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Surprised Me!!

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I can’t help but feel that this song is a little overly metaphorical, but that’s the way W*M writes his lyrics.

I was ranting about this on Twitter earlier:
“Only [W*M] would write a sentence about someone talking about their self, really talking about their self, but really meaning someone else’s perception of them, without introducing a third person, and then relating the third person to a creation of the first person’s mind when that third person really does exist. I’m starting to get used to all these lyricists’ habits, but man… W*M… D:”

Tangent >>>

Anyway, my local NPR station is having its yearly pledge drive, you know gathering money to keep the radio station running and everything and it’s totally made me start to feel less guilty about accepting money. On the same note, I’d like to kind of recognize Dobson here for supporting me through these “sponsored” requests. I’m not about to go swooping around soliciting money from all of you, but it’s kind of cool. Support and everything. I mean with all the stuff I’ve gone through in the past month it’d take a monumental fundraiser to mend all the damage done by simple misfortune, but man – even if that’s impossible – on both a genuinely practical and emotional level, I’d like to reiterate my thanks for everyone who’s ever donated or commissioned. I really wish I could respond with heightened productivity ^^;

There’s a bit of subject ambiguity as to whether the narrator is talking to herself or to an audience. I tried to veer whichever way seemed best for any particular part.

“Flying through the night without trick or design” – is sort of like, “the night” has nothing in particular in store. Along with meaning there’s no real reason to be out that night, “the night” will not react in any unexpected way. On one hand you can call it emotional projection, and on the other hand you can just say “it’s a calm night”. In English it ends up (sounding more like it’s) attributing to the subject (having no trick or design) rather than the night, but that can’t be helped, and it sort of aligns with the “emotional projection” case.

“Entrance” as en-trance (verb), not ent-rance (noun) -> “to put in a trance like state, fill with delight”.

“Everything is stripped down, my true face revealed” – in this case it’s more likely that “the sky’s true face” is revealed, but at the same time if she were in the sky, she would also be revealed – and it’s a whole metaphorical chain anyway… I just cut it short. *~nyoron~*

“Come quickly, from wherever to wherever” – probably best to interpret this as “from wherever you are to wherever I am”.

Surprised Me!!
Vocal: 小峠舞
Arranger: K2
Lyric: W*M
Guitar: 鋼鉄兄貴 (A.S.B)
Circle: C-CLAYS / Publishing: Flowering Night 2012
Album: Flowering Night 2012 -博霊神社紅白歌合戦- SPECIAL LIMITED CD
Event: Flowering Night 2012

夜空に浮かぶ星を ながめて1つ選び
視線をずらせばほら たちまち見えてくるよ

yozora ni ukabu hoshi wo nagamete hitotsu erabi
shisen’ wo zuraseba hora tachimachi mietekuru yo

Staring at the stars floating in the night sky, pick one
If you shift your eyes just a little, look – you’ll see!


tane mo shikake mo nai yoru ni tobi
kokoro sawagi tanoshimi sugite

Flying through the night without trick or design
Enjoying my heart’s restlessness

夢に魅せて 咲かせた華よ
雲が薄れ 晴れ渡り

yume ni misete sakaseta hana yo
kumo ga usure harewatari

Entrance me in dreams, O flower I’ve made blossom!
The clouds wisp away and the skies clear

すべて剥がれ 素顔が見えた
チャンス逃し 次こそは
Please, More Surprised Me!!

subete hagare sugao ga mieta
chance nogashi tsugi koso wa
Please, More Surprised Me!!

Everything is stripped down, my true face revealed
I’ve missed my chance now, but next time for sure!!
Please, Be More Surprised By Me!!

足あと消して森に 隠れている間に
すがたも存在まで 忘れて時が過ぎた

ashiato keshite mori ni kakureteiru aida ni
sugata mo sonzai made wasurete toki ga sugita

Silencing my footsteps, as I hide in the forest
I forget my form, even my existence as time passes by


ooki na hitomi ni chuumoku shite
kokoro odori tanoshisa hazumi

Focusing on those large eyes
My heart dances with delight

風に乗って 浮かせた華よ

kaze ni notte ukaseta hana yo
jama na toki mo aru keredo

Ride upon the wind, O flower I’ve set afloat!
Though there are times you’re a nuisance…

忘れないで 私のことを
気付いた時 遅すぎて
Please, More Surprised Me!!

wasurenaide watashi no koto wo
kidzuita toki ososugite
Please, More Surprised Me!!

Don’t forget about me!
You took too long to notice!
Please, Be More Surprised By Me!!


kowareta toki sude ni oiteikare
tama ni wa omoidashite hoshii kara

By the time I broke down, I had already been thrown away
I just want you to remember me from time to time…

夢に魅せて 咲かせた華よ
夢を魅せて もう一度

yume ni misete sakaseta hana yo
yume wo misete mou ichido

Entrance me in dreams, O flower I’ve made blossom!
Show me a dream, just one more time!

夢に魅せて 咲かせた華よ

yume ni misete sakaseta hana yo
mawashitobase doko made mo

Entrance me in dreams, O flower I’ve made blossom!
Turn about and set everything flying, ever far

風に乗って 浮かせた華よ
すぐにおいで ドコへでも
Please, More Surprised Me!!

kaze ni notte ukaseta hana yo
sugu ni oide doko e demo
Please, More Surprised Me!!

Ride upon the wind, O flower I’ve set afloat!
Come quickly, from wherever to wherever
Please, Be More Surprised By Me!!

Joy To Amaze…
Let’s Meet Again…