Sky Ruin

Requested by: Integral

And so, this marks the last song on Haunted Dancehall that I hadn’t covered yet. Here goes!

I tried for a bit of a staccato effect with the translation to match the song, but I’m not 100% happy with it :/

What do you think?

Anyway, sorry for this super sporadic December.

I’ve been a bit busy, a bit lazy.

A bit careless, a bit tired.

But I’m trying to make it up.

After all.

I’ve got to show my thanks to those people who where kind enough to donate to me.


Sky Ruin
Vocal: ayame
Arrangement: Masayoshi Minoshima
Lyrics: Haruka
Circle: Alstroemeria Records
Album: Haunted Dancehall
Event: C80

失った物さえも わからないままでいた
君の名を呼び続け この場所に降り立った
いつまでも探しても その声は聞こえない
君の後追いかけて 空高いこの場所に

ushinatta mono sae mo wakaranai mama de ita
kimi no na wo yobitsudzuke kono basho ni oritatta
itsumademo sagashitemo sono koe wa kikoenai
kimi no ato oikakete soradakai kono basho ni

I did not know even what I had lost.
I kept calling your name having come to this place.
No matter how long I searched I could not hear your voice.
Here high in the skies to where I had chased after you.

ここから 見下ろしても君はもういない

koko kara mioroshitemo kimi wa mou inai
kono basho ni mo nani mo nakatta
maru de ima wa haikyo no you da ne
namida sae mo kareteshimau no

Even if I look from here, you are no longer anywhere…
In this place there is nothing…
It is as if this were all a ruin…
Even my tears are drying up…

このメロディー歌い続け 君の元へ この空から
その海へと その街へと 届くまでは 今もずっと
君の場所が 見えるように この空から 探し続け
時が過ぎて 春が来ても 夏が来ても 変わらないの この歌声

kono melody utaitsudzuke kimi no moto e kono sora kara
sono umi e to sono machi e to todoku made wa ima mo zutto
kimi no basho ga mieru you ni kono sora kara sagashitsudzuke
toki ga sugite haru ga kitemo natsu ga kitemo kawaranai no kono utagoe

But I keep singing this melody, from this sky to wherever you may be.
To the sea, to the town, until it may reach you, now and forever.
And I keep searching, from this sky, so that I might see where you are.
Time passes, but whether it be spring, whether it be summer, my song will never change.

この胸に空いた穴 吹く風が切なくて
君の名を呼びかけて その言葉飲み込んだ
温もりが消えなくて いつまでも寂しくて
さよならは言えなくて 君のこと見えなくて

kono mune ni aita ana fuku kaze ga setsunakute
kimi no na wo yobikakete sono kotoba nomikonda
nukumori ga kienakute itsumademo sabishikute
sayonara wa ienakute kimi no koto mienakute

The wind blows painfully through the hole opened in my chest…
When I try to call your name, I swallow my words…
Your warmth will not fade, and neither will my loneliness…
I couldn’t say goodbye, I couldn’t see you…

ここから 見下ろしても君はもういない

koko kara mioroshitemo kimi wa mou inai
kokoro made ga kareteshimau wa
kuchizusanda futari suki na kyoku
itsuka todoku sou shinjiteta

Even if I look from here, you are no longer anywhere…
Even my heart is drying up…
I sing this melody we both loved…
I had believed one day it might reach you…

この空から 探していた 見つからない どうしてなの
君はどこに わからなくて 歌い続け 君を呼んだ
そう、今でも この空から 心までも 廃墟と化し
時が過ぎて 秋が来ても 冬が来ても 見つからない 君はいない

kono sora kara sagashiteita mitsukaranai doushite na no
kimi wa doko ni wakaranakute utaitsudzuke kimi wo yonda
sou, ima demo kono sora kara kokoro made mo haikyo to kashi
toki ga sugite aki ga kitemo fuyu ga kitemo mitsuakranai kimi wa inai

I had searched so long from this sky, but I could not find you, why?
Not knowing where you could be, I kept singing, I kept calling you.
And now from this sky, even my heart, is becoming a ruin.
Time passes, but whether it be fall, whether it be winter, I cannot find you. You are gone.

  1. I think it represents the pattern of the original without any meaningful loss of nuance (as far as I can tell). I quite like it, thanks for the translation. Haunted Dancehall is probably my overall favorite Alstroemeria album, come to think of it. It always feels like a coin flip whether you’re going to get awesome Minoshima or blasé Minoshima, and I think we definitely got awesome Minoshima this time.

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