君の夢 // Kimi no Yume

Requested by: Emma

It’s been a while since I’ve translated such a lovely song.

There’s a little subject confusion in the original I didn’t try too hard to correct, but I’d suggest the only the quotes in the small two line stanzas were spoken by the narrator.

 Kimi no Yume
 A Dream about You
Vocal: 舞花
Arrangement: NAGI☆ + Tim Vegas
Guitar: NAGI☆
Lyrics: 宇田敬子
Circle: 発熱巫女~ず
Album: Coda
Event: Reitaisai 8

静かに伸びる 白いヒコウキ雲
窓から覗いた景色は まだ変わらないまま
無邪気に笑う 君のあどけなさも
ふわりと漂う 心を揺さぶるその懐かしい薫り

shizuka ni nobiru shiroi hikoukigumo
mado kara nozoita keshiki wa mada kawaranai mama
mujaki ni warau kimi no adokenasa mo
fuwari to tadayou kokoro wo yusaburu sono natsukashii kaori

Silently, white jet streams stretch across the sky
The view outside my window really hasn’t changed one bit,
Neither has the innocence in your lighthearted smile
Nor the nostalgic fragrance shaking my heart as it drifts by

「今投げ出してしまえたら 楽なのに」
こんなにも弱い心から 飛びたとうよ翼広げて

“ima nagedashiteshimaetara raku nano ni”
kon’na ni mo yowai kokoro kara tobitatou yo tsubasa hirogete

“If I gave up now, everything would be so much easier…”
But instead I’ll spread my wings, and fly away from this weak heart of mine

繰り返すメロディー 呼んでいる想いを乗せて
巡り会う いつしか同じ場所で
君が強く熱く願うなら 何があってもきっと大丈夫って
うなずいて また歩き出す

kurikaesu melody yon’deiru omoi wo nosete
meguriau itsushika onaji basho de
kimi ga tsuyoku atsuku negau nara nani ga attemo kitto daijoubu tte
unazuite mata aruikidasu

A melody repeats, carrying emotions calling out to me
And suddenly I’m back in the same place we once met
“As long as you wish for it with all your might, I’m sure everything will be alright.”
I nod, and we keep walking

優しく揺れる 木々は波のように
ひとひら舞い散る 花びらさえ美しいほど
過ぎ行く時間が 刻む想い出達
小さく響いた足音 寂しくこだまする長い道

yasashiku yureru kigi wa nami no you ni
hitohira maichiru hanabira sae utsukushii hodo
sugiyuku toki ga kizamu omoidetachi
chisaku hibiita ashioto sabishiku kodama suru nagai michi

The gently swaying trees are like waves on water
Memories I’ve made through time, as beautiful
As each flower petal as it drifts to the ground
The sound of footsteps echo lonesomely down this long road

「今泣き出してしまったら どうしよう」
こんなにも脆い自分から 抜け出そうよ夢を掲げて

“ima nakidashiteshimattara doushiyou”
kon’na ni mo moroi jibun’ kara nukedasou yo yume wo kakagete

“What if I fall apart, and break out in tears…?”
But no, I’ll take hold of my dreams, and break out of my weak self

口ずさむメロディー 込み上げる想いを奏で
振り返り 感じた幼い日々
少し震えて見えたその手も 何があっても君を守るんだって
誓うから また強くなる

kuchizusamu melody komiageru omoi wo kanade
furikaeri kan’jita osanai hibi
sukoshi furuete mieta sono te mo nani ga attemo kimi wo mamorun’datte
chikau kara mata tsuyoku naru

I hum a melody, letting out the emotions welling up inside me
And I turn back, to those days when we were young
Your hand was shaking when you said, “No matter what happens, I’ll protect you.”
I promise, I’ll be strong

ほら 手をとって また歩き出そう

hora te wo totte mata arukidasou

Take my hand, and let’s keep walking

  1. Hello, i dont know if this is the correct place to request a translation and i am sorry if i am wrong. Can you translate Steady Night from East New Sound? Arrangement: Kokuchou / Lyrics: Kaito / Vocals: Ritsuka. Remilia Scarlet Theme. Thank you in advance and for your time, :D

    • Emma
    • February 27th, 2013

    Thank you so much! :D Here’s the video that I think this song was originally used for, and it’s also very beautiful:

  2. my apologies first, i need your permission
    I use your translation to my video in youtube http://youtu.be/dkA4B8SlMFA

    • No problem – you have a link that directs back here so it’s fine ^^

  3. Thank you for such a wonderful translation. I nearly cried :D
    Well, something was on my mind so I decided to ask:
    Isn’t it that “振り返り”‘s romaji is “furikaeri” ? You put it “furikaeru” so I was wondering :)
    Anyway, love your translation <3

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