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キミという特異点 // Kimi to Iu Tokuiten

Almost every time I post I wonder whether I should preface it with a “Sorry I’m late!” I get that I post fairly often, but I can never keep up with everyone’s requests ^^; and lately I’ve been paying more attention to my own interests in terms of translating – Hahaha.

For one, there’s a good chance I’ll be moving out in the next few weeks, and starting a full time job, contrived to be compressed into four days of the week. Very soon, I’ll be starting on a (non-free) translation of Dantalian no Shoka. I’m already starting to work out the foundations of a (at least partially free) literary magazine: Refracted -聯想録幻-. I’m also immersed in reading 傷物語 Kizumonogatari, and “Another” is threatening me with a “you must order-then-read me!!!” in my dreams via Misaki’s gaze. So my head’s been a bit full ^^;

But let’s get to this song.

Probably one of the tracks that I anticipated the most out of C81. This song’s atmosphere just does it for me. I want this out of EastNewSound. Half of me is wondering what happened to them, and half of me is wondering what happened to my perspective of them.

Maybe it’s just that 死霊の夜桜 Shirei no Yozakura has become one of my favorite Touhou tracks of all time, before I’d even really got its name memorized.

I love the font in the album booket. A slight 違和感 off-feeling, with the kanji and hiragana and katakana in separate font with a bold and slim contrast. on the stark white background. It’s so aesthetic it almost kills me.

Less direct, more feeling and emphasis on auxilliary meanings – if you’re reading along in Japanese. A few lines are confusing, but I tried to align everything as much as possible so you can work out the imagery. Particularly “like the dreams we cannot return to our desires intertwined with our prayers” is an intriguing image, I think.

I think you can interpret the “post waking dream” which comes as part of the phrase “waking from a dream into another dream” as reality or as death, or as simply a dream.

“…shadows reach out and connect with you” – It’s possible to interpret this meaning as the shadows all came together into such a form that made it seem to the narrator that her lover was there, but that’s too much of a leap for me to just assume, thus it stays as “connect with you”.

 Kimi to Iu Tokuiten
 The Singularity Known as You
Vocal: 鹿乃
Arrange: Tomohiko Togashi
Lyric: 海兎
Circle: Amateras Records
Album: Helius Aggregation
Event: C81


sameta yume no tonari ni inai kimi
sugata, sagashimotometa haru no naka

In this dream past waking, I found you weren’t by my side
So I searched for you throughout the encompassing spring

こんな世界に抱いた一つの疑問 渦巻いて
いつも通りの景色 その隣にキミがいないから

kon’na sekai ni idaita hitotsu no gimon uzumaite
itsumodoori no keshiki sono tonari ni kimi ga inai kara

But in this world I held a doubt, which spiralled inside of me
Even though everything here is as it is in waking, why are you not by my side?

桜 願い色付いて儚く散る運命
祈り そこに絡む欲望に 取り戻せない夢

sakura negai irodzuite hakanaku chiru sadame
inori soko ni karamu yokubou ni torimodosenai yume

Cherry blossoms take on the color of wishes but are fated so soon to fall
Like the dreams we cannot return to our desires so intertwined with our prayers

触れた心 どんな感情(いろ)描いてた?

nobita kage wa kimi e to tsunagatte
fureta kokoro don’na iro egaiteta?

The lengthening shadows reach out and connect with you
What color of emotion was brought out when our hearts touched?

君がいないよ 呟きそれに違和感覚えてた
寂しさ埋める都合のいい話 そうじゃないんだと

kimi ga inai yo tsubuyaki sore ni iwakan’ oboeteta
samishisa umeru tsugou no ii hanashi sou ja nain’ da to

I whispered, “But you aren’t here…” and felt something terribly wrong
Isn’t this all just a fairy tale I’ve made to fill my loneliness?

こんな想い キミという存在の大きさ
深き眠り 今もいつまでも隣にいて欲しい

kon’na omoi kimi to iu son’zai no ookisa
fukaki nemuri ima mo itsu made mo tonari ni ite hoshii

These emotions and the breadth of your existence…
Even now in this deep sleep, I just want to be beside you

桜 願い色付いて儚く散る運命
祈り そこに絡む欲望に 取り戻せないキミ

sakura negai irodzuite hakanaku chiru sadame
inori soko ni karamu yokubou ni torimodosenai kimi

Cherry blossoms take on the color of wishes but are fated so soon to fall
Like you, whom I cannot return to my desires so intertwined with my prayers