Nisemonogatari Karen Bee Short OP/ED – marshmallow justice / ナイショの話 (Naisho no Hanashi)

The full (and corrected) version is available here: [link]

I usually don’t do short versions, but I couldn’t resist this time around.

I’ll do the full versions in separate posts when they come out. “marshmallow justice” will probably come out with the first blu-ray, and “ナイショの話” will come out on February 1st.

Think of this as a preview.

耳コピー taken from [source]

The line breaks made at breath breaks, so it’s a bit here and there.

“friend to justice” sounds corny, but I wanted it to sound corny.

[Update: I re-did the short version a little bit based on the full song’s lyrics for ナイショの話]
[Full version of ナイショの話 Naisho no Hanashi]

偽物語 第2話OP
「marshmallow justice」 歌:阿良々木火憐(喜多村英梨)

今朝 目が覚めたら 忘れちゃった
夢のつづき またあたしを待っていた
運命だよこれ ほっとけない
理由があるんだ 正義の味方だから
燃える この温度に 溶けるその答えは
清く正しく そしてかっこよく 泣くんじゃねぇ?

kesa me ga sametara wasurechatta
yume no tudzuki mata atashi wo matteita
unmei dayo kore hottokenai
riyuu ga arun’da seigi no mikata dakara
moeru kono ondo ni tokeru sono kotae wa
kiyoku tadashiku soshite kakkoyoku nakun’ ja nee?

When I woke up this morning I forgot
Just what I was dreaming about – but this has got to be fate
It’s there waiting for me; I can’t just leave things as they are
After all, I’m a friend to justice!
Melting at this burning temperature, isn’t the only answer to
Purely, justly, and of course awesomely, cry?

手をつなぎ どこまでも行こう 頭より先に早く
君とならどこまでも行ける きっと ずっと もっと

te wo tsunagi dokomademo ikou atama yori saki ni hayaku
kimi to nara dokomademo ikeru kitto zutto motto

Hand in hand let’s go as far as we can! Faster than we can think about it!
As long as we’re together I’m sure we can make it anywhere! Let’s keep going forever!

偽物語 ED
「ナイショの話」 歌:ClariS
“Naisho no Hanashi” “My Secret”

1・2 1・2・3・4

さっきから あの制服の子が 気になってんの バレバレだわ
私が隣にいるのに それってどういうつもりなの
ずっと 私がこのまま 居るなんて思わないでよ
きっといつか どこかの誰かが私のこと

sakki kara ano seifuku no ko ga ki ni natten’ no barebare da wa
atashi ga tonari ni iru no ni sorette dou iu tsumori nano
zutto atashi ga kono mama iru nante omowanaide yo
kitto itsuka doko ka no dare ka ga watashi no koto
moratteshimau no wakatteru no

What’s up with that girl in the uniform over there? It’s clear what she’s after!
What does she think she’s doing, when you’ve got me!?
Now don’t you think that I’ll always be here for you!
Don’t you realize that one day, someone else’s gonna come
And sweep me off my feet?

その時に泣いたって 知らないんだから
Baby you’re easy 怒りたくもなるわ You know

sono toki ni nattatte osoin’ dakara
sono toki ni naitatte shiranain’ dakara
son’na kao shitatte dame nan’ dakara
baby you’re so easy okoritaku mo naru wa You Know!

When that time comes, it’ll be too late!
I won’t care, even if you come crying to me!
So don’t give me that face!
Baby, you’re so easy, I can’t help but get angry you know!

    • Darkfireblade25
    • January 14th, 2012

    Hey, can you take out my request for “All This Time” and replace it with “Story” by FELT? or do “Story” as fast as you can? :D

    • D: I seem to have lost the scans you gave me D:

      But yeah, I’ll make it one of the first things I do if you can get me the scans again. I’ve just been trying to do C81 and recent stuff lately… I need to get back to requests though…

    • Yeah that link just gives me error messages in Chinese and all I need is the scans ^^;

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