An Announcement

After a long and arduous process, my application to join the ranks of JET CIRs (Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program: Coordinator for International Relations) has been rejected.

But don’t worry about me, my generation is the generation of rejection.

What this realistically means is that the chances of me moving to Japan within the next five years has fallen to about 1% or lower. I have been known to throw double-criticals in D&D before (0.25%), but now it’s safe for me to both mentally and financially plan for staying here. Which in turn means that it is likely I will soon join the ranks of Texan gun owners, I may start investing in a motorcycle, a masters degree in mathematics, and (ironically?) you can bet your ass I’ll be translating a lot more (in terms of more ambitious projects).

In two days time I’ll be 24. In some parts of the world reaching this age means an effective end of individuality. Many people of earlier generations already were locked into a family, even today many people have already found themselves in their terminal job, or some other sort of immutable position.

I can’t think that way. I may never be wealthy, but I will make sure I have the time of my life.

I look forward to another year and I hope that you all enjoy!

  1. Sucks you were rejected, but I feel the same way. My main goal in life has been just to live, you know?

    More power to ya

  2. It’s always important to follow a dream. Of course, following involves movement, right?
    It’s right to keep going; if not in five years, then six or seven or eight! Or something like that.

    Your attitude is inspiring. Rejection comes from all angles, you know? Success, also.

    • Xardos
    • April 4th, 2013

    It doesn’t really matter how old you are if you enjoying your life. It’s up to you how to live!

    • Serativale
    • April 4th, 2013

    Well that’s a shame. That perspective is quite refreshing though. Strive!

    • Nijiru
    • April 5th, 2013

    On a side note: happy birthday! :D

  3. Happy Birthday!

    • Wayne
    • April 10th, 2013

    When one border closes another one opens…

  4. Well, if you are a bachelor degree holder you might want to look at Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology scholarships. I know a friend’s wife who got to study a postgraduate Masters programme with the University of Tokyo(I think, I could be wrong).

    • Unfortunately I don’t qualify for most of them, and Japanese Studies would require me to be currently enrolled in a masters degree program in Japanese Studies and be enrolled after as well. D:

      I guess there’s the research grant, but I think that would be a hard thing to swing… ^^;

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