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Plaza On-Impulse

Commissioned by: Induviate

First of all, I’m sorry for taking so long.


I’m going to go ahead and say this translation was very, very hard. These lyrics are a complete mess. Given the “impulse” I think it’s possible that it’s on purpose, and maybe with the intention of portraying a warped time, but nothing’s really linked together properly at all, and I could only barely guess at many of the metaphors, so instead of trying to explain any awkward guesses, this translation aims to be as plain and undecorated as possible, while still making at least the slightest bit of sense when transitioned to an English sentence structure.

If I am to offer up any hints I found, the knives can be knives, or like sunbeams, burning and choking, or the silver itself can be anti-vampire – strangely the word for “silver” is the same used in “silver coins” – I don’t know if that means anything. Some of the stanzas refer to Touhou events, like the things that drift on her shoulders from a distant land, a season waited desperately for? “Perfect Cherry Blossom”, a treasure map showing where I want to go? “Undefined Fantastic Object”, festival of fog and red child (miko)? “Embodiment of Scarlet Devil”, others very vaguely point to Imperishable Night, but I’m not sure of much else, though I’m tempted to assign all of the games to some phrase here or there.

Plaza on Impulse

どうして 僕達は 幾つの夜を越えたろう
隠して 涙は 似合いすぎてしまいそう

doushite bokutachi wa ikutsu no yoru wo koetarou
kakushite namida wa niaisugiteshimaisou

How have we passed so many nights this way
Hiding, with tears all too fitting for us?

風祭後 色褪せぬように手を乗せた

kazematsurinochi iroasenu you ni te wo noseta

After the storm festival, so you would not fade, I placed my hands over you

触れないで おくれ着ぐるみ
紅が落ちた木では 美しくない 鳴応

musekaeru chougin’ no yaiba
furenaide okure kigurumi
kurenai ga ochita ki de wa utsukushikunai meiou

Suffocating silver knives
Don’t touch them! In costume
By a tree stripped of its crimson, what beauty is there? – birds calling…

誰だって 陽気になれば
眩しいね 無理言って 不思議

dare datte youki ni nareba
mabushii ne muri itte fushigi
arikitta hitsuu na me ni wa
aitaku mo nai kedo

When it’s a sunny day, everyone says
“It’s bright, isn’t it?”, it’s so strange
But it’s not like I want to be
Caught in something so painful


hitori sugosu ni wa
sugoshi dake nagasugiru yoru wo chidjimete

When I spend time alone,
I compress those nights that feel a bit too long

どうして 泣き顔を 心の奥に見せたの
この血 駆ける身は 急に暮れた 空の焦げ

doushite nakigao wo kokoro no oku ni miseta no
kono chi gakeru mi wa kyuu ni kureta sora no koge

Why did you show your crying face in the depths of my heart?
As I race through blood I am but the burnt remnants of a fast darkening sky.

振り切って 澄みきってた日々
不似合いな夕陽の頃 抜け殻の夢 清艶

doko e ikitai to kaizu
furikitte sumikitteta hibi
funiai na yuuhi no koro nukegara no yume seien’

Though there may be a treasure map showing me
Where I want to go, I shake it off, instead taking in
The setting sun unfitting of clear days, a dream like an empty shell – lucent…

それじゃあね それだけじゃダメ
弱輪がもげるような 浮遊

kotodzute ni kaete yaiba
sore jaa ne sore dake ja dame
jakurin’ ga mogeru you na fuyuu

Blades in place of rumor
Let’s leave it at that? No, that’s not enough
This groundless wandering is like I’ve been stripped of some weakness

解いて 交わりは 幾つも声をあげたわ
堕として 無くしたものばかりが 過る世へ

hodoite majiwari wa ikutsumo koe wo ageta wa
otoshite nakushita mono bakari ga meguri yo e

Coming apart and mixed together, I raised many voices
Into a world spinning with everything I had let fall and lost

五つ数えて オリオン座を撃て束灯り

itsutsu kazoete orion-za wo ute tabaakari

I count to five and shoot the Orion constellation, in a handful of lights


hareta hi ni furu ame mo suteki ne
ori wo yakigirebi wa utai

It’s wonderful when it rains on clear days
Flames burning and splitting the cage, a song

霧笠宴 赤き朱炎の御子
宵の枕辺 ああ恋しいお人

kirigasautage akaki shuen’ no miko
yoi no makurabe aa koishii o-hito

In a festival of fog, a red child of crimson flames
Is at my night’s pillow, ah, whom I love!

肩に ひらひら 異国から届けられる

kata ni hirahira ikoku kara todokerareru
kisetsu wo machiwabiteita

On my shoulders lightly drifts things that come from another land
How I had waited desperately for this season!

こうして 街は今 家路を捻じ曲げてくの
思い出の森へ 打ち鳴らした鐘の音を

koushite machi wa ima ieji wo negimageteku no
omoide no mori e uchinarashita kane no ne wo

In this way this street twists the way back home
Into this forest of memories I hear the sound a stricken bell…