Anticipating C84

Usami Renko and Maribel Hearn (tokoroten (hmmuk))

I know that C84 has already started, but Touhou stuff’s on the 3rd day (Monday), so I still have some time right?

As most of you know, I have moved to Japan, but am not really in any condition to go to Comiket this time around.

Right now my only source of internet is via tethering through my phone, and I need to be conservative with my data limits until I get my fiber optic internet (which I -hope- will be awesome), which if all goes well should be working by next weekend, thus I’m going to have to keep this much shorter than my previous anticipation posts ^^; In fact, I really don’t know much of what will actually be released, because I only just got access to internet a day or two ago. I also can’t really fill this post with tons of images because of this tethering situation.

Please forgive me ‘orz

Additionally, I regret to inform everyone:

全自動少女 (Automata Girl)’s 續・櫻雨キネマトグラフ (Zoku – Sakuraame Cinematographé) [*] has been delayed. It will not be released this comiket. T^T – It was the number one album I was looking forward to. I guess this will give me some more time to translate some more of the tracks from the previous one.

Finally, because of various bandwidth restrictions and because it takes me about 5-10 minutes to load an album website, rather than a full-on anticipating post, I’m just going to cover the ones I decided to pre-order already, and list others’ suggestions in another list below. I’ll try to put every link I’m tweeted/commented on the second list, so everyone tell me what’s you’re interested in! (I’d like to know as well, for my after-event purchasing run!!!)

Anticipating (Pre-Ordered) Albums

Alstroemeria Records’ POP | CULTURE [*]

A break from Dancehall! (Even though I love ’em, and even though this has the same structure.) As always, Masayoshi Minoshima knows how to build a solid album, and throw a bunch of rare tracks at you (A Secret Lot, 非統一魔力世界論, 久遠の夢, etc.) As per tradition, as soon as I have this in my hands I’ll work at translating the entire album.

I hear some hints of Party Rockers in Track 3/5, you? (Nothing as clear as Seven Nation Army in Lunar DIAL ^^;)

Some of my favorite tracks so far are A Secret Lot, Binary Catwalk, Dreamlights, Eternal Verities… well I love every track like usual.

サリー (Sally)’s ビョウ “Byou” [*]

Unfortunately I haven’t familiarized myself with the music from the TH14 demo yet, but I’m sure this’ll help me along! Sally’s been one of my favorite groups for a while and this xfd does not disappoint.

My favorite tracks are アンコンディショナル, 不思議なWonderland,【byou】, 懺悔, 満潮, gun ~群~, Plaza roboscape. (Everything).

I feel bad placing Plaza roboscape at the end, because I like it a ton, but it keeps on ending up there whenever I try to reorder the list, so just know that I couldn’t call any track on this album my “least” favorite.

RD-Sounds’ 改 -aratame- [*]

Unfortunately, this album holds no new -lyrics- for me to translate, but I hope it’ll draw your attention to some of RD’s best (胎児の夢/Taiji no Yume, マッドパーティー Mad Party), and there are still songs like スターシーカー which I still need to translate, so I hope to be doing that soon. This is not just a remix album though, it’s a -remake- there is a large difference from the originals so I’m excited to hear how they all turn out.

I like the new Parallel Sky – it sounds cuter, possibly more in line with the lyrics, and while it might not beat the original Mad Party, I’m -really- liking how the new version sounds already. It sounds absolutely fantastic.

I’m going to spend a lot of time listening to this one, so I’ll give you more of my thoughts when I’ve got it in my hands ^^.

The final touch I really like about this album too are the instrumental intro and outros. TH1 and TH14.

ぴずやの独房 (Pizuya’s Cell)’s VISITANDINE [*]

Simply, it’s very hard for me to resist anything Merry x Renko, and I really like the beat that pervades this album. There’s a bit of dubstep, but much less than Clair de Lune, probably for the better. There’s much more of “bar performance” feeling to this album, especially on the tracks sung by 普透明度. If I were to try to qualify it, this feels like a mix of Pizuya’s lighter music (*Star albums) with a touch of techno-dubstep (‘Sheol’ Barrage Am Ring 3/Arrange Side), minus any metal – I didn’t actually hear any guitar. I’d say the music is drifting closer to other groups I listen to ((old) Alstroemeria, Hatsunetsu Mikos, <echo>Project), but I’m not going to lie. I’m still hoping for another album like CORONeT/Prunus Centifolia with Sophia as a guest vocalist, or even like Resurrection Ballad.

My favorite track is Tuile Dentelle, followed by Champs de Etoile, Cristallin and ASSEMBLAGE.

Anyway, I still need to give Clair de Lune a proper look – so hopefully I’ll have the time to do a lyrics translation blast.

豚乙女 (Buta-Otome)’s ビリヤード “Billiards” [*]

Lately I’ve enjoyed Buta-Otome’s original albums more than their Touhou arrangements, which from their perspective has got to be a good thing I guess?

My favorite tracks are: ポケットのアレ, 嘘つき, さる, 赤いバケツ and ティラミス・カウボーイ

豚乙女 (Buta-Otome)’s 少女煉獄 “Shoujo Rengoku” [*]

I’m pleased to see some TH13.5/TH14 tracks in here, and I feel like this album carries more of the allure of the first Buta-Otome albums, but that might just be my personal option. I haven’t translated any 豚乙女 lyrics in quite some time, so I’m looking forward to it.

My favorite tracks are 行方不明の, 巡る業, 馬耳東風の果て, 儚きもの人間 and 面隠し, but I like all of them.

死際サテライト(Shinigiwa Satellite)x9bFox’s PSYCHO EP [*]

An exception because this album is not available for pre-order/is event-only, but I’m trying to get it ^^;

Need I say anything? I love these guys.

One track is a Shinigiwa cover of a 9bFox song (最後の言葉は), the other a 9bFox cover of a Shinigiwa song (殺戮イノセント). Shinigiwa w/ Japanese lyrics!? What absurdity!! but yeah.

殺戮イノセント has been transcribed by us already, but we’ll probably have to give it another run with this version.

Anticipating (Other) Albums

Circus Cult’s “Mort a credit” [*]

Shinkirou Soundtrack [*]

ANOTHER STREAM’s “Future Tantric Engraved” [*]

Soga no Tojiko (cis (carcharias))

    • grooven
    • August 13th, 2013

    No ENS? Blasphemy indeed to the 10th level. I’m SO glad there is not another Dancehall album. I liked one or two of the Dancehall ones, but the last few were horrible and sounded all the same.

    I’m looking forward to Yuuhei, Halozy,LilA’c, C-CLAYS, Sound Holic, TAMAONSEN and more.

  1. RD-Sounds’ new album does actually have some new lyrics. In fact, track number 4 seems to be Alice’s reply to Hikari, one of their previous songs that you translated. I’m listening to it right now. and there are some same lyrics, but it also has some new ones that I can hear. I definitely don’t know Japanese, but I really loved Hikari and I know the lyrics by heart, and I promise you there are differences in this one. It would be really neat if you translated it, considering it seems to be Alice’s reply to Hikari! uvu

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