Now these are always fun. I challenge you to follow along.

It is supposed to be “deviated eyes” not “deviant eyes” think of it as the original base meaning of deviant without any of the connotation. More “off the main track, different than what they should be” rather than the more sort of “looking for trouble” it’s got now.

I decided to compress the translation for this song (ie. keep each line in one line) – if you’re wondering about some of the pecularities and gaps. What it comes down to for the most part is omitting redundant phrases and not bothering as much to connect phrases that aren’t explicitly connected.

Eye-Splice feat. y t r
少女さとり~3rd eye|東方地霊殿
歌:たま、y t r
歌詞:笥箪、y t r
Circle: 魂音泉
Album: Innocent Days
Event: C81

一昨日の声に脅かされ 飛び交う扉を一つ開けば
めくるめく思考の回廊 ぎしりと軋んだ

ototoi no koe ni obiyakasare tobikau tobira wo hitotsu hirakeba
mekurumeku shikou no kairou gishiri to kishin’da

Threatened by voices from the day before yesterday, I open one of the many doors flying past
It creaks and grinds when it opens, a corridor through my dizzying thoughts

手を当てた左胸 いつかいずれ また眠りを醒ます恐怖の記憶
逸脱的眼と見透かすべきでない心 現実との落差
誰も彼も恐れ怯む 他者の言葉の雨霰
集まったみなの病みはどの位?この暗い闇の中don’t cry
数多の記憶を一握り 零れ落ちて降り注ぐ一頻り
いつでも見つめる 三つ目の眼の奥の迷路 気付けば独りきり
また目眩 見えた世界は一つしか無い
再度Daydream アナグラム 手に取りー字加えたサイコメトリー

te wo ateta hidari-mune itsuka izure mata nemuri wo samasu trauma
itsudatsuteki me to misukasubekidenai kokoro gen’jitsu to no rakusa
dare mo kare mo osore hirumu tasha no kotoba no amearare
atsumatta mina no yami wa dono kurai? kono kurai yami no naka don’t cry
amata no kioku wo hitonigiri koboreochite furisosogu hitoshikiri
itsudemo mitsumeru mittsume no me no oku no meiro kidzukeba hitorikiri
mata memai mieta sekai wa hitotsu shika nai
saido daydream anagram te ni tori- jikuwaeta psychometry-

Hand on my left breast, I feel the trama, fearing when I’ll have to wake from sleep again
Deviated eyes and hearts that should not be seen through – It’s this difference from reality
Anyone and everyone shrinks away in fear – Other’s words are rain and hail
How do you measure the afflictions of all those gathered here? Don’t cry in the darkness
A single grasping of uncountable memories, in a moment overflow
I’m always staring, into the labyrinth of my third eye, and now I’m all alone
I’m dizzy again, there’s not but what world I saw
I daydream again, take an imperfect anagram and now’ve got psychometry

荒野に ぽつんと浮かんだ 帆船が独つ 朽ち果てていく
ざらめ雪の深深と 細指で摘んだ 蕾の柔さ

kouya ni potsun’ to ukanda hosen’ ga hitotsu kuchihateteiku
zarame yuki no shin’shin’ to hosoyubi de tsun’da tsubomi no yarasa

I see a single sailing ship rotting away alone in a wasteland, and now –
The soft feeling of a bud plucked with slender fingers plunged deep into granulated snow

無明の蝶は蛾と群れて 身を焦がす火遊びに興じる
なだらかな下り坂だと 知らずになだれて
巡る巡る思考の錯誤 じくりと傷んだ

mumyou no chou wa ga to murete mi wo kogasu hi-asobi ni kyoujiru
nadaraka na kudarizaka da to shirazu ni nadarete
toutotsu ni hibiku downer no knock ni tada iki wo hisomereba
meguru-meguru shikou no sakugo jikuri to itanda

An ignorant butterfly mixes in with moths, burning itself excited, in their flame play
Descending, not knowing how gentle it’s slope is
Suddenly a downer knock rings, but I just silence my breath,
A mistake of my whirling thoughts I take in pain

豪奢に設えたドレスの 艶やかな色合い網膜を刺す
まがつ深淵にほだされ 吹き消された火の消せない残像

gousha ni shitsuraeta dress no adeyaka na iroai moumaku wo sasu
magatsushin’en’ ni hodasare fukikesareta hi no kesenai zanzou

The brilliant colors of an elegantly fashioned dress pierce my retina
Calmed by the calamitous abyss, the blown out flame remains in my mind

扉の先を見渡す 感傷に浸る暇など無く
半ば作業的に仕方無く 思考に溶け込んでいく感覚
何気なく目を開く 不安になる いつになく
故意に そして盲目的に無意識 価値観の不一致
流れ込んだ僅かな光 波に飲まれ見失う
幾千数多の嘘達が嘲笑う からかうも味気なく
めげずまた日めくり 愛を探すも堂々巡りの回想

tobira no saki wo miwatasu kanshou ni hitaru hima nado naku
nakaba sagyouteki ni shikatanaku shikou ni tokekon’deiku kankaku
nanigenaku me wo hiraku fuan’ ni naru itsu ni naku
koi ni soshite moumokuteki ni muishiki kachikan no fuicchi
nagarekon’da wazuka na hikari nami ni nomare-miushinau
fusagikon’da mama no yami no naka de dare wo kemuri maku
ikusen’amata no usotachi ga azawarau karakau mo ajike naku
megezu mata hi mekuri ai wo sagasu mo doudou meguri no kaisou
kidzukeba jishin no shikou mo maigo

I look over all beyond the door, I don’t have the time to soak in sentiment
As if it were half work, reluctantly my senses succumb to thought
No purpose in mind, I open my eyes – Somehow I’m anxious
From ill intent and from blindness unconscious, my values cannot come together
A small amount of light filters in, but it’s swallowed by the waves; I lose sight of it
Sealed away in all this darkness, who would you trap in riddles?
The multitude of lies laugh and scorn, their ridicule insipid
Day comes again nothing to hold it back – Searching for love a bold recurring recollection
Before I know it I’m lost within my own thoughts

蛹に還る蝶はただ まだ味わわぬ蜜の味を想う
さざ波のような心音に 意識はさらわれ
絶え間なく続く既視感 ぐらりと揺らいだ

sanagi ni kaeru chou wa tada mada ajiwawanu mitsu no aji wo omou
sazanami no you na shin’on’ ni ishiki wa saraware
toutotsu ni hibiku downer no knock ga kakikesu kesa no kioku
taemanaku tsudzuku kishikan gurari to yuraida

The butterfly that returns to its cocoon only thinks of the nectar it did not taste
My consciousness is swept away my a heart rhythm like rippling waves
Suddenly a downer knock rings, erasing my morning memories
Endlessly my deja vu continues, waving erratically

無名の蝶と戯れて 花から花へ 半ば風任せ
穏やかな日々は夢幻と 知りつつ溺れて
一昨日の声に脅かされ 飛び交う扉を一つ開けば
めくるめく思考の回廊 ぎしりと軋んだ

mumei no chou to tawamurete hana kara hana e nakaba kazemakase
odayaka na hibi wa mugen to shiritsutsu oborete
ototoi no koe ni obiyakasare tobikau tobira wo hitotsu hirakeba
mekurumeku shikou no kairou gishiri to kishin’da

I play with a nameless butterfly, from flower to flower, half let go to the wind
Then knowing that these peaceful days are but an illusion, I drown
Threatened by voices from the day before yesterday, I open one of the many doors flying past
It creaks and grinds when it opens, a corridor through my dizzying thoughts

荒野に ぽかんと開いた大穴が一つ 投げ入れていく
やがて訪れる夜明けの 色も知らずに歪な夢を見る

kouya ni pokan’ to hiraita ooana ga hitotsu nageireteiku
yagate otozureru yoake no iro mo shirazu ni ibitsu na yume wo miru

I see a hole open up in the middle of a wasteland, and now –
As the coming dawn throws itself upon the day, I dream a twisted dream, not knowing its color

  1. This will not be an easy song for me to learn but the lyrics will certainly help. Thanks!

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