Now, Until the Moment you Die.

So who would you rather?

Drift off into the magical dimension and face off against Sariel, the six winged seraph angel who brought magic to the people, powerful enough to deceive anyone? One that rides the line of “Fallen Angel”, and servile “Angel of Death”.

Fall into the depths of hell and face off against Konngara, a violent astral yaksha knight with a horn impaled in her forehead and a vacuum for a heart, ranked with the number title of 10^112?

The lyrics for this are pretty cool, especially if you try to imagine what’s going on inside the narrator’s head and past. “Coward” I think refers to the narrator.

This is Sariel’s (first) theme by the way.


“Kill me! Kill me! Forgive me!!!” – is positioned in such a way that it can mean “cries of ‘Kill me! Kill me! Forgive me!!!'” or simply the narrator screaming out her own emotions.

Vocals+Lyrics: 綾倉盟 (Mei Ayakura)
Arrangement: Syrufit
Circle: Syrup Comfiture
Album: Blossom
Event: Reitaisai 9

さあ 永遠に悔やんで
また 振り返せるのなら でも
そう 次なんてどこにも
ほら ないことは気付いて

saa eien ni kuyan’de
mata furikaeseru no nara demo
sou tsugi nan’te doko ni mo
hora nai koto wa kidzuite

Come and suffer for all eternity
Or, if you think you can turn this around..? but
Of course, don’t you realize?
There’ll be nothing left waiting for you.


tsumiagete kuzushiteyuku
tamerai wa suteteshimae
atomodori dekinai hazu
mae ni shika susumenai no

Build up and break down
Throw away any hesitation
There’s no turning back
You can only move forward.

こんなにも こんなにも生きていた想いも

kirei ni saita hana ni wa
chiriyuku un’mei ga aru
kon’na ni mo kon’na ni mo ikiteita omoi mo

For every flower that blossoms beautifully
Is a fate to scatter, wither and die
No matter how much you cling to how you have lived…

失って 嘆いて 嘆いて
もう 殺して 殺して 赦して
その心 開いて 開いて
そう 壊して 壊して 壊れて

ushinatte nageite nageite
ochiteyuku kimochi wa wakaranai deshou
mou koroshite koroshite yurushite
koe mo dasenai itami to
sono kokoro hiraite hiraite
sakimidareta nara saiteshimaimashou
sou kowashite kowashite kowarete
nani mo mienakunaru made

You’ll lose everything, weep and weep!
You have no idea what it means to fall!!
“Kill me! Kill me! Forgive me!!!”
With a pain so great you cannot cry out
Open your heart, Open your heart!
If it’s blossomed then I’ll rip it to shreds!
Break and break and be broken!
Until you cannot see anything anymore!


hajime kara tsukureba ii
kuuhaku no sono jikan’ wo
kan’tan’ ni owarasu nara
koukai wa yume no naka e

Why don’t you just start from scratch?
If you simply end all you’ve created
In that blank and empty time
All your regrets will fall into dreams…

こんなにも こんなにも

minikuku sakenai watashi
zutazuta ni kirikizan’de
kon’na ni mo kon’na ni mo
akaku naru sono te mo

Rip me to shreds!
I, who am ugly and cannot blossom!
Crimson, so crimson
With your bloodied hands…

繕って 作って 吐くって
そう 叫んで 叫んで 叫べば
その心 閉ざして 閉ざして

tsukurotte tsukutte tsukutte
itsuka wa miyaburareru uso nano deshou
sou saken’de saken’de sakebeba
nanika ga mieru to iu no
sono kokoro tozashite tozashite
dareka ga aketekureru to yuku no deshou
mou owari yo owari yo sayounara
kieteyuku sono toki made

Mend, create, and spout out your lies!
One day they will be seen through
Yes! Scream, scream!! If you scream louder
You’ll be able to see it!
Now close that heart, close your heart
When someone comes to open it, you’ll move forward
Now is the end, now is the end, farewell
Until I disappear…

  1. As always, thanks for your work!

    • exalt@S.Poon
    • June 27th, 2012

    A bit of an off-topic note, but I happened to see one Sariel cosplayer(I think, can’t really be sure because of the vagueness of the in-game image) at Reitaisai 9… It was really a great feeling, to see a Touhou cosplay that you couldn’t recognise. A trappish guy at that too ^^;

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