ヒカリ~Miscarried Princess // Hikari

Those piano arpeggios remind me of NES games…

I feel pretty bad because I haven’t been able to keep up with this site as much as I’ve wanted to. I have a load of songs I want to translate, and on top of that regular requests and a few commissioned requests.

It looks like my job requires me to be a bit more social, and I haven’t really figured out the best way to do the preparation work for songs even during downtime at work ^^; I have to work a lot of weekends and so when I get a full day off, I just want to read all day. (Which is what I did all day yesterday – 花散里 was a good read.)

This is still one of my favorite things to do though – but either I’m going to have to get a lot faster at translating or I need to find more time to do it if I’m going to keep a good pace.

Well that’s a life update. Don’t leave me! ^^;

You may want to compare this song with this one: [ヒカリ]

ヒカリ~Miscarried Princess
The Grimoire of Alice|東方怪綺談
サークル:凋叶棕 [RD-Sounds]
アルバム:改 -aratame-

 嗚呼、愛しい『 』

katachi wo yadosu.
hikari no ito ga katadorare, arata na inochi ga
aa, itoshii “…”

Taking form,
  threads of light are shaped – A new life
    is born.
Ah, my beloved “…”


hikari no nai sekai demo
arata na hikari to nareru you
“watashi no egaku mama no sekai wo tsukuriagemashou.”

So that even this lightless world
Will itself become a new light
“Let us make a world just as I envision it.”


kaihou wo kakagu otome ga,
irodoru hakua to maiodoru.
kisetsu mo kawaru you ni.
itsuka subete ga mawari ni yuku.

A maiden heralding freedom and release,
Dances amongst white walls as they fill with color.
Just as the seasons change from one to the next
One day, all of of this will turn on its own.


soshite, sono subete ni na wo tsuranerubeku shite
hikari no katachi ni na wo ataeru naraba

Now, should I name that life formed of light
As I give list names for everything…


nozomu koto.
yori kansei sareta sekai wo tsukuri ageru. sono tame ni.

I would “hope”.
For this world to be ever more complete than the last.


motomu koto.
hitotsu no, jiritsu son’zai to shite koko ni.

I would “wish”.
To be a single and fully autonomous entity, in this world.


..aritsudzukeru you ni.
nee, itoshii “…”

…So that I would ever be so.
Right? My beloved doll, “…”


hikari no nai sekai kara
arata na hikari wo un’da you ni

Just as you birthed a new light
From that lightless world,


katsute watashi wo umidashita anata ni
chikadzukitai, sono isshin’de.

With all my heart, I want to be closer to you,
Who once gave birth to me…


soshite, nozomi no mama ni
te ni kaketa “sore” wo kaerimi mo sezu

Just as I wished, when I set
My hands on “it” – I didn’t look back


“sekai” no tame ni to, sasageru inori wa
dare ni mo todoku hazu mo nakatta.

My prayers lifted up, for the “world”
Surely would not have reached anyone.


inoru koto.

I would “pray”.


negau koto.

I would “desire”.


kami ni narou to shite
hikari ni narou to shite
sekai wo tsukuri ageru mane wo shite…

Trying to play god,
Trying to become light,
Going through the actions of creating a world…


sono amari ni mo tsutanai nin’gyou asobi wa, tomedo naku tsudzuiteiku.

Those clumsy attempts at playing house with her dolls, continue without end.

  1. wonderful~ the word “miscarried” strikes me when I first obtained this album, compare to the original ヒカリ, this song feels darker, doesn’t it?

    • A darker sequel. Not everything can be the perfect fairy tale ^^.

  2. A bit selfish of me here, but does スターシーカー-Where no man has gone before and そしていつかまた出逢って-Eternal Flower new? The rest of the album seem to be like old ones with updated lyrics?

    • The music has changed a lot in some and some haven’t had any changes to the lyrics. スターシーカー is from a much earlier album, and そしていつかまた出逢って was originally an instrumental track.

      While 綴 -tsuduri- was a compilation (with a little remastering / vocal tracks re-recorded) of tracks RD had produced under other circles, 改 -aratame- is (just like its name implies) a remaking of previous tracks he produced, some just fiddled with, and some like these last two I posted – other sides of the same coin, and/or a “sequel”.

      Some of the tracks that only have tiny changes still evoke a whole different perspective (especially 絶対的一方通行).

  3. Oh my, really good lyrics, had been so busy till now before I actually start to listen to all the albums I bought. Not sure whether I should be happy that the lyrics has been translate by now or be sad cos I’m slow. /shrugs

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