Anticipating Reitaisai 10 // 第十回博麗神社例大祭

There’s a lot of the Girls’ Sealing Club this time around, and I’m definitely not complaining. Please recommend other albums for me to list either in the comments or via Twitter.








凋叶棕 [RD-Sounds] / 徒 “itazura” [*]

Does RD ever disappoint? Both instrumentals and vocals are fantastic and RD again tries successfully to stretch his range of instrumental genres. His folklore-ish tracks never sound forced, his melodies and harmonies are always complex, and he always pushes his vocalists to the limit. Also, nyan-nyan – am I right? There’s not a track on this xfd that I don’t like. I’m especially excited by his arrangement of Enigmatic Doll, an original track I’ve always liked, as well as Nyan-Nyan’s tracks (11-12), 二色蝶 (8), sung by a new guest vocalist, and はるのおと ―同声合唱とピアノのための― (9) (as I’ve always been a fan of 天空の花の都). Everytime I listen to this xfd I fall in love with each track all over again. If’ve been to my site before and -haven’t- listened to RD yet, something is probably wrong with you ^^; We’re looking at another masterpiece. (騙 probably still presides over the number 1 slot though).

鶫 x Adam Kadmon [Tsugumi] / Phonograph [*]

Phonograph starts out as strong as any album ever could. It may be Tsugumi x Adam Kadmon, but even as the feel of the tracks flip back and forth it all fits together seamlessly. It doesn’t hurt the album to have some of the best original tracks behind it, and this album truly embodies the paradox of both light-hearted and dark that I’ve come to expect from Tsugumi. If I wasn’t such an RD fan, this might have grabbed the top spot. Every track is spectacular.

サリー [Sally] / ロープ “Rope” [*]

Sally’s continuing on it’s conquer path, now running over the first half of TH7:東方妖々夢~Perfect Cherry Blossom. Judging just off of the xfd, I’d say that Rope is looking to vy for at least second or third out of all of Sally’s albums thus far (after Sally). I really have completely warmed up to IZNA at this point, and OR, I’ll be right here, ゆきどけ and 爪 are probably my favorite tracks. Fantastic. This, 徒 -itazura-, Phonograph, and Degenerate Dancehall will probably be the first albums to have translations.

Alstroemeria Records / Degenerate Dancehall [*]

I don’t know about you, but I really like Alstroemeria’s “Dancehall” era. I’m a big fan of seamless/gapless albums that are done right, and Masayoshi Minoshima knows what he’s doing. I really like that Nhato (since 2nd) and Camellia (since 3rd) have become a standard part of the dancehall structure. The remixes don’t at all take away from the flow of the rest of the album (unlike the remixes in Haunted and Killed), and they happen to be some of my favorites. If I have to be disappointed in anything it’s that since there are two remixes and they are originally from other dancehall albums, it kind of feels like we’re getting a little cut short – but that’s just nitpicking, and like I said I think the remixes are great.

As always Masayoshi Minoshima tends to pick up on those little arranged PC-98 favorites (博麗 〜Eastern Wind), and that always makes me happy – and for whatever reason, I like when there are specifically arrangements of “Necro Fantasy” (not “Necrofantasia”).

My favorite tracks are “WIND A CLOCK”, “FIRST DAWN, AMBER WIND” and “NECRO EFFECT” then “LIMBO” … and “KILL MAGIC” and “DREAM VISION” – well it’s hard to not count any tracks on these Dancehall albums, they’re built to be all part of a whole after all.

死際サテライト [Shinigiwa Satellite] / AWAKENING EP [*] [*] [*] [*]

I think this is the first time we haven’t had a full pre-mastering demo track for a Shinigiwa Satellite release, but from the minute we get a glimpse of, we know Ei-Seitarou’s singing backup vocals and the emotion that we’ve been feeling in Shinigiwa’s last few releases is here to stay. These little EPs are almost always a hassle to get a hold of, but damn it it’s worth it every time. Some of those trademark “blank CDs” I have sitting on my shelf are worth gold to me. I know Shinigiwa Satellite is not everyone’s thing, but you should all give it a try. Their songs bring manly tears.

<echo>PROJECT / 博麗霊夢が死んだ “Hakurei Reimu ga Shin’da” [*]

I love it. The first instrumental track sounds like a heart monitor, and then the xfd breaks into “Ghoti〜東風谷早苗が想うこと〜” Sanae’s track, and it is fantastic (definitely my favorite). Then, I suppose Marisa’s in trouble too with “meridian 〜霧雨魔理沙が死ぬときは〜” (When Marisa Dies…), but I’m a sucker for duets, and then the short album ends with a strong powerful Endless Shrine Maiden arrange. “salbier 〜永遠の巫女〜” <echo>PROJECT does -not- disappoint. Even though it’s a sort album, ever since “Mary Had a Little Love” I’ve been waiting and waiting…

MN-Logic24 / Saku-Love Communication (サクラヴコミュニケイション) [*]

Fantastic, with dual arrangements from members of <echo>Project, minimum electric design, cakebox and TUMENECO, this short album is full of LOVE! I’ll have to admit that most of my exposure to MN-Logic24 in the past has just been the track pyrolysis, but that was good and I’m glad to see I’m taken by the whole album this time around.

monochrome coat / Object [*]

Sally originally branched from monochrome coat, and Tsugumi from Sally, so they’re all intimately connected anyway, but it seems this RTS they’re really throwing themselves all together. Thus, I’m giving more attention to monochrome, and whether that’s the reason or not, this album sounds fantastic to me. It helps that it’s a Hifuu Club only album and has so much Merami. Compared to Sally/Tsugumi this one’s got more of a resonant atmosphere sound. Maybe it’s just the bass, but it’s easier to sink in to and more techno sounding. My favorite are probably the first four, but that doesn’t mean the latter half is lacking – it finishes well.

ぴずやの独房 [Pizuya’s Cell] / Clair de Lune [*]

Clair de Lune is fantastic. It’s Gothic Pizuya meets Torifune/Izanagi. It’s a little bit flooded with sound, but that might just be a xfd. I like music that makes me feel a little uneasy ^^. I’m looking forward to the lyrics.

ぴずやの独房 [Pizuya’s Cell] / 瑞雲 “zuiun'” [*]

I’ve always been a crazy fan of Godwood’s piano albums, and though I still think nothing has topped Bibamus.Moriendum.Est, this is a good solid godwood album. If you liked any of his previous albums, you’ll love this one. It’s not pure piano like the first two albums, but it doesn’t divert too much and the other instruments don’t feel out of place.

Barrage Am Ring / Barrage Am Ring 3 Arrange/side [*]

Hifuu Club Only Heavy Scream/Growl Metal. Power-driven and loud. Each track is terrific and varied, and there isn’t a track I don’t like. ^o^

回路 -kairo- / Do not distract the eye in the here and now [*]

Subterranean Animism Screamo and Rock. I’ve been liking kairo more and more ever since I bumped into them through Buta-Otome. This is a good solid album – it’s got the atmosphere right and the screaming’s not near as heavy as say… Barrage Am Ring. Light, blaze, mirror and cold are probably my favorite tracks.

Shibayan Records / TOHO BOSSANOVA 2 [*]

DDBY / 癒しの風 “Iyashi no Kaze” vol.1 大空魔術 “Oozora Majutsu” [*]

Swing Holic / 東方ぴあのとりお “Touhou Piano Trio” [*] [*] [*]

zytokine / Dancing Dollz [*]

Sound Holic / 夢 -yume- [*] [*] [*]

CROWS’CLAW / The Flames Of The Inferno [*]

豚乙女 [Buta-Otome] / 獣道 “Kemonomichi” / “Animal Path” [*]

This one’s a good, solid album. It’s got a bit more of its energy back as compared to the last few albums. I hope that this is going to give me a good excuse to go back to translating some Buta-Otome songs. Their lyrics are usually interesting and I’m afraid I’ve given them the slip a bit. We’ll see more after the release. Here I am talking about energy, but my favorite two tracks via XFD are probably 暖かい嘘 (8) and ソレでいい (5) (the slower songs), so now I’m just being hypocritical ^^; (but they feel… fuller? I don’t know) – Give this one a listen.

Foreground Eclipse / Unnamed Demo

Clockworks Tracer / Shangri-la in bloom [*]

Further Ahead of Warp / The Neverending Story [*] [*]

Alice’s Emotion / Eternity [*]

EastNewSound / Mindless Act [*]

signum/ii / Brighter Oath [*]

黄昏フロンティア [Tasogare Frontier] / 東方心綺楼~Hopeless Masquerade (TH 13.5) [*]

ZUN / 東方輝針城~Double Dealing Character (TH14) Demo [*]

Spi-ca / アリスト “Alice-to” (FAUST Literary Magazine Parody) [*]

    • Integral
    • May 22nd, 2013

    I’ve only listened to the Degenerate Dancehall crossfade. Sounds great so far.

    No word yet from Syrufit? He missed C83 as well…

      • Meriole
      • May 22nd, 2013

      For Syrufit, I don’t know what happen but the website expire. No more information in twitter. What doing this circle ? It’s a secret. If someone say something can he tell me, please ?

    • FrequencyBlue
    • May 22nd, 2013

    new PROJECT, I am excited. Also dat cover is so unique .

    • FrequencyBlue
    • May 22nd, 2013

    I mean echo<PROJECT>

    • dark saber
    • May 22nd, 2013
    • Just click the links in the asterisks ^^

      If you want to order it it should be available at melon-books or toranoana, though you’ll have to use a proxy service.

        • dark saber
        • May 22nd, 2013

        thanks :3

    • FrequencyBlue
    • May 22nd, 2013

    kafkafuura :
    Yeah, those <> s cause problems in the comments haha ^^

    btw, I think you made a typo, its “<echo>PROJECT”

    • Serativale
    • May 22nd, 2013

    Yes, DDBY! Though I really favor this style, I still miss Bizen’s dnb.

    • Rami
    • May 23rd, 2013

    New zytokine *w* It sounds amazing! No Syrufit again…. T_T

  1. I wonder if you can upload album “Hakurei Reimu ga Shinda”? Because it nowhere to be found now and i have fallen in love since “Mary had a little love”.

    • I was never able to get my hands on that album, actually. ^^;
      “Mary had a little love” was amazing – if you can find 櫻雨キネマトグラフ by 全自動少女, I also recommend that, the album has a lot of the same people that worked on “Mary had a little love”. Unfortunately 全自動少女 only released one album and one extra track before ceasing to exist….

      • So hopeless.
        By the way, have you tried レタレイト by Rephonics last Reitaisai? It was formed by some old member of project and i highly recommend ít.
        And thank you for recommend 櫻雨キネマトグラフ, i love it ^^ .

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