The Abyss

I love my screamo. Plus, this song has an electric guitar solo followed by a keyboard solo \o/

In a rush right now, might add to the post later.

The Abyss
Vocal: 松本瑳羅 & 降矢俊介
Arrange: すのうまん add KNEZiXYTH
Lyrics: すのうまん & 松本瑳羅 & KNEZiXYTH
Circle: Riverside
Album: metamorphoXIs
Event: Reitaisai 9

Ancient turn to the night
Mirror another sweet
And alone behind
Take us now banner vision “Silence gone”

Uncovered sun to the wind
Subside faceless sons
Never sees fear hourglass
Hollow your sight

“Cover me I’m feeling cold”
“Darkness defaced see my eye”

As we ever same call feed
Mirror’s reason smile
That above lost
Become to find in happiness “Bleeding”

It never stops backwards
Under the tragic to came “Die to reborn”
What do you to see
Shadows one more hate “One more hate”


kaze no naka kasureta un’mei wo hikiyosete
ima sugu kono te ni musubitsukeru
mada jibun’ dake ga muryoku da to iu no nara
nozon’da kiseki wo shin’jitsudzuke

Drawing close my fate, weathered in the wind
I bind it now to my hands
Even if I alone still am powerless, then
I’ll just keep beliving in a miracle

“Burn darkness mind dawn”
“Blood sacrifice rise”

“In coming now I see outside”
“Waiting to fall”
“Finally time has come”
“Mouth of Mad”
“No longer”
“From living”
“Until the end”


tokihanate kono mi ni minagiru kibou no chikara
ima kono toki dake sora ni hibike
chi ni obiemadoi musebu daichi no saki ni
mabayui hikari ga tsutsumikon’da

With the power of hope rising up within me
I let it ring now through the skies;
Into the earth that was choked in fear of blood,
Pours a brilliant light

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