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Threat of Rain

Made possible by Belisaria

Requested by teppan

This is the staff roll theme for Mystic Square.

Certain clues make me think that this is an MarixAlice song, narrated by Alice.

Some parts of the song feel like quotations but it would have been way too confusing and there wouldn’t be enough information for me to really tie lines down so I left them just as they were.

I might have to take a look at more of eerie’s lyrics, they certainly have this sort of individuality and fragmented feel to them that’s nice.

Threat of Rain is like “it looks like there’ll be rain”.

“Before everything mixes together” is like the grey clouds mixing together in the sky and blotting out color.

Threat of Rain
Mystic Dream|東方怪綺談
Arranged by Syrufit/Poplica*
Lyrics by eerie
Vocal by Mei Ayakura
Circle: Syrup Comfiture
Album: over
Event: C80


fukai mori no oku ni
kakusareta hikari no you
furete wa mou me wo sorasenai

Like a light hidden
In the deep of a dark forest
One glance and you can never look away

遠い日々 どこかで
言葉 風になり 突き刺さる

tooi hibi doko ka de
kiita koto no aru koe
kotoba kaze ni nari tsukisasaru

I hear a voice, one I’ve
Heard somewhere, long ago
The words become a wind stinging into me


shin’jiteita yo
wasureteita yo

I believed in you!
I’d forgotten you!

あの日の夢を見るなら もう

ano hi no yume wo miru nara mou
kieteshimau to

If I’m going to dream of that day, then
I’d rather everything disappear

君の心 まだ軽く 僕を

sou sa
boku no tegotoki de wa yogosenai to
kimi no kokoro mada karuku boku wo

After all
I knew
That hands like mine could never taint you
Even now, your heart is still
Toying with me

また 何かを壊していくんだね

te wo sashinoberu soburi de
mata nani ka wo kowashiteikun’ da ne
sore de iin’ da ne

It might look like you’re just trying to lend a hand
But, you’re just going to break something again aren’t you?
But still, you don’t care do you?

鮮やかに 失われていく青色のよう
混ざり合う前に 傍にいて
鮮やかに 奪われていく鼓動 雨模様
混ざり合う前に 傍にいて

azayaka ni ushinawareteiku aoiro no you
mazariau mae ni soba ni ite
azayaka ni ubawareteiku kodou amemoyou
mazariau mae ni soba ni ite

Like a blue that’s brilliantly fading
Before everything mixes together, just be beside me
My pulse is brilliantly stolen away… It looks like there’ll be rain…
Before everything mixes together, just be beside me


ureshikatta hazu no

I should have been happy
That you believed in me…

あの日の夢を見るなら もう

ano hi no yume wo miru nara mou
kieteshimae to

If I’m going to dream of that day, then
I’d rather everything disappear!!

君の心 まだ遠く 僕を

sou sa
boku no tegotoki demo tsukamitai to
kimi no kokoro mada tooku boku wo

You know,
All I wanted
Was for even hands like mine, to grasp you
Even now, your heart is still
Toying with me

また 何かを失くしていくんだね

tada dakishimeru soburi de
mata nani ka wo nakushiteikun’ da ne
sore mo ii kamo ne

It might look like you’re just embracing me
But you’re just going to lose something again aren’t you?
But still, that’s probably alright with you

僕の手 君の手と重ねたいと
君の言葉 まだ軽く 僕を

boku no te kimi no te to kasanetai to
kimi no kotoba mada karuku boku wo

I knew
I wanted to take your hand in mine
Even now, your words still
Tear me apart

また 何かを探していくんだね

ubaeru dake ubatta mama
mata nani ka wo sagashiteikun’ da ne
sore ga iin’ da ne

After taking everything you could from me
You’re going to go searching for something else again, aren’t you?
But still, that’s what you want, isn’t it?

Nisemonogatari Karen Bee OP – marshmallow justice (Full Version)

Still listening to this on loop – it’s just such a fun song.

(I’m going to have to IV espresso into my system if I’m going to be able to keep up with last year’s posting levels – but I’m still trying!!!)

I know the 耳コピー I used before had “泣くんじゃね?” which I thought was kind of weird, but it’s really “なくちゃね” which makes a whole lot more sense. I restructured a couple of things to make better sense according to the way they were put in stanzas, so this translation’s quite a bit different from the short version (even if there are only like three new stanzas).


^(The main reason I love this song is because of this phrase).

Also the new stanzas totally strengthen the siscon. Araragi doesn’t have any excuses with her! She’s real!


“Don’t think you can just / Brush me aside, like I don’t matter!” – the actual imagery used here is that of a flame being blown out, but I couldn’t mix it very well without the meaning/intent changing, so this note. There’s also a tone of pleading in there “don’t try to” together with the defiance, as in “I don’t want -you- to try to brush me aside.”

Normally you’d translate 格好良く as “cool” but that would result in an unintentional pun, so I went with “awesome”.

“heroes, allies of justice!” is a translation of 正義の味方 “Seigi no Mikata” If you don’t know what this means, think Kamen Rider and other sort of Japanese superhero shows. That.

Marshmallow Justice
歌手/Vocal: 喜多村 英梨 Kitamura Eri
作詞/Lyrics: meg rock
作曲/Composition: 神前暁
編曲/Arrangement: 神前暁

今朝 目が覚めたら
夢の続き また

kesa me ga sametara
yume no tsudzuki mata
atashi wo matteita

When I woke up this morning
I’d forgotten all about it
But the next part of my dream
Is still there waiting for me

運命だよ コレ

unmei da yo kore
riyuu ga arun da
seigi no mikata dakara!

This is my fate! I’m telling you!
I can’t leave things the way they are!
If I were to give a reason,
It’s because I’m a hero, an ally of justice!

燃える この温度に
解ける その答は
清く 正しく そして かっこよくなくちゃね

moeru kono ondo ni
tokeru sono kotae wa
kiyoku tadashiku soshite kakkoyokunakucha ne

My answer, melting
At this burning temperature
Has got to be pure, just, and of course – awesome!


te wo tsunagi
doko made mo yukou
atama yori saki ni! hayaku!

Hand in hand
Let’s go as far as we can!
Faster! Before we even have time to think about it!


kimi to nara
doko made mo yukeru
kitto! zutto! motto!

As long as I’m with you
I’m sure we can make it anywhere!
Let’s keep going forever!

君は いつだって
そんな 簡単に

kimi wa itsu datte
tadashii kedo..
sonna kantan ni
fukikesou to shinai de

You might always be
“Right”, but…
Don’t think you can just
Brush me aside, like I don’t matter!

宿命なの コレ
歴史 変えるのは

shukumei na no kore
rekishi kaeru no wa
seigi no mikata kara da!

This is my destiny! I’m telling you!
After all, the only ones who
Can change the tides of our undefiable history
Are heroes, allies of justice!

触ると 火傷する
夢は マシュマロのように
甘く 正しく そして かっこよくなくちゃね

sawaru to yakedo suru
yume wa mashumaro no you ni
amaku tadashiku soshite kakkoyokunakucha ne

This dream, that burns to the touch
Has to be like a marshmallow
Sweet, just, and of course – awesome!


te wo tsunagi
doko made mo yukou
atama yori saki ni! hayaku!

Hand in hand
Let’s go as far as we can!
Faster! Before we even have time to think about it!


kimi to nara
doko made mo yukeru
kitto! zutto! motto!

As long as I’m with you
I’m sure we can make it anywhere!
Let’s keep going forever!

燃える この温度に
解ける その答は
清く 正しく そして かっこよくなくちゃね

moeru kono ondo ni
tokeru sono kotae wa
kiyoku tadashiku soshite kakkoyokunakucha ne

My answer, melting
At this burning temperature
Has got to be pure, just, and of course – awesome!


te wo tsunagi
doko made mo yukou
atama yori saki ni! hayaku!

Hand in hand
Let’s go as far as we can!
Faster! Before we even have time to think about it!


kimi to nara
doko made mo yukeru
kitto! zutto! motto! kitto! zutto!

As long as I’m with you
I’m sure we can make it anywhere!
Let’s keep going forever!


Renko and Merry forever!

First I’m going to start off with a very important news announcement. You may have already heard, but:

鳥船遺跡~Trojan Green Asteroid
 Torifune Iseki
 Torifune Ruins

Will be the next Renko and Merry CD, and it comes out at the end of this month!!!! I promise to make translating it a priority.

This is a fan work that follows the same format as ZUN’s Merry and Renko CDs. It heavily references them, so while enjoyable on their own, I suggest that you read about Merry and Renko’s adventures [here] starting at 蓮台野夜行~Ghostly Field Club.

Sorry about the lack of posts and delay in answering comments, but I’ve had a bit of a busy week, and this took me a bit longer to translate than I thought it was going to. Plus, I’ve been a bit busy delving into the world of Haskell and going back to playing the piano some :3

Translated with a less strict, more readable paradigm in mind.

“Tohno” is constructed with the symbols “Far” and “Plain”

Renko’s theory on gravitation is wrong (Superpositioning and center of gravity and stuff: Gravity doesn’t work off the difference between masses but the combined pull of masses), but to preserve her integrity, I’m going to say she’s dumbing it down for Merry. THe “those with the same mass/weight wouldn’t affect each other gravitationally, is kind of not completely wrong in that because there is not a great amount of difference in mass the gravitational pull between humans is cancelled out by pretty much everything else.


I: Wayfarers go on a dreamy trip

01: Wayfarers / 少女秘封倶楽部|蓮台野夜行
02: Tohno soundscape / 遠野幻想物語|東方妖々夢
03: Folklore I / 芥川龍之介の河童~Candid Friend|東方風神録
04: Spirited away / 魔界地方都市エソテリア|東方星蓮船
05: Illusory scene in usual landscape / 明日ハレの日、ケの昨日|東方風神録

II: Odd scholars in the circle room

06: Astronomical observation / 夜空のユーフォーロマンス|東方星蓮船
07: Kaleidoscopic film projector / 幻想機械~Phantom Factory|夢違科学世紀
08: Folklore II / 蓬莱伝説|蓬莱人形
09: Parallel / 向こう側の月|大空魔術
10: Ouantum vacuum ocean / 夢と現の境界|夢違科学世紀

III: Hallucination

11: Galactic railroad / 大空魔術~Magical Astronomy|大空魔術
12: Terminal station / 衛星カフェテラス|大空魔術
13: Folklore III / 平安のエイリアン|東方星蓮船
14: Serene sky seen from the moon / 最も澄みわたる空と海|卯酉東海道
15: Pleasant occult circle / 少女秘封倶楽部|蓮台野夜行

I: Wayfarers go on a dreamy trip


Renko and Merry took the “Hiroshige” train from Kyoto to Tokyo, off again in search of gaps in the boundary between this world and the next. From Tokyo, they transferred to an older rail line that, unlike the one before, rattled back and forth loudly.


“No matter how the people of Tohoku like to take their time, it’s not like they don’t have any bullet trains. Why did you want us to take this local train so much?”

“I’d just gotten fed up with this new kind of train travel where all you get to see are pictures projected on a screen. In any case, bullet trains just go too fast for you to enjoy the scenery, you know?”

“But even if we took the bullet train, it still would have taken us hours for us to get all the way to Tohno.”

“Well, it’s not like we’re in any hurry. Let’s just enjoy ourselves.”

“I’ve got the feeling I’ve heard you say that before…”


Renko declared she wanted to go searching for a kappa a few weeks earlier. Ever since that one counseling session, Renko realized Merry had been unconsciously crossing over the boundary into another world. So lately, their occult club has been actively in search of a way to directly observe that “other side”


It’s natural to think there might be some sort of clue to crossing the worlds’ boundary in folklore. In Merry’s dreams, there were kappa and large rats, demons and other such fantastic creatures running all over the place. The more that is known about those sorts of things, the clearer the boundary that divides both worlds.

Speaking of kappa, the best place to go searching would be the same Tohno Renko and Merry had found looking for gaps in the boundary in Rendai-no. The plan was for Merry to tag along with Renko on the Higan-Mairi trip she takes every year to Tokyo, and from there, they would take a detour to visit Tohno once again.


Merry, whose eyes could see the gaps in dreams and boundaries and look beyond them, now stared tirelessly out the window, like an excited child. Renko on the other hand, stared at the panes of glass set between the train cars and enjoyed how their reflection of the landscape flowed backwards, in inverted reality.


The area now called “Tohno” was once a lake, and went by the name “Tohnup” or “The Lake with a Hill”. The valley of Tohno was underwater, and Mt. Hachiman was an island in its center.


“In the Ainu language, ‘toh’ is ‘hill’ and ‘nup’ is ‘lake’. Over time the pronunciation changed to the ‘Tohno’ that it is today.”

“You really do know a lot. I thought that it was ‘Tohno’ because it’s a ‘plain that you can see from far away’.”

“Well, that’s not exactly wrong either.”

“So… Why are we walking around in a place like this?”

“The usual kappa spots have become nothing more than tourist attractions nowadays. Most of the people that visit those places don’t don’t really believe kappa exist.”

“So, that’s why we’re out here in the absolute middle of nowhere…? But we’ve really been walking a long time. my feet are numb.”


“In Akutagawa Ryuunosuke’s ‘Kappa’ the protagonist lives in ‘The Land of the Kappa’.”

“Even if we find a kappa, I’d never want to live in a place like that.”

“I think it’s pretty interesting though. Better than living in this dreamless ego-ridden Japan.”

“Really? Japan’s actually not that bad. I mean, the food’s good and all.”

“Anyway, be on your guard if you come across something human-like with a red face. Tohno’s kappa are supposed to be red.”

“With only that description to go on, it could just be any old drunk.”

“But if it’s a drunk from Tohno, we might be able to get valuable information about the folklore.”

“Even if a drunk said he saw a kappa, it’s not like we should believe him. That’s the kind of story a tabloid would have run, back when they were popular.”

“Also, be careful not to run into a Tengu, You’ll get your arms and legs ripped off.”

“Hey, why don’t we give up on this whole ‘searching for kappa’ thing?”


On and on with such banter, the girls kept walking.


“It really is quiet today though.”

“Now that I think about it, it’s strange. Usually around this time all the insects would be making so much noise you’d want to plug your ears.”

“I wonder if they’re all asleep?”

“It’s still too early for them to be hibernating.”


Then suddenly, Renkoa and Merry felt as if they were being thrown into something.

Merry could see with her eyes a strange shadow, distinctly formed.


(You shouldn’t come this way yet, you should go.)


She heard this voice inside her head.
Rather than being scared or anxious, it put her at ease.


(Who are you? What lies ahead?)




(If I’m right… this place used to be an execution ground…)


Back and forth before their eyes, a light like a large firefly flickered, bending the space around it like an endless number of mirages. Renko tried to calmly analyze what was going on, but the both her field of vision and thoughts gathered noise, and as her consciousness lost its focus, she was unable to continue. Every time space bent it felt as if they were being drawn into the disturbance.


(Farewell, now and hereafter…)


“Who is this place, and where is my name?”

“Not funny – It looks like we fell asleep and kept on walking.”

“Then, we sleepwalked right into this ditch? That’s ridiculous.”

“I don’t really remember, but that’s probably just what happened.”

“Even so, this place is sort of all right. It sort of calms you down.”


After that, neither Renko or Merry said a word, and that was the end of their search.


Even though they weren’t able to find a kappa this time, Renko was sure that she had seen the other side of the boundary. Merry thought that the dream they just saw was an entrance to the world of the dead.


Both of them sat, seperately lost in thought, and they train they boarded was engulfed in the light of the setting sun.

II: Odd scholars in the circle room


“Haa… I’d love it if we could just get up and go to the moon.”


The Sealing Club was conducting their suspicious activites yet again today in their club room. Though it wasn’t really a special room, just a spare room in the university’s research building they happened to be borrowing. It was difficult to borrow a room for a club that focused on the “occult”, but with a bit of clever wording by Renko, they were able to take it. Merry was staring at the moon outside the window. Renko was making a lot of noise preparing some sort of machine.


“Renko, what is that huge machine anyway?”

“It’s a projector. I found a lot of laser discs in the back, so I thought we should play them.”

“Laser discs? In this day and age?”

“I know, but I’m sure there’s something great on one of these that’s just been overlooked.”


Once Renko started the projector, the screen on the opposite side immediately reflected an old looking image.”


“That looks like it’s an illustration of Mt. Hourai”

“The picture shows up really clearly… That projector’s pretty high tech isn’t it?”

“Well, the screen’s the same type of ‘kaleidoscreen’ that the ‘Hiroshige’ has.”

“Where did you get that from?”

“Well the film society’s not meeting today, and I thought…”

“What a troublemaker…”


The next slide showed a landscape both were familiar with.


“It’s like we’re riding on that boring ‘Hiroshige’ again. This’ll be Mt. Fuji.”

“But something’s different about it. In the forest at the foot of the mountain, there’s something engulfed in flames… a person…? and the smoke reaching all the way to the crimson moon.”

“I guess I haven’t seen a picture of Mt. Fuji like this either. But it feels like something I’ve seen before…”


Merry remembered the dream she had.

A scarlet mansion, light in a bamboo thicket, and a girl covered in flames.

When Merry looked at the moon, there were rabbits and nymphs dancing, just as always.


“There’s a vacuum between us and the moon, isn’t there? I guess it’s just not that simple, crossing over into another world.”

“Even though we say it’s a vacuum, it’s not like there’s nothing there, and it exerts a lot of influence on our world.”

“Hmm? Really?”

“According to quantum physics, there’s a theory that even in a vacuum, particles are constantly produced by energy waves that then fizzle out, endlessly created and exhausted.”

“I don’t really understand.”

“Well… There’s also the theory that gravity exists as a product of the interactions between an object and a vaccuum.”

“What do you mean?”

“Think of an empty box with something rubbery stretched over it. What do you think happens when you set a couple of ball bearings all with different weights on top?”

“Well, the lighter ones would roll towards the heavier ones, right?”

“Sort of in the same way, there’s a theory that says massive objects bend the space around them, causing gravity between objects of different masses.”

“Wouldn’t that mean that we humans, having about the same weight wouldn’t gravitationally effect each other? That’s pretty unromantic.”


“Even if you don’t have gravity acting between humans, there are plenty of other things that draw us together. Plus, the lack of a strong gravity between people allows us an unbound freedom.”

“I guess that’s true too.”

“The alternative would mean that once you had met someone, you wouldn’t be able to forget them as long as you lived.”

“That’s sort of scary…”

“I’d say that the ‘boundary’ acts as a mediator, sort of like the vacuum of space, between this world and the other side. Both worlds probably affect each other across it.

“That’s pretty philisophical. I guess physics can be pretty interesting after all.”

“The world would be a better place if more people thought that way…”


As the subjects of physical study have grown smaller and smaller on one end, and larger and larger on the other, the amount of energy needed to observe their related phenomena has become impossible to attain.

Observable physics has hit a dead end, and there’s a strong pessimism associated with the fact that physics cannot produce as many results as it did before.

And it’s not just physics. There are many people in other scientific fields that believe things just aren’t going anywhere anymore. Renko thinks that it’s just the kind of age we’re in.

For the time being, while continuing to establish theories and various explanations, we need to consider ideas that might lead to breakthroughs, and just imagine from there.


Now that an almost religious science permeates the world, there are no absolutes.


Because what we consider cannot be observed or proven, it is possible to hold on to dreams. Renko thought that age they were living in was left with a feeling of the occult, and that it wasn’t so bad after all.

III: Hallucination


“Well that’s strange.”
“What’s wrong? Isn’t there always something ‘strange’ going on?”
“Well yeah… but something’s definitely wrong. Since just a little while ago, time has completely stopped moving.”


Renko has an ability that allows her to tell the time just by looking at the stars.

No matter where she is in the world, it’s always in Japanese Standard Time, but she can tell that time to a very precise degree.


“Well there are three possibilities as far as I can tell:
1. There’s something wrong with your head.
2. Right now we’re dreaming.
3. Time has really stopped.”


Renko slowly approached Merry and put her hands around her face, and then slapped her cheeks from both sides.


“What was that for!? That hurt you know!”

“I just thought I’d make sure we’re not dreaming.”

“Don’t you usually do that to yourself?”

“Well I’m sure this is not a dream, and I know there’s nothing wrong with my head, so it must be number 3.”

“…Are you angry at me?”

“Not at all. Right now I feel like I could run around on the surface of the sea.”

“Something’s definitely wrong with you. Are you sure you don’t have a fever?”

“Didn’t I already tell you I’m fine? Well enough to know there’s something going on.”


Suddenly everything around Renko and Merry was blacked out and replaced by the night sky.

If you looked up, down, left or right, there were stars twinkling.


“Well you look more excited than usual.”

“Of course I am! Ah, look how close the moon is! I wonder what its apparent magnitude is.”


Renko and Merry were close enough to the moon to see its spherical shape and its grey surface spread out before them.


“I wonder if that’s a station down there by that crater.”

“That’s what it looks like, and there’s a cafe. Let’s have some tea.”


“Renko, you don’t look surprised that we’re here drinking tea on the moon.”

“If there really is a world on the other side of the boundary, our laws of physics definitely wouldn’t transfer over.”

“How can you say something like that?”

“Well it’d be impossible for a human to burn for all eternity, and even if something like that existed, we’d have to throw out all our common sense.”

“…You really remember my dreams well.”

“I’d rather forget string theory than something that important. Anyway, are there any rabbits around here?”

“None as far as I can see… Ah, A UFO.”


Looking up at the sky, sure enough there was one, and it looked just like the kind of UFO an elementary school kid would draw, floating back and forth.


“I’m surprised that such a typical UFO would really exist.”

“It might just be that it only looks that way because that’s the way we see it.”

“Well every observation is really from a subjective point of view after all.”

“It might even be that we just feel like we’re on the surface of the moon.”

“What do you call this sort of thing in relative psychology again…? Even so, this is definitely not the same as an ordinary dream.”

“You’re probably right. Since we’ve come all this way, I’d like to meet an alien or two.”

“Do you think the aliens have eight legs? Or maybe ten?”

“Who knows, it they could be monsters, like Nue.”

“Though I guess it wouldn’t be fair to the aliens to imagine that they’re monsters before we even meet them.”

“Even so, the earth really looks beautiful from here.”


From where they were the earth looked clear and blue as it crossed over.

It was as if it was a hologram that suddenly appeared in the darkness of space, and didn’t feel real at all.

After a while of looking at it, the earth grew larger, and Renko and Merry felt as if they were being drawn into it.


“…It looks like we’re out of time. We still have more we have to investigate though.”

“Well for now, let’s just take a rock and a teacup and go home.”


The Sealing Club was conducting their suspicious activites yet again today in their club room.

Renko was working at some sort of PC, and Merry was elegantly enjoying her tea.


“What are you doing Renko?”

“I asked a friend of mine to analyze that rock we brought back, and here are the results.”

“It not like I’d understand anything about them, and couldn’t have you done the analysis yourself?”

“It’s not my specialty, and there aren’t that many universities that have the equipment to analyze this stuff.”

“Hmm. So, what about it?”

“The data from the analysis perfectly matches the data we have on other moon rocks. But that doesn’t mean we can prove we really got it from the moon.”

“I guess that we could have been sleepwalking, broken into a museum and stolen it.”

“So, while we were sleeping we’ve become criminals, huh? Anyway, let’s go.”


“Searching for gaps in the boundary. This time, let’s try to notice before we’ve already stepped in one.”

“Alright, alright. You’re really overflowing with vitality aren’t you?”


Having finished their strange journey to the moon, Renko and Merry returned to their somewhat peaceful, somewhat stimulating days.


all tracks arranged & txt / amo
jacket design & illust / hafuri
original / ZUN

坂道のメロディ // Sakamichi no Melody (坂道のアポロン / Sakamichi no Apollon Opening Theme)

Oi ni wa jazz dake ga on’gaku bai!

I’m not entirely used to doing these types of songs (series of images and actions thrown out one after the other and only loosely linked together), but it’s still fun.

This is the full version of the song, the half-OP only goes halfway.

坂道を蹴りながら = lit. “while kicking the slope” basically planting your feet hard on it. It really could be “as I race down the slope” but the song feels like it’s going in an upward direction so I went with up. The next scene is at the (school?) pool, so that sort of fits too.

“everything high speed in surround” as in “surround sound”.

“Swarovski” is a jewelry company.

 Sakamichi no Melody
 Melody on the Slope


どうしよう あなたに出逢うまでの私 忘れちゃったわ

dou shiyou anata ni deau made no watashi wasurechatta wa
kaze wa hoo wo naderu

What ever will I do? I’ve forgotten what I was like before I met you
The wind brushes my cheek

♪ララバイ オブ バードランド♪ 坂道蹴りながら

lullaby of birdland sakamichi kerinagara
tayorinai kage wa nobiru

A “Lullaby of Birdland” as I race up the slope
A faint shadow trailing behind me

終わらない夏休みみたいね プールに忍び込んでる気分
ねぇ 服のまま泳ごう 跳ねる!!

owaranai natsuyasumi mitai ne pool ni shinobikon’deru kibun
nee fuku no mama oyogou haneru!!

It’s like a neverending summer vacation, the feeling you get when you sneak into the pool
Hey, let’s swim with our clothes on, jump now!!

衝撃的誘惑スパイラル この胸を突き刺すビートはストレンジ

shougekiteki yuuwaku spiral kono mune wo tsukisasu beat wa strange
(sore wa patto moete kieteshimau no)

It’s a spiral of impulse drawing me in, this beat that strikes through my heart is so strange
(But it burns up in a flash and disappears!)

散々な日々も上等 ドレスアップ
スウィングしてる ハイなスピード サラウンド
(それは何ていうダンス? 止まらないの)

san’zan’ na hibi mo joutou dress up
swing shiteru high na speed surround
(sore wa nan’te iu dance? tomaranai no)

Even through these frantic days, I’m still dressed up first-class
Swinging around, everything high speed in surround
(What do you call this kind of dance? It’s non-stop!)

行かないで 耳に絡みついてもう離れないよ
メロディは 恋みたいだ

ikanaide mimi ni karamitsuite mou hanarenai yo
melody wa koi mitai da

It’s not going anywhere, it’s stuck playing in my ears
This melody, is like love.

バイバイ 弱虫で私に嫌われるのを怖がってた あの日までの私
♪いつか、王子様が♪ ハミングすれば聴こえてる 確かな胸の鼓動

bye bye yowamushi de watashi ni kirawareru no wo kowagatteta ano hi made no watashi
itsuka ouji-sama ga humming sureba kikoeteru tashika na mune no kodou

Bye bye Me! A weakling, afraid of hating myself… the me I was before that day
If I just hum “One Day, A Prince Will Come for Me” I can hear the certain beat of my heart

暖かい手袋 お月様にかける バラの滴に白い雪
ねぇ 好きなものばかり持って 走れ!!

atatakai tebukuro o-tsuki-sama ni kakeru bara no shizuku ni shiroi yuki
nee suki na mono bakari motte hashire!!

Warm gloves, flying to the moon, rose droplets, and white snow
Hey, let’s take just everything we want and run!!

夜空のレーザービーム スターライト 髪飾り スワロフスキー
It’s show time
(アドリヴがなくちゃ つまらないの)

yozora no laser beam starlight kamikazari Swarovski
It’s show time
(ad lib ga nakucha tsumaranai no)

The night sky’s laser beam starlight showers on my hair like a Swarovski
It’s show time
(If we don’t do it ad lib, it’ll be boring!)

官能的です 高速のスキル 思い通りドライブしてるセクション フレーズ
(それはあっという間 見失うの)

kan’nou teki desu kousoku no skill omoidoori drive shiteru section phrase
(sore wa attoiu ma miushinau no)

It’s sexy, this high speed skill, driving just the way we like through this section phrase
(But I lose sight of it in an instant!)

眩しくて前が見えないくらいに 輝いてる
覚めないで(Don’t let me down) 夢みたいだ(Don’t let me down)

mabushikute mae ga mienai kurai ni kagayaiteru
samenaide (Don’t let me down) yume mitai da (Don’t let me down)

It’s so bright in front of me I can’t hardly see
Don’t wake me up (Don’t let me down) This is like a dream (Don’t let me down)

衝撃的誘惑スパイラル この胸を突き刺すビートはストレンジ

shougekiteki yuuwaku spiral kono mune wo tsukisasu beat wa strange
(sore wa patto moete kieteshimau no)

It’s a spiral of impulse drawing me in, this beat that strikes through my heart is so strange
(But it burns up in a flash and disappears)

スウィングしてる ハイなスピード サラウンド
(それは何ていうダンス? 踊りたいの)

sokkou suru nara itsudemo saisei
swing shiteru high na speed surround
(sore wa nan’te iu dance? odoritai no)

If it’s improv, I’ll always replay it
Swinging around, everything high speed in surround
(What do you call this kind of dance? I want to dance it too!)

行かないで 耳に絡みついてもう離れないよ
このメロディは もう恋みたいだ

ikanaide mimi ni karamitsuite mou hanarenai yo
kono melody wa mou koi mitai da

It’s not going anywhere, it’s stuck playing in my ears
This melody, is just like love.

羊の塔 // Hitsuji no Tou

And this is it for MHLL! I hope you all enjoy this album as much as I have! <echo>PROJECT really came through.


I’m going to go ahead and guess that the silver tower (of sheep) is the milky way galaxy.

I’d just like to say that a direct translation of the first stanza is more like this:
“Sparklingly twinkling, bouncing like rain drops hitting the ground
Lots of sparkles pour out making rain like sounds.”
I’ll hope you forgive my loose translation there. o.o Unfortunately it loses the “sound word” feeling a bit :<

“fluttering pulses” is written that way so as to overlap the meaning of pulses of light and pulses from heartbeats.

“and that which is what I live.” – is not very clear even in Japanese. Merry suggests that Renko lives in her own time, but what defines Merry’s “living”, is something vague only explained by “that”, which is probably referring to her duality.

 Hitsuji no Tou
 Tower of Sheep
Vocals: がお
Arranged: Mano
Lyrics: aoma
Circle: <echo>Project
Album: Mary Had a Little Love
Event: C81

きらきらと瞬いて 雨のように弾ける
たくさんの輝きが ぱらぱら降り注ぐ

kirakira to matataite ame no you ni hajikeru
takusan’ no kagayaki ga parapara furisosogu

Thousands of lights fall dancing like rain
Twinkling and sparkling as they pour from the sky

ひらひらと漂って かわいい頬を彩る
たくさんの煌きが ふたりを包み込む

hirahira to tadayotte kawaii hoo wo irodoru
takusan’ no kirameki ga futari wo tsutsumikomu

Thousands of lights, embrace us both
Drifting and swirling, coloring your cute cheeks

きらきらと瞬いて 飴のように転がる

kirakira to matataite ame no you ni korogaru
takusan’ no tokimeki ga samishisa fukitobasu

Thousands of fluttering pulses blow away loneliness
Twinkling and sparkling, rolling about like candy

流れ星に届くまで 空を飛ぼう ふたりで

nagareboshi ni todoku made sora wo tobou futari de

Until we reach those shooting stars, let’s fly through the skies together…

永遠に変わらないものを探して 求めて 辿り着いた

eien’ ni kawaranai mono wo sagashite motomete tadoritsuita
hoshizora e tsudzuku gin’ no tou no saki ni nani ga matteiru no darou

Searching, seeking for something that will never ever change, we’ve come here
What lies waiting for us beyond that silver tower stretching across the sky?


anata ga ikiru jikan’ to watashi no ikiru sore

The time in which you live and that which is what I live…

あと少し踏み出して このままふたり 幸せになろう

kawaranai mama de ayumu no wa futari kore ijou dekinai kara
ato sukoshi fumidashite kono mama futari shiawase ni narou

If we continue to walk along like this unchanging, there is no more we can do
But if we press on just a little farther, I’m sure we’ll find happiness

永遠に変わらないものを探して 求めて 辿り着いた

eien’ ni kawaranai mono wo sagashite motomete tadoritsuita
hoshizora e tsudzuku gin’ no tou no saki ni nani ga aru no ka wo

Searching, seeking for something that will never ever change, we’ve come here
What lies waiting for us beyond that silver tower stretching across the sky?

そっと お願い 誰か教えて

sotto onegai dareka oshiete

Please, Someone, Tell me…