紅涙にしづむは供人の憂い // Kourui ni Shidzumu wa Tomobito no Urei

One of my favorite songs on this CD. It reminds me a little bit of アナタガモトメルモノ from Kiseki☆Impulse, at least in the way it’s balanced, like, partition-wise. Also, we hardly get a chance to hear an arrangement of Ran’s theme – and I hardly get a chance to use pictures of Ran so :D

This is another note heavy piece, but more from me just going “ooh, that’s interesting!” all over the place.

紅涙 “Kourui” are crimson tears, or bloody tears, or bitter “feminine tears” apparently, but I just went with the obvious direct translation.

“The sixth hour of evening”/”late hour of the dog” – this song uses the archaic hour system. 暮れ六つ is “mid-evening” 戌の刻 is “late-evening”. but in the case of “the sixth hour” it corresponds pretty closely to the 12 hour clock, so 6pm isn’t wrong (depending on your latitude :P). But anyway, in addition to having zodiac coordinations with hours of the day, there’s also a number system that starts at 9 and counts down to 4, then jumps back to 9. It goes 9, 9.5, 8, 8.5, 7 etc. “The fourth hour” is usually about 10pm, however the song’s lyrics uses “the prostitute’s fourth hour” or the “drawn fourth hour” which actually is midnight. Confusing? yes. Interesting? Well at least it is lot for me. Anyway, it’s when the shop-window prostitutes were relieved of their duties if they hadn’t brought in a customer yet.

‘lycori’ (plural)=lycoris radiata, slightly more common name: red spider lily, or cluster amaryllis

かわたれまで=彼は誰まで has the same roots as たそがれ (黄昏==誰彼) meaning literally, when those from afar appear unclear (as night falls).

“scrape against the sound of every springing footstep” – the word I would have normally used for the word is “graze” but that would have sort of broken the mood and it sounds too close to “grate” so… also, “footstep” is the sound of clacking shoes in this case. The image that I get anyway (along with a few other suggestions in other lines) is that she’s dancing, in part to pass the time, or in part to forget, otherwise I’m not quite sure what to make of the leaping/bounding/springing steps.

I wish I was magical enough to fully understand that third stanza.

A thread made of lotuses is said to lead the way to paradise, or something like that – I’m not really surprised.

Anyway, as you can probably tell from the end result, a lot of the stanzas go phantasmagorical where nothing is really all that clear – it’s a series of images actions, causality’s not really defined all that well, background isn’t defined all that well… It’s as if you were to jump into someone elses head, who was thinking about something, someone you didn’t know… filling in all the blanks is hard if you don’t have any realy clues XD.

 Kourui ni Shizumu Wa Tomobito no Urei
 That Which Sinks in Crimson Tears is Her Companion’s Melancholy
Vocal: 3L
Arrange: Shibayan
Lyric: やまざきさやか
Circle: Shibayan Records
Album: ムソウマテリアライズ
Event: M3-28

暮れ六つが消えてく 長い影もやがて消えてく

kuremuttsu ga kieteku nagai kage mo yagate kieteku
odoru inu no koku ni ano hito wa mada hitori nemuru

The sixth hour of evening is fading… Now even these long shadows are fading…
The late hour of the dog is dancing by and she is still sleeping, alone…


akai higan no hana yurashite kawatare made ki mama ni
kishimu ai to jou mo haneru kutsu no oto ni kasurete kieteiku

Swaying the red lycoris flowers as I may until darkness has fallen
My grating love and emotions scrape against the sound of every springing footstep, worn away…

位置感覚損なう逆日 ニイニイゼミふと恋しくなった
散心してる 欲しがり始める 読んでみても返りはしないのに
五里霧中の入り口はどこに ろくろくたるヨイノホシ越えて
糸竹も詩もこぼれるほど集め 蓮の糸 久遠に結んだ

ichikankaku sokonau sakujitsu niiniizemi futo itoshikunatta
sanshin shiteru hoshigarihajimeru yondemitemo kaeri wa shinai no ni
gorimuchuu no iriguchi wa doko ni rokuroku taru yoi-no-hoshi koete
itochiku mo uta mo koboreru hodo atsume hachisu no ito kuon ni musunda

It’s the first of the month and I feel as if I’ve lost my place,
 I look at the cicadas I find lovely for no reason
My heart and mind are dispersing, I begin to want…
 Even if I tried to read to you, you wouldn’t respond
Where is the entrance to this misted maze?
 Hardly past the barely shining twilight star…
I gather instruments and songs so much that they overflow
 and tied a thread of lotuses to eternity…


hikeyotsu ga hibiite utsutsu no yume samete kieteku
nagai yoru no tochuu ano hito wa mada hitori nemuru

The drawn fourth hour rings and I wake from my dreams of reality – everything disappears…
Half the long night has passed away and she is still sleeping, alone…


akai higan no hana yurashite kawatare made ki mama ni
kishimu ai to jou mo haneru kutsu no oto ni kasurete kieteiku

Swaying the red lycoris flowers as I may until darkness has fallen
My grating love and emotions scrape against the sound of each springing footstep, worn away…

蜜の ような いつの指で
無境に 泣く
約束 壊れそう

mitsu no you na itsu no yubi de
mukyou ni naku
yakusoku kowaresou

Words to myself…
With a single finger… like honey
Borderless, I cry
This promise, is about to break…

ひとり眠るあの人を 包む見えない繭
 でもよりそうたび増えていく 肌 と肌の 隙間
 埋められない いくども重ねても
 小さな部屋の中 まだやみは深く
いくえにも 重なりつらなって
こぼす涙 静かに溶かしていく

hitori nemuru ano hito wo tsutsumu mienai mayu
furete sotto hiraitemitemitai
 demo yorisou tabi fueteyuku hada to hada no sukima
 umerarenai ikudomo kasanetemo
tada mutsugoto ni mo dokoka nita
amasa to sabishisa ni nagasareteku
 chiisa na heya no naka mada yami wa fukaku
ikue ni mo kasanaritsuranatte
kobosu namida shizuka ni tokashiteiku

She sleeps all alone, wrapped in an invisible cocoon
I want to touch it, open it…
 But every time I near the distance between her skin and mine widens
 I can’t close the gap, no matter how many times I try
Mine were like lover’s words somehow
Swept away into sweetness and loneliness
 In this small room, where the darkness is still thick
I cry, again and again and again and again
My overflowing tears, melting into silence

    • scrpn516
    • December 8th, 2011

    Could you translate Kimi to Taiyou ga Shinda Hi (first High School of the Dead ED, sung by Kurosaki Maon)?

    • I’m going to put a hold on requests at least until the beginning of next year to give me a chance to get to all the requests I’ve already got sitting on my list; plus you’ve already got two ^_-.

    • Basically this just means remind me whenever I open requests back up again, not that I’m refusing to do it XD.

        • scrpn516
        • December 9th, 2011

        Fair enough :]

    • Negg
    • October 1st, 2014

    From what I believe, this is more about Yukari quetch about her immortality, and also the death of Yuyuko (since this is PCB) because she keeps mentioning a girl who is still sleeping and reality, which could refer to Yuyuko when she is still alive. I don’t know, maybe the lyrics are just too good and I got myself carried away XD

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