カーニヴァル // Carnival

I have no idea.

This song was weird so I made sure I was drunk before I started translating it.

It’s Marisa and Patchouli and a disfunctional psuedo relationship of conflicting desires of fantasy, memory and reality. What a carnival!

“know too much for their own good” links to a word that means “someone whose -unexperienced- sexual knowledge far outstrips her age”.

サークル:サリー (Sally)
アルバム:シンドローム (Syndrome)
イベント:例大祭9 (Reitaisai 9)

欲望 種 身悶えし この事象
どうどうめぐり 空模様 今こそ奏でよう!

yokubou tane mimodaeshi kono jishou
doudou meguri soramoyou ima koso kanadeyou!

This seed of desire writhes, but what a phenomenon!
As the sky majestically revolves, let us now make music!

まわしてまさぐって 他人 任せなルーティン

ah mawashite masagutte hito makase na routine
“kinou” to “kioku” wa tekikaku ni ne

Ah, set it turning, fiddle and tweak, my routine’s left to everyone else.
“Yesterday” and “memories” to be precise.

揺れる時の最中で 変われないまま私がいる
どんなに願っても 叶わない夢なら (追いかけてる)

yureru toki no sanaka de kawarenai mama atashi ga iru
don’na ni negattemo kanawanai yume nara (oikaketeru)
“kioku” dake wa mimitoshima ne

As time goes its way, I’m right in the middle not changing one bit.
No matter what you wish for, if it’s a dream that’ll never come true (I’m chasing after it)
Only my “memories” know too much for their own good.

時として突発 起こりうるイレギュラァ
歩めど歩めど 前に進めど

ooh toki to shite toppatsu okoriuru irregular
ayumedo ayumedo mae ni susumedo

Ooh, a temporal breakthrough, a possible irregularity
Though we walk, though we walk, though we progress…

踏み躙った涙で 甘く煮込んで絡めたスープ
あんまりきれいに 最後の一粒を (舐めまわして)

fuminijitta namida de amaku nikon’de karameta soup
anmari kirei ni saigo no hitotsubu wo (namemawashite)
nomihoshitara shin’deshimae

Here’s a soup brewed sweetly of trampled tears
Finish it cleanly, down to the very last drop (lick your lips)
Once you’ve drunk it all down – die.


・midari ni uso wo haku na
・shirafu wa teki to omoe
・kono koe ga kikoeru ka?

・Don’t spout such reckless lies!
・Sobriety is your enemy!
・Can you hear me!?

欲望 種 身悶えし この事象

yokubou tane mimodaeshi kono jishou
doku kurawaba saihate made
saa tomo ni te wo toriatte ima koso kanadeyou!

This seed of desire writhes, but what a phenomenon!
If you’re going to drink poison, then till the very last drop!
Now let us take each other hand in hand and make music!

どんなに願っても 埋まらない距離がある (ドア向いてく)

kudaranai portable
aite ni shiteru hima mo nai wa
don’na ni negattemo umaranai kyori ga aru (doa muiteku)
“kioku” dake wa yukichigai ne

Worthless cellulars
I don’t have the time to keep tabs on you!
No matter how hard you wish, this distance between us won’t be filled (I’m facing the door!)
Only my “memories” are in misunderstanding

もう嘆いても笑っても これが最後なら
忘れよう別れよう 思い残しを捨てて

mou nageitemo warattemo kore ga saigo nara
wasureyou wakareyou omoinokoshi wo sutete

No matter how you cry, nor how you laugh, if this is the end
Let us forget, let us part, and throw away all our regrets

それでも無情に やってくるのです。

“shiasatte” mo “asatte” mo
umarekawarya shimasen’
sore demo mujou ni yattekuru no desu.

Neither the “day after tomorrow” nor the “day after that”
Will be much different.
And yet you keep cruelly coming after me.


hito tsubu nomihoseva
kono tobira wo kugureva
ano asahi ga noboreva

If you’d just drink every last drop…
If you’d enter through this door…
If the sun tomorrow would rise…


hajimari no on’gaku wo
hajimari no on’gaku wo
hajimari no on’gaku wo

Then I’d sing a song of beginnings….
Then I’d sing a song of beginnings….
Then I’d sing a song of beginnings….

    • induviate
    • June 2nd, 2012

    I can assume that you are going to translate the rest of Syndrome right?

    • Sharkie
    • May 7th, 2013

    Woah. If I might ask, what’s with the verb endings on the second-to-last stanza (-ヴァ)? I’ve never seen anything like that before.

    • ヴァ==ば It’s just a stylistic thing that the lyricist was doing – haha ^^

        • Sharkie
        • May 8th, 2013

        Ohhh. Thanks a ton for the fast reply! :D

  1. September 5th, 2019

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