うつろわざるもの // Utsurowazarumono

So it looks like I took a (partially) unintentional vacation from Christmas ’til Comiket ^^;

The first few days after the 25th I forced myself to do nothing (which was nice, but a bit irritating at the same time) after that I spent a few days seeing how well I could get VNs to work with wine (for portability). Linux/Unix-like systems all hate SJIS because it’s not really ASCII compatible (Windows handles this with a special code page), after that I finished reading Nadeko’s arc in Bakemonogatari, and then I spent yesterday and this morning rebuilding my netbook because I deleted my home directory by accident ^^;

For those curious, this is the newbie mistake that cost me a bit of data and a day:

I was extracting something from my flash drive to my desktop and used: 7z x z*.7z -o~/Desktop/ however, because it was directly part of the option string, bash didn’t convert the ‘~’ to my home directory, so it made a ~/Desktop folder on my flash drive and filled it up. When I went to delete the directory I typed ‘rm -fr ~’ which was really stupid (I should have typed ‘rm -fr “~”‘) because since it was separate ~ was converted to my home directory, and so everything was wiped and I decided I might as well do a fresh install. *facepalm* (FAIL) I hate default settings and have to customize any operating system I take command of (or else I start to feel sick) so it took me the better part of a day to get everything tweaked back to what I wanted it to be.

Anyway, here is another attempt to convey what I can.

Comiket 81 is going on right now.
I think I might need to restock on caffeine and vodka…


Just a little grammar because I love grammar.

Quiz!! How is the title constructed?
[to move/shift][consistency helper verb][negative helper verb][state verb][thing]
“That which exists in a state that does not (unlike others around it) consistently move/change.”

Basically that which resists the change brought about by time which is constantly moving.
The sky is used as a receptor to this, and though the sky constantly changes in a way, it doesn’t ever change overall, out of its cycle.

Here are a few of the key double layered words:

– Blue. It has the same pronunciation for another word for blue (青い) which overlaps with “green”, and “inexperience”. The fact that 碧い was used instead of 青い is probably to divert from “naivety”, though I think it’s good to see it still as a sub-meaning. See next note.

純真 is pronounced as 本当
– What is written is “purity, sincerity”, what is pronounced is “true”. If you read the line by itself it reads “Before, who (which of us) was (the most) purely blue?” (this brings up an image of the sky). If you just listen to the line (where the word above would more naturally be more easily interpreted as 青い instead of 碧い) You hear, “Before, who (which of us) was truely naive?” See next note.

彼方 is pronounced as あなた
– What is written is “(what is) far in the distance”, what is pronounced is “you”. In the first stanza, if you read the line by itself it tends more towards the meaning, “Was it I, or that in the distance (the sky)” listening to it you get instead, “Was it you or was it me?” – this pattern appears more than once, where you could say “you” is either the sky, or simply, someone far far away.

幻想郷 is pronounced as (この)世界
– Gensoukyou is read as “this world”

うつろわざるもの~True Conclusion
 That Which Remains Unchanging
サークル:凋叶棕 (RD-Sounds)
アルバム:遙 / 改
イベント:C80 / C84


katsute, hontou ni aokatta no wa
watashi to anata, dochira datta darou ka?

Which of us before was more pure, clear and blue?
Was it you, far off in the distance…? Or was it me?


kotae wo kaesanai kono sekai no
hate wo mitakatta

I wanted to see the end of this fantasy world
That offered me no answer


miorosu fuukei ni
mohaya kyoumi wa naku

I looked down upon its landscape and
No longer did it draw me in


katsute no chiki mo subete kako no mono e to,
utsurowazu ni wa irarenai no da.

Everyone I have known is now left to the past.
They could not resist change.


subete ga, kawariyuku.

Everything… changes.


…watashi to ieba, koko de.
…takaki wo kiwame.

…And I, here.
…reach for the highest of highs.


hitori shizuka ni, sotto ten wo aogu-.

In silence, all alone, facing the heavens.


kono basho naraba,
anata no koto ga wakaru ki ga shita.
sonna gensou wo douka idakasetehoshii.

From this height perhaps,
I thought I might understand you.
At least, let me embrace this dream that I might.


haruka na
miageru sora ni
watashi de atta mono wo sasagu

I gaze
Up at the distant sky
Lifting to the heavens all that I once was


tada hitotsu
utsurowazarumono e to mukete.

The only thing that remains unchanging.


nashieru koto ga mou, sore ijou nai nara,
kitto sore wa kanketsu na no de wa nai ka?

Since there is nothing greater I can accomplish,
Won’t this mark the end of it all?


hoshi wa kitto mata noboru darou.
tsumi no ishiki mo usuragu darou.

Surely the stars will rise again.
Surely the sin I feel will weaken.


aragaenu omoi ni oshitsubusareteshimau.
hidoi genjitsu ni me wo tsubutte sae shimau.

I’ll be crushed by these emotions I cannot resist.
I’ll shut my eyes to this unbearable reality.


toki wa zankoku na made ni nagarete.
soshite subete kouhai saseru.

Time flows ever so cruel.
Pushing everything to collapse.


…dou yatte, ikitemo.
…dou yatte, shindemo.

…No matter how we live.
…No matter how we die.


aa, kawarazu ni wa irarenai no da!

Ah, there is nothing we can do to resist!


saigo ni nokotta,
kawaranai subete no kongen koso ga.
sono me no mae ni, utsukushiku mo zankoku ni.

What was left in the end
Was the root of everything, itself apart from change.
Before its eyes, I felt its gaze both beautiful and cruel.


haruka na
kawaranu mono ni
hikareru jibun ga koko ni ita

There I was
Drawn in my that one
Distant thing that will never change


itsuka kawarihateru kono mi da to shite mo.

Even if even I will one day completely change.


minna oiteitteshimatta.
keredo, sore demo.
kono sekai dake wa.
kawarazu ni aritsudzukeru darou to shinjiteiru.

I left everyone behind.
But, yet.
This fantasy world.
I believe that it will continue on, unchanging.


kono mi wo yudaneyou,
anata to tomo ni aru nara sore de ii.
…aa, dekiru nara, koko de subete wo mukaetai.

I’ll just let myself be.
As long as I’m here together with you.
…Ah, if I could, I wish I could face everything here.


haruka na
kawaranu mono wo
utsurowazaru mono wo idaite

This one distant thing
That will never change


subete wo
ukeirenagara, watashi wa koko ni iru.

Everything in, I am here.


haruka na
miageru sora ni
watashi de atta mono wo sasagu

I gaze
Up at the distant sky
Lifting to the heavens all that I once was


tada hitotsu
utsurowazarumono e to mukete.

The only thing that remains unchanging.

  1. That title…Japanese grammar never ceases to amaze me. RDの歌詞も。

  1. August 25th, 2018

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