I’m sorry! It’s been forever, and it feels like even longer than that! I’ve just made a big move, I’ve started another job, and I’ve recently been without working internet for almost a week. I was going to make a big Valentine’s Day thing out of it all, but yeah, that didn’t happen. D:

If you haven’t done so already, listen to this album. It’s fantastic.

Though I’ll be a lot more busy, I’ll be working hard. I’ve got a lot of stuff I want to get done, including songs and Refracted, and Dantalian no Shoka.

whip*syrup will probably be the next song I do, followed by “I wish”, “SUPER HOPPING VAMPIRE” and other stuff I have on my list.

I feel like I’ve been letting people down lately and that won’t do! I’ve got to get the vodka engine running again and print out lyrics translations like an insane printing press! Yeah. That!

I really appreciate everyone donating and “sponsoring” (ie. paying for) songs.

Anyone who’s interested in participating in Refracted, please send me an email or comment. I’ll be trying to pull something more solid together this weekend, and I already have people working on a whole separate site for it :D

I’m exhausted. I really wanted to read or translate more today, but I think I’m just going to crash.

And fantasize about Renko and Merry.

Mostly Renko though.

If you look, think, act like Renko. Call me or something.


*gulps some more vodka*


Circle: <echo>Project
Album: Mary had a little love
Event: C81


kuzuredashita nichijou no hokorobi no ito no saki wa kataku motsureatteita.

The frayed threads at the torn seams of my crumbling reality tangle, twisted tightly together.


yuragu shisen’. uzoumuzou no itsuwari wa,

My field of vision shakes. All the lies that make everything,


kagami no naka warau jibun’ wo miteita

Look to me, laughing in the mirror.


sore wa sukui no you na.

That, for me, was some kind of salvation.

あなたがいたから あなたがいたから わたしは

anata ga ita kara anata ga ita kara watashi wa

Because you were here, because you were here, I…

愛おしいあの日々 間違えた道は戻れない。

itooshii ano hibi machigaeta michi wa modorenai.

Cannot return to those beloved days before that time I strayed from my path.

じこまんぞく ひびに傷をつけてゆく

jikoman’zoku hibi ni kizu wo tsuketeyuku

Striking pain into my days of self fulfillment

みえないもの みえると口をそろえた

mienai mono mieru to kuchi wo soroeta

Seeing things that should not be seen, my own voices in unison…

あなたがいたから あなたがいたから わたしは
わたしがいるから わたしがいるから あなたは
あなたがいないよ あなたがいないと やだ やだ

anata ga ita kara anata ga ita kara watashi wa
watashi ga iru kara watashi ga iru kara anata wa
anata ga inai yo anata ga inai to ya da ya da

Because you were here, because you were here, I…
Because I am here, because I am here, you…
You are not here, I hate it, I hate it when you’re not here!!!

いとおしいあなたをとじこめたとびら ここはどこ

itooshii anata wo tojikometa tobira koko wa doko

Now you, whom I love, are shut behind a door. Where am I?!

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