その扉の向こうに // Sono Tobira no Mukou ni

So, first let’s start off with a little bit of an explanation (for my recent general absence).

While I was doing a little extra work at my job to help fight bills and bolster savings (which involved me flying up to Washington D.C. area and driving back to Dallas), my appendix ruptured… exploded… ow. Right now, it’s been over a week and I’m still in the hospital. Since I spent most of my time hundreds of miles from any hospital and didn’t really know what was going on… it was one of those “You’re really lucky to be alive” sort of things. I had a scare too because I had some problems with insurance and was looking at having to more than triple my debt and … yeah. Just yesterday and today I’ve been able to function without having to be in the small window of sanity my pain medicines allowed for me, so I’ve been behind on things. Yesterday was my birthday too, of all things. I don’t feel like I’ve aged. I guess I’ve grown closer to death? I’ve been attended to by a super hot nurse, a super young nurse (dude was younger than me), and a super old nurse, and I can’t remember much of anything other than the fact that I had a couple of wild dreams (one feat. Utsuho), and some things that you’d think would be more scary, are more just exhausting. I still have my appendix, I still have to get it removed, but depending on a variable I might get to go home tomorrow – or suffer more tubes shoved down my throat and a couple of surgeries to fix whatever else is wrong with me…

Erhem. To the song.

RD’s lyrics and music have always made me cry, and I always feel guilty because I know I’m not really conveying his stuff perfectly. I’d say he’s one of the best reasons I’m grateful I’ve learned Japanese.

It’s incredible how far good music can alleviate you physically.

It’s better than the pills.


Narration goes back and forth between Alice and Shinki (It becomes apparent that it’s her at the very end – Go ahead and cry.)

[Thanks to xyion for finding the English chorus!!]

 Sono Tobira no Mukou ni
 Beyond the Door
The Grimoire of Alice|東方怪綺談


aru hi, alice wa omoifukeru.
jibun’ no koto, jibun’igai no koto.

One day, Alice found herself lost in thought,
About herself, about things other than herself.


shiroku chiisana canvas ni kizamareteiku
shisaku to iu na no ashiato.

She traced small footsteps along a white canvas,
Those footsteps we call “wondering”.

She’ll meet some fantastic stories.
Tell me what she chooses, something holy.
Let me knock the door for more, ever wonderer.


-otona ni naru, to iu koto ga, totemo daiji na koto da to,
min’na min’na watashi ni iu no dakeredo.

-Everyone tells me that growing up
Is very important,


dare mo, sono imi wo, sono igi wo
kiitemo oshietekurenakatta kara

-But no matter whom I ask, no one will tell me
What that means or why it matters…


itsushika arisu wa hitori
kotae wo motome kan’gaetsudzuketa

As time passed, Alice alone
Kept looking for the answer.


-otona ni naru, to iu koto wa, tsuyoku nareru koto na no?
itsuka no dare ka ni mo makenaku naru no?

-Does growing up mean being able to become strong?
Does it mean being able to withstand whomever comes your way?


-otona ni naru, to iu koto no, imi wo mada shiranai kara,
ooku no mono wo shiritai to omou no.

-Since I still don’t know what it means to grow up,
I feel there are so many things I want to know one day.


mada nani mo, shiranai mama,
sono hitomi ga, utsushidasu sekai wa semaku.

With still so much left unknown,
Her view of the world was narrow and short sighted.


imi nan’te motomarazu ni
alice wa hitori kan’gaetsudzuketemo, kotae wa…

Without really searching for its meaning,
Alice continued to think of what the answer might be, but…

She’ll meet some fantastic stories.
Tell me what she chooses, something holy.
Let me knock the door for more, ever wonderer.


-otona ni naru, to iu koto ga, dare ni mo wakaranai kara,
watashi wa sore wo sagashi ni ikitai no.

-Since no one knows what it means to grow up,
I want to go searching for the answer.


tatoe ima mitsukerarenakutemo
tooku no, mita koto no nai basho nara…

Even if I can’t find it now,
Perhaps in a far off place I’ve never seen before…


itsuka no abaremono no
yattekita sekai e to susun’deikou

Let’s go to a new world,
Like those adventurers stumbled upon…


-otona ni naru, to iu koto wa door wo tataku koto na no.
kono mukou ni sono kotae ga aru nara

-Growing up is like knocking on this door.
If the answer is just beyond it…


-otona ni naru, to iu koto ga, don’na ni tsurai koto demo,
watashi wa kitto akiramenai kara.

-No matter how hard it may be to grow up,
I’ll never give up.


sono mukougawa e to, ima,
alice wa massugu ni te wo nobashiteiku.

Now, Alice reaches her hand
Straight out toward the other side,


izure deau miraitachi ni omoi wo hasete
sono tobira no mukougawa e to…

Thinking of the many futures she’ll one day meet,
All on the other side of this door…

She’ll meet some fantastic stories.
Tell me what she chooses, something holy.
Let me knock the door for more, ever wonderer.


-aa, sachi are.
sono se ni tsubasa wa naku to mo itsuka wa kanarazu

–Ah, What happiness!
Even if there are no wings on your back, one day there will be.


-aa, sachi are.
sono te ga mada nani mo umidasazu to mo itsuka wa kanarazu

–Ah, What happiness!
Even if your hands cannot yet bring about anything, one day they will.


–aa, hikari are.
watashi ga miokuru sono chiisa na sugata wa

–Ah, What light!
That small figure I see off…


-aa, hikari are.
“itterasshai” to koe wo se ni ukete…

–Ah, What light!
Takes my farewells at her back…

    • Yaren
    • April 7th, 2012

    i hope it does not hurt as u say as u say x.o.

    And i kinda loled at the end of ur “life-report” ^^! saying u where on the border of death to say it like “mhe… just another day i beat the death <. <, bettr luck next time.. bitch! lets go whit the song! :D"

    Also super hot young nurses are da best :D u should get its phone number or something or someone else might get his once-life-chance :P

    btw… happy over-lated birthday!! D: maybe u din't enjoy ur day but.. hey!! u are 1 year more wise!! and also 1 year more to prove u beat the death (again?) :P

    the song fit very well whit ur message about ur b-day… getting old.. for what? whats the meaning of this? just enjoy ur life =)

    hope u get better soon :D and also u should update ur miko-donation-box-info, so we can helpyha out whit ur Eirin's Debt's :P

    • Hopefully all my insurance mess will work out and I’ll only be out of pocket for my lost work weeks (i.e. not being able to go to work for two weeks D:) which is a lot, but I should survive – I’m not going to deny that donations would be very very very very welcome though :3

    • Serativale
    • April 7th, 2012

    Damn dude… Happy late birthday.

    Hope you get better 0_0

    • I have escaped the brink of death \o/ – (mostly/hopefully) at least at the time of this comment I feel a lot better (though still on a bit of pain meds ^^;)

  1. I hope you get well soon. It sounds scarier than you’re putting it, and it still sounds scary even with you being somewhat lighthearted.
    I hope you’re alright!

    • It’s more that it’s hard to imagine that “I almost died” so my brain’s kind of denying it. – I should be alright though :)

    • thatfpsguy
    • April 8th, 2012

    Well, damn. I would’ve thought you were busy juggling work, studies and translations, but as it turned out, it was much more dark. You’re not on any danger as of now, right? Not that I wish for any, all the contrary. It’s just that you made it sound very… intense. In any case, I seriously hope for your prompt recovery.

    • Yeah, I’m -pretty much- out of danger now. I’m still not all that “well”, but I’m back home, out of the hospital and much more functional :D

  2. RDをもっと聞かなくちゃ行けませんね。そんなリリクスはすごく面白いから。で、英訳によくできました!

    Your birthday is the 6th? Cool, mine was the 7th.

    • Thank You and Happy Late Birthday! :)

      Mine’s actually the 5th, “yesterday” in regards to the 6th :3

      And yes, RD’s music almost always moves me in some way, I’d recommend something, but I recommend everything.

    • naznu
    • April 10th, 2012

    I really cried when I see what the lyric says. Really RD-sounds, how can he (or she?) make a song so touching?

    Anyway happy late birthday!

    • He is amazing isn’t he? I cried too. (Luckily no nurses were around or they might have thought something was terribly wrong or something D:)

      Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    • alohadude3
    • April 17th, 2012

    I have been going over the English part of the lyrics many times and I found myself thinking it sounds more like:

    She’ll meet some wonderful story.
    Tell me what she chooses, something holy.
    Let me knock the door for more, ever wonderer.

    What do you reckon?

    Side note: Glad you’re better now. This song really does have amazing lyrics.

    • I’ve taken part of your suggestion and come up with:

      She’ll meet some fantastic stories.
      Tell me what she chooses, something holy.
      Let me knock the door for more, ever wonderer.


  3. この曲のタイトルは「その扉の向こうに」です。

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