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Anticipating C82

(^I don’t have a great camera.)

I have very specific tastes, I can’t can’t be comprehensive, so don’t stop here. Really now.

As time goes on I’ll add to the commentary, but I thought I might as well get this thing up. It’s not even a week until C82 (Comiket 82, Summer 2012, August 10-12).

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00 – ZUN/上海アリス幻樂団’s 伊弉諾物質~Neo-Traditionalism of Japan. “Izanagi Busshitsu” [*]

I’m beyond myself with excitement for this one, and I’ll probably rush to translate the story just like last time. I’m most excited for the Heartfelt Fancy remix, and of course all the originals. :D

01 – 凋叶棕/RD-Sounds’ 騙 -katari- [*]

Excuse me while I fall apart. This music reconstructs me as a perfect being. I’m extremely psyched for the lyrics, and excited about both the album’s theme of lies, and its original track.

[01/B-Side] Tie Story’s サブタレイニアン・ゴミ屑・ローズ “Subterranean Gomi-Kuzu Rose” [*]

There are two tracks with samples and they’re both fantastic. I’m also psyched for the story. I’m kinda on the look out for some good, tasteful (tasteful has nothing to do with “purity” in its love) R-18 too. (The story’s R-18).

02 – サリー (Sally)’s アイス “Ice” [*]

This crossfade is fantastic. NSY and ワニ just keep on surprising me with their excellent arrangements, and IZNA’s growing on me even more. Ranko I’ve always loved for the powerful stuff, Chata’s voice works great for the calmer stuff, IZNA’s best for the stranger stuff (which is slowly becoming my favorite kind), Merami’s excellent for the atmospheric stuff (which usually isn’t exactly the kind of stuff she does). Always breaking my expectations this group….

02 – 東京アクティヴNEETs (Tokyo Active NEETs)’ 東方爆音ジャズ3 “Touhou Bakuon Jazz 3” [*]

Just listen to the damn thing. I love these guys when they jam out hard “explosive” (their words not mine) jazz. I’ll be listening to this one for a very long while after it comes out.

[02/B-Side] Sprite Wing’s 幻想郷茶房~tea for two~ [*]

This is a short, 4-track mini album for all you smooth jazz lovers. I’m more of a hard jazz fan overall, but this is smooth jazz done right, so I decided to put it right next to Tokyo Active NEETs as a “B-Side”. Shibayan didn’t contribute a track, but he did the mixing and mastering (which he usually/often does for Sprite Wing).

04 – 死際サテライト (Shinigiwa Satellite)’s Signs EP [*]

Fantastic demo (of the 2nd track, 変遷ウロボロス “Henkan Uroboros”) It looks like this album’ll even been better than the last, and reminds me a bit of Dark Castle EP (though that might just be because it’s Merami in the demo). There’s a reason I’m addicted to these guys. Garage band-ish analog rock emo music never sounded so good. (I grew up with this stuff).

05 – 豚乙女 (Buta-Otome)’s ボウリング “Bowling” [*]

A great original album that’s as Buta-Otome as Buta-Otome can be. This album sounds considerably better than their Touhou album this time around, in my opinion. When a lot of groups start putting out originals (especially in the very beginning), there’s something lacking in either melody or beat. Arranging’s all about style and making something more complex, but you’re given a base to start with – sort of like a writing prompt (I guess?), but this album has none of the aforementioned problems. It’s bursting with character, utilizing all of the grand sense of style Buta-Otome has built up album after album. Tarantula (→Tarantella) keeps on that wonderful little high-pitched high pace type of song that I’ve secretly liked a lot.

05 – Alstroemeria Records’ The World Destination [*]

Yeah!!!! There are lots of PC-98 tracks with a great beat – this is just the kind of stuff I love from Alstroemeria. There’s even an arrangement of Crimson Dead!! >:D Apart from “Crimson Dead”, I especially love “In the Flickering” and “Innocent Treasures” (mican* fan here). Fall Out (original track) is sounding pretty awesome too. As is tradition, I’ll probably rip right through the translation of this as soon as it comes out. Nothing completely grabs me (like the last couple of albums), but Alstroemeria hasn’t disappointed me in a real long time.

05 – 鶫 -Tsugumi-‘s Major Ignition [*]

It sounds like Sally with a couple of dials changed on genre. I really like the vocals and it really feels like something I could listen to. Less Rokk (but still that awesome guitar!) more Idiosyncracy here. I’ll have to see where this offshoot goes. I like to see some of that “distorted circus” like elements we saw in Sally’s last album floating around. Depending on where this goes I might like this more… we’ll have to see. Anyway I’m very excited. If anything, it reminds me of “Poltergeist” (OP for Ghost Hound) in the way it feels, but all that jazz is done on the guitar.

No-pan Toyosatomimi-no-Miko!

08 – ピズやの独房/Pizuya’s Cell’s CORONeT [*]
08 – ピズやの独房/Pizuya’s Cell’s Prunus Centifolia [*]

These two albums are the mixture of a few new tracks and vocalizations of Pizuya x MyonMyon’s Second Album “Prunus Subhirtella” which is one of their best (“The Grimoire of Alice” level but cleaner). The last time they did something like this was “Resurrection Ballad” which wasn’t quite well received (I liked it alright though), but we have a variety of vocalists tackling tracks this time, not just YAMAGEN, and this is with a post-“Star”-Album Pizuya so I think they vocalizations are done much better. This is really a 2-DISC album as opposed to two separate albums, but I guess if I really have to distinguish them, … Prunus Centifolia has the slightest tinge more of that “Requiem” feeling.

10 – Alice’s Emotion’s Crimson Tempest [*]

Actually pretty damn fantastic. I’m pleasantly surprised. It sounds different from Alice’s Emotions recent albums I think, with more of a “strange and mysterious” feel to many of the tracks, others sound more interesting or just have a better beat.

10 – ZYTOKINE’s gold* [*]
10 – ZYTOKINE’s silver†[*]

These albums are stellar. Silver and Gold. I’ve been off and on about ZYTOKINE recently, but I love these. They’re full of a smooth kind of energy. I love every track and am looking forward to translate them.

13 – EastNewSound’s BlazeOut [*]

This might actually restore my faith in ENS to 62% (Before it was at about 18%). If feels much more promising than the last four. I still hold Felsic Mirage as ENS’s absolute peak, and hope they’ll outdo themselves one day.

13 – Cutie and Headshaking Sounds/C.H.S’s So Many Materials [*]

Fun with unusual combinations and beats. Rizna love.

15 – 子猫奪回屋 (Koneko-Dakkaiya)’s Acceleration ~幻想胡蝶糸~ [*]

This group goes by the tagline: 『Ultimate Rock、No Programming』. This time around Merami’s singing all the vocals for them, so they caught my attention. It’s a great short album, not quite as strong or powerful as others on this list, but the Bad Apple!! track and the Greenwich in the Sky track are both absolutely awesome.

16 – じゃねっと亭 (Janet-Tei)’s 夢の通い路 “Yume no Kayoiji” [*]

A short six-track that’s a little rough around the edges, but I like the feeling put behind each track, and it’s got a good light analog rock feel to it. This one’s a Ten Desires only album. It’s worth looking into. I’m still getting over that the vocals are all done by a guy named ななせ.

17 – CROW’SCLAW’s Acoustic Episode [*]

A good short acoustic mini-album. I’ve never been really attracted to the circle, but Taka is a great guitarist, and I’d never say otherwise. Maybe I should start keeping track again, I really liked their first 2-3 albums.

17 – EastNewSound’s Limited Dimension [*]

I can’t put my finger on it, maybe it’s more airy? But I think this one far better than their last original album.

[17/B-Side] Kirin’s AO (Vocaloid 3) Track “いつだってすぐ側に”: [NicoNicoDougaLink]

Great Vocaloid 3 track up for honorable mention alongside Limited Dimension. It’s good.

19 – 発熱巫女~ず (Hatsunetsumikos’) Starlight Prelude [*]

Got that jazzy feel to it, and I’m liking it. Especially loved the last track, but that might just be because I really love 陽花’s voice.

20 – Syrup Comfiture/Syrufit’s White Clear [*]

It’s got a … well very “clear” sound to it and a “white” quality too, but that’s probably me over thinking things. It’s smooth like Tito’s vodka. I like Shibayan’s track, but I haven’t heard a “smooth” track from him in a while, so it’s kinda strange. I’m not -really- excited about it, but there’s a few good tracks, I’ll probably be looking forward to Back Door and 我亲爱傀儡, but the whole album’s got a good atmospheric nature.

21 – FELT’s Little Planet [*]

FELT has kind of been all the same, but I’ll definitely be sure to check this one out. “Little Nova” really grabbed me and none of the tracks feel mediocre. Overall it’s better than usual, but I can’t really put my finger exactly on why.

Basically while I’ve ended up ignoring some of the more recent FELT albums, there’s a pretty good chance I won’t with this one.

22 – 豚乙女 (Buta-Otome)’s 8 -eight- [*]

Sounds like Sadistic Brownie, but slower and meshes a bit better – but well… it has the same problem as Sadistic Brownie. Buta-Otome’s instrumentals are MADE for Ranko, and no one can sing ’em better. I liked the avatars for everyone though hahaha. :3

23 – Lydia Grave’s カニッツァの花迷宮 “Kaniesa’s Flower Labyrinth” [*]

Original album. I went to listen to this xfd because I like 深水チエ and she sings the third track. While it doesn’t jump out at me too much, it is nice and reminds me of good 2000s anime themes – kinda.

24 – Amateras Records’ Unlogical Trick [*]

Not bad, but nothing really jumped out at me. I’m looking more to ENS right now. Part of the problem might be that Imperishable Night arranges usually have to go the extra mile for me to like them, and there are a lot on this album.


kors k S2TB Files2:Activate [*]

soft J-core, with some remixes :) Into the Night~

colis records’ Mother Notes [*]

Shibayan has a track, it’s Mother arranges.

少女病 (Shoujobyou/Girl Disease) 創傷クロスライン “Soushou Crossline” [*]

I still need to catch up on the full collection of these things… All of these albums usually tell a story, and RD-Sounds’ participates in the arrangements, so many->most of them are great.

Hardcore Tano*c’s Hardcore Syndrome 6 [*]

This one’s not actually C82, but it come out at almost the same time. The XFD is wonderful.