純桜華 -双雷- // Jun’ouka -Sourai-

Requested by Fractal

I’m slowly getting back to handling my requests ^^;

The second half of the chorus is translated mostly with feeling. Literally it is, “I will go this night to see you, all the way to the Red Palace; I cannot remove the bonds on my arms and legs that tie me to (my) sin, and it presses/carves (figuratively) its weight unto me. That doesn’t connect really well by itself and the way I interpret the meaning is “Though I cannot free myself from this sin, that itself will not stop me,” so you get the end result. I apologize, it’s a little odd. Also, there’s no difference between the two choruses in writing, but because of the stanza previous to the first one, it puts the whole chorus in a conditional (if I were free from this curse of time I would … etc.) The second one doesn’t have that preceding it, so I made the first chorus less assertive and the second more assertive.

The first old-style verse is a bit ambiguous as to whether the “two” entered the palace from the real world and then became immortal, or belonged to the palace (lived there) originally and were immortal (there’s a lot of fuzzy grammar). Keeping the wording of the second of those verses in mind, I made it lean in the second case’s direction, given Hinanawi Tenshi’s background as a celestial, but the other case is very possible. Given the entire context of the song, it makes more sense for “the road home” to mean “back to the Red Palace” if the two didn’t leave together, which also coincides better with case 2.

純桜華 -双雷-
 Jun’ouka -Sourai-
 Pure Cherry Blossoms -Twin Thunder-
Circle: Riverside
Vocals: 秣本瑳羅
Arrange&Lyrics: Cororo
Guitar: すのうまん
Album: Edis révir -Riverside vocal best album & ryuno’s art works vol.1-
Event: 例大祭8


hakanaku chiriyuku sakura
shizuka ni kuchihateteyuku
ikudo to kurikaesareru

O the cherry blossoms, how they
Fleetingly disperse, silently
Withering, ever again and again


nogarerarenu kono toki no jubaku wo nugisutetaretara
kaze ni mau hana ni naretara

If only I could break free from from this curse of time I cannot escape,
If only I could be as those flowers dancing in the wind!


koyoi ai ni ikimasu
akai yakata made
shishi no kase wa hazurenu
tsumi no omosa wo kono mi ni kizamu

I would go this very night to see you,
All the way to the Red Palace!
From these bonds on my arms and my legs I cannot break free from my sin,
But I would bear its weight upon me!


yurameku kagen no tsuki wa
watashi ni nite utsumuite
kirameku kumo wa hagoromo

The wavering crescent moon
Like me, faces down toward the earth
The shining clouds about it like angels’ wings


watashi wo miharu hitomi ga anata no mono de atta nara
mou nani mo nozomanai no ni

If only it was you who was watching over me,
Then I would want for nothing more…


aoi hoshi no nagare wa
akai yakata made
tsudzuiteiru no darou ka
nee dareka kotaete

I wonder if these blue stars
Will continue flowing
All the way to that Red Palace?
Please, someone answer me…


watatsumi no kami no miya no uchi no e no myou naru araka ni
tadzusawari futari iri ite oi mo sezu shini mo sezu

Those two who lived in a strange palace before the temple of Neptune
Would not grow old, nor would they die


ama no hara furifurikemireba kasumi tachi ieji madoite yukue shirazu mo

But once descending from the plains of heaven,
 one cannot find their way home through the mist


iroaseta mahoroba ni
nijimu hi no kage ga
kieteshimawanu you ni
sakebi tsudzuketeita

In this faded paradise
I continued to shout
So that those blurred scarlet shadows
Would not disappear


koyoi ai ni ikimasu
akai yakata made
shishi no kase wa hazurenu
tsumi no omosa wo kono mi ni kizamu

I will go this very night to see you,
All the way to the Red Palace!
From these bonds on my arms and my legs I cannot break free from my sin,
But I will bear its weight upon me!

  1. Thanks a lot…


    The first sentence…

    O the cherry blossoms, how they

    Should it be [on]?

    ah…I am not sure

    • It’s O/Oh – an exclamatory poetry like thing, to draw your attention to a noun or noun phrase. You could rephrase it as “Look at the cherry blossoms, see how they fleetingly disperse, silently withering, ever again and again!” – I just didn’t want to be as wordy. English doesn’t do too well with noun phrases >.<

      • OIC…

        and… what is the ‘Red palace’ mean?

        It can’t be found in the touhou world…?

      • Oh…I know it now…

        Red palace is refer to Scarlet Devil Mansion

        But…It is not related to Tenshi…

        It is strange….

    • The red palace is something different from Koumakyou – A part of the song tells that it’s a palace placed in front of the temple of Neptune, I couldn’t find any other references online :x

      • base on my poor knowledge…

        The palace is in [龍宮] (in chinese) which appear in the chinese tale story…

        There were some army(which is formed by the animal live in the sea,for e.g. :prawn,crab…)

        But I’m not sure it is in red or not,I can’t find this in wiki…or in google…

        I’ve just found a lot of information of some places..(but not the tale)

      • And the most important thing is, it is not related to the touhou world…or any character in Touhou

      • wait…wait I’ve find something in the ‘riverside’ website

        2:純桜華 -雙雷-


        Ah… I don’t what is this talking about…

        Some tale of [Saraswati] ?

        I want to know…the story beside the lyric…orz

    • Ah that bit was just a sort of exclamation about how the song had changed (the old version didn’t have the chorus chanting stuff and etc.)

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