream for you, you are gone
Under this lonely autumnal night sky

たとえこの翼 千切られていても
悲しみの果て 君が羽ばたいてるなら
この歌を 聞いてくださいよ

tatoe kono tsubasa chigirareteitemo
kanashimi no hate kimi ga habataiteru nara
kono uta wo kiitekudasai yo
fukai takemori wo tobikoete

Even if my wings were torn to shreds
If then in my grief you were to fly for me
Listen to this song of mine
Flying past this bamboo forest

いつかこの心 穢されていても
偽りの世界 私だけいるのなら
神様に この身をささげよ

itsuka kono kokoro kegasareteitemo
itsuwari no sekai watashi dake iru no nara
kamisama ni kono mi wo sasage yo
hikari to natte kagayakou

Even if my heart was one day defiled
If in this false world, I was alone
I would sacrifice myself to god
Become a light and shine…

    • burbels
    • November 25th, 2013

    I also think of Rika Furude when I hear this song ^^

    • Mee
    • November 27th, 2013

    Thanks, I love Yonder Voice music!

    Which reminds me to buy more of their albums.

    Is this the same lyrics for their other song Shrine Maiden from Shrine Maiden Promotion Disc ?

    Would love it if you could do their other songs, Lunatic Heavens and Type Lunar :)

  1. Omg I was actually gonna ask about translating this song a while ago! I wasn’t here for a while, I come back a couple months later and BOOM there it is! Awesome!

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