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Anticipating C81

^I’m old enough to be your grandmother’s grandmother’s grandmother’s grandmother’s grandmothefr’s… are you sure about this? ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ

Lately I’ve been in love with Miss Kaku Seiga Nyan Nyan, so you’ll be looking at her for a while.

So I figured I’ve taken enough time getting to this; C81 is just around the corner. I’ll be updating this as more album XFDs become available and if there’s something I haven’t taken a look at that you want me to – just refer me to it in the comments!

I’m still trying to get to requests but it’s definitely going to be slow for the rest of the month and probably into January. Just sit tight – I’ll attack the new C81 stuff right away after the new year :3

My tastes aren’t exactly the norm, and since this ranking is based on crossfades and more on what I’m looking forward to than what I think is best – this is by no means a proper ranking.

This is what I’m anticipating for this year’s winter Comiket, C81!

[This post will be continuously updated until the end of the year, though it is not a sticky post, you may find it by clicking on the link in the right sidebar.]


01 – Demetori’s “BEGIERDE DES ZAUBERER” [*]

We’ve had to wait a long time, but it’s finally here. Demetori’s 6th 7th album (the first isn’t Touhou). If you’ve never listened to Demetori before, they’re the ones that have brought the most amazing Touhou Hard Rock Instrumentals mankind has ever made into existence. There’s no question at all in my mind that this group is the best of it’s genre, far far far ahead against any other. If you doubt me, go find and listen to 曼衍珠汝華 ~ Nada Upasana Pundarika (C77). There’s no fault to find. I am particularly excited about プラスチックマインド ~ Alice in Underground because it’s extremely rare for us to get a Plastic Mind arrange (the least loved Alice theme), リジッドパラダイス ~ Dawn of the Dead (because I flat out love this theme), メイガスナイト ~ Frenzy Night (“”), デザイアドライブ ~ Desire Dream (“”). Unless they’ve redone it (which knowing them, they may have), Strawberry Crisis!! is a re-release from 流麗祭彩2.

02 – Sally’s “サドマゾヒズム” (Sadomasochism) [*]

Holy hell. And I was starting to worry that I placed my expectations for this group too high after their first release “Sally”. This album, paired with “Sally” (almost) completes 東方神霊廟~Ten Desires. In my opinion this album looks like it’s going to be more balanced than “Sally”. While every track on “Sally” was great, I think if you put Mirror and min~眠~ next to IZNA’s tracks… well IZNA was going to lose out. That’s not the case this time around. The sort of “energy” is more level (alright, plaza is a little more energy packed…). I don’t have much more to say other than I really hope this collaboration keeps on going! Here’s my favorite tracks in order: L∞p (I’m quite a fan of “Desire Drive”), コウモリ, サド, ~enn~ 淵, 霊魂ミソロジー, plaza Blue age, 新規テクストドキュメント – to put this ranking in perspective, when I heard the first track I was sure it was going to be my favorite, and then when I heard the second track I was sure it was going to be my favorite… and though 新規テキストドキュメント is at the end, it’s still one of my favorites. plaza Blue age is smashing good too.

02.1 – Alstroemeria Record’s “Killed Dancehall” [*]

Am I foolish to think that this was made just for me? I was hoping for anything close to Haunted Dancehall this time around, and this time we have spectacular vocal arrangements of Romantic Children (by 坂上まち!!!), 月時計~ルナ・ダイアル (by mican*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Flowering Night, and U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか? along with originals that mix in well to this gapless transition album in the same style as Haunted Dancehall!!!. I’m really excited about Syrufit’s ひもろぎ、むらさきにもえ arrange as well, and Nhato’s 幽霊楽団~Phantom Ensemble arrange sounds like it’ll be great too.

02.2 – 豚乙女 (Buta-Otome)’s 怨言神楽謌(えんげんかぐらうた)[*]

I need to go back to more Buta-Otome. I didn’t show enough love to their previous album, which was very experimental. This album just shows how much they’ve been improving over all. 孤独の哀願 feels like a throwback to the style that pervaded Homo Ludens (I’m going to stick to it and say that’s their best), and I’m really excited about what they’ve done to 廃獄ララバイ in ユラメイタ焔. 真っ黒の雪 contends for my favorite track. 空のある場所 seems to be there just to argue with the fact that I’ve started to get bored with ネイティブフェイス because their arrange completely remakes it. 貴方と私’s got a great beat to it, and it’s an arrangement of a song we hardly hear about. 冥き途 sounds like it’s absorbed some of its feeling from Sally, and 生きる is great – an arrangement of 夜のデンデラ野を逝く?!?; The last track デッドマンズ・ラブリイライフ (Deadman’s Lovely Life) is just cute, lyrics and all :3

05 – <echo>project’s “Mary had a little love” [*]

I’m sure you thought I was going to say Foreground Eclipse, or RD-Sounds, or Shibayan next, but no – and I’m surprised myself. I haven’t really paid attention to the echo Project, other than the fact I’ve translated a few songs released on their albums, but forget about that – this album is fantastic. There’s a little bias at work because it’s all Hifuu Club (Renko+Merry) arranges, but still. This album reminds me a little bit of Shibayan’s noise and non-noise stuff, reminds me a little bit of RD-Sounds – the intro even reminds me of Knights of the Round, some parts remind me of kz (livetune).. (is that what they’re going for with “echo”?). Anyway, the beat and the vocals are great – it’s jazzy and not afraid to transition in and out of smooth. My favorites have got to be 鉄塔, Door, Stray CS am3:00, 羊の塔, and drip+drop. I’m really looking forward to the lyrics.

05.1 – ぴずやの独房 (Pizuya’s Cell)’s Merciless Lazuli Rose [*]

The first 5 seconds and I’m already sold to be honest. This is another album in the style of Violet Lotus Requiem. Forgive me rockers, but I’m most excited about Invisibilia door. I’m hoping it’ll hold me over until Godwood (Pizuya’s Pianist, the strongest of them all XD) releases another piano album. Other than that, it’s hard to pick favorites. Every track is excellent. I’m excited about Plastic Mind (They must be reading mine!), and Losing your season, and Apparition lover, DESIREDRIVE, SUPER HOPPING VAMPIRE (I’ve always wanted to hear Merami sing this track), Merciless Lazuili Rose, Dizziness, Vitae perspiramur… alright let’s say Past distortion and we’ll have them all.

05.2 – Syrup Comfiture X Pizuya’s Cell’s “君の歌と僕の小さな恋” [*]

First of all, I’m probably going to be a little biased because I’m so excited. I mean, a collaboration between Syrup Comfiture (Syrufit) and Pizuya’s Cell!?!? (also C/ZYTOKINE). I don’t know how familiar you are with Pizuya you are, but he’s kind of like Shibayan. He releases his own albums from time to time, but he also does all the mixing and mastering for most of the metal/guitar groups out there (like CROW’SCLAW). Pizuya started out with MyonMyon releasing a series of Metal albums (Pizuya’s a bassist) with keyboard synths (Godwood), eventually added vocals (YAMAGEN), and MyonMyon broke off and Pizuya started experimenting with other types of music (pop, rock, screamo, etc.) Pizuya’s what got me into Touhou. What’s great is that we get to hear both Linjin and Godwood (Pizuya’s Pianist/my alltime favorite pianist) play in this album. Track 10, 星屑 -piano ballad- is actually Track 2, which Linjin plays, redone by Godwood. Another thing that’s great is that Pizuya apparently loves Alice’s PC-98 themes as much as I do.

Biased as I am, the tracks I’m looking forward to the most are: Felicitas (I’ve been absolutely in love with Yamagen’s acoustic guitar lately), 途切れた赤い糸, 不思議の国の… (pizuya’s arranges), and 星屑 -piano ballad- of course, but also シンパシー (Sympathy). I’ve never heard, never – ever – heard an arrangement of 真紅の少女 – Crimson Dead (Yuki’s Theme) before, so I’m really excited about that. It’s like her time has finally come! 霍雨 and 焦堕 (I love the beat) sound great as well. Visions of love and 星屑 (I can’t wait to hear when it breaks out into the main part of 天空の花の都) too. In other words, I love everything.

But really, シンパシー sounds beautiful, and overall with an unbiased opinion, this is the better of the Syrufit albums coming out this Comiket.

08 – 凋叶棕 (Diao ye zong)/RD-Sounds’ “綴” (Tsudzuri) [*]

You knew this was coming.

Although apparently only one of these songs have been made completely from scratch this time around, I only know for sure that three (ホンノタビビト, Demon Strundum, and 嘘と慟哭) are taken from other albums. However, RD’s said that he’s edited at least partially all but one track (which I’m guessing is 嘘と慟哭). First of all, it seems obvious to me (maybe I’m wrong o.o;) that ホンノタビビト has had 3L’s vocals re-recorded, because I have the other track, and 3L’s voice sounds a lot different. Demon Strundum feels as if it’s has clear meddlings with the instrumentals, so that only leaves 嘘と慟哭 but I may be wrong (I’ve only listened to 嘘と慟哭 on YT where subtleties are destroyed so…). Anyway, all the three I mentioned are already translated here, and they’re all great. I’m looking the most forward to マッドパーティ “Mad Party” which arranges Marisa’s Seihou theme (not a common pick for arrangers), その扉の向こうに, アイ・ウィッシュ・クロスフェード “I Wish Crossfade” and ヒカリ, but I’ve yet to find a song RD arranged that I didn’t like, and I have yet to find an album of his I didn’t love. If there’s any complaint I could possibly find is that I’d have loved to see an additional instrumental.

I can’t wait to see the lyrics to all of these songs.

08.1 – Shibayan’s “A procura de felicidade” [*]

This album’ll make up my want for instrumentals that’s a bit lacking in RD’s most recent album. This isn’t a noise album (if it were it’d probably be a the top) but I love 深水チエ (Fukamizu Chie) and was a little disappointed I didn’t get to hear her sing in the last album. Anyway this is a tiny album, and if you don’t like bossanova or have an irrational love of Fukamizu Chie there’s probably no reason to look at this, but if you will.

I’ll probably jump on the lyrics as soon as I can. Fukamizu Chie’s lyrics usually have wonderful quirky-ness to them that I love.

As a side note, it -would- be Shibayan who uploads his xfd as a lossless wave file.
We all could learn from this guy.

10 – 死際サテライト (Shinigiwa Satellite)’s FEAR EP [*] [*]

First I’m going to give a bit of background on this band, because I don’t think many of you have heard of them before. Their band name means “Satellite on the Edge of Death”, they’ve been around since C76, released a two-five track EP at most events since then, half of which are never released in doujin stores but are event only. They like to joke that they’re a “dummy circle” (a circle that goes secures a place at comiket primarily to get in the doors early to buy others’ circle’s stuff and releases either nothing, or “trash”) and play “analog” music (no digital effects or tampering) with all “Engrish” lyrics if any. Instead of releasing a crossfade like most circles, they release one of their songs early. (Second Link). I love ’em.

From the HP for FEAR EP:

“Is there any other group that exists with such purely impure motives?”
“I really think they’re the pinnacle of a new age of dummy circles.”
“I hear there are actually people who illegally download their stuff overseas.”

“When I listened to Shinigiwa Satellite, my dog ran away.”
“Shinigiwa? Isn’t that the name of that faux circle?”
“Shinigiwa…? Ah… aren’t they a circle that does only Ano Hana Yukiatsu stuff?”
“Because this circle was next door all our customers have left. I’m planning to sue.”
“Man their CDs are cheap. Not that I’m buying any.”
“Garururururururuuuuuuuuu!” (Dog growling)
“Shinigiwa! Ahaha, it’s like they’re popular for their virginity Tahahaha!”
“I think the best way to describe them is, I’m sorry they exist.”
“Man, I’m always looking forward to their album art! Huh, you mean they’re a music circle?”

I’m immensely looking forward to the chance to find more of their stuff. If anyone’s in Tokyo and going to Comiket I’ll send you money to buy whatever they’ve got.

I’m glad Sei-eitarou is singing again: 焦燥ジェノサイド “Shousou Genocide” “Impatient Genocide” is great. :3

11 – 魂温泉(TAMAONSEN)’s “Innocent Days” [*]

First of all, I love these guys for subbing their xfd, that itself deserves praise. It looks like Ranko’s singing another duet with Tama, しかたないじゃない (inst. by Comp) and it’s a Bad Apple!! arrangement to top it all off! But Eye-Splice has got to be the one I’m looking forward to the most. ytr+Tama’s always been amazing (Do I have to remind you of 狂気に満ちた不可視の珠 [*])? – and to be honest even more than しかたないじゃない I’m looking forward to ハルケロジック that song sounds awesome. I’m usually on and off about ill.bell, but this is good. So my favorites are: Eye-Splice, ハルケロジック (it’s a clever title actually), and しかたないじゃない. I’m also looking forward to reading PARFECT MIC REEEEEEEEELAY!! but if any of you ask me to translate it I figure I’ll die on the spot… If have anything to be disappointed about it’s the fact that Romonosov? doesn’t have a track (apart from PARFECT MIC).

12 – Draw The Emotional’s “Ghost and your heart” [*] [xfd

Sounding great! I’m looking most forward to “Keep away from me”, “Betrayal can’t invent anything”, and “We can’t get out of here forever”. I don’t have much else to say – it’s such a short xfd that there’s not much to pick out – but go ahead and listen to it! (link above). I’m looking forward to translating the lyrics.

13 – Hatsunetsu Miko’s’ “Re:Clockwiser & A Narcissus” [*]

Forgive me, because I tend to like Hatsunetsu Miko’s Re:* albums better than their others. Plus there’s a remix of Vagrant! (one of my unexpected favorites of C80) and also of Surface Star. It’s made me take another look at Nothing but Flowers (where most of the remixes come from), and I’m really liking all three of the new tracks (Silent Story, Rendezvous, and Pages of a Star). I’ll probably like the original Vagrant a lot better, but most of the other remixes are from already heavy-electro tracks so, I might like these remixes more. Anyway, excuse me while I listen to Vagrant again.

14 – FELT’s Silver Drive [*]

FELT always knows how to start off powerful don’t they? That’s got to be their specialty… Every track with 美歌 (Mika) is spectacular (I love her), but if I have to pick one that outshines the rest, it’s “After rain” FELT’s original. “Light My Life” sounds great too (vivienne’s growing on me) and I really like how “In The End” is sounding. If I have to pick favorites, they’d be “After rain”, “Under cloud”, “Light My Life”, “Runaway Drive”, and “In The End”. Galaxy and 506 really make this stand out, but the whole album is a little more techno-filled than usual, but I don’t mind it – I think it works.

15 – Foreground Eclipse’s “Each and Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone” [*]

First of all I’m extremely excited about the chance to see the lyrics for “Destruction” and “You’ll Forget That Even If You Noticed That”. That aside, I was really hoping to see another original and at least one Ten Desires arrange, and expected FG’s old Kogasa arrange to pop up. All my expectations were fulfilled XD (except that instead of an old Kogasa arrange we’ve got a new one that sounds even better!!) Since the crossfade is so short it’s hard to hear what FG’s done with Desire Drive, but I’m thinking it’ll be good. I really like the sound of their new original “If You Feel Like Sinking Down”, and more than hearing it, I’m curious to see the lyrics to FG’s “you” tribute “Noble”. But if I’m going to be brutally honest, I think that this album overall isn’t going to be as good as “Tears will Become Melodies Tonight”, but with just the tracks from the demos alone (Destruction, I Bet You’ll Forget That Even If You Noticed That, Things What Fowls Can’t See Confuse Us, and Escapes) it’s already a lot stronger than most in its genre.

16 – Syrufit’s “Avidya” [*]

First of all it’s Zounose who’s doing the album artwork!!!! I love that guy!!! Anyway, this is a pretty solid album. It’s not blowing me away as some Syrufit xfds have done in the past, but it’s good. It’s got a good range in style, from etc Cetera which is pure Cytokine (or Zytokine?), Links which sounds a lot like older Syrufit music, candle which sounds more like his new stuff, and Stellar which is “Poplica*” through and through. My favorites are We Are (love it), Stellar (awesome), and Another Vision (that breathing’s pretty sexy.) All of the arrangements are subtle about what they’re taking from, which I always think is good. I like piecing out the music.

17 – Arte-Refact’s Fantastic Park [<a href=";]

“If there were an Amusement Park in Gensoukyou, which attraction would you go to?”

I like 君の美術館, Tsukasa, SYNC.ART’S, C-CLAYS, K2, and dBu music alright, and the combination of them all’s actually turned out sounding pretty interesting. Every track sounds unique side-by-side, and nothing’s dull. Lately the problem I’ve had with C-CLAYS and K2 is that I’ll like at most 3, maybe 4 songs on any of their albums. As for my tastes in music specifically, it does a sort of bell curve with the best songs I think from Track 03 to Track 08 with “The Scary Mansion” and “ドキドキ☆マジカルパーク” (Hey, I like my loli-tastic tracks too!) my very favorite. This is where I snap my fingers in frustration though, I would have loved if the 車椅子の未来宇宙 arrangement was done differently, because I love that original.

18 – Girl’s short hair “幻想世界” [*]

I like yonji, he seems like a cool guy (and how am I making this judgment? ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌)

Favorites: “そのメイド、凶暴につき”, “裸足のヒロイン”, “流星スピード”, but everything is great – simple as that. I feel like I could listen to this album on loop for ages. It’s simple, not really anything different from what we’re used to, but it’s good.

19 – EastNewSound’s “Uncanny Instinct” [*]

Honestly, I feel like this album is a gamble. EastNewSound has been starting to fall in my favor lately: Solitude Blossom was a particular let down and I only really liked two tracks on Definite Energy (Miniature Garden and Fantastic Sequence)… they really peaked at Felsic Mirage… which is -way- better than this *nod* *nod* *nod*. But enough with all that negative. Let’s look at what this album is doing. ENS subtitled Uncanny Instinct “The First New Generation”, and I figure they mean to continue making originals if this particular album succeeds. I really hope so. We’ve seen good things from arrangers that decide to branch out – either completely warping the original (like only using the back beat – Masayoshi Minoshima has done this) or throwing originals on their Touhou albums (Masayoshi Minoshima has also done this), but it’s rare to see someone put out a full original album without testing the waters first.

My first impressions aren’t spectacular and I’m going to hit the negatives before the positives, but first of all I’m going to say that this album is looking much better than ENS’s Touhou arrange is. Dione Aggregation clearly lags behind the other two Aggregations, but I’m going to assume that’s because they were throwing more into this. Here we go. First of all I’m going to say that I love the lyrics to フタリゴト (the song that they’ve pre-released in full) and I think that its title is ridiculously clever – but. I don’t really like the music that goes with it *facepalm*. The positive that I take out of フタリゴト is that ENS’s lyricists don’t have to depend on Touhou themes to write wonderful lyrics, the negative is whether they can match the complexity of Touhou originals with their original/base. Especially with electronic music, what separates the good from the bad is often the underlying form.

Now for the good stuff, I’m sure you’re wondering why this album is so high up despite the fact that I have so much bad to say about it so far? Well, I enjoy most of the songs (though a few feel generic), and about half of the songs I think pull back to the roots of the older more, experimental ENS-style which is what I like. My favorites are 鋼の岩壁 (has the most interesting melody), 変わらぬ世界で (maybe it’s a little “foggy” but I love Chata’s whisperings), and モノクローム (good because it’s smooth and got an interesting beat). Original Remind and ヒカリの中で are good, but… I think they’re setting themselves up to be easily forgotten, because there’s nothing about them that stand out. To be honest, my main problem with フタリゴト is that it’s way too repetitive. It’s rather experimental itself, but yeah. It’s also a bit frustrating to me, just because フタリゴト supposed to be the strongest track on the album, and I don’t like it.

Anyway, I’m hoping the full album proves some of my negative points wrong.

20 – Sound Online’s A Couple of Time [*]

I’ve been an on and off fan of Tsukasa (ie. Sound Online) – He’s got the same smooth sound as ever and it sounds like this’ll be a solid album. 奈落の星 “Hell’s Star” peaked my interest. I’d go so far as to say that this album is good as Nostalgia. The remixes at the end spice the whole album up a little bit (I like Tatsh :3) and keep it balanced.

21 – LiLA’c Records’ “M4D Essence” [*]

Above its peers. I really like the beat and all of the tracks. If you’re starting to get disappointed in ENS and you like something that’s a little bit rougher (it floats closer to REDALiCE range), I definitely recommend you take a look at LiLA’c records. After all, Irus (arranger) and 海兎 (lyricist) do a lot for ENS, so you’ll see some similarities. My favorite tracks are probably: B:delusion, MONOCHROME SKY, Ephemeral, and Heart 2 Heart.

22 – Halozy’s Tonic Triangle [*]

Here we have another ENS “component” (or rather, constant contributor). I hate to say it, but this is a little too energetic for my tastes. There’s no doubt it’s a great, solid album, but for being too energetic I’ll slip it right under Helius. I’m not going to lie though, I kind of love (I mean, really love/I mean really, really love) 物凄いあややがぶっちゃけ物凄いうた (maybe I just have something for loli-Aya). 路側帯レアリスム is pretty good too. Alright SAKURA:Sound, and 錯錯乱乱 are good too, and 49-7 has a pretty damn cool sound. Ok… Ok…, I’ll slip it over Thalia. Favorites: 物凄いあややがぶっちゃけ物凄いうた, 49-7 (damn awesome), SAKURA:Sound, 錯錯乱乱.. Basically the first half of the album is just a little too energetic, but the second half calms down a bit and is pretty awesome.

22.1 – Halozy’s TOHO Cyber Trance [*]

First 5 seconds and I already love it – all of the tracks are beautifully tranced out. In other words, this is a perfect addition to any Touhou trance you’ve got. I’m really happy about the Brilliant Colors remix, Spacegirl and Withered Symphonic are both Chen-tastic, Strawberry Game!! (which we only get a few seconds of XD), Harmony of Desire (also a few seconds), but really more than all of that: ENG Dream. Why, because it’s an remix from the last ENS album I loved. T^T

24 – Conagusuri’s “Thalia Aggregation” [*]

I just recently came across Conagusuri (though I’ve listened to their “components” and guest tracks before) and re:uni-BIRTH is translated already :3. Overall, out of all the Aggregations I think this is the best. Though this may be in part due to the insertion of re:uni-BIRTH and MiYAMO’s remix of 桜∞friendship (from Conagusuri’s antiphona) which are great, I like all of the new tracks too. My favorite tracks are 輪廻托生 (it’s a very interesting arrange), THE SEED OF SUN (I think we need an energetic arrange of Desire Drive), Starry Heavens (I think it pulls the melody off pretty well), 亡聖ノ音 (this one’s really an ENS one and might be a little too mellow, but it’s good).

25 – Ameteras Records’ “Helius Aggregation” [*]

Listen to キミという特異点. Just listen to it. Now. This song’s probably the best track by far out of all of the Aggregations, and by far the best track on this album. Justice Ruler is probably the second best (from ENS – maybe this is why Dione isn’t as good – the best ENS tracks are on the other albums -.-;), and I liked the sound of 暴露衝動 and Closed to You, but the rest feels like a little bit of a step down from Thalia. In other words, if there were more songs like Justice Ruler and キミという特異点 this album would be a lot higher on the list.

26 – Includeore 俺++’s “Wisdom” [*]

I’m not going to lie, I’m actually really kinda liking this album. It’s very clear and direct. I kind of want to say simple, but it’s not really simple. It sounds kind of like older Alice’s Emotion albums, but cleaner and lighter. I kind of miss that sound, so maybe I’m just being a little nostalgic, but this is a pretty good Ten Desires full arrange album. My favorites are probably 幽興夜行 (really good instrumental actualy, I love the bells), 夢に咲く花, 天鼓舞踊, and 呼子鳥の戯れ.

27 – ARM’s “Infinity” [*]

So this is the second Bloom of sorts. However, rather than super remixing like Bloom, Infinity is modelled after Super Famicom (SNES) music. So right off the bat my impression is “not nearly as awesome as Bloom”. However especially if you like 16-bit music or whatever SNES is it perfectly fits the bill, sounds just like it, and all the arrangements are done well. It’s definitely something to take a look at. I’m not going to list my favorites, because since this is a complete 17 track arrangement of Ten Desires, whatever your favorite track on that is sure to be your favorite here. … … Reanimated Trickster is good.

28 – ALiCE’S EMOTION’s “Ghost Region” [*]

While this album isn’t amazing, it’s pretty solid. It’s about the same level as the number of albums we’ve had before it, so if you didn’t like those, you won’t like this, but there’s a couple of good tracks here. My favorites are “Believe it”, “illumina”, “imagery”, “Trip on me”, “Blooming”, and “Boom Boom Taoismic”.

29 – ILL’s (LiLA’c Records’) “Imitation Larval Love” [*] [*]

This album would be better I think if the vocals didn’t drown so much in the instrumentals (maybe if they were only a little bit stronger…), but this sort of falls into the Hardcore category (it’s rougher than M4D Essence), so I guess it was inevitable. It’s up beat, it’s interesting, and I’m looking forward to it. DECAYED LOVE and Bloody Cake are probably my favorites.

30 – EastNewSound’s “Dione Aggregation” [*]

時の檻 is my personal favorite and Loop Vision isn’t bad. I actually didn’t really like 星霜輪廻~Repeat~ (the PV song) that much to be honest. Star Light just makes me sad that there’s no more Izumin – and I won’t count 桜∞friendship this time (especially because it kind of clashes with the rest of the album). Again, I have high expectations for ENS, and well this album probably isn’t bad, but almost all I see is it failing put up a fight against any of the previous ENS albums from their beginnings up to Felsic Mirage. Maybe the full tracks will change my judgement. I hope so.

Honorable Mention:

・Hardcore Tano*c (t+pazolite)’s Songs for X Girls []

Not actually C81, so not on the list. If you like t+pazolite even a fraction of the amount I do, this’ll be at the top of your list. This is great. It has tsugihagi Construction 2012, and to Luv me, I *** for u. (reprise) which I’m sure you’ll recognize, but I’m most excited about Distorted Lovesong (Full length). Rizna! I love Howling Down as well, but everything, including the remixes is quality. Anyway – listen to this if you like Hardcore.

・Hardcore Tano*c’s Bright Colors []

Not actually C81, so not on the list. If you like Hardcore Tano*c even a fraction of the amount I do, this’ll be at the top of your list. Squash!, So Sweet Bitter Days, smiley*smiley, and Randomize to Euphoria are looking to be some of my favorites, but everything’s great. Anyway – listen to this if you like Hardcore.

・衝動的’s Best Position []

This is the guy that sings Vagrant. I’m kind of lukewarm about this album, but I definitely liked wkmk.


Anyway, listen to キミという特異点. That song is beautiful. I know the album it’s on is low on the list, but damn. Forget about that and listen to this song. It’s wonderful.


Haven’t got to yet:

Confirmed, Waiting on XFDs:
・Sound Holic + 709sec.’s Flower Buster []
・Swing Holic’s Swing Holic vol.09 []

Waiting for Word on: