Stray CS am 3:00

Tired, but I finally got some songs translated during the week \o/

The acronym letter things (mainly “I DCQ”) threw me for a bit of a loop, I decided to just make an educated guess ヽ(╹ε╹)ノ – the whole “number” and “call sign” stuff is punned too.

“CQ” is obviously “seek you”
“CS” is “see us” (?) or “Club of Sealing”?
“I DCQ” is likely “I deceive you” or maybe “de-seek you”???

Renko doesn’t actually say “love and kisses” when it gets to that part – she just mumbles. wwwwwwww…

Stray CS am 3:00
vo:うたしま, がお
al:Mary had a little love

駅前 ドーナツショップの紙袋
カフェオレ 色々とりどりtopology

ekimae donuts shop no kamibukuro
cafe au lait iroiro toridori topology

In this paper bag I got from the donut shop in front of the station
Is a multicolored collage of cafe au lait topology!

くるくる回した 指先アンテナ

kurukuru mawashita yubisaki antenna
koko kara nagareru futari no number

Flowing out of the tip of my finger I swing around as an antenna
Is this song, our number!

戸惑うわたし 手を引いてくれた君
今は ふたり 夜を駆けてゆくの!

tomadou watashi te wo hiitekureta kimi
ima wa futari yoru wo kaketeyuku no!

You took my hand while I was hesitating, and now
We race through the night together!

手を取り始まるlistening 幸せな夢を見るわたしたち
はぐれた羊のmidnight show 目を開けたらそこは満天のshooting star

te wo tori hajimaru listening shiawase na yume wo miru watashitachi
hagureta hitsuji no midnight show me wo aketara soko wa man’ten’ no shooting star

When I take your hand it starts, and we listen to this wonderful dream we’re dreaming,
A midnight show for stray sheep; I open my eyes and the sky is filled with shooting stars!

呼び出し 応答ナシ やむなしコールサイン

yobidashi outou nashi yamunashi call sign
hare nochi kumori de watashi wa oikari

I keep calling but you don’t answer, the call signal goes on endlessly
I was so excited, but now I’m just angry!


mienai anata no sugata wo sagashite
jikan dake ga nagarete o wo hiiteku

I can’t see you, where have you gone?
As I search, time just goes on and on and on…


Seek you, seek you…
 Seek you, seek you…
  Seek you, seek you…
   Seek you, seek you…

きみとぼくと 昼と夜と 月と星と 空がくるり 入れ替わってく

kimi to boku to hiru to yoru to tsuki to hoshi to sora ga kururi irekawatteku

You and I, noon and night, the moon and the stars –
 the sky swings, and everything changes places


ma ni awanai radio number

This radio number just won’t connect!

手を取りワルツでふわり 誤魔化されて 優しく ほだされて
点滅信号渡り いつもの場所まで、さあ

te wo tori waltz de fuwari gomakasarete yasashiku hodasarete
ten’metsu shin’gou watari itsumo no basho made saa

We take each other’s hands and lightly dance a waltz; I’m deceived by you, moved by you.
Let’s cross the crosswalk, we’ll go to our usual place. Come on, the light’s blinking!

真夜中続くよlistening 幸せな嘘をつくわたしたち
はぐれた羊のmidnight show 目を開けたらそれはいつの間にlove and kisses

mayonaka tsudzuku yo listening shiawase na uso wo tsuku watashitachi
hagureta hitsuji no midnight show me wo aketara sore wa itsu no ma ni love and kisses

We make our way through midnight, listening, as we tell each other wonderful lies
A midnight show for stray sheep; I open my eyes and suddenly it’s become love and kisses!

seek you, seek you, I’m so seek you

Seek you, Seek you, I so seek you
 Seek you, Seek you, I so seek you
  Seek you, Seek you, I so seek you
   Seek you, Seek you, I so seek you

いつかはI DCQ 気付けばI DCQ このままI DCQ

itsuka wa I DCQ kidzukeba I DCQ kono mama I DCQ

When did I first deceive you? Before I knew it I was deceiving you, and I still do now.


yume nara samete!

If this is a dream – Wake me up!!!

    • Adalink
    • March 30th, 2012


    I was wondering if you could translate a song… if you have a chance in some day in the life. I dont know how long your lyrics translation waiting list is, but im sure its bussy… I can wait… actually im still waiting this same song translation from 1 year ago, from a girl that has a similar page but i have had no answer since then. Anyway… If you could translate it i would appreciate it.
    Here is a link to the scans, the song is the first one: ランドセリング☆
    “Randoseling” (something like “backpacking” isnt it?) is the ending song of the anime Mitsudomoe Zouryouchu and i cant find a translation in any place!

    • I would love to take a look, but I happen to be hospitalized f^_^;) Appendix burst. Just letting you know so you know I’m not ignoring you.

        • Adalink
        • April 2nd, 2012

        omg ok never mind just get better men! ;D

        • Yaren
        • April 5th, 2012

        o.o, omg!! best wishes from Mexico! hope u get better soon!! :D

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the posts about the book girl books, i actually decided to get one myself and have now ordered all of the rest!

    sorry to hear about the hospital… hope you get well soon!

    • That series is amazing. It really is. o.o

      I’m trying to get better, hopefully I won’t have to stay in the hospital for too much longer, but at least now I’m more able to think and move (after 5 or so days of just “staying alive”)

    • Anon
    • July 24th, 2013

    This comment be coming a little late, but I’m really glad I could read the lyrics for this song, since I’ve gotten into Project recently. Also, may I offer another interpretation of DCQ? Taking it in context with the previous CQ = seek you and how it’s I DCQ, I thought it might be “I did seek you” instead. “Deceive you” does tie into the idea of “wonderful lies” more, though.

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