13番目の御伽ノ国 // Juusanbanme no Otogi no Kuni

Requested by: Syia

First ever Otome Game Theme Translation!!! >:D

I actually kind of wanted to do this earlier, because it’s sort of my thing (I love fairy tales of all shapes and forms), but I never got around to it. I get most of the fairy tales, but there’s at least one or two I’m not very familiar with myself – the lyrics say “Handel’s bread crumbs” as in Handel the composer, but well – yeah, that’s Hansel.

By the way this means that a slot has opened up, and it’s first come first serve. ^^;

It’s really, really hard to link line to line because most of them are just noun phrases and while some of them connect, others don’t and more are “it can go either way”, so I apologize for some of the awkwardness that comes up.

Here is my suggestions for what’s from where.
(Added in what was suggested in the comments ^^)
02:Town Musicians of Bremen
03:The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids
05:A mix of Alice in Wonderland and Japanese moon rabbits?
06:Hansel and Gretel
09:The Star Money
12:Peter Pan
13:The Piper of Hamlin
14:Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
16:Various, including Peter Pan and the Little Mermaid
18:The Nutcracker
19:Beauty and the Beast
20:? The Nutcracker ? Not Wizard of Oz.
21:The Frog Prince
22:? Possibly Sleeping Beauty ?
23:Hansel and Gretel
24:Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
25:? Generic ?
27:? Generic ?
29:Sleeping Beauty

Maybe I’ll have you all fill in the rest of the blanks. Seven goats seems way too familiar but I can’t place it. Maybe I’m just confusing it with Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

 Juusanbanme no Otoginokuni
 The Thirteenth Neverland
~クレプシドラED テーマ~ (Ending Theme of “Clepsydra”)

御陽様 消して 月ヲ燈けましょう
響ク ブレーメンの音楽隊
御付きノ者は 七匹の小ヤギ
さあ、参りましょう 御姫様

ohisama keshite tsuki wo tsukemashou
hibiku bremen no on’gakutai
otsuki no mono wa shichihiki no koyagi
saa, mairimashou ohimesama

Let us put out the sun and light the moon.
Listening to the bands of Bremen play,
Attended by seven little goats,
Now come and let us go, my princess

三日月兎の 御茶会へ
ヘンデルのパンが 道標

mikadzukiusagi no ochakai e
handel no pan ga michishirube

To a tea party hosted by rabbits from the crescent moon
Hansel’s breadcrumbs will lead us the way

今日は 御機嫌、如何?
長靴履ゐた 子猫さん
星ノ銀貨が 降り雪ぐ
キラキラ 灰被る 硝子ノ靴
踊る 幸福王子と 愛ノ舞

kon’nichi wa gokigen’, ikaga?
nagagutsu haita konekosan’
hoshi no gin’ka ga furisosogu
kirakira haikaburu glass no kutsu
odoru koufukuouji to ai no mai

Good day, How are you?
I say to a kitten wearing boots
The stars flutter down in silver coins
Glass slippers hidden in cinders sparkle
I dance with a wealthy prince, a dance of love

大人にならなゐ 永遠ノ島
小人ヲ七人 従ヱテ
さあ、お往きなさい 王子様

otona ni naranai eien no shima
sasou hamlin no fue no oto
kobito wo shichinin’ shitagaete
saa, oyukinasai oujisama

Look there, the island where no one ever grows up,
Hear the flute of Hamlin leading all away,
With seven dwarves at our command,
Now come and let us go, my prince

扉持たぬ 高キ塔へ

tobira motanu takaki tou e
nin’gyo no uta ga michishirube

To that tall tower that has no door
The mermaids’ song will lead us the way

今晩ハ 御機嫌、如何?
ドロセルマヰヤー 会釋する
野獣ノ薔薇ヲ 胸に刺シ
タラッタッタ 踊り止まぬ 赤い靴
謡う カエル王子と 戀ノ詩

kon’ban’ wa gokigen, ikaga?
drosselmeyer eshaku suru
yajuu no bara wo mune ni sashi
tarattata odoriyamanu akai kutsu
utau kaeruouji to koi no uta

Good evening, How are you?
Drosselmeyer takes a bow
The beast’s rose pinned to his chest
“Tara-ta-ta” endlessly dancing in his red shoes
I woo the frog prince with a love song

撥条仕掛け 御菓子ノ家
魔女ノ鏡は 真実ヲ映す

saa, onigenasai kishisama
zenmai shikake okashi no ie
majo no kagami wa shin’jitsu wo utsusu
are wa daare?

Please run my dear knight
In this clockwork, gingerbread house
The witch’s mirror reflects the truth
Who are you?

御機嫌よう 然様なら
永久の迷路に 囚われて
王子も姫も 帰れない
スヤスヤ 夢顴てる 棘ノ御城
其処は 13番目の 御伽ノ国
此処が 13番目の 私ノ国

gokigen’ you sayounara
eikyuu no meiro ni torawarete
ouji mo hime mo kaerenai
suyasuya yume miteru ibara no oshiro
soko wa juusanbanme no otogi no kuni
koko ga juusanbanme no watashi no kuni

How are you? Farewell
Trapped in an endless labyrinth
The prince and the princess cannot go home
Soundly sleeping they dream in a castle of thorned roses
That is the thirteenth neverland
This is my thirteenth wonderland

    • Chou
    • February 3rd, 2012

    The goat one is a reference to a Brother’s Grimm fairy tale I’m pretty sure, of course I’m not completely sure but it definitely sounds familiar.

    As for grabbing that open request slot, how about SUPER HOPPING VAMPIRE since you do have most of Merciless Lazuli Rose translated already.
    This request totally isn’t just because the song has an amazing name or anything, nope not at all. (^_^;)

    • kyaaya
    • February 5th, 2012

    Quite a few other lines from Grimm’s Fairy Tales as well:

    line 2: Town Musicians of Bremen
    line 3: The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids
    line 9: The Star Money

    Thanks for the translations.

    • Syia
    • February 21st, 2012

    thank you so much for translating this!
    i’m sorry it took awhile to comment, i’ve been away from my computer!XP

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