Sorry it took me so long, there’s a lot of the booklet that’s hard to read.

I’ll get to Grate Escapers soon so we can have the whole album done. (EDIT: Should have done that one a really long time ago… sorry ^^;)


Due to something a comment made by 名も無き秘封好き I have edited a few stanzas. [“sowa(=soba) … ga” to “so wa … ka” “beside (mono=things) are” to “(here=you/there/things in this place) (mono=emphasis) are?”] The end result is a more personal atmosphere – the question brings more empathy into the equation so I decided to address it with a pluralish “you” (though it’s not necessarily plural I wanted the middle part to be an all inclusive mix so it turned pluralish).

Vocal: めらみぽっぷ
Arrange+Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Circle: 凋叶棕
Album: 誘 -izanai-
Event: C83


[oide, oide, to yobu koe ga kikoeru. totemo, tooku no, doko ka kara, kikoeru.
 sono koe wa, mune no uchi e to, hibiite. soko shirenu nani ka e to, watashi wo izanau]

[I hear a voice calling, “Come… Come hither…” from somewhere far off in the distance.
 It rings, deep into my heart, calling me… drawing me towards something, unfathomable.]

そは きえゆくものか
ほろびに そのみをゆだね
なを しるものも とだへ
しんさへも うしなはれ
いまはとて かんさふるみも
憐れや 憐れや

so wa kieyuku mono ka
horobi ni sono mi wo yudane
na wo shiru mono mo tadoe
shin’ sae mo ushinaware
ima wa tote kan’safuru mi mo
aware ya aware ya

So here too, you are disappearing?
You fall into ruin, unable to resist.
Those that knew your names die out.
Belief in your very existence is lost.
Now, even if you age into legend…
How pitiful, how pitiful you are!

そは うつろふものか
さだめに まかせるままに
いにしえに ふりゆく
あやかしの みなれども
おそるるもの もなければ
憐れや 憐れや

so wa utsurou mono ka
sadame ni makaseru mama ni
inishie ni furiyuku
ayakashi no mi naredomo
osoruru mono mo nakereba
aware ya aware ya

So here too, you are fading away?
Left to your fates, unable to resist,
You fall into the distant past.
Even if you live on as spirits,
If there is no one to fear you…
How pitiful, how pitiful you are!

あまねく やみ
もろともの つみ
みな いざなはん

amaneku yami
morotomo no tsumi
kegare sae mo
mina izanawan
fukaki yume mo
sono kanata e to
utsutsu ni miru wa

Ever present darkness,
All of the sin and
Impurity along with it,
All call out to others
Into deep dreams
And far beyond – there
What appears to be real is

たどり いざなふまま
いくどのよる をすぎゆく
わがもとに つどひて
ついの ありかとせよ

tadori izanau mama
ikudo no yoru wo sugiyuku
wa ga moto ni tsudoite
tsui no arika to se yo

Come this way, calling others
As the nights pass on and on.
Gather to me, and make this
Your final destination.


[yon’deiru. mimi wo sumashi, kikeba, soko ni hora.
 yon’deiru. tooki kuni no monogatari ga]

[It’s calling. Listen… Can’t you hear it, right there?
 It’s calling… This tale of a distant land of fantasy.]


(aa, kono utsukushiki sekai to tomo ni…)

(Ah, together with this beautiful world…)


tadori, izanai no hate
kono rakuen’ e to itare
sono nozomi no mama
subete wo ukeireyou

Reaching the source of the calling,
Arrive unto this paradise.
All your wishes and desires,
I will accept without condition.


takeki yume sae,
yukusaki wo nakushita to shitemo

Even fierce dreams,
Those that have lost their destinations,


ushinawareyuku, sorera wo.

All those being lost to all.


koko de yobitsudzukeyou.

I will keep calling you here.


itsuka umarete,
soshite itsuka kuchiyuku, sadame no saki e

All those born,
And made to perish at the hands of fate.


soko ni subete wo.

Out to everything there is,


“watashi” wa towa ni yobitsudzukeyou.

“I” will continue to call, forever.


-owarinaki yume ga aru tame ni.

-So that there may be dreams that do not end.


-tsuienu yume wo kakiidaku tame ni.

-So that I may clutch to my chest, dreams that will not perish.

憐れや 憐れや

so wa
kieyuku mono ka
aware ya aware ya

So here too,
You are disappearing?
How pitiful, how pitiful you are!

憐れや 憐れや

so wa
utsurou mono ka
aware ya aware ya

So here too,
You are disappearing?
How pitiful, how pitiful you are!

  1. this website uploaded the lyrics few days ago

    • xyion
    • January 14th, 2013

    I got the lyric from the same website just one day after this song was released and was immediately fascinated by its beauty. Thanks so much for your translate Kafka. Finally I know my understanding is not so far from what it should be.

  2. Just wondering, will you be doing ALR’s Extra Love?

    • Tsukiakari
    • January 17th, 2013

    Yet another great translation. Say, Kafuka, I’m not sure if this is the right way to go about this, but I noticed you’d translated several other FELT songs, and so was wondering if I could make a translation request for “Runaway Drive.” You can hear the song here: And you can get the lyrics in Japanese or Romaji here: Sorry if this is the wrong way to go about a request. I’m kind of new to this site, so…

    • It’s the right way to make a request ^^; It just usually takes a long time for me to get to some requests and I don’t always get to all of them. I’ll try to take a look at it when I have some time. I have a sort of $5/song sponsored requests thing for doing things asap, but only a few people do that ^^; (details on the about page).

    • manga2x
    • June 30th, 2013

    Thanks for this translation.
    There is a story in the lyric.
    It is the story when Yukari created Gensokyo and calling for Youkai to live inside.

  1. April 10th, 2016
  2. February 15th, 2017

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