name for the love

I was aiming for five today, but I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen… “orz

Aya’s got a baby!? Before you freak out like I did, notice the writing on the baby’s clothes: 霊夢 “Reimu” – even without the picture, the song makes sense when you look at the arranged themes, “天狗が見ている~Black Eyes” – “A Tengu is Watching~Black Eyes” and 永遠の巫女 – “Everlasting Shrine Maiden”.

Alright, so let’s take a vote: Who thinks Aya is Reimu’s mother, and who thinks she’s her half-sister! (I guess you have the option of staying with “not-blood related”.)

The usual disclaimer. “to read RD-Sounds’ lyrics” alone is a good enough reason to learn Japanese – I can only attempt an adequate translation.


“name for the love” is paired with the track 今やファインダァは彼方から/Ima ya Finder wa Kanata kara – “Now the Finder, from afar…”

There is a very firm suggestion that Reimu’s real name either contains the character for “love” or is in fact, “love”.

“infinite color” is overlayed with the words “infinite fantasy” the word for infinite written the same as the infinite for “infinite hell/infinite nightmare”.

I pluralized the “wish with all our hearts” part because the stanza after that immediately makes clear that that is -not- what the singer truly wishes. So I basically did it to help form a better differentiation between what the singer truly wishes and what are “the wishes of the community” she has been made to acquiesce to. I could have worded it still in the first person, but in a more sarcastic fashion, but I didn’t think that would fit at all in context.

“the task of removing your yoke” – honestly, is probably a euphemism for “doing away with/killing because you are no longer useful”.

name for the love
天狗が見ている~Black Eyes|東方文花帖
Vocal: めらみぽっぷ
Arrangement and Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Circle: 凋叶棕 (RD-Sounds)
Album: 辿 “Tadori”
Event: C83



watashi no kotoba ga, wakarimasu ka.

Do you understand what I am saying?


watashi wo osorete, naku no desu ka.

Are you crying because you are scared of me?


sora wo, yubisasu no wa, naze nano desu ka.

Why is it you point up into the sky?


soko ni ima kara, iku koto wo,
anata wo kidzuiteiru no desu ka.

Is it because you’ve realized
That we’re about to go there now?


anata no, sono namae no, shimesu toori ni.

Just as your name here describes.


sora e to tadoru michi wo watashi to tomo ni, saa

Together with me over the path that leads to the sky. Come now…



zujou ni wa tsuki no nai, hoshi furu sora
kirari, kirari to, furisosogu sore ga anata no subete wo amaneku terasu.

Overhead is a moonless sky, raining with stars.
Glittering here and there they shine over all that you are.


anata wa sono me no oku ni, e mo iwarenu mugen no iro wo tatae
kotoba naku mo, watashi wo maru de miorosan’bakari.

The depths of your eyes filled with an unspeakably infinite color,
Even without words, I feel you are looking down on me.


aa, muku to iu ni wa, amari ni, tsumetai iro wo gushinagara,
kono yo no subete ni zokusanu koto wo kimeta you de.

Ah, holding within you a color too cold for you to be called pure,
It’s as if you’ve already decided you won’t be any part of this world.


sore wa kitto arui wa.
erarenu mono e no doukei ka?

But is that not just,
A symbol of longing for what you can never have?


“ai” to iu kotoba wo tatoi, watashi ga sasayaita to shitemo,
anata ga izure motomeru “sore” no kawari ni nari wa shinai.

Even if I were to use the word “love”, and whisper in your ear,
It would not replace that which you will one day seek.


“ai” wo motomezu, ikiteyuke to.
kiyoki arikata wo itaku negau.

“Live, without seeking ‘love'”
For you, a life of purity we wish with all our hearts.


watashi no ishi nado motomerareteinai kara.
kikaiteki ni, sou jimuteki ni, tada koto konaseba ii dake nano da ga.

For after all, I have no say in the matter…
I am only just mechanically, “dutifully”, doing what has been decided.


hitotsu omoisoeru koto ga yurusareru nara,
umareta kagiri wa sono inochi no aran’kagiri ni ikinukubeki de aru to.

If they would allow me to send you along with just one of my feelings,
It would be, now that you’ve been born, for you to live your life to its fullest.


aa, hito de arinagara “kakehashi” to shietemo ikiyo to iwarete,
sono motsu inochi wa, ittai dare no mono darou ka?

Ah, as a human, being told to live as “a bridge between us”,
Exactly who is it that “owns” your life?


sore wa, kitto arui wa.
subete wo nikumu un’mei ka?

But is that not just,
Another name for a fate to hate everything?

貴女が求めるであろう“そ れ”の代わりにはなれはしない。

“ai” to iu kotoba ga tatoi, anata ni rikai dekita to shitemo,
anata ga motomeru de arou “sore” no kawari ni wa nare wa shinai.

Even if I were to use the word “love”, and you were to understand me,
It would not replace that which you will one day seek.


“ai” wo sagasazu, ikiteyuke to.
tadashiki arikata wo tada negau.

“Live, without searching for ‘love'”
For you, a life of righteousness we wish with all our hearts.


itsushika, “ai” naki yue ni ashi wo tometeshimattara,
kubiki wo torisaru yakume wo ninaitai.

If one day, you were to stop in your tracks for lack of “love”,
I wish I would be the one given the task of removing your yoke.


sono na ga, himeru negai no toori ni ikiru anata wa,
“ai” nado, sagasu hitsuyou wa nai no da to.

Your name was given with the understanding that you, living a life to fulfill
Our hidden desires, “would have no need to search for love”.


…sore ga, kitto arui wa.
na wo eta mono no imi nano da.

…but it that not just,
What it means to be named?


sono na wa,
tada hitotsu no na wa,
ataerareta koto ga tashika nara,

But one thing
At the very least is certain
You were given a name.


sore koso, soko ni “ai” no aru, tashika na akashi to naru darou.

Is that not firm proof that in you I’ve placed my “love”?


itsushika, sono na de wa nai,
nanika to yobareru koto ni narou tomo,

Even if one day you come to be called
By something other than your name,


sore demo, hoka no dare ni mo, sono na wa kesshite ubawarenai.

Even so, no one, no one can take your name away from you.


“ai” no arika wo mune ni daite.
iza, wataru wa, kono yume no saki e.

Holding “love” close to my chest,
Now, we cross over, into fantasy, where my “dreams” will be.

  1. I’d have to vote on Aya being her mother but not her blood mother. (Although that may because I personally don’t know If I can see Aya as Reimu’s Mother ahah)

    It makes me think more about if Aya had much or any involvement in Reimu’s past. (Or at least more than what SSiB made me think)

    And also, Thanks for the translation!

  2. I have a really hard time imagining Aya as Reimu’s mother, even if not by blood. I could totally see them more as sisters (not by blood) though. They would remind me of two siblings who aren’t overly like each other and may share different views, however, they could always find a way to help each other or come to certain conclusions.

    Just my thoughts on it. I could totally be wrong and Aya could make for a great mom. Kids aren’t always like their parents~

    It’s already been said, but thanks for the translation. The albums haven’t disappointed :)

  3. Thanks for the translation! Rd-Sounds’ lyrics is always so beautiful, with the arrangements and vocals which makes me love them so much.

  1. September 29th, 2016

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