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METHOD_METAFALICA_. #Infel extracting.

Well, it looks like I couldn’t win the race.

1,000 posts before 1,000,000 views that is. (As of posting I’m at ~1,000,500 views, 981 posts)

Thank you all very much!!!

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First of all, I’d like to thank e for being patient with me. I know nothing about Ar Tornelico II, so there’s a good chance I’m missing some things, but I did look at the Hymmnos Pastalia language and grammar a bit, and so I tried to incorporate some of the vast amount of emotional data from the verb structures into the final English translation, supplementing with English from the Japanese translation. I wouldn’t call myself an expert in Hymmnos, but I did give it a shot.

I will be continuously busy throughout July, and may be more or less swamped all August while adjusting to my new home in Kosaka, Akita, Japan (also I have no idea how or when I might have internet).

I’ll do my best to post nevertheless.

EXEC_METAFALICA, flow demand: 13,122,800 SHmag/s, nominal spectrum: 2.98×10^18 Hz.


The last hymmnos portion is sung at the same time as the last Japanese portion.

As always with these types of songs, there’s a certain degree of information loss, there’s just too much information compacted into such a small space (even if it’s mostly repetitive), so I’ll ask you to bear with me ^^;

(Update: 種 tane/”seed” in one line changed to 鐘 kane/”bell” (I was working off a low-res scan ^^;))

METHOD_METAFALICA_. #Infel extracting.
Vocal: 但野ひと
Music: Hull
Lyrics: kairi
Circle: stellatram
Album: Hymmnos Chronicle~世界を最も愛した少女たちの詩~
Event: M3-31

xE rre lasye rYAfrEmU sasye ess Asphaela_urgn/.


Even in such a wasted world of suffering, one boy met a girl precious to him.

xA rre lasye fwAr fwArn Amerfa_sasye, ag hYAppA za r.w. sasye/.


And he decided determinedly to help fulfill her one and only wish.

xA harr en herr kAvnLYAr v.a. 1 varda ess rre cia aNuOk zz sarsa/.


Together they would grow a giant tree, in this land where the sky would yield no rain.

xA rre arhou sAlLYEeh yYAzLYAtAeh dn vege manac rhaplanca en maoh/.


Those two, Rhaplanca and Maoh, hoped to bring happiness to all those silently wishing.

哀し傷痕 降り積もる丘を
芽生えた莎草き種に 暁輝うて
結べば祈りの成る花を 青き黎明に初めて
さざめき目覚むる明日に 一条の導射し

kanashi kizuato furitsumoru oka wo
mebaeta sasamekidane ni akatsuki kagayaute
musubeba inori no naru hana wo aoki reimei ni somete
sazameki mezamuru asu ni hitosuji no shirube sashi

Over a hill covered thickly in scars of sadness,
Upon a whispering sprouting seed, shines the dawn
Upon a flower to be our prayers, first in the blue daybreak
A single guidepost to tomorrow, as it rustles to wake

xA rre maoh sAlLYA Atitia_qejyu ag hArAnt ttu p.s.w.t. pipit tapa/.


Maoh, believing strongly in the goodness of others’ hearts, journeyed to find but a little water.

xU rre gkgul Aeje_qejyu zz w.w.j.n.c. vege ale/.


However, others’ hearts having lost their vitality, cracked and dry, would not hear his pleas.

xA rre maoh mUnNgIeh fandel z.z.x., den hAmmrYA fandel arhou


Maoh was consumed by despair, but still he would stand and sing of the hope he still held,

sos rhaplanca/.


For Rhaplanca’s sake.

雨無き幾歳月 乾いた土肌を
滴降り注ぐ 儚くも尊き天女の音
光を紡ぐ調べを 束編み導こう
眩き陽が鐘を衝く 標は調べと交りて

ame naki ikutosetsuki kawaita tsuchihada wo
shizuku furisosogu hakanaku mo toutoki ame no ne
hikari wo tsumugu shirabe wo tsuka ami michibikou
mabayuki hi ga kane wo tsuku shirube wa shirabe to majirite

Over the earth, for many years dry without rain,
Sounds of droplets fall, each fleeting, each precious
Let us weave together these melodies spun of light and guide them
As a brilliant sun strikes the bell, a guidepost to join with our melodies

明し僥倖 降り注ぐ丘を
目覚めた鮮けき種に 天道満ち照らし
生くれば希の生る花が 大地輝けるままに
また頬笑みあう刻を 望むれば幾重に榮え

akashi kyoukou furisosogu oka wo
mezameta azakeki tane ni amamichi michiterashi
ikureba nozomi no naru hana ga daichi kagayakeru mama ni
mata hohoemiau toki wo nozomureba ikue ni sakae

Over a hill lit in beams of bright fortune
Upon a bright budding seed, the heavens shine their all
This flower to be our hopes, as the earth sparkles in the light
Flourishes as we look to a time when we can all smile again

やがて灯りの燈る夜が 和に明日の陽を語り
ただ善き願いに眠る その理想を胸に抱き

yagate akari no tomoru yo ga nigi ni asu no hi wo katari
tada yoki negai ni nemuru sono yume wo mune ni daki

Finally the night lit of lights speaks warmly of tomorrow’s sun
Sleep in your fair wishes, holding dreams close to your heart

xA rre maoh zz tAnYA za s.l. targue hiewi doodu a.u.k./.


Maoh would not stop believing, no matter how heartbreaking the world may be.

:/xA rre Atitia_rhaplanca tLYErLYEm siance/:


“Rhaplanca’s pure heart will surely bring about a paradise for everyone.”

ああ 生命を継ぐ種が 繋ぐ 明日の音を繋ぐ
この愛しき真な理想を 丘に土に空に捧げ

aa inochi wo tsugu tane ga tsunagu asu no ne wo tsunagu
kono itoshiki ma na yume wo oka ni tsuchi ni sora ni sasage

Ah, carrying life onward, this seed weaves together the sounds of tomorrow
I offer up my dream, beloved and true, to this hill, the earth and the sky

拓けや 新たに咲く花が 大地 理想を響かせる
さあ 愛しき真な詩を 想い繋ぎ奏でや 拓けや

akeya arata ni saku hana ga daichi yume wo hibikaseru
saa itoshiki ma na oto wo omoitsunagi kanadeya akeya

Make way! This flower blossoming anew echoes our dreams over all the earth
Come sing your lovely song woven of many emotions! Make way for tomorrow!

xE rre qejyu f.w.r Atitia_rhaplanca, ag w.s. pipit tapa tie poe/.


Finally, others accepted Rhaplanca’s pure heart, giving what little water they had to the seed.

xE sorr cEzE sarsa l.l.n. poe, naave rre varda aLYEukA ess zz sarsa/.


And it was a blessed rain to the seed, which grew into a large tree in this land with no rain.