空振りサディスティック // Karaburi Sadistic

^Poison Flying Type.

Requested by: grooven/bramblehead

Demagogie is the pseudo-French spelling for Demagogy (both are “acceptable” in English) – which means the speech of a demagogue, who is someone who leads on the public with lies or deception or whatnot for his own personal gain.
Affright is a word meaning to frighten.
“Everything Backfire, Destroy Atmosphere, Manipulate Enjoyment, Forgotten Gambler”
^These words are not in the lyric booklet, they are just approximations.

“spreading propaganda” is translated from something more along the lines of “propagating empty news”

“throw omakes here and there” – omake is sort of like a freebie, and extra, something added on, as I’m sure most of you anime watchers know by now.

“It’s such a killjoy to leave things as they are, so I’ll mix it up!” – A more literal translation is as follows: When night falls even interesting things start to get dull and boring – it’s such a killjoy!! So I’ll just have to mix it (the killjoy) all up!

 Karaburi Sadistic
 Sadistic Empty Swing
Vocal: 小峠 舞
Arranger: K2
Lyrics: W*M
Circle: C-CLAYS
Album: 咲禮 -サクラ-
Event: Reitaisai 7

Everything Backfire ただ遊びたいだけ
Destroy Atmosphere 痛くなければいい
Manipulate Enjoyment 眺めて喜んで
Forgotten Gambler 馬鹿げた風采

tada asobitai dake
itakunakereba ii
nagamete yorokonde
bakageta fuusai

Everything Backfires – I just want to play
Destroy Atmosphere – As long as it doesn’t hurt!
Manipulate Enjoyment – It’s fun enough just to stare
Forgotten Gambler – At them in that ridiculous get-up!

Aff-aff-aff-affright 本当の
Mid-mid-mid-midnight シルエットを
For-for-for-for-foresight 隠した
Half-half-halflight 過去のlady

hontou no
silhouette wo
kako no lady

Affright – A lady from
Midnight – The past who
Foresight – Hid her true
Halflight – Silhouette


karappo no news furimaite
kimagure no kokoro ga sawagidashiteiru

Spreading propaganda
My fickle heart is excited

そして君の邪魔をして 惑わして探りよせ
いくらでも楽しみ 嘘出任せ流して
遠くから操る 空振りサディスティック

soshite kimi no jama wo shite madowashite saguriyose
hontou no sugata wo shirareteinai kara
ikura demo tanoshimi usodemakase nagashite
tooku kara ayatsuru karaburi sadistic

And so I get in your way, trick you, find you out
Since no one knows my true form
I can have as much fun telling random lies
From a distance I control my Sadistic Empty Swing

Everything Backfire 宙に浮いたウワサ
Destroy Atmosphere 独り歩きしてる
Manipulate Enjoyment 次々とオマケを
Forgotten Gambler 彷徨う偽称

chuu ni uita uwasa
hitori arukishiteru
tsugitsugi to omake wo
samayou gishou

Everything Backfires – Rumors floating in the air
Destroy Atmosphere – I walk alone
Manipulate Enjoyment – I throw omakes here and there
Forgotten Gambler – Wandering with a fake name

In-in-in-insight なんてない
Late-late-late-late Night 徘徊を
Star-star-star-star-starlight 照らして
Con-contact Flight 采戯する

nante nai
haikai wo
saigi suru

Insight – There’s no such thing
Late Night – I wander
Starlight – I shine
Contact Flight – And roll the dice


kachuu no joker tsukamaete
itazura no kokoro ga uzukidashiteiru

Catch the joker in the maelstrom
My mischevious heart is pounding

そして闇の夜の錦 気凄じ掻き雑ぜて
近くから見つめる 空振りサディスティック

soshite yami no yoru no nishiki kisusamaji kakimazete
konran wo maneite houra wo fukitsudzukeru jitsu wa lonely
giwaku demo hanashi no neta ni nareba ii no
chikaku kara mitsumeru karaburi sadistic

It’s such a killjoy to leave things as they are, so I’ll mix things up!
But really, inciting confusion and boasting all day long can be lonely
Even if it’s of suspicion or distrust, I just want to be the topic of someone’s conversation
From close by I watch my Sadistic Empty Swing

Everything Backfire 遅れて来た孤独
Destroy Atmosphere 誰か構ってみてよ
Manipulate Enjoyment 鵜呑みにしないでね
Forgotten Gambler 全ては殻

okuretekita kodoku
dareka kamattemite yo
unomi ni shinai de ne
subete wa kara

Everything Backfires – This latecoming loneliness..
Destroy Atmosphere – Someone care already!
Manipulate Enjoyment – Don’t just swallow everything I say!
Forgotten Gambler – Everything’s an empty shell..

枚挙に遑あらず 困じ果てる今更
私には嬉戯だけ 空振りサディスティック

maikyo ni itoma arazu konjihateru imasara
hisondemo wadai ni noboru kedo ma ga sasu
rakusou sono mama wo utsushi ikitekita kara
watashi ni wa kigi dake karaburi sadistic

I’ve laid so many tricks, too many to count – What am I worrying about now?
Even if I hide away I’m sure people will talk about me, but it’s like I’m possessed
Whenever I get an idea in my head, I just do it – That’s what I’ve always done
To me, life is only fun and games, a Sadistic Empty Swing.

    • Zesan
    • December 9th, 2011

    Could you add the romaji?

    • Grooven
    • December 21st, 2011

    Thank you so much!!!! I loved this song so quite a while!

    • scrpn516
    • March 20th, 2012

    Is there a “mou” right after the world “scandal”?
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fR8mfN6VXn0 that part is just after 2:58 in the song.

    • I’m sorry, I don’t hear anything after “Scandal” and before 渦中 o.o;;; Maybe you’re just hearing the trailing ‘ru’? (because the word’s pronounced in 4 syllables instead the usual 2)

    • scrpn516
    • March 20th, 2012

    Eh that’s probably it XD Ty.

    • raissa
    • December 28th, 2012

    where can I download the song? ^.^

    • It’s against my own rules to provide specifics on this site, but if you search using the event name and album name with groups that usually make Touhou releases (Audio-4U for example) you should be able to find it.

      Otherwise google “Touhou Lossless Collection”. The album should be somewhere in there by now. ^^;

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