オオカミ少女と包帯人間の観察 // Ookami Shoujo to Houtai Ningen no Kansatsu

^It’s hard to not run across Momiji when searching for “wolf girl”.

I love looking at this song removed from its fantastic parts. An outcast “ugly” girl (with big ears) and a strange boy with social problems meet, and at the end she’s telling the story to her kids.

The erratic capitalization in the beginning is on purpose.

 Ookami Shoujo to Houtai Ningen no Kansatsu
 Observations of a Wolf-Girl and a Bandaged Human
vocal / 仲村芽衣子
music / shibayan
lyrics / lily-an
circle / Adresse + L-TYPE
album / さくらプリズム
event / M3-29 (M3 2012-Spring)

過剰に揺れ ぐるぐると回る
吠える叫ぶ 鳴けども繰り返す
挨拶をする 応答はない

kajou ni yure guruguru to mawaru
hoeru sakebu nakedomo kurikaesu
aisatsu wo suru outou wa nai
betsujigen de no fushigi na parallel

Shaking out of Control, Spinning round and Round
Howling, Screaming, Crying, but Nothing changes
However many times I Call there’s no Answer / on this
Different dimension of Perspective, mysterious Parallel

これはなぜなの? これはどうしてなの?

aru hi totsuzen’ arawareta nin’gen’?
karada ni nuno wo imi naku maku no
kore wa naze na no? kore wa doushite na no?
shoutaifumei no kon’waku no parallel

But then it appeared suddenly one day, A human?
It has cloth wrapped meaninglessly all around its body.
Why, Why? Is there some reason you’re like that?
Locked in this unidentified disturbance Parallel

餌をあげる 水もあげる
紙をあげる 鉛筆を付けて

esa wo ageru mizu mo ageru
dakedomo sore wa hikkurikaesu dake
kami wo ageru en’pitsu wo tsukete
kaite atta koto wa “houtai” to hitokoto

I give you food, I give you water
But you just throw it all back at me.
I give you paper and set a pencil beside it
What you wrote was one word: “Bandages”

布をあげる(あげる) ハサミもつけて(つけて)
それを巻いて(つける) 足りない所に(まきまき)

nuno wo ageru (ageru) hasami mo tsukete (tsukete)
sore wo chokichoki to hosoku hikisaite
sore wo maite (tsukeru) tarinai tokoro ni (makimaki)
subete ga owattekara oseji pekori to

I give you cloth (give) and give you scissors (give)
After cutting it up into small thin pieces
You take it and wrap (take) all the places that are lacking (wrap)
After everything is done you take a small bow

ah 不思議な世界 ah 不思議な出会い
ah 月も笑い ah 星も歌い夜を駆け巡る

ah fushigi na sekai ah fushigi ne deai
ah tsuki mo warai ah hoshi mo warai yoru wo kakemeguru
issho odorimasho

Ah, what a strange world! Ah, what a strange meeting
Ah, look how the moon laughs! Ah, the stars too, racing through the sky
Let’s dance

ふたり 肩並べて 星のダンスを見たり
ふたり 手を繋いで 月に笑いかける
夜の暗い闇を 明るい歌で包み
共に笑い奏で 楽しく踊るのよ

futari kata narabete hoshi no dance wo mitari
futari te wo tsunaide tsuki ni waraikakeru
yoru no kurai yami wo akarui uta de tsutsumi
tomo ni warai kanade tanoshiku odoru no yo

So both watched the stars dance shuolder to shoulder
So both laughed at the moon hand in hand
Wrapping the darkness of night with a bright song
They laughed together, made music and danced happy

一度 ちぐはぐな出会いからはじまっても
思う人を思い 思われ人を思う
繋がる心の輪 合わさり強くなるの

ichido chiguhagu na deai kara hajimattemo
tsugi no action wo fumikomeba ii deshou
omou hito wo omoi omoware hito wo omou
tsunagaru kokoro no wa awasari tsuyoku naru no

Even if it all beings at a single mismatched chance meeting
Nothing matters if you just move on to the next action
Lovers think of their lovers loved and loving
A ring of two connected hearts makes them both stronger


nagareru jikan no tsuukaten’ de
hitsuzen’ ga subete na wake wa nai no?
kono guuzen’ no deai mo wakare mo
kore kara imi wo motaseba iin’ janai?
shiawase to fukou no handan’
sore mo jibun’jishin’ de kimeru koto ne
chigau shiten’ no naka ni umareta
atarashii vision wo umidasereba ii no yo

At each fixed point in flowing time
Does not inevitability have part in it all?
Is there anything wrong we me
Holding meaning in this chance meeting and parting?
We’re the only ones who can decide
Whether something was fortunate or unfortunate.
It all depends on whether we find
A new vision born within a different perspective.

夢みたいな事ばかり浴びせ さらに吠え
(叫ぶ) 鳴いて噛み付くの

shiawase afureru sekai wo hajimete mimashou
souzou suru koto ga daiji na kagi ka na
yume mitai na koto bakari abise sara ni hoe
(sakebu) naite kamitsuku no

Let’s take a new look at this world overflowing with happiness
Imagination is the most important key!
Shower in all dream-like things, and howl louder
(Scream) and cry and bite into life!

話しましょう これが最初の起点

mazu monogatari no ippo kara
hanashimashou kore ga saisho no kiten’
ooki na mimi ga charm point no
watashi (ookami) shoujo dakara ka mo ne.

Let’s start from the beginning of the story
This is where it all starts – Well
It has to be because of my big ears.
They’re my charm point, as I’m a wolf-girl after all!

  1. ok so i noticed that this line “omou hito wo omoi omoware hito wo omou”
    has the kanji for “thought” but when translated in to English the line read as “Lovers think of their lovers loved and loving”
    Does the Kanji for “thought/think” have a double reading as “Love”?

    • It has a double meaning of “thinking of someone you love”. Usually in that usage “想う” is used but, 思う人, literally “someone you’re thinking of” is often used as “someone you love” and 思われ人, literally “someone who thinks of you/someone who you spontaneously think of”, is used for a lover that you are not married to (or sometimes an arch enemy, but that doesn’t apply here).

      I might have embellished it a little bit ^^;

    • induviate
    • May 4th, 2012

    lily-an writes songs?

    • She did a few back in Liztora. Take 春風 and Cosmic Mind for example.

    • Well lyrics – music’s by Shibayan :3

        • induviate
        • May 5th, 2012

        Wow, she needs to write more lyrics cause those songs were really good.

    • kagumiko
    • May 6th, 2012

    Um… What happened to my request? I requested a song a while back and it hadn’t been close to being completed, then I visited back a little while later and it wasn’t even on the list anymore… I don’t want to sound like I’m being pushy, but I just wanna know what happened.

    • I’ve had to abandon a lot of my requests because I flat out haven’t been able to get to any of them.

      I few months ago I dropped half my requests and set a maximum number because I couldn’t keep up, and lately I’ve been in the hospital and have had to ignore most requests and haven’t really looked at my standing list.

      I kind of have to reserve the right to drop a request ^^; because a lot of things are going on in my life right now and I’m very behind in everything.

      I have “sponsored” requests were basically you pay for the translation (if I have it out within the next 2-3 days), to try to offset the “not being able to get to anyone” thing that’s going on right now.

      I’m almost at the point where I feel like I should just completely stop taking requests, but that’d be no fun, that’s the way I find out about a lot of this music, by getting requests for groups I haven’t listened to. D:

      If I can get back up to the speed and consistency that I was able to keep last year then I might be able to take requests more seriously again – but how I’m just so swamped. I’m going to have to try to work longer hours to offset some debt too. :/

      Sorry about the whole thing, and I’m not trying to make you feel bad for asking about it or anything – I just need a bunch of assistant bunnies or something….

        • kagumiko
        • May 6th, 2012

        No, that’s okay. :) I do understand, maybe some day it will be translated. Thank you for your help anyway, and don’t stress yourself out over everything.

    • Veto
    • May 8th, 2012

    Hey, do you have the lyrics for 死際サテライト – 感染フラジャイル from Drag Me to Hell?

    I know you’re busy and recovering but I don’t know where else to look on my own. Thanks.

    • Unfortunately, 死際サテライト does not publish their lyrics, and I’ve emailed them asking about whether they could send me lyrics for some of their songs, and they sort of laughed me off saying it was “against their policy”. All of Shinigiwa’s songs are in English, so if you listen hard you can try to transcribe them (with half guesswork), but it takes a lot of work (which is why I’ve only done that on one of their songs).

      That song in particular’s a pretty popular one, you’re probably the third person that’s come to me asking for lyrics for it. ^^;

      I guess the only thing left to do would be asking 千景 directly (or maybe Merami… – their voices are pretty similar, but it sounds more like 千景…)…

        • Veto
        • May 8th, 2012

        That’s a drag that they won’t share; song’s real easy to play so I was thinking about getting my band to cover it… I have enough trouble transcribing songs written by native English speakers, so I hear you on it taking tons of work. I’ll listen some more and see if I can make some out, I guess. Thanks anyway.

        Actually, I’ve been using your translation of the translation of Rutilant Fruit as a guide for transcription… probably have most of it. SO thanks for that, too.

    • I’d like to hear your covers when you finish them >:D

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