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My favorite always ignored characer needs some extra love!!!!! (Reimu even pretty much ignores her in-game until she shows up again as the extra stage boss.)

This is another one of those songs that I kind of get, but a lot of the wording’s a bit weird so I’m not entirely sure what’s going on.

For those that don’t know, Rika is the first stage boss and the extra stage boss of 東方封魔録~Story of Eastern Wonderland. She’s the source of all the trouble that starts Reimu on her adventure – but Reimu doesn’t believe her (I guess with good reason, because Rika plans to lead her into a trap ^^;), breaks one of her tanks and zips on by, eventually getting involved with Mima (who is more just trying to train Reimu ^^;). The extra stage is when Reimu goes “Oh, maybe I should fix the real problem.” By which time Rika’s using her strongest tank, the Evil Eye Sigma – claimed by some as the hardest boss in all of Touhou.


Vocal: 坂上なち
Arrange: Masayoshi Minoshima
Lyrics: Haruka
Circle: Alstroemeria Records
Album: Dominated Dancehall
Event: C83

願い続けてた者は いつか無気力に消えて
恨み続けてた者が 増えてくような気がしてた
君が望んでたものは 君が願ってたものは
すべて この場所にあるの? それも消えてゆくものなの?

negaitsudzuketeta mono wa itsuka mukiryoku ni kiete
uramitsudzuketeta mono ga fueteku you na ki ga shiteta
kimi ga nozon’deta mono wa kimi ga negatteta mono wa
subete kono basho ni aru no? sore mo kieteyuku mono nano?

I felt that all those who kept hoping were fading away into apathy,
That all those who kept on hating were only going to increase.
What is it that you wished for? What is it that you hoped for?
Is everything here? Is everything all things that are fading away?

もう、過ぎていたこと そう、なにも変わらず
そんな想いはいつか 特別なものに

mou, sugiteita koto sou, nani mo kawarazu
todokanai keredo
son’na omoi wa itsuka tokubetsu na mono ni

I still can’t reach for chances that have already gone by,
It makes no difference,
But these emotions will eventually become something special…

過ぎ行く頃は 気づかないままに
流されていた この私
ぐるぐる廻る この季節の中
取残されて 恨んでた
過ぎ行く日々が 私を忘れた
ずっとこのまま 動くことも忘れ
だけどこの想いだけ 忘れないままでいた

sugiyuku koro wa kidzukanai mama ni
nagasareteita kono watashi
guruguru mawaru kono kisetsu no naka
torinokosarete uran’deta
sugiyuku hibi ga watashi wo wasureteta
zutto kono mama ugoku koto mo wasure
dakedo kono omoi dake wasurenai mama de ita

As you passed me by, unnoticed
I was washed away
Through the seasons turning ’round
Left behind, I was filled with hatred
The passing days forgot me
Fixed in place, I forgot about moving
But I was able to keep from forgetting these emotions.

願い続けてたことが いつか無駄に思えてた
恨み続けてたことも 君のためなら消えてゆく
君が望んでたものと 君が願ってたものは
すべて 私が叶える そうね、それが無駄としても

negaitsudzuketeta koto ga itsuka muda ni omoeteta
uramitsudzuketeta koto mo kimi no tame nara kieteyuku
kimi ga nozon’deta mono to kimi ga negatteta mono wa
subete watashi ga kanaeru sou ne, sore ga muda to shitemo

No matter how long I kept hoping, I eventually thought it was useless.
No matter how long I kept hating, I would stop for your sake.
What you have wished for, what you have hoped for,
I’ll make everything come true, even it is just as useless.

時はながれてた そう、君を追えずに
そんな想いはいつも 特別なものに

toki wa nagareteta sou, kimi wo oezu ni
todokanai, dakedo
son’na omoi wa itsumo tokubetsu na mono ni

Time has passed me by, and without chasing after you,
I can never reach you,
But these emotions will always become something special…

何も変わらない そう、変わることない
君のためにだけなら 特別なものに

nani mo kawaranai sou, kawaru koto nai
kono omoi naraba
kimi no tame ni dake nara tokubetsu na mono ni

Nothing has changed, and these emotions of course
Haven’t changed either,
But for your sake, they will become something special…

過ぎ行く頃に 気づいていたなら
君のことさえ 失くさずに
ぐるぐる廻る この季節の中
取残されず 過ごせてた?
過ぎ行く日々が 君だけ忘れた
そこにいるのに 変わらずに今でも
今もこの想いだけ 特別な想いだけ

sugiyuku koro ni kidzuiteita nara
kimi no koto sae nakusazu ni
guruguru mawaru kono kisetsu no naka
torinokosarezu sugoseteta?
sugiyuku hibi ga kimi dake wasureta
soko ni iru no ni kawarazu ni ima demo
ima mo kono omoi dake tokubetsu na omoi dake

As you passed me by, if you noticed me
Would I have not lost you
Through the seasons turning ’round
Would I have been not left behind?
The passing days forgot only you
Even though I am right here, even now
Only these emotions… these special emotions…

若紫 // “Wakamurasaki” ーヒカルが地球にいたころ…… “Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Ita Koro” [3]

I wanted to have finished reading this one about a month ago, but what with getting sick, being busy with C83 stuff, being busy with having to make up all the hours I missed at work, I really took my time getting around to this one. I really have gotten to the point where I haven’t read any of the source material for this series, so at some time or another I’ll probably have to track down one of the large volumes of the English translations and read through the whole story.

Shorter than normal review this time. (I think.)

若紫 – ヒカルが地球にいたころ……③
 ”Wakamurasaki” Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Ita Koro…… (3)
 ”Wakamurasaki” When Hikaru was on the Earth…… (Official-Off-Cover-Translation)
著:野村美月 (Author: Nomura Mizuki)
画:竹岡美穂 (Illustrator: Takeoka Miho)
ファミ通文庫 (Famitsu Bunko)
ISBN-13: 978-4047277199


It’s never a good idea to go into an isolated place with a elementary school girl, Koremitsu. What are you going to do when she decides to pull your pants down? What then?

That’s all I have to say.


赤城是光  Akagi Koremitsu [Protagonist / Living]

A very delinquent with a kind heart. A fitting personality for a once stray, now vicious guard-dog. || Koremitsu (Hikaru Genji’s Assistant/Friend)

帝門ヒカル Mikado Hikaru “Hikaru no Kimi” [Protagonist-II / Deceased]

The beautiful ghost of a beautiful romancing boy loved by almost all women everywhere, who has made way too many promises and likes to use flowers as metaphors. Currently possesses Koremitsu. || Hikaru Genji

若木紫織子 Wakagi Shioriko “Shi-ko” [“Heroine”]

A nine year old elementary school student who partakes in the sport of “Sparrow Hunting”. Hard pressed for money after her grandfather, being too kind, ended up having to sell his home to pay off an acquaintance’s debts. A girl whose only tears are fake tears. The first characters of her name spell Wakamurasaki, and her name can be read as “bookmark girl” || Wakamurasaki

式部帆夏  Shikibu Honoka “Nioi-Murasaki/Purple-Hime”

The girl who sits one seat across from Koremitsu. She feels an inherent duty to help Koremitsu with what he’s trying to do, and lately has found herself worrying and thinking about him so much that she doesn’t really know what to do with herself. Under the pen name “Purple-Hime/Princess Purple” she writes cellphone romance novels and manages a love consulting forum. || Murasaki Shikibu (Author of the Tale of Genji)

齋賀朝衣  Saiga Asai “Asa no Miya”

Head of the student council and full of disdain and doubt, she keeps watch over Koremitsu’s actions. || Asagao

左乙女葵  Saotome Aoi “Aoi no Ue”

Part of the elite class and Hikaru’s (former) fiancee, has complicated feelings towards Koremitsu, her “brother” is afraid she’ll strip in front of him. (ww) || Aoi

近江 ひいな  Oumi Hiina

A member of the newspaper club, she while working directly with other possibly blood-related characters in the background, does everything she can to stimulate a response and grab information from Koremitsu. Appears to be trying to find out who killed Hikaru. || ?


Koremitsu’s in a pinch. Honoka kind of just confessed her love, but then half retracts it. Not a few days ago Koremitsu said goodbye to his first love, and he’s a bit mixed up inside. He sort of ends with “If Honoka’s ok with proclaiming that ‘I-it’s only like, not love!’, then I’ll just leave things be for now.” Just his luck though, and the whole school starts to think he’s gay. So to distract himself from all the headache he decides to go clear up Hikaru’s next love regret.

In front of a nearby elementary school, Koremitsu asks Hikaru again, “Are you sure this is the right place? And why am I wearing a dog collar anyway?” At first he thinks he’s going to have to deal with an elementary school -teacher- before a young girl half his height asks him, “Are you Hikaru’s friend?”

“Are you here to take my virginity?”

“I didn’t want to make Shi-ko into a girl who couldn’t cry when she wanted to.”

“I’m not a child!”

“From this day forth, you’re going to be my dog.”

“We’re going hunting for sparrows.”

“What are you doing!?!? You chased him away!!”

“My mother, on her way to becoming an idol, died giving birth to me at fifteen.”

“Good people are only deceived until they lose everything! I’ll never be a good person, I’m going to be on the deceiving side!”

Evaluation / Rating:

Part of it may be due to the fact that I mostly read this episode in a more fragmented fashion, but so far – I liked this volume the least of the series. Don’t get me wrong – I liked and appreciated a lot of the themes, about family and potential and the differences in being kind and cutthroat… though the word Hikaru uses for Shioriko-chan is “my joy”, I think “my hope” would have been more appropriate. I doubt the series is going to span five to ten years, but Shioriko’s duality of light and dark (even in her blood) would make her a more interesting character than she is now. I guess my complaints have more to do with Honoka getting pushed aside and made a bit more into a flat, Nanase-like character. Though I had a kick out of the “gravure” scene, I would have actually rather her shown up less than having her popped up the way she did. It’s not like she’s not in a complicated situation, it just feels like it’s being glossed over a bit – again, not that I would mind her role in this volume cut back – it’s not really her time yet, but still… I found myself much more interested in the Hikaru’s “relative” who we meet again for the first time in a long while, other than her part in writing the parts at the beginning and ending of each volume.

I know Asai’s still three volumes away, but I’m also looking forward to seeing more of her character; we only get a complicated flash of anger in this one, but it’s enough to draw you in. Another thing I liked about this volume was the fact that we actually got to see some of the character come out of Koremitsu’s grandfather and aunt. Characterization of a protagonist’s family is extremely rare in this sort of medium; parental figures are usually treated like ghosts.

For whatever reason, I also appreciated Shioriko’s attitude toward the “idol” profession. “I’d rather engage in dangerous blackmailing operations than step one foot inside a studio.”

Remember, these points are kind of like points are in QI – they don’t really mean much.

Overall: 8.6

Not bad, it felt more like a transition volume, mostly because I found myself more interested in the backdrop of the story than the actual story.

Concept: 9.0

Great as always. Unfortunately I know very little about the original to make proper comparisons.

Pacing: 8.8

You’re either learning something about characters, chasing worried after Shioriko, or watching a comedy scene. It flows – the only problem is tied with the plot.

Plot: 8.2

If I sit and think about the plot, and the plot alone, it feels like an “interesting glimpse” of a war of elites from the perspective of a collateral casualty. I liked and felt the themes that were floating around, but one problem was that I always felt like I was being jerked in and out of the plot, so it was harder to pay attention to it. Worst of all, when I encountered the scenes that were part of the “overarching plot” I was so much more interested that I almost forgot what was going on in the foreground.

Characters: 9.2

Shioriko is about as deep and complicated as is realistic for someone her age, if she were any “deeper” I think it would be hard to get into the story, but I rank “characters” high more for the glimpses that we get of everyone else… except Honoka, Honoka was flattened for this volume, and I’m still a little upset about it.

Writing Style/Flavor: 9.0

Rather average, but “average for Nomura Mizuki” which means it’s still a 9.

Illustrations: 9.5

A lot of Shioriko/Shiiko. I still think Honoka’s cuter.