氷の霧~reciprocatio // Koori no Kiri

Requested by: Fractal

This reminds me sort of like Kalafina/Sora-no-Woto stuff. It’s very folksy and mellow.

The fact that the song is sung by three voices tempted me to use third person (as if the three fairies were singing about Cirno), but it worked much better in first person ^^; It’s probably because of the sort of internal dialogue bits and the over all intimate feel of the actions. The narration waves back and forth a little bit, but … yeah I’m not going to go back and change it – just keep all that in mind.

I’m not sure what the chanting is, and since it’s outside my language sphere (probably in Latin) I’m not going to attempt it. As for the latin in the typed lyrics, I’ve made sure I did my research on how it’s conjugated.

latin words:
penna=”feather” (nominative=が)
rerum=”thing” (genitive=の plural) (nominative is “res”)
natura=”nature” (nominative=が) (“literally” derives from “birth”)
animus=”mind, soul” (nominative=が) (similar to “anima” (fem.ver))
mundus=”the world, universe, heavens/mankind/dress” (nominative=が)
nebula=”cloud, fog, mist” (nominative=が) (in English we use it for astronomical clouds/”stardust”)
theorema=”theorem” (nominative=が)
accidentia=”casual event, chance, happenstance” (nominative=が)

As for “rerum natura”.. this comes up in the title: “De rerum natura” or “Of the nature of things”

Given its position in the song however more than “the nature of things”, I think that it probably was meant to be (or at least mean) “res naturae” or “natural things/natural beings/elements of nature” etc. Word order in Latin usually goes for (noun) (modifier) – like all latin-based languages today tend to do, but Latin isn’t bound to that and if the modifier is there to bring more attention to the noun than the adjective, (number, beauty, truth… apparently) it’s switched, which is why you have rerum natura and res naturae with inverted meaning without actually switching them around.

In the end I decided to go with “each’s part in nature” the end result is confusing, yes… but hear me out. Obviously the stanza is referring to Sunny Milk, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire. They aren’t really “elemental” (this isn’t Touhoumon) or even representative of the seasons, but as fairies are truely “beings of nature” (ie. res naturae). However, trying to keep “rerum natura” in mind, which places its emphasis on nature rather than thing (you could even stretch it to say “what natures they have/make”), I decided to do the same, the subject being not them themselves, but what they are of nature=part in nature. The problem is this doesn’t really identify what “each” is referring to (the fairies). But you get that, right?

Natures of Things of Nature. “natura rerum naturae”か “natura de rebus naturae”…かな

“To melt or to fade? What a contradiction…” literally “to fade or to drip” and the contradiction is in whether that could be called a choice at all.

“Those stars.. their radiance comes from the twinklings of a distant past” – the light we see from stars projects the state of those stars thousands of years ago. There’s a visual delay, so to speak. The sun could blow up and be gone and we wouldn’t notice for half an hour, because we’re looking into the past.

I decided to stick with nebula (nebulae is plural) because of it’s modern relation with stars, and trapping time in the light of the stars with clouds (that would be like stardust/astronomical clouds)… I couldn’t resist.

 Koori no Kiri
 Ice Mist ~ Reciprocation
歌:spira (Mikoto, JUNE, yuki)
Circle: ゼブンスヘブンMAXION
Album: 悠風ディフェクタス
Event: Kouroumu 7

氷る湖と 冷えた霧の中で
背に透き通るpenna 独り朝日に抗った

kooru mizuumi to hieta kiri no naka de
se ni sukitooru penna hitori asahi ni aragatta

Over this frozen lake through a freezing mist flying
With translucent wings, alone I fought against the rising sun

rerum natura ワルツのよう 3つのリフレーン
いずれも意に介さず 突き進む光は

rerum natura waltz no you mittsu no refrain
izure mo i ni kaisazu tsukisusumu hikari wa

Through each’s part in nature, a waltz in three refrains
A light shoots forth, paying mind to none

明確な意思を持ってる 震えるanimus
ゆびさきに 今触れている 授かる選択

meikaku na ishi wo motteru furueru animus
yubisaki ni ima fureteiru sazukaru sentaku

In it is a clear will, a shivering soul
Touched now by my fingertips a choice is laid before me

膝をつき 空見上げてる いずれ霧晴れて

kieyuku ka shitataru ka no niritsuhaihan
hiza wo tsuki sora miageteru izure kiriharete

To melt or to fade? What a contradiction…
I fall to my knees and look up at the sky; soon the mist will clear

夜空に浮かんだ 円い月は時に
終へ往くmundus 出口それに見えるでしょう

yozora ni ukanda marui tsuki wa toki ni
tsui e yuku mundus deguchi sore ni mieru deshou

The round moon floating in the sky.. in it
Will I sometime find the way out of my world, drifting to its end?

あの星 輝きは遠い過去の瞬き

ano hoshi kagayaki wa tooi kako no matataki
hakanai sono hikari sore sura mo hooraseru

Those stars.. their radiance comes from the twinklings of a distant past
Even their fleeting light, -I- will freeze

凍てついた白いnebula 凍えるanimus
完全にそう完璧に 時を閉じ込めて

itetsuita shiroi nebula kogoeru animus
kanzen ni sou kanpeki ni toki wo tojikomete

With iced white nebulae, a freezing soul
I completely, perfectly, lock time away

風も水も花も火も 全て等しく
思惑はまた裏切るの 揺るがないリフレーン

kaze mo mizu mo hana mo hi mo subete hitoshiku
omowaku wa mata uragiru no yuruganai refrain

Wind and water and flowers and fire, everything the same
One day I know they will betray me again… This is my unwavering refrain.

移り往く季節それは 不動のtheorema
凍てついた霧 立ち込めて今accidentia

utsuriyuku kisetsu sore wa fudou no theorema
itetsuita kiri tachi komete ima accidentia

The seasons are to change; that is an unarguable theorem
The frozen mist gathering here now is but an incident

風も水も花も火も 全て等しく
思惑はまた裏切るの 揺るがないリフレーン

kaze mo mizu mo hana mo hi mo subete hitoshiku
omowaku wa mata uragiru no yuruganai refrain

Wind and water and flowers and fire, everything the same
One day I know they will betray me again… This is my unwavering refrain.


    …..(crazy fan moment over)….
    Thanks so much for doing this, even though I didn’t request it, but I was going to when the list was not so long…. This song is my, like, life.

    • Well I’m very happy I did it then :D
      I liked the song a lot too.

  2. Thanks~ It is a great job~~ I’ll translate it to chinese within these few days….and upload the video to youtube =]

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