Lunar DIAL

The beat to this song is just fantastic.
Monochrome, frozen in time.

ZUN on Lunar Dial (TH wiki-extraction):
Sakuya Izayoi’s theme.
You can’t have a maid without hard rock (j/k)
It’s quite driving, fitting for the second-to-last stage.

…Guess I still don’t know much about rock (^^;
Let’s just say it’s poetic rock, done my way.

Another of my favorite originals.

If you want to throw this song in the canon-ish timeline. (Sometimes that’s fun, sometimes I like to think of how it might be stripped from Touhou as well) – You reach the point of extending your consciousness past realtime and into frozen time frames and now all you have to do is move. You get the whole frozen because of conflicting feelings of love and hate for Remilia which would fit around that time too, but. (You could also throw it in the middle of present canon with Sakuya unable to age, and that being “time not moving inside of me” – but anyway, have fun with your interpretations.)

Well there’s more than that anyway.

Here goes.

臆病な “okubyou na” always sounds like 臆病さの “okubyousa no” when I hear it in the song, but I’ll just leave it as is. It’s a little grammatically strange, but correct – I’ll incorporate that possibility in the translation.

There’s a nice bit of imagery that’s lost in the fact that “ticking time” or “moving time” in Japanese is read “to carve out time”. Such phrases as “I want to carve time inside of me” become “I want to make time move inside of me”. See how a lot of the effect is lost? T^T

That whole “make move” type phrase borders on what you could call “acceptable English” but I kind of liked the feeling it gave, maybe a slight dischord?

Lunar DIAL
Vocals: mican*
Arrange: Masayoshi Minoshima
Lyrics: Haruka
Circle: Alstroemeria Records
Album: Killed Dancehall
Event: C81

もしも夢が叶うのなら 動かせない私の時
少しでいい動かしたい 自分の中に時を刻むの
夢の中で夢を見る そして二つ儚く散る
そんな時を繰り返して 私はまだ動けないままで

moshimo yume ga kanau no nara ugokasenai watashi no toki
sukoshite ii ugokashitai jibun no naka ni toki wo kizamu no
yume no naka de yume wo miru soshite futatsu hakanaku chiru
sonna toki wo kurikaeshite watashi wa mada ugokenai mama de

If my dreams might be granted, I’d make move my frozen time.
Even if it were slight, I’d make time move inside of me.
I’m dreaming a dream inside a dream; both shatter in an instant,
And then time repeats. And through all this, I still cannot move.

裏切りは 臆病な この心 この私
凍えてた この胸じゃ あなたさえ 守れない
悲しみも 凍らせて 月夜には また歌う
それだけじゃ ダメなのに わかっても できない

uragiri wa okubyou na kono kokoro kono watashi
kogoeteta kono mune ja anata sae mamorenai
kanashimi mo koorasete tsukiyo ni wa mata utau
sore dake ja dame na no ni wakattemo dekinai

This betrayal is my cowardice, my heart, my self.
With my frozen heart I can’t protect even you.
So I freeze then my sadness and sing again to the moonlit night.
Even though I know that isn’t enough, I can’t do anything more.

月夜に響く歌声は 何かを呼び止めてた
傷つけることばかり この心はいつも
もし私が天使で あなたを癒せるなら
この気持ちもいつかは 晴れるのかな

tsukiyo ni hibiku utagoe wa nanika wo yobitometeta
kizutsukeru koto bakari kono kokoro wa itsumo
moshi watashi ga tenshi de anata wo iyaseru nara
kono kimochi mo itsuka wa hareru no kana

And my singing voice ringing in the night stops something.
My heart is always hurting others, bringing harm.
If I were an angel, if I could ease your pain,
Then these feelings might clear…

もしも願い叶えたなら 歩みだせる私自身
時計の針わずかでいい 自分の時を少し刻むの
夢の中で夢を見て やぶれ消えてもまた見てた
そんな時を繰り返して それでも少し歩み出せるわ

moshimo negai kanaetanara ayumedaseru watashi jishin
tokei no hari wazuka de ii jibun no toki wo sukoshi kizamu no
yume no naka de yume wo mite yaburekietemo mata miteta
sonna toki wo kurikaeshite soredemo sukoshi ayumedaseru wa

If my wishes might be granted, I would, able to walk again,
Make move my own time, even if it were just a tick of the second hand.
I’m dreaming a dream inside a dream; it’s ripped apart and reconstructed,
And time repeats. But even so, I’m able to move, just a little.

悲しみや 絶望は 思い込み わかってる
進めない 進みたい あなたにも 追いつけず
わずかでも 緩めたら 月夜には 刻むかな
秒針は 遅くても この私 わかって

kanashimi ya zetsubou wa omoikomi wakatteru
susumenai susumitai anata ni mo oitsukezu
wazuka demo yurumetara tsukiyo ni wa kizamu ka na
byoushin wa osokutemo kono watashi wakatte

I know that both my sadness and my despair are selfish overthoughts.
I can’t move forward, I want to move forward, I can’t even chase after you.
If all of these would ease just a little, I wonder if time would tick tonight.
Even if the second hand is late, I can feel it.

月夜に響く歌声は あなたを求め続け
時が置き去りにする 私は動けない
もし私が天使で あなたを愛せるなら
凍えた時計の針 また動くわ

tsukiyo ni hibiku utagoe wa anata wo motometsudzuke
toki ga okizari ni suru watashi wa ugokenai
moshi watashi ga tenshi de anata wo aiseru nara
kogoeta tokei no hari mata ugoku wa

And my singing voice ringing in the night continues to search for you.
Time has abandoned me; I cannot move.
If I were an angel, if I could love you,
Then the frozen hand of this clock, would move again.

    • TasteTea
    • January 1st, 2012

    It may be me, but have you noticed the Seven Nation Army bass riff in the chorus? :)

    • I wouldn’t be cultured enough to recognize it XD

      Wait, wait – I think I know what you mean. Yeah, it has to be XD

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